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1077 - 1083 Intercellular mechanotransduction: Cellular circuits that coordinate tissue responses to mechanical loading
Ko KS, McCulloch CAG
1084 - 1088 ERK pathway positively regulates the expression of Sprouty genes
Ozaki K, Kadomoto R, Asato K, Tanimura S, Itoh N, Kohno M
1089 - 1094 Human granulosa-lutein cells express functional EP1 and EP2 prostaglandin receptors
Harris TE, Squires PE, Michael AE, Bernal AL, Abayasekara DR
1095 - 1101 Thrombopoietin induces histidine decarboxylase gene expression in c-mpl transfected UT7 cells
Pacilio M, Debili N, Arnould A, Machavoine F, Rolli-Derkinderen M, Bodger M, Arock M, Dumenil D, Dy M, Schneider E
1102 - 1106 Apoptosis induction by epigallocatechin gallate involves its binding to Fas
Hayakawa S, Saeki K, Sazuka M, Suzuki Y, Shoji Y, Ohta T, Kaji K, Yuo A, Isemura M
1107 - 1113 Kynurenine binds to the peptide binding region of the chaperone alpha B-crystallin
Aquilina JA, Truscott RJW
1114 - 1120 Effects of capsaicin on Ca2+ release from the intracellular Ca2+ stores in the dorsal root ganglion cells of adult rats
Eun SY, Jung SJ, Park YK, Kwak J, Kim SJ, Kim J
1121 - 1129 The AH receptor of the most dioxin-sensitive species, guinea pig, is highly homologous to the human AH receptor
Korkalainen M, Tuomisto J, Pohjanvirta R
1130 - 1135 Upregulation of vascular NAD(P)H oxidase subunit gp91phox and impairment of the nitric oxide signal transduction pathway in hypertension
Morawietz H, Weber M, Rueckschloss U, Lauer N, Hacker A, Kojda G
1136 - 1142 Trifluoroacetic acid activates ATP-sensitive K+ channels in rabbit ventricular myocytes
Han J, Kim N, Kim E
1143 - 1149 DNA fragmentation factor 45 mutant mice exhibit resistance to kainic acid-induced neuronal cell death
Zhang JH, Lee H, Agarwala A, Lou DW, Xu M
1150 - 1154 Evidence that caspase-13 is not a human but a bovine gene
Koenig U, Eckhart L, Tschachler E
1155 - 1161 Pivotal role of mitochondrial Ca2+ in microcystin-induced mitochondrial permeability transition in rat hepatocytes
Ding WX, Shen HM, Ong CN
1162 - 1167 Acivicin induces apoptosis independently of gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase activity
Aberkane H, Frank P, Galteau MM, Wellman M
1168 - 1174 Dynamic compression inhibits the synthesis of nitric oxide and PGE(2) by IL-1 beta-stimulated chondrocytes cultured in agarose constructs
Chowdhury TT, Bader DL, Lee DA
1175 - 1179 Sulfation of flavonoids and other phenolic dietary compounds by the human cytosolic sulfotransferases
Pai TG, Suiko M, Sakakibara Y, Liu MC
1180 - 1185 Ligand affinity, homodimerization, and ligand-induced secondary structural change of the human vitamin D receptor
Falsone SF, Kurkela R, Chiarandini G, Vihko P, Kungl AJ
1186 - 1191 Ntg2 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae repairs the oxidation products of 8-hydroxyguanine
Kim JE, You HJ, Choi JY, Doetsch PW, Kim JS, Chung MH
1192 - 1199 Caspase-mediated calcineurin activation contributes to IL-2 release during T cell activation
Mukerjee N, McGinnis KM, Gnegy ME, Wang KKW
1200 - 1205 The transcription factor onecut-2 controls the Microphthalmia-associated transcription factor gene
Jacquemin P, Lannoy VJ, O'Sullivan J, Read A, Lemaigre FP, Rousseau GG
1206 - 1212 Lupus autoantibodies recognize the product of an alternative open reading frame of SmB/B'
Kaufman KM, Kirby MY, McClain MT, Harley JB, James JA
1213 - 1216 The chloroplast-derived trnW and trnM-e genes are not expressed in Arabidopsis mitochondria
Duchene AM, Marechal-Drouard L
1217 - 1219 Preconditioning decreases ischemia/reperfusion-induced peroxynitrite formation
Csonka C, Csont T, Onody A, Ferdinandy P
1220 - 1225 Lecithinized Cu, Zn-superoxide dismutase limits the infarct size following ischemia-reperfusion injury in rat hearts in vivo
Hangaishi M, Nakajima H, Taguchi J, Igarashi R, Hoshino J, Kurokawa K, Kimura S, Nagai R, Ohno M
1226 - 1231 Extracellular NAD(+) induces calcium signaling and apoptosis in human osteoblastic cells
Romanello M, Padoan M, Franco L, Veronesi V, Moro L, D'Andrea P
1232 - 1236 Identification of N-omega-carboxymethylarginine, a new advanced glycation endproduct in serum proteins of diabetic patients: Possibility of a new marker of aging and diabetes
Odani H, Iijima K, Nakata M, Miyata S, Kusunoki H, Yasuda Y, Hiki Y, Irie S, Maeda K, Fujimoto D
1237 - 1243 K252a, an indrocarbazole derivative, causes the membrane of myoblasts to enter a fusion-capable state
Hirayama E, Sasao N, Yoshimasu S, Kim J
1244 - 1249 Construction of preferential cDNA microarray specialized for human colorectal carcinoma: Molecular sketch of colorectal cancer
Takemasa I, Higuchi H, Yamamoto H, Sekimoto M, Tomita N, Nakamori S, Matoba R, Monden M, Matsubara K
1250 - 1252 Immunoreactivity of VR1 on epidermal keratinocyte of human skin
Denda M, Fuziwara S, Inoue K, Denda S, Akamatsu H, Tomitaka A, Matsunaga K
1253 - 1258 Polarized sorting of aquaporins 5 and 8 in stable MDCK-II transfectants
Wellner RB, Baum BJ
1259 - 1266 2-methoxyestradiol induces G2/M arrest and apoptosis in prostate cancer
Qadan LR, Perez-Stable CM, Anderson C, D'Ippolito G, Herron A, Howard GA, Roos BA
1267 - 1273 Differential binding of arfaptin 2/POR1 to ADP-ribosylation factors and Rac1
Shin OH, Exton JH
1274 - 1279 Sequence analysis identifies TTRAP, a protein that associates with CD40 and TNF receptor-associated factors, as a member of a superfamily of divalent cation-dependent phosphodiesterases
Rodrigues-Lima F, Josephs M, Katan M, Cassinat B
1280 - 1289 Transcriptional response of a human colon adenocarcinoma cell line to sodium butyrate
Iacomino G, Tecce MF, Grimaldi C, Tosto M, Russo GL
1290 - 1294 Recombinant hTASK1 is an O-2-sensitive K+ channel
Lewis A, Hartness ME, Chapman CG, Fearon IM, Meadows HJ, Peers C, Kemp PJ
1295 - 1301 ABCA6, a novel A subclass ABC transporter
Kaminski WE, Wenzel JJ, Piehler A, Langmann T, Schmitz G
1302 - 1308 Differential effects of IL-2 and IL-15 on expression of IL-2 receptor alpha
Alileche A, Goldman CK, Waldmann TA
1309 - 1316 Evidence as a HIV-1 self-defense vaccine of cyclic chimeric dodecapeptide warped from undecapeptidyl arch of extracellular loop 2 in both CCR5 and CXCR4
Misumi S, Takamune N, Ido Y, Hayashi S, Endo M, Mukai R, Tachibana K, Umeda M, Shoji S
1317 - 1320 A phenylarsine oxide-binding protein of neutrophil cytosol, which belongs to the S100 family, potentiates NADPH oxidase activation
Doussiere J, Bouzidi F, Vignais PV
1321 - 1329 Sequence analysis of the human kallikrein gene locus identifies a unique polymorphic minisatellite element
Yousef GM, Bharaj BS, Yu H, Poulopoulos J, Diamandis EP
1330 - 1337 The HGF/SF-induced phosphorylation of paxillin, matrix adhesion, and invasion of prostate cancer cells were suppressed by NK4, an HGF/SF variant
Parr C, Davies G, Nakamura T, Matsumoto K, Mason MD, Jiang WG
1338 - 1343 A novel Xenopus acetyltransferase with a dynamic expression in early development
Choi SC, Chang JY, Han JK
1344 - 1349 Characterization of the rplB gene from Streptomyces collinus and its protein product by mass spectrometry
Mikulik K, Man P, Halada P
1350 - 1353 Chromogenic substrates of bovine beta-trypsin: The influence of an amino acid residue in P1 position on their interaction with the enzyme
Lesner A, Kupryszewski G, Rolka K
1354 - 1360 Apoptosis of lymphocytes in the presence of Cr(V) complexes: Role in Cr(VI)-induced toxicity
Vasant C, Balamurugan K, Rajaram R, Ramasami T
1361 - 1368 TR4 orphan receptor represses the human steroid 21-hydroxylase gene expression through the monomeric AGGTCA motif
Lee HJ, Lee YF, Chang CS
1369 - 1376 The paralemmin protein family: Identification of paralemmin-2, an isoform differentially spliced to AKAP2/AKAP-KL, and of palmdelphin, a more distant cytosolic relative
Hu B, Copeland NG, Gilbert DJ, Jenkins NA, Kilimann MW
1377 - 1383 Tissue distribution and subcellular localization of a variant form of the human ST2 gene product, ST2V
Tago K, Noda T, Hayakawa M, Iwahana H, Yanagisawa K, Yashiro T, Tominaga S
1384 - 1385 Interaction of stressors and the limits of cellular homeostasis (vol 283, pg 721, 2001)
Gutzeit HO