Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.288, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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291 - 295 Regulatory functions of 3' UTRs
Grzybowska EA, Wilczynska A, Siedlecki JA
296 - 300 Involvement of phosphorylation of myosin phosphatase by ROCK in trabecular meshwork and ciliary muscle contraction
Fukiage C, Mizutani K, Kawamoto Y, Azuma M, Shearer TR
301 - 308 HIV-1 Tat causes apoptotic death and calcium homeostasis alterations in rat neurons
Bonavia R, Bajetto A, Barbero S, Albini A, Noonan DM, Schettini G
309 - 312 Clonidine-displacing substance reduces glucagon secretion from mouse pancreatic alpha-cells by K-ATP-channel-independent inhibition of exocytosis
Hoy M, Chan SLF, Weng XG, Gromada J
313 - 320 Heterogeneity in the phosphorylation of human death receptors by p42(mapk/erk2)
Frankel SK, Van Linden AA, Riches DWH
321 - 327 Temperature-sensitive phenotype of Chinese hamster ovary cells defective in PEX5 gene
Ito R, Huang Y, Yao C, Shimozawa N, Suzuki Y, Kondo N, Imanaka T, Usuda N, Ito M
328 - 339 Cloning of the rat IL-5R alpha gene: Analysis of 5'-upstream region and expression by B cells
Pierrot C, Begue A, Szpirer C, Capron A, Capron M, Khalife J
340 - 346 RANKL induces formation of avian osteoclasts from macrophages but not from macrophage polykaryons
Boissy P, Destaing O, Jurdic P
347 - 355 A 30-base-pair element in them first intron of SOX9 acts as an enhancer in ATDC5
Morishita M, Kishino T, Furukawa K, Yonekura A, Miyazaki Y, Kanematsu T, Yamashita S, Tsukazaki T
356 - 361 Uniaxial cyclic stretch induces focal adhesion kinase (FAK) tyrosine phosphorylation followed by mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) activation
Wang JG, Miyazu M, Matsushita E, Sokabe M, Naruse K
362 - 370 Coparalogy: Physical and functional clusterings in the human genome
Popovici C, Leveugle M, Birnbaum D, Coulier F
371 - 379 Differential growth regulation in human melanoma cell lines by TIMP-1 and TIMP-2
Hoashi T, Kadono T, Kikuchi K, Etoh T, Tamaki K
380 - 384 Expression of a novel matrix metalloproteinase gene during Cynops early embryogenesis
Suzuki AS, Tadano Y, Yamamoto T, Abe SI, Tajima T
385 - 389 Overexpression of sigma factor, sigma(B), urges Staphylococcus aureus to thicken the cell wall and to resist beta-lactams
Morikawa K, Maruyama A, Inose Y, Higashide M, Hayashi H, Ohta T
390 - 399 Identification of hepatocyte growth factor activator inhibitor type 2 (HAI-2)-related small peptide (H2RSP): Its nuclear localization and generation of chimeric mRNA transcribed from both HAI-2 and H2RSP genes
Itoh H, Kataoka H, Yamauchi M, Naganuma S, Akiyama Y, Nuki Y, Shimomura T, Miyazawa K, Kitamura N, Koono M
400 - 406 Copy-number fluctuation by unequal crossing-over in the chicken avidin gene family
Ahlroth MK, Ahlroth P, Kulomaa MS
407 - 412 Amida predominantly expressed and developmentally regulated in rat testis
Gan Y, Taira E, Irie Y, Tanaka H, Ichikawa H, Kumamaru E, Miki N
413 - 419 Retention of multilineage differentiation potential of mesenchymal cells during proliferation in response to FGF
Tsutsumi S, Shimazu A, Miyazaki K, Pan H, Koike C, Yoshida E, Takagishi K, Kato Y
420 - 426 Apoptosis-linked gene 2 binds to the death domain of Fas and dissociates from Fas during Fas-mediated apoptosis in Jurkat cells
Jung YS, Kim KS, Kim KD, Lim JS, Kim JW, Kim E
427 - 434 Anti-TNF-alpha properties of new 9-benzyladenine derivatives with selective phosphodiesterase-4-inhibiting properties
Reimund JM, Raboisson P, Pinna G, Lugnier C, Bourguignon JJ, Muller CD
435 - 442 Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-5 inhibits growth and induces differentiation of mouse osteosarcoma cells
Schneider MR, Zhou R, Hoeflich A, Krebs O, Schmidt J, Mohan S, Wolf E, Lahm H
443 - 447 Association between actin and light chains in Chlamydomonas flagellar inner-arm dyneins
Yanagisawa H, Kamiya R
448 - 453 Osteopontin-deficient bone cells are defective in their ability to produce NO in response to pulsatile fluid flow
Denhardt DT, Burger EH, Kazanecki C, Krishna S, Semeins CM, Klein-Nulend J
454 - 461 Reconstruction of SEA-B7.1 double signals on human hepatocellular carcinoma cells and analysis of its immunological effect
Li ZS, Sui YF, Jiang YQ, Lei ZR, Shang JD, Zheng YL
462 - 467 Structural insight into human Zn2+-bound S100A2 from NMR and homology modeling
Randazzo A, Acklin C, Schafer BW, Heizmann CW, Chazin WJ
468 - 475 Interaction of syntaxin with alpha-fodrin, a major component of the submembranous cytoskeleton
Nakano M, Nogami S, Sato S, Terano A, Shirataki H
476 - 482 Unique phosphorylation mechanism of Gab1 using PI 3-kinase as an adaptor protein
Onishi-Haraikawa Y, Funaki M, Gotoh N, Shibuya M, Inukai K, Katagiri H, Fukushima Y, Anai M, Ogihara T, Sakoda H, Ono H, Kikuchi M, Oka Y, Asano T
483 - 488 The human ABCG4 gene is regulated by oxysterols and retinoids in monocyte-derived macrophages
Engel T, Lorkowski S, Lueken A, Rust S, Schluter B, Berger G, Cullen P, Assmann G
489 - 490 Transient hypoxia differentially decreases GRK2 protein levels in CHO cells stably expressing the m1 mAChR (vol 286, pg 848, 2001)
Mou LP, Jackson DA
490 - 492 8-N-3-3'-biotinyl-ATP, a novel monofunctional reagent: Differences in the F-1- and V-1-ATPases by means of the ATP analogue (vol 286, pg 1218, 2001)
Schafer HJ, Coskun U, Eger O, Godovac-Zimmermann J, Wieczorek H, Kagawa Y, Gruber G
493 - 493 Truncation of WT1 results in downregulation of cyclin G1 and IGFBP-4 expression (vol 287, pg 977, 2001)
Wagner KJ, Patek CE, Miles C, Christie S, Brookes AJ, Hooper ML