Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.287, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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589 - 593 Wnt signaling and heterotrimeric G-proteins: Strange bedfellows or a classic romance?
Malbon CC, Wang HY, Moon RT
594 - 599 Glu(191) and Asp(195) in rat mitochondrial processing peptidase beta subunit are involved in effective cleavage of precursor protein through interaction with the proximal arginine
Kitada S, Kojima K, Ito A
600 - 606 Role of calcium-independent phospholipases (iPLA(2)) in phosphatidylcholine metabolism
Chiu CH, Jackowski S
607 - 613 Lysophosphatidic acid activates the 70-kDa S6 kinase via the lipoxygenase pathway
Willard FS, Berven LA, Crouch MF
614 - 621 Unfolding of apomyoglobin examined by synchrotron footprinting
Chance MR
622 - 629 Effect of hypoxia on cellular adhesion to vitronectin and fibronectin
Lash GE, Fitzpatrick TE, Graham CH
630 - 635 Protease activity and host cell binding of the 42-kDa rhoptry protein from Toxoplasma gondii after secretion
Ahn HJ, Song KJ, Son ES, Shin JC, Nam HW
636 - 641 Role of the connectivity of secondary structure segments in the folding of alpha(1)-antitrypsin
Lee C, Seo EJ, Yu MH
642 - 647 alpha-B- and alpha-A-crystallin prevent irreversible acidification-induced protein denaturation
Wang KY
648 - 655 Physical shock wave mediates membrane hyperpolarization and ras activation for osteogenesis in human bone marrow stromal cells
Wang FS, Wang CJ, Huang HJ, Chung H, Chen RF, Yang KD
656 - 661 Overexpression of Calbindin-D28K induces neurite outgrowth in dopaminergic neuronal cells via activation of p38 MAPK
Choi WS, Chun SY, Markelonis GJ, Oh TH, Oh YJ
662 - 670 TNF alpha inhibits insulin's antiapoptotic signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells
Goetze S, Blaschke F, Stawowy P, Bruemmer D, Spencer C, Graf K, Grafe M, Law RE, Fleck E
671 - 674 Polyvalent cation-sensing mechanism increased Na+-independent Mg2+ transport in renal epithelial cells
Ikari A, Nakajima K, Kawano K, Suketa Y
675 - 681 Regulation of asialoglycoprotein receptor expression in the proliferative state of hepatocytes
Hirose S, Ise H, Uchiyama M, Cho CS, Akaike T
682 - 687 Catalase-peroxidase from Synechocystis is capable of chlorination and bromination reactions
Jakopitsch C, Regelsberger G, Furtmuller PG, Ruker F, Peschek GA, Obinger C
688 - 695 uDENN, DENN, and dDENN: Indissociable domains in Rab and MAP kinases signaling pathways
Levivier E, Goud B, Souchet M, Calmels TPG, Mornon JP, Callebaut I
696 - 700 Ryanodine receptor channel-dependent glutathione transport in the sarcoplasmic reticulum of skeletal muscle
Csala M, Fulceri R, Mandl J, Benedetti A, Banhegyi G
701 - 704 Pregnenolone sulfate modulates angiotensin II-induced inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate changes in the anterior pituitary of female rat
Lachowicz A, Pawlikowski M, Rebas E
705 - 713 Histone deacetylase and DNA methyltransferase in human prostate cancer
Patra SK, Patra A, Dahiya R
714 - 720 Glycated high-density lipoprotein induces apoptosis of endothelial cells via a mitochondrial dysfunction
Matsunaga T, Iguchi K, Nakajima T, Koyama I, Miyazaki T, Inoue I, Kawai S, Katayama S, Hirano K, Hokari S, Komoda T
721 - 726 PAL31 expression in rat trophoblast giant cells
Oda M, Sun WY, Hattori N, Tanaka S, Shiota K
727 - 732 Expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma in renal cell carcinoma and growth inhibition by its agonists
Inoue K, Kawahito Y, Tsubouchi Y, Kohno M, Yoshimura R, Yoshikawa T, Sano H
733 - 738 The PX domain as a novel phosphoinositide-binding module
Ago T, Takeya R, Hiroaki H, Kuribayashi F, Ito T, Kohda D, Sumimoto H
739 - 745 Expression of amphiphysin I in sertoli cells and its implication in spermatogenesis
Watanabe M, Tsutsui K, Hosoya O, Tsutsui K, Kumon H, Tokunaga A
746 - 751 Subcellular distribution and function of Rab3A-D in pancreatic acinar AR42J cells
Piiper A, Leser J, Lutz MP, Beil M, Zeuzem S
752 - 756 Mechanism of activation of branched-chain alpha-keto acid dehydrogenase complex by exercise
Xu M, Nagasaki M, Obayashi M, Sato Y, Tamura T, Shimomura Y
757 - 765 ATP-Binding cassette transporter-1 induces rearrangement of actin cytoskeletons possibly through Cdc42/N-WASP
Tsukamoto K, Hirano K, Tsujii K, Ikegami C, Zhongyan Z, Nishida Y, Ohama T, Matsuura F, Yamashita S, Matsuzawa Y
766 - 774 In vivo localization of gelatinases (MMP-2 and-9) by in situ zymography with a selective gelatinase inhibitor
Pirila E, Maisi P, Salo T, Koivunen E, Sorsa T
775 - 780 Activation of DNA damage checkpoints in CHO cells requires a certain level of DNA damage
Jiang MR, Yang Y, Wu JR
781 - 788 Oxidative processes in human promonocytic cells (THP-1) after differentiation into macrophages by incubation with Chlamydia pneumoniae extracts
Mouithys-Mickalad A, Deby-Dupont G, Nys M
789 - 800 Differences in HAC1 mRNA processing and translation between yeast and mammalian cells indicate divergence of the eukaryotic ER stress response
Bowring CE, Llewellyn DH