Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.285, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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855 - 856 The isochores in human chromosomes 21 and 22
Clay O, Bernardi G
857 - 862 Relationship between kinetic and equilibrium folding intermediates of creatine kinase
Zhu L, Fan YX, Perrett S, Zhou JM
863 - 872 Human monocytes possess a serine protease activity capable of degrading HIV-1 reverse transcriptase in vitro
Chateau MT, Robert-Hebmann W, Devaux C, Lazaro JB, Canard B, Coux O
873 - 879 Inhibition of ChoK is an efficient antitumor strategy for Harvey-, Kirsten-, and N-ras-transformed cells
de Molina AR, Rodriguez-Gonzalez A, Penalva V, Lucas L, Lacal JC
880 - 884 Forskolin activation of apical Cl- channel and Na+/K+/2Cl(-) cotransporter via a PTK-dependent pathway in renal epithelium
Niisato N, Marunaka Y
885 - 890 An Ochrobactrum anthropi gene conferring paraquat resistance to the heterologous host Escherichia coli
Won SH, Lee BH, Lee HS, Jo J
891 - 896 Reversible integration of the dominant negative retinoid receptor gene for ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells
Muramatsu M, Hanazono Y, Ogasawara Y, Okada T, Mizukami H, Kume A, Mizoguchi H, Ozawa K
897 - 902 Differential regulation of endogenous glucose-6-phosphatase and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase gene expression by the forkhead transcription factor FKHR in H4IIE-hepatoma cells
Barthel A, Schmoll D, Kruger KD, Bahrenberg G, Walther R, Roth RA, Joost HG
903 - 908 Codeposition of apolipoprotein A-IV and transthyretin in senile systemic (ATTR) amyloidosis
Bergstrom J, Murphy C, Eulitz M, Weiss DT, Westermark GT, Solomon A, Westermark P
909 - 914 Angiogenin activates human umbilical artery smooth muscle cells
Xu ZP, Monti DM, Hu GF
915 - 920 Chromium(III)-mediated structural modification of glycoprotein: Impact of the ligand and the oxidants
Shrivastava HY, Nair BU
921 - 925 Protective effects of aspirin and vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) against copper- and cadmium-induced toxicity
Mattie MD, Freedman JH
926 - 931 YKL-40 (cartilage gp-39) induces proliferative events in cultured chondrocytes and synoviocytes and increases glycosaminoglycan synthesis in chondrocytes
De Ceuninck F, Gaufillier S, Bonnaud A, Sabatini M, Lesur C, Pastoureau P
932 - 938 Proteolysis of ProPTHrP(1-141) by "prohormone thiol protease" at multibasic residues generates PTHrP-related peptides: Implications for PTHrP peptide production in lung cancer cells
Hook VYH, Burton D, Yasothornsrikul S, Hastings RH, Deftos LJ
939 - 944 Rat prominin, like its mouse and human orthologues, is a pentaspan membrane glycoprotein
Corbeil D, Fargeas CA, Huttner WB
945 - 953 Structural analyses of the UTF1 gene encoding a transcriptional coactivator expressed in pluripotent embryonic stem cells
Nishimoto M, Fukushima A, Miyagi S, Suzuki Y, Sugano S, Matsuda Y, Hori T, Muramatsu M, Okuda A
954 - 958 Role of PI3-kinase in isoproterenol and IGF-1 induced ecNOS activity
Isenovic E, Muniyappa R, Milivojevic N, Rao Y, Sowers JR
959 - 964 Zinc binding to Alzheimer's A beta(1-16) peptide results in stable soluble complex
Kozin SA, Zirah S, Rebuffat S, Hoa GHB, Debey P
965 - 968 Development and characterization of cholinephosphotransferase antibody
Chatterjee D, Mukherjee S, Das SK
969 - 975 Transcriptional activation of the nuclear receptor corepressor RIP140 by retinoic acid: A potential negative-feedback regulatory mechanism
Kerley JS, Olsen SL, Freemantle SJ, Spinella MJ
976 - 980 An investigation into the membrane-interactive potential of the Escherichia coli KpsE C-terminus
Phoenix DA, Brandenburg K, Harris F, Seydel U, Hammerton T, Roberts IS
981 - 990 Identification of DNA-protein interactions in the 5' flanking and 5' untranslated regions of the human multidrug resistance protein (MRP1) gene: Evaluation of a putative antioxidant response element/AP-1 binding site
Kurz EU, Cole SPC, Deeley RG
991 - 996 Inhibitory effect of copper(II) on zinc(II)-induced aggregation of amyloid beta-peptide
Suzuki K, Miura T, Takeuchi H
997 - 1006 Protein kinase C epsilon suppresses A beta production and promotes activation of alpha-secretase
Zhu GF, Wang D, Lin YH, McMahon T, Koo EH, Messing RO
1007 - 1011 Activity-dependent neural tissue oxidation emits intrinsic ultraweak photons
Kataoka Y, Cui YL, Yamagata A, Niigaki M, Hirohata T, Oishi N, Watanabe Y
1012 - 1017 25-hydroxy-vitamin D metabolism in human colon cancer cells during tumor progression
Bareis P, Bises G, Bischof MG, Cross HS, Peterlik M
1018 - 1024 Novel bifunctional alkaline protease inhibitor: Protease inhibitory activity as the biochemical basis of antifungal activity
Vernekar JV, Tanksale AM, Ghatge MS, Deshpande VV
1025 - 1033 Enhanced expression of the recombinant lethal factor of Bacillus anthracis by fed-batch culture
Gupta P, Sahai V, Bhatnagar R
1034 - 1039 Nonuniform quadriceps O-2 consumption revealed by near infrared multipoint measurements
Quaresima V, Colier WNJM, van der Sluijs M, Ferrari M
1040 - 1045 Identification of human CPI-17, an inhibitory phosphoprotein for myosin phosphatase
Yamawaki K, Ito M, Machida H, Moriki N, Okamoto R, Isaka N, Shimpo H, Kohda A, Okumura K, Hartshorne DJ, Nakano T
1046 - 1051 Structure-activity analysis of SMAP-29, a sheep leukocytes-derived antimicrobial peptide
Shin SY, Park EJ, Yang ST, Jung HJ, Eom SH, Song WK, Kim Y, Hahm KS, Kim JI
1052 - 1058 Purification of a heterodimeric betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase from wild amaranth plants subjected to water deficit
Figueroa-Soto CG, Valenzuela-Soto EM
1059 - 1065 Expression of renin-angiotensin system genes in immature and mature dendritic cells identified using human cDNA microarray
Lapteva N, Nieda M, Ando Y, Ide K, Hatta-Ohashi Y, Dymshits G, Ishikawa Y, Juji T, Tokunaga K
1066 - 1070 Dissociation of 5' AMP-activated protein kinase activation and glucose uptake stimulation by mitochondrial uncoupling and hyperosmolar stress: Differential sensitivities to intracellular Ca2+ and protein kinase C inhibition
Patel N, Khayat ZA, Ruderman NB, Klip A
1071 - 1075 Hypsin, a novel thermostable ribosome-inactivating protein with antifungal and antiproliferative activities from fruiting bodies of the edible mushroom Hypsizigus marmoreus
Lam SK, Ng TB
1076 - 1076 In vivo and in vitro evidence for extracellular caspase activity released from apoptotic cells (vol 283, pg 1111, 2001)
Hentze H, Schwoebel F, Lund S, Keel M, Ertel W, Wendel A, Jaattela M, Leist M