Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.287, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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313 - 322 Parathyroid hormone (PTH) suppresses rat PTH/PTH-related protein receptor gene promoter
Kawane T, Mimura J, Fujii-Kuriyama Y, Horiuchi N
323 - 327 Imaging of single fluorescent molecules using video-rate confocal microscopy
Tadakuma H, Yamaguchi J, Ishihama Y, Funatsu T
328 - 331 Tautomycetin is a novel and specific inhibitor of serine/threonine protein phosphatase type 1, PP1
Mitsuhashi S, Matsuura N, Ubukata M, Oikawa H, Shima H, Kikuchi K
332 - 336 Proteinase activity in the white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) clotting protein
Reyes-Izquierdo T, Vargas-Albores F
337 - 342 Pitavastatin enhanced BMP-2 and osteocalcin expression by inhibition of Rho-associated kinase in human osteoblasts
Ohnaka K, Shimoda S, Nawata H, Shimokawa H, Kaibuchi K, Iwamoto Y, Takayanagi R
343 - 347 Stabilization of noncovalent intermediates in enzymatically catalyzed reactions
Fisher HF, Maniscalco SJ, Tally J
348 - 354 Cloning and characterization of an intracellular isoamylase gene from Pectobacterium chrysanthemi PY35
Lim WJ, Park SR, Cho SJ, Kim MK, Ryu SK, Hong SY, Seo WT, Kim H, Yun HD
355 - 358 Polymerization of bisphenol A by purified laccase from Trametes villosa
Uchida H, Fukuda T, Miyamoto H, Kawabata T, Suzuki M, Uwajima T
359 - 365 Cloning and characterization of a blue fluorescent protein from Vibrio vulnificus
Su JH, Chuang YC, Tsai YC, Chang MC
366 - 371 Cytosolic O-GlcNAc accumulation is not involved in beta-cell death in HIT-T15 or Min6
Okuyama R, Yachi M
372 - 376 Regulation of the human SIX3 gene promoter
Lengler J, Graw J
377 - 382 trans-10,cis-12-conjugated linoleic acid reduces leptin secretion from 3T3-L1 adipocytes
Kang KW, Pariza MW
383 - 390 Identification of a novel peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) gamma promoter in man and transactivation by the nuclear receptor ROR alpha 1
Sundvold H, Lien S
391 - 396 Adaptive increase in pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 4 during starvation is mediated by peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha
Wu PF, Peters JM, Harris RA
397 - 401 Intracellular depletion of insulin by oleate is due to an inhibited synthesis and not to an increased secretion
Bollheimer LC, Kestler TM, Michel J, Buettner R, Scholmerich J, Palitzsch KD
402 - 410 In vitro analysis of transcriptional repression of the mouse mammary tumor virus promoter
Kang CJ, Peterson DO
411 - 417 Structural and promoter regions of the murine pyruvate carboxylase gene
Jitrapakdee S, Petchamphai N, Sunyakumthorn P, Wallace JC, Boonsaeng V
418 - 421 Neuroglobins from the zebrafish Danio rerio and the pufferfish Tetraodon nigroviridis
Awenius C, Hankeln T, Burmester T
422 - 426 Induction of SPARC by VEGF in human vascular endothelial cells
Kato Y, Lewalle JM, Baba Y, Tsukuda M, Sakai N, Baba M, Kobayashi K, Koshika S, Nagashima Y, Frankenne F, Noel A, Foidart JM, Hata RI
427 - 434 Characterization of HRG22, a human homologue of the putative tumor suppressor gene HIC1
Deltour S, Pinte S, Guerardel C, Leprince D
435 - 439 Expression of p68 RNA helicase is closely related to the early stage of adipocyte differentiation of mouse 3T3-L1 cells
Kitamura A, Nishizuka M, Tominaga K, Tsuchiya T, Nishihara T, Imagawa M
440 - 444 In vivo gene transfer to cerebral white matter lesions with a recombinant adenovirus vector
Masumura M, Hata R, Uetsuki T, Nishimura I, Nagai Y, Sawada T
445 - 454 Insulin-regulated trafficking of dual-labeled glucose transporter 4 in primary rat adipose cells
Dawson K, Aviles-Hernandez A, Cushman SW, Malide D
455 - 461 Complete coding sequence of the Alkhurma virus, a tick-borne flavivirus causing severe hemorrhagic fever in humans in Saudi Arabia
Charrel RN, Zaki AM, Attoui H, Fakeeh M, Billoir F, Yousef AI, de Chesse R, De Micco P, Gould EA, de Lamballerie X
462 - 467 Chloroplast targeting of chloroplast division FtsZ2 proteins in Arabidopsis
Fujiwara M, Yoshida S
468 - 473 An investigation of bisphosphonate inhibition of a vacuolar proton-pumping pyrophosphatase
Szabo CM, Oldfield E
474 - 483 Drosophila mitochondrial transcription factor A: Characterization of its cDNA and expression pattern during development
Takata K, Yoshida H, Hirose F, Yamaguchi M, Kai M, Oshige M, Sakimoto I, Koiwai O, Sakaguchi K
484 - 492 The identification and characterization of a STAT 1 binding site in the PPAR gamma 2 promoter
Hogan JC, Stephens JM
493 - 500 SOX18 directly interacts with MEF2C in endothelial cells
Hosking BM, Wang SCM, Chen SL, Penning S, Koopman P, Muscat GEO
501 - 506 Endomucin is expressed in embryonic dorsal aorta and is able to inhibit cell adhesion
Ueno M, Igarashi K, Kimura N, Okita K, Takizawa M, Nobuhisa I, Kojima T, Kitamura T, Samulowitz U, Vestweber D, Shimomura T, Suda T, Nakashima K, Taga T
507 - 513 Mutation of N304 to leucine in Streptomyces clavuligerus deacetoxycephalosporin C synthase creates an enzyme with increased penicillin analogue conversion
Chin HS, Sim J, Sim TS
514 - 518 Evidence that bacterial cyanide oxygenase is a pterin-dependent hydroxylase
Kunz DA, Fernandez RF, Parab P
519 - 521 Residues 137 and 153 of XylS influence contacts with the C-terminal domain of the RNA polymerase alpha subunit
Ruiz R, Ramos JL
522 - 529 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma induces pancreatic cancer cell apoptosis
Eibl G, Wente MN, Reber HA, Hines OJ
530 - 535 A binary system of photoreagents for high-efficiency labeling of DNA polymerases
Lebedeva NA, Kolpashchikov DM, Rechkunova NI, Khodyreva SN, Lavrik OI
536 - 541 Sensitization of differentiated PC12 cells to apoptosis by presenilin-2 is mediated by p38
Sun J, Li MT, Han JH, Gu J
542 - 549 Hydrophobic residues Phe552, Phe554, Ile562, Leu566, and Ile574 are required for oligomerization of anthrax protective antigen
Ahuja N, Kumar P, Bhatnagar R
550 - 555 UDP-glucose dehydrogenase gene of Xanthomonas campestris is required for virulence
Chang KW, Weng SF, Tseng YH
556 - 561 Functional cross-talk of HIV-1 Tat with p53 through its C-terminal domain
Ariumi Y, Kaida A, Hatanaka M, Shimotohno K
562 - 567 Cell cycle regulation via p53 phosphorylation by a 5'-AMP activated protein kinase activator, 5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide-1-beta-D-ribofuranoside, in a human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line
Imamura K, Ogura T, Kishimoto A, Kaminishi M, Esumi H
568 - 573 A role for the Agouti-Related Protein promoter in obesity and type 2 diabetes
Mayfield DK, Brown AM, Page GP, Garvey WT, Shriver MD, Argyropoulos G
574 - 582 p38: A novel protein that associates with the vesicular stomatitis virus glycoprotein
Sevier CS, Machamer CE
583 - 588 Sequence characterization of Ndelle virus genome segments 1, 5, 7, 8, and 10: Evidence for reassignment to the genus Orthoreovirus, family Reoviridae
Attoui H, Biagini P, Stirling J, Mertens PPC, Cantaloube JF, Meyer A, de Micco P, de Lamballerie X