Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.282, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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369 - 375 Interleukin-8 expression in AIDS-associated lymphoma B-cell lines
Sharma V, Zhang L
376 - 379 Effect of P64k presensitization on its efficacy as an immunological carrier in mice
Gonzalez S, Caballero E, Silva R, Pajon R
380 - 386 Mechanism of reaction of melatonin with human myeloperoxidase
Allegra M, Furtmuller PG, Regelsberger G, Turco-Liveri ML, Tesoriere L, Perretti M, Livrea RA, Obinger C
387 - 393 Identification of Ser(1275) and Ser(1309) as autophosphorylation sites of the human insulin receptor in intact cells
Tennagels N, Telting D, Parvaresch S, Maassen JA, Klein HW
394 - 403 Generation and analysis of canine retinal ESTs: Isolation and expression of retina-specific gene transcripts
Lin CT, Sargan DR
404 - 408 Protein kinase D is sufficient to suppress EGF-induced c-Jun Ser 63 phosphorylation
Hurd C, Rozengurt E
409 - 415 Vitamin C augments chemotherapeutic response of cervical carcinoma HeLa cells by stabilizing P53
Reddy VG, Khanna N, Singh N
416 - 420 Metallothionein-III antagonizes the neurotoxic and neurotrophic effects of amyloid beta peptides
Irie Y, Keung WM
421 - 425 WISP-2: A serum-inducible gene differentially expressed in human normal breast epithelial cells and in MCF-7 breast tumor cells
Zoubine MN, Banerjee S, Saxena NK, Campbell DR, Banerjee SK
426 - 431 Differentiation in chronic myelogenous leukemia cell K562 by spongean sesterterpene
Aoki S, Higuchi K, Isozumi N, Matsui K, Miyamoto Y, Itoh N, Tanaka K, Kobayashi M
432 - 435 Factor Xa-evoked relaxation in rat aorta: Involvement of PAR-2
Kawabata A, Kuroda R, Nakaya Y, Kawai K, Nishikawa H, Kawao N
436 - 441 In situ proteolytic digestion of inclusion body polypeptides occurs as a cascade process
Cubarsi R, Carrio MM, Villaverde A
442 - 446 Multivalent DNA-based immunization against hepatitis B virus with plasmids encoding surface and core antigens
Musacchio A, Rodriguez EG, Herrera AM, Quintana D, Muzio V
447 - 453 MEK/ERK-mediated proliferation is negatively regulated by P38 MAP kinase in the human pancreatic cancer cell line, PANC-1
Ding XZ, Adrian TE
454 - 462 Retention of glucose on oligosaccharide chains linked to the LH/hCG receptor prevents cell surface expression
Bradbury FA, Menon KMJ
463 - 473 Perivascular cells regulate endothelial membrane type-1 matrix metalloproteinase activity
Lafleur MA, Forsyth PA, Atkinson SJ, Murphy G, Edwards DR
474 - 479 Attenuation of tissue P-selectin and MCP-1 expression and intimal proliferation by AT(1) receptor blockade in hyperlipidemic rabbits
Chen HJ, Li DY, Saldeen T, Phillips MI, Mehta JL
480 - 486 Phospholipase A(2)-mediated fusion of neutrophil-derived membranes is augmented by phosphatidic acid
Harsh DM, Blackwood RA
487 - 492 Ectopic expression of negative ARNT2 factor disrupts fish development
Hsu HJ, Wang WD, Hu CH
493 - 498 Induction of telomere shortening and replicative senescence by cryopreservation
Honda S, Weigel A, Hjelmeland LM, Handa JT
499 - 506 Androgens regulate the mammalian homologues of invertebrate sex determination genes tra-2 and fox-1
Lieberman AP, Friedlich DL, Harmison G, Howell BW, Jordan CL, Breedlove SM, Fischbeck KH
507 - 510 Acute inhibition of proinsulin biosynthesis at the translational level by palmitic acid
Katahira H, Nagamatsu S, Ozawa S, Nakamichi Y, Yamaguchi S, Furukawa H, Takizawa M, Yoshimoto K, Itagaki E, Ishida H
511 - 514 Effect of membrane fluidity on tyrosine kinase activity of reconstituted epidermal growth factor receptor
Ge GX, Wu J, Lin QS
515 - 523 PACT, a double-stranded RNA binding protein acts as a positive regulator for type 1 interferon gene induced by Newcastle disease virus
Iwamura T, Yoneyama M, Koizumi N, Okabe Y, Namiki H, Samuel CE, Fujita T
524 - 528 Apoptosis in dissociation between DNA synthesis and cellular functions of activated hepatic stellate cells - A study with carbon tetrachloride-induced rat liver injury
Osada N, Mochida S, Inao M, Mashimo Y, Fujiwara K
529 - 535 Target gene therapy for alpha-fetoprotein-producing hepatocellular carcinoma by E1B55k-attenuated adenovirus
Ohashi M, Kanai F, Tateishi K, Taniguchi H, Marignani PA, Yoshida Y, Shiratori Y, Hamada H, Omata M
536 - 542 Hormonally-regulated expression of voltage-operated Ca2+ channels in osteocytic (MLO-Y4) cells
Gu Y, Preston MR, Magnay J, El Haj AJ, Publicover SJ
543 - 547 A PDE6A promoter fragment directs transcription predominantly in the photoreceptor
Taylor RE, Shows KH, Zhao Y, Pittler SJ
548 - 556 Secreted A beta does not mediate neurotoxicity by antibody-stimulated amyloid precursor protein
Sudo H, Hashimoto Y, Niikura T, Shao ZJ, Yasukawa T, Ito Y, Yamada M, Hata M, Hiraki T, Kawasumi M, Kouyama K, Nishimoto I
557 - 561 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal is a powerful endogenous inhibitor of endothelial response
Minekura H, Kumagai T, Kawamoto Y, Nara F, Uchida K
562 - 569 A GrpE mutant containing the NH2-terminal "tail" region is able to displace bound polypeptide substrate from DnaK
Mehl AF, Heskett LD, Neal KM
570 - 574 Fungicidal effect of antimicrobial peptide, PMAP-23, isolated from porcine myeloid against Candida albicans
Lee DG, Kim DH, Park Y, Kim HK, Kim HN, Shin YK, Choi CH, Hahm KS
575 - 579 Rottlerin induces a transformed phenotype in human keratinocytes
Dietrich C, Gumpert N, Heit I, Borchert-Stuhltrager M, Oesch F, Wieser R
580 - 588 Organization of human ACAT-2 gene and its cell-type-specific promoter activity
Song BL, Qi W, Yang XY, Chang CCY, Zhu JQ, Chang TY, Li BL
589 - 594 The genes for anabolic 2-oxoglutarate: Ferredoxin oxidoreductase from Hydrogenobacter thermophilus TK-6
Yun NR, Arai H, Ishii M, Igarashi Y
595 - 601 Actinohivin, a novel anti-HIV protein from an actinomycete that inhibits syncytium formation: Isolation, characterization, and biological activities
Chiba H, Inokoshi J, Okamoto M, Asanuma S, Matsuzaki K, Iwama M, Mizumoto K, Tanaka H, Oheda M, Fujita K, Nakashima H, Shinose M, Takahashi Y, Omura S
602 - 607 Hypoxia regulates avian cardiac Arnt and HIF-1 alpha mRNA expression
Catron T, Mendiola MA, Smith SM, Born J, Walker MK
608 - 614 Apolipoprotein E in macrophages and hepatocytes is degraded via the proteasomal pathway
Wenner C, Lorkowski S, Engel T, Cullen P
615 - 620 Insulin activates phospholipase C-gamma 1 via a PI-3 kinase dependent mechanism in 3T3-L1 adipocytes
Eichhorn J, Kayali AG, Austin DA, Webster NJG
621 - 628 Protein kinase C-dependent supply of secretory granules to the plasma membrane
Tsuboi T, Kikuta T, Warashina A, Terakawa S
629 - 634 Molecular dissection of the importin beta 1-recognized nuclear targeting signal of parathyroid hormone-related protein
Lam MHC, Hu W, Xiao CY, Gillespie MT, Jans DA
635 - 642 Role of intercellular adhesion molecule 1 in indomethacin-induced ileitis
Krieglstein CF, Salter JW, Cerwinka WH, Russell JM, Schuermann G, Bruewer M, Laroux FS, Grisham MB, Granger DN
643 - 646 A significant participation of leukemia inhibitory factor in regulating the reproductive function in rats: A novel action of the pleiotropic cytokine
Watanobe H, Yoneda M
647 - 654 Serial analysis of gene expression in chronic hepatitis C and hepatocellular carcinoma
Yamashita T, Kaneko S, Hashimato S, Sato T, Nagai S, Toyoda N, Suzuki T, Kobayashi K, Matsushima K