Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.287, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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801 - 807 ATP synthase motor components: Proposal and animation of two dynamic models for stator function
Blum DJ, Ko YH, Hong SJ, Rini DA, Pedersen PL
808 - 813 Expression and characterization of hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-3 alpha in human kidney: Suppression of HIF-mediated gene expression by HIF-3 alpha
Hara S, Hamada J, Kobayashi C, Kondo Y, Imura N
814 - 819 Cloning of a new aquaporin (AQP10) abundantly expressed in duodenum and jejunum
Hatakeyama S, Yoshida Y, Tani T, Koyama Y, Nihei K, Ohshiro K, Kamiie JI, Yaoita E, Suda T, Hatakeyama K, Yamamoto T
820 - 824 Studies on transcriptional regulation of Cyp3a16 gene in mouse livers by application of direct DNA injection method
Nakayama K, Sudo Y, Sasaki Y, Iwata H, Takahashi M, Kamataki T
825 - 828 A disulfide bond is required for functional assembly of NCX1 from complementary fragments
Qiu ZY, Chen JX, Nicoll DA, Philipson KD
829 - 832 Hepatotoxin rubratoxin B induced the secretion of TNF-alpha, IL-8, and MCP-1 in HL60 cells
Nagashima H, Nakamura K, Goto T
833 - 836 Role of acidic amino acid residues of PsaD subunit on limiting the affinity of photosystem I for ferredoxin
Bottin H, Hanley J, Lagoutte B
837 - 842 Properties of the cysteine-less Pho84 phosphate transporter of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Berhe A, Zvyagilskaya R, Lagerstedt JO, Pratt JR, Persson BL
843 - 845 A new stroke marker as detected by serum phosphoglycerate mutase B-type isozyme
Hayashi T, Matuo Y
846 - 851 Effect of temperature on enzymatic and physiological factors related to chilling injury in carambola fruit (Averrhoa carambola L.)
Perez-Tello GO, Silva-Espinoza BA, Vargas-Arispuro I, Briceno-Torres BO, Martinez-Tellez MA
852 - 858 Hormone response of rodent phenylalanine hydroxylase requires HNF1 and the glucocorticoid receptor
Bristeau A, Catherin AM, Weiss MC, Faust DM
859 - 864 Characterization and identification of exflagellation-inducing factor in the salivary gland of Anopheles stephensi (Diptera : Culicidae)
Hirai M, Wang JC, Yoshida S, Ishii A, Matsuoka H
865 - 869 Disruption of replication protein A single-stranded DNA complexes during apoptosis in HL-60 cells
Zhang XB, Kiechle FL
870 - 874 Neomycin inhibits the angiogenic activity of fibroblast and epidermal growth factors
875 - 880 Novel immuno-FRET assay method for Bacillus spores and Escherichia coli O157 : H7
Bruno JG, Ulvick SJ, Uzzell GL, Tabb JS, Valdes ER, Batt CA
881 - 887 sPLA(2) cooperates with cPLA(2)alpha to regulate prostacyclin synthesis in human endothelial cells
Houliston RA, Wheeler-Jones CPD
888 - 894 Ascorbate-induced high-affinity binding of copper to cytosolic proteins
Ohta Y, Shiraishi N, Inai Y, Sook I, Lee M, Iwahashi H, Nishikimi M
895 - 899 Inhibition of NF kappa B induces caspase-independent cell death in human T lymphocytes
Uzzo RG, Dulin N, Bloom T, Bukowski R, Finke JH, Kolenko V
900 - 909 Novel fibroblast growth factor 2 transcripts are expressed in mouse embryos
Dirks RPH, Potter SJ, Griep AE
910 - 913 Autocrine role of macrophage inflammatory protein-1 beta in human T-cell lymphotropic virus type-1 tax-transfected Jurkat T-cells
Sharma V, Lorey SL
914 - 920 Selective growth-inhibitory, cell-cycle deregulatory and apoptotic response of apigenin in normal versus human prostate carcinoma cells
Gupta S, Afaq F, Mukhtar H
921 - 926 Functional analysis of the transcriptional activity of the mouse phospholipid transfer protein gene
Tu AY, Albers JJ
927 - 931 Dynorphin A inhibits nociceptin-converting enzyme from the rat spinal cord
Suder P, Wade D, Legowska A, Kotlinska J, Rolka K, Silberring J
932 - 940 The J domain of Tpr2 regulates its interaction with the proapoptotic and cell-cycle checkpoint protein, Rad9
Xiang SL, Kumano T, Iwasaki S, Sun XG, Yoshioka K, Yamamoto K
941 - 948 Basolateral sorting of human poliovirus receptor alpha involves an interaction with the mu 1B subunit of the clathrin adaptor complex in polarized epithelial cells
Ohka S, Ohno H, Tohyama K, Nomoto A
949 - 955 Embryonic abnormalities from misexpression of cNSCL1
Yan RT, Wang SZ
956 - 961 Metabolism of vitamin A affected by prostaglandin F synthase in contractile interstitial cells of bovine lung
Endo K, Fukui M, Mishima M, Watanabe K
962 - 968 Diabetes enhances lectin-like oxidized LDL receptor-1 (LOX-1) expression in the vascular endothelium: Possible role of LOX-1 ligand and AGE
Chen MY, Nagase M, Fujita T, Narumiya S, Masaki T, Sawamura T
969 - 976 Expression of a functional IL-13R alpha 1 by rat B cells
Pierrot C, Beniguel L, Begue A, Khalife J
977 - 982 Truncation of WT1 results in downregulation of cyclin G1 and IGFBP-4 expression
Wagner KJ, Patek CE, Miles C, Christie S, Brookes AJ, Hooper ML
983 - 994 Anti-HIV agent MAP30 modulates the expression profile of viral and cellular genes for proliferation and apoptosis in AIDS-related lymphoma cells infected with Kaposi's sarcoma-associated virus
Sun YT, Huang PL, Li JJ, Huang YQ, Zhang L, Huang PL, Lee-Huang S
995 - 1002 A role for membrane-type serine protease (MT-SP1) in intestinal epithelial turnover
Satomi S, Yamasaki Y, Tsuzuki S, Hitomi Y, Iwanaga T, Fushiki T
1003 - 1008 Ets-2 is induced by oxidative stress and sensitizes cells to H2O2-induced apoptosis: Implications for Down's syndrome
Sanij E, Hatzistavrou T, Hertzog P, Kola I, Wolvetang EJ
1009 - 1016 Oxidant-dependent phosphorylation of p40phox in B lymphocytes
Grandvaux N, Elsen S, Vignais PV
1017 - 1024 Rapid activation of ERK1/2 mitogen-activated protein kinase by corticosterone in PC12 cells
Qiu I, Wang P, Jing Q, Zhang WB, Li XY, Zhong YP, Sun G, Pei G, Chen YZ
1025 - 1033 Inducible RGS2 is a cross-talk regulator for parathyroid hormone signaling in rat osteoblast-like UMR106 cells
Ko JK, Choi KH, Kim IS, Jung EK, Park DH
1034 - 1040 Retrovirus-mediated gene therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma with reversely oriented therapeutic gene expression regulated by alpha-fetoprotein enhancer/promoter
Ishikawa H, Nakata K, Mawatari F, Ueki T, Tsuruta S, Ido A, Nakao K, Kato Y, Ishii N, Eguchi K