Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.286, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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229 - 234 The role of tissue transglutaminase in the germinal vesicle breakdown of mouse oocytes
Kim SW, Lee ZW, Lee CK, Im KS, Ha KS
235 - 238 The cyclooxygenase hydroperoxide product PGG(2) activates synaptic nitric oxide synthase: A possible antioxidant response to membrane lipid peroxidation
Foley TD
239 - 242 The effect of dexamethasone on P450 activities in regenerating rat liver
Tamasi V, Kiss A, Dobozy O, Falus A, Vereczkey L, Monostory K
243 - 249 Sialylation of human IgG-Fc carbohydrate by transfected rat alpha 2,6-sialyltransferase
Jassal R, Jenkins N, Charlwood J, Camilleri P, Jefferis R, Lund J
250 - 258 Cloning, chromosomal mapping, and characteristic 5'-UTR sequence of murine cytosolic sialidase
Kotani K, Kuroiwa A, Saito T, Matsuda Y, Koda T, Kijimoto-Ochiai S
259 - 263 A novel bradykinin-related peptide from skin secretions of toad Bombina maxima and its precursor containing six identical copies of the final product
Lai R, Liu H, Lee WH, Zhang Y
264 - 267 Intercalating fluorescence dye YOYO-1 prevents the folding transition in giant duplex DNA
Yoshinaga N, Akitaya T, Yoshikawa K
268 - 273 Del1: A new protein in the superficial layer of articular cartilage
Pfister BE, Aydelotte MB, Burkhart W, Kuettner LE, Schmid TM
274 - 280 Downregulation of phospholipase C delta 3 by cAMP and calcium
Lin FG, Cheng HF, Lee IF, Kao HJ, Loh SH, Lee WH
281 - 291 B lymphocytes and plasma cells express functional E-selectin by constitutive activation of NF-kappa B
Liu LP, Xia YF, Yang L, DiDonato JA, DiCorleto PE, Zhong CP, Geng JG
292 - 297 Iba1 is an actin-cross-linking protein in macrophages/microglia
Sasaki Y, Ohsawa K, Kanazawa H, Kohsaka S, Imai Y
298 - 304 Phosphorylation of serine-rich protein encoded by open reading frame 3 of the TT virus genome
Asabe S, Nishizawa T, Iwanari H, Okamoto F
305 - 310 Cholesteryl ester transfer protein deficiency causes slow egg embryonation of Schistosoma japonicum
Okumura-Noji K, Sasai K, Zhan RL, Kawaguchi H, Maruyama H, Tada T, Takahashi H, Okazaki M, Miida T, Sakuma N, Kimura G, Ohta N, Yokoyama S
311 - 314 Direct observation of release of cytochrome c from lipid-encapsulated protein by peroxide and superoxide: A possible mechanism for drug-induced apoptosis
Das N, Gupta S, Mazumdar S
315 - 321 Spatial organization of Ca2+ entry and exocytosis in mouse pancreatic beta-cells
Qian WJ, Kennedy RT
322 - 327 The N-terminal internal region of BLM is required for the formation of dots/rod-like structures which are associated with SUMO-1
Suzuki H, Seki M, Kobayashi T, Kawabe Y, Kaneko H, Kondo N, Harata M, Mizuno S, Masuko T, Enomoto T
328 - 335 Determinants of shear stress-stimulated endothelial nitric oxide production assessed in real-time by 4,5-diaminofluorescein fluorescence
Qiu WP, Kass DA, Hu QH, Ziegelstein RC
336 - 342 Increased retinoid signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells by proinflammatory cytokines
Gidlof AC, Romert A, Olsson A, Torma H, Eriksson U, Sirsjo A
343 - 351 Recombinant expression, purification, and kinetic characterization of chondroitinase AC and chondroitinase B from Flavobacterium heparinum
Pojasek K, Shriver Z, Kiley P, Venkataraman G, Sasisekharan R
352 - 356 Reaction of human myoglobin and peroxynitrite: Characterizing biomarkers for myoglobin-derived oxidative stress
Witting PK, Mauk AG, Douglas DJ, Stocker R
357 - 364 Occurrence of a putative SCF ubiquitin ligase complex in Drosophila
Bocca SN, Muzzopappa M, Silberstein S, Wappner P
365 - 371 Light scatter and DNA accessibility to propidium iodide of ataxia telangiectasia and Fanconi anemia cells
Djuzenova CS, Flentje M
372 - 375 Phorbol ester downregulates PDGF beta receptor via PKC beta 1 in vascular smooth muscle cells
Yang ZH, Huerlimann DA, Viswambharan H, Luescher TF
376 - 380 Inactivating properties of recombinant ROMK2 channels expressed in mammalian cells
Riochet DFL, Mohammad-Panah R, Hebert SC, MacGregor GG, Baro I, Guihard G, Escande D
381 - 387 Identification and characterization of the promoter region of the GRM3 gene
Corti C, Xuereb JH, Corsi M, Ferraguti F
388 - 393 ETB receptor activates adenylyl cyclase via a c-PLA(2)-dependent mechanism: A novel counterregulatory mechanism of ET-induced contraction in airway smooth muscle
El-Mowafy AM, Biggs DF
394 - 400 Cloning and characterization of F-LANa, upregulated in human liver cancer
Ying H, Yu YL, Xu YH
401 - 405 Appearance of shortened Bcl-2 and Bax proteins and lack of evidence for apoptosis in rat forebrain after severe experimental traumatic brain injury
Ye X, Hong L, Chen BD, Peterson PL, Lee CP
406 - 413 Reversal of cisplatin and multidrug resistance by ribozyme-mediated glutathione suppression
Nagata J, Kijima H, Hatanaka H, Asai S, Miyachi H, Takagi A, Miwa T, Mine T, Yamazaki H, Nakamura M, Kondo T, Scanlon KJ, Ueyama Y
414 - 418 Escherichia coli CopA N-terminal Cys(X)(2)Cys motifs are not required for copper resistance or transport
Fan B, Grass G, Rensing C, Rosen BP
419 - 425 Chronic hypoxia induces apoptosis in cardiac myocytes: A possible role for Bcl-2-like proteins
Jung F, Weiland U, Johns RA, Ihling C, Dimmeler S
426 - 431 Menin interacts directly with the homeobox-containing protein Pem
Lemmens IH, Forsberg L, Pannett AAJ, Meyen E, Piehl F, Turner JJO, Van de Ven WJM, Thakker RV, Larsson C, Kas K