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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.289, No.5 Entire volume, number list
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917 - 923 Regulation of signal transduction by protein targeting: The case for CaMKII
Bayer KM, Schulman H
924 - 928 Identification of a new synaptic vesicle protein 2B mRNA transcript which is up-regulated in neurons by amyloid beta peptide fragment (1-42)
Heese K, Nagai Y, Sawada T
929 - 936 Analysis of the complete genome of indigenous swine hepatitis E virus isolated in Japan
Okamoto H, Takahashi M, Nishizawa T, Fukai K, Muramatsu U, Yoshikawa A
937 - 941 Isolate KAV: A new genotype of the TT-virus family
Holler F, Zachoval R, Koelzer A, Nitschko H, Froesner GG
942 - 949 Expression of CCAAT/enhancer binding protein family genes in monolayer and sandwich culture of hepatocytes: Induction of stress-inducible GADD153
Wilkinson RC, Dickson AJ
950 - 956 Deletion of RAR carboxyl terminus reveals promoter- and receptor-specific AF-1 effects
Aneskievich BJ
957 - 960 Distinctive tissue distribution and phosphorylation of IRSp53 isoforms
Okamura-Oho Y, Miyashita T, Yamada M
961 - 966 Follistatin inhibits the function of the oocyte-derived factor BMP-15
Otsuka F, Moore RK, Iemura S, Ueno N, Shimasaki S
967 - 972 Ribostamycin inhibits the chaperone activity of protein disulfide isomerase
Horibe T, Nagai H, Sakakibara K, Hagiwara Y, Kikuchi M
973 - 978 Rotenone-induced G2/M cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in a human B lymphoma cell line PW
Armstrong JS, Hornung B, Lecane P, Jones DP, Knox SJ
979 - 986 The p38 MAPK pathway is involved in the IL-2 induction of TNF-beta gene via the EBS element
Xu WJ, Yan MD, Lu LR, Sun LY, Theze J, Zheng ZC, Liu XY
987 - 992 Pleckstrin homology domain interacts with Rkp1/Cpc2, a RACK1 homolog, to modulate Pck2-mediated signaling process in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Won M, Jang YJ, Chung KS, Kim DU, Hoe KL, Han MY, Kim HB, Lee SH, Oh HW, Yoo HS
993 - 997 Nitric oxide inhibits expression of cytochrome b in endotoxin-stimulated murine macrophages
Guo HT, Wei JP, Kuo PC
998 - 1009 Camptothecin and Zeocin can increase p53 levels during all cell cycle stages
Houser S, Koshlatyi S, Lu T, Gopen T, Bargonetti J
1010 - 1018 Identification and characterization of cell-specific enhancer elements for the mouse ETF/Tead2 gene
Tanoue Y, Yasunami M, Suzuki K, Ohkubo H
1019 - 1024 Transformation of cells overexpressing a tyrosine kinase by phospholipase D1 and D2
Joseph T, Wooden R, Bryant A, Zhong MH, Lu ZM, Foster DA
1025 - 1030 Mastoparan stimulates GABA release from MIN6 cells: Relationship between SNARE proteins and mastoparan action
Ohara-Imaizumi M, Nakamichi Y, Ozawa S, Katsuta H, Ishida H, Nagamatsu S
1031 - 1038 Negative regulation of LPS-stimulated expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase by AP-1 in macrophage cell line J774A.1
Kizaki T, Suzuki K, Hitomi Y, Iwabuchi K, Onoe K, Haga S, Ishida H, Ookawara T, Suzuki K, Ohno H
1039 - 1043 Rab3B in human platelet is membrane bound and interacts with Ca2+/calmodulin
Sidhu RS, Bhullar RP
1044 - 1048 Analysis of the c-terminal structure of urinary Tamm-Horsfall protein reveals that the release of the glycosyl phosphatidylinositol-anchored counterpart from the kidney occurs by phenylalanine-specific proteolysis
Fukuoka SI, Kobayashi KI
1049 - 1056 Benzo[a]pyrene-induced toxicity: Paradoxical protection in Cyp1a1(-/-) knockout mice having increased hepatic BaP-DNA adduct levels
Uno S, Dalton TP, Shertzer HG, Genter MB, Warshawsky D, Talaska G, Nebert DW
1057 - 1062 Novel non-glycerol-based cytofectins with lactic acid-derived head groups
Laxmi AA, Vijayalakshmi P, Kaimal TNB, Chaudhuri A, Ramadas Y, Rao NM
1063 - 1066 Differential expression of rat brain caspase family proteins during development and aging
Shimohama S, Tanino H, Fujimoto S
1067 - 1074 Molecular tryst peeping: Detection of interactions between nonlabeled nucleic acids by fluorescence resonance energy transfer
Ota N, Sato T, Taira K, Ohkawa J
1075 - 1081 Atelocollagen-based gene transfer in cells allows high-throughput screening of gene functions
Honma K, Ochiya T, Nagahara S, Sano A, Yamamoto H, Hirai K, Aso Y, Terada M
1082 - 1087 Prostate-specific antigen induces osteoplastic changes by an autonomous mechanism
Yonou H, Aoyagi Y, Kanomata N, Kamijo T, Oda T, Yokose T, Hasebe T, Nagai K, Hatano T, Ogawa Y, Ochiai A
1088 - 1092 Intravenous delivery of naked plasmid DNA for in vivo cytokine expression
Jiang JJ, Yamato E, Miyazaki J
1093 - 1098 WNT2B2 mRNA, up-regulated in primary gastric cancer, is a positive regulator of the WNT-beta-catenin-TCF signaling pathway
Katoh M, Kirikoshi H, Terasaki H, Shiokawa K
1099 - 1105 The carboxyl-terminal lobe of Hsc70 ATPase domain is sufficient for binding to BAG1
Brive L, Takayama S, Briknarova K, Homma S, Ishida SK, Reed JC, Ely KR
1106 - 1113 Dual targeting of phage-type RNA polymerase to both mitochondria and plastids is due to alternative translation initiation in single transcripts
Kobayashi Y, Dokiya Y, Sugita M
1114 - 1117 Differential sensitivity of GLUT1-and GLUT2-expressing beta cells to streptozotocin
Hosokawa M, Dolci W, Thorens B
1118 - 1124 Glycine at the 65th position plays an essential role in ATP-dependent protein folding by archael group II chaperonin
Iizuka R, Yoshida T, Maruyama T, Shomura Y, Miki K, Yohda M
1125 - 1134 Ca2+-dependent interaction of triadin with histidine-rich Ca2+-binding protein carboxyl-terminal region
Sacchetto R, Damiani E, Turcato F, Nori A, Margreth A
1135 - 1140 Adaptor ADAP (adhesion- and degranulation-promoting adaptor protein) regulates beta 1 integrin clustering on mast cells
Geng LP, Rudd C
1141 - 1149 Blocking of acidosis-mediated apoptosis by a reduction of lactate dehydrogenase activity through antisense mRNA expression
Jeong DW, Kim TS, Lee JW, Kim KT, Kim HJ, Kim IH, Kim IY
1150 - 1156 The vitamin D receptor mediates rapid changes in muscle protein tyrosine phosphorylation induced by 1,25(OH)(2)D-3
Buitrago C, Vazquez G, De Boland AR, Boland R
1157 - 1161 Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II alpha in optic axons moves with slow axonal transport and undergoes posttranslational modification
Lund LM, McQuarrie IG
1162 - 1167 Ethanol stimulates apolipoprotein B mRNA editing in the absence of de novo RNA or protein synthesis
Giangreco A, Sowden MP, Mikityansky I, Smith HC
1168 - 1174 Association of globular beta-actin with intracellular lipid droplets in rat adrenocortical cells and adipocytes
Fong TH, Wu CH, Liao EW, Chang CY, Pai MH, Chiou RJ, Lee AW
1175 - 1179 Presence of estrogens and estrogen receptor-like proteins in Solanum glaucophyllum
Milanesi L, Monje P, Boland R
1180 - 1187 GnRH agonist Buserelin affects colony-forming efficiency of HHUA and Jurkat cells
Enomoto M, Mori T, Park MK
1188 - 1191 beta-3 adrenergic agonist restores skeletal muscle insulin responsiveness in Sprague-dawley rats
Borst SE, Hennessy M
1192 - 1198 A transmembrane trap method for efficient cloning of genes encoding proteins possessing transmembrane domain
Miyoshi S, Motohashi T, Nakamura Y, Osawa M, Hiroyama T, Kim DK, Tokumoto Y, Nakauchi H
1199 - 1204 Etoposide and adriamycin but not genistein can activate the checkpoint kinase Chk2 independently of ATM/ATR
Theard D, Coisy M, Ducommun B, Concannon P, Darbon JM
1205 - 1210 Alternative splicing variants of c-FLIP transduce the differential signal through the Raf or TRAF2 in TNF-induced cell proliferation
Park SJ, Kim YY, Ju JW, Han BG, Park SI, Park BJ
1211 - 1217 Somatostatin type V receptor activates c-Jun N-terminal kinases via G alpha(12) family G proteins
Komatsuzaki K, Terashita K, Kinane TB, Nishimoto I
1218 - 1224 Molecular cloning of a member of the facilitative glucose transporter gene family GLUT11 (SLC2A11) and identification of transcription variants
Sasaki T, Minoshima S, Shiohama A, Shintani A, Shimizu A, Asakawa S, Kawasaki K, Shimizu N
1225 - 1228 Activation of the NPTA element of the CYP2A3 gene by NFI-A2, a nasal mucosa-selective nuclear factor 1 isoform
Xie YQ, Madelian V, Zhang JH, Ling GY, Ding XX
1229 - 1236 Dissociation of DNA fragmentation from other hallmarks of apoptosis in nitric oxide-treated neutrophils: Differences between individual nitric oxide donor drugs
Taylor EL, Megson IL, Haslett C, Rossi AG
1237 - 1242 Negative regulation of filamentous growth and flocculation by Lkh1, a fission yeast LAMMER kinase homolog
Kim KH, Cho YM, Kang WH, Kim JH, Byun KH, Park YD, Bae KS, Park HM
1243 - 1246 Effect of MITF on transcription of transmembrane tryptase gene in cultured mast cells of mice
Morii E, Ogihara H, Oboki K, Kataoka TR, Jippo T, Kitamura Y
1247 - 1251 Genetic and correlation analysis of hepatic copper content in the rat
de Wolf ID, Fielmich-Bouman XM, van Oost BA, Beynen AC, Kren V, Pravenec M, van Zutphen LFM, van Lith HA
1252 - 1256 Role of glucocorticoid hormones in arginine vasopressin gene regulation
Kim JK, Summer SN, Wood WM, Schrier RW
1257 - 1261 Site-directed mutation on the only universally conserved residue Leu122 of small heat shock protein Hsp16.3
Mao QL, Chang ZY
1262 - 1267 Members of the nuclear factor 1 family reduce the transcriptional potential of the nuclear receptor LXR alpha promoter
Steffensen KR, Holter E, Tobin KAR, Leclerc S, Gustafsson JA, Guerin SL, Eskild W
1268 - 1274 Chaperone-like properties of lysophospholipids
Kern R, Joseleau-Petit D, Chattopadhyay MK, Richarme G
1275 - 1281 Mechanically induced ATP release from human osteoblastic cells
Romanello M, Pani B, Bicego M, D'Andrea P
1282 - 1286 Molecular cloning of novel mouse and human putative citrate lyase beta-subunit
Morikawa J, Nishimura Y, Uchida A, Tanaka T
1287 - 1294 Gene structure and regulation of the murine epithelial calcium channels ECaC1 and 2
Weber K, Erben RG, Rump A, Adamski J
1295 - 1300 Effect of denaturants on the structural properties of soybean lipoxygenase-1
Malvezzi-Campeggi F, Rosato N, Finazzi-Agro A, Maccarrone M
1301 - 1306 A novel RNase G mutant that is defective in degradation of adhE mRNA but proficient in the processing of 16S rRNA precursor
Wachi M, Kaga N, Umitsuki G, Clark DP, Nagai K
1307 - 1313 The ptsI gene encoding enzyme I of the phosphotransferase system of Corynebacterium glutamicum
Kotrba P, Inui M, Yukawa H
1314 - 1319 Mitochondrial AAA-type protease Yme1p is involved in Bax effects on cytochrome c oxidase
Manon S, Priault M, Camougrand N
1320 - 1327 Analysis of laser scattering pattern as an early measure of apoptosis
Shiffer Z, Zurgil N, Shafran Y, Deutsch M
1328 - 1333 Suppressed gene expression of adipocyte resistin in an insulin-resistant rat model probably by elevated free fatty acids
Juan CC, Au LC, Fang VS, Kang SF, Ko YH, Kuo SF, Hsu YP, Kwok CF, Ho LT
1334 - 1338 (-)-epicatechin inhibits nitration and dimerization of tyrosine in hydrophilic as well as hydrophobic environments
Schroeder P, Zhang H, Klotz LO, Kalyanaraman B, Sies H