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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.281, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 5 Hepatic stem cells: From bone marrow cells to hepatocytes
Mitaka T
6 - 10 BiP/GRP78-induced production of cytokines and uptake of amyloid-beta(1-42) peptide in microglia
Kakimura J, Kitamura Y, Taniguchi T, Shimohama S, Gebicke-Haerter PJ
11 - 17 Identification of novel hypocholesterolemic peptides derived from bovine milk beta-lactoglobulin
Nagaoka S, Futamura Y, Miwa K, Awano T, Yamauchi K, Kanamaru Y, Tadashi K, Kuwata T
18 - 24 Protein and gene structure of a chlorocruorin chain of Eudistylia vancouverii
Dewilde S, Van Hauwaert ML, Vinogradov S, Vierstraete A, Vanfleteren J, Moens L
25 - 31 BIBX1382BS, but not AG1478 or PD153035, inhibits the ErbB kinases at different concentrations in intact cells
Egeblad M, Mortensen OH, van Kempen LCLT, Jaattela M
32 - 36 Water-soluble Tc-99m-labeled dendritic novel porphyrins tumor imaging and diagnosis
Subbarayan M, Shetty SJ, Srivastava TS, Noronha OPD, Samuel AM, Mukhtar H
37 - 44 Essential role of domain 4 of pneumolysin from Streptococcus pneumoniae in cytolytic activity as determined by truncated proteins
Baba H, Kawamura I, Kohda C, Nomura T, Ito Y, Kimoto T, Watanabe I, Ichiyama S, Mitsuyama M
45 - 52 Point mutations in alpha-subunit of human cardiac Na+ channels alter Na+ current kinetics
Xiao YF, Ke QG, Wang SY, Yang YK, Wang GK, Morgan JP, Leaf A
53 - 56 Isolation and characterization of the rat prolactin-releasing peptide gene: Multiple TATA boxes in the promoter region
Yamada M, Ozawa A, Ishii S, Shibusawa N, Hashida T, Ishizuka T, Hosoya T, Monden T, Satoh T, Mori M
57 - 62 A cyclopentenone prostaglandin activates mesangial MAP kinase independently of PPAR gamma
Wilmer WA, Dixon C, Lu L, Hilbelink T, Rovin BH
63 - 70 V3 induces in human normal cell populations an accelerated macrophage-mediated proliferation-apoptosis phenomenon of effector T cells when they respond to their cognate antigen
Zafiropoulos A, Baritaki S, Sioumpara M, Spandidos DA, Krambovitis E
71 - 77 Role of PKC and TGF-beta receptor in glucose-induced proliferation of smooth muscle cells
Yasuda Y, Nakamura J, Hamada Y, Nakayama M, Chaya S, Naruse K, Nakashima E, Kato K, Kamiya H, Hotta N
78 - 83 Glycosphingolipid changes induced by advanced glycation end-products
Natalizio A, Ruggiero D, Lecomte M, Lagarde M, Wiernsperger N
84 - 93 Alteration of caspases and apoptosis-related proteins in brains of patients with Alzheimer's disease
Engidawork E, Gulesserian T, Yoo BC, Cairns N, Lubec G
94 - 100 Identification of two rodent genes encoding homologues to seminal vesicle autoantigen: A gene family including the gene for prolactin-inducible protein
Yoshida M, Kaneko M, Kurachi H, Osawa M
101 - 108 Molecular specificities of antibodies against ovine and murine recombinant prion proteins
Betemps D, Baron T
109 - 114 Down-regulation of catalase gene expression in the doxorubicin-resistant AML subline AML-2/DX100
Kim HS, Lee TB, Choi CH
115 - 121 Homology modeling of nematode Caenorhabditis elegans CED3 protein-inhibitor complex
Azim MK, Grossmann JG, Zaidi ZH
122 - 125 Green tea polyphenols as potent enhancers of glucocorticoid-induced mouse mammary tumor virus gene expression
Abe I, Umehara K, Morita R, Nemoto K, Degawa M, Noguchi H
126 - 130 Differential roles of TIMP-4 and TIMP-2 in Pro-MMP-2 activation by MT1-MMP
Hernandez-Barrantes S, Shimura Y, Soloway PD, Sang QXA, Fridman R
131 - 140 Cloning and characterization of a novel ITIM containing lectin-like immunoreceptor LLIR and its two transmembrane region deletion variants
Huang X, Yuan ZL, Chen GY, Zhang MH, Zhang WP, Yu YZ, Cao XT
141 - 150 Acidianus ambivalens complex II typifies a novel family of succinate dehydrogenases
Lemos RS, Gomes CM, Teixeira M
151 - 158 Molecular cloning of an alpha-glucosidase-like gene from Penicillium minioluteum and structure prediction of its gene product
Garcia B, Castellanos A, Menendez J, Pons T
159 - 165 Suppression of C8161 melanoma metastatic ability by chromosome 6 induces differentiation-associated tyrosinase and decreases proliferation on adhesion-restrictive substrates mediated by overexpression of p21WAF1 and down-regulation of bcl-2 and cyclin D3
Rieber MS, Welch DR, Rieber M
166 - 171 Development and characterization of a new polyclonal antibody specifically against tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 4 in human breast cancer
Hurst DR, Li H, Xu XY, Badisa VLD, Shi YE, Sang QXA
172 - 179 Spontaneous and flow-induced Ca2+ transients in retracted regions in endothelial cells
Miyazaki T, Ohata H, Yamamoto M, Momose K
180 - 185 Osteoclasts secrete the chemotactic cytokine mim-1
Falany ML, Thames AM, McDonald JM, Blair HC, McKenna MA, Moore RE, Young MK, Williams JP
186 - 192 Trp 346 and Leu 352 residues in protective antigen are required for the expression of anthrax lethal toxin activity
Batra S, Gupta P, Chauhan V, Singh A, Bhatnagar R
193 - 199 Characterization of a model compound for the lysine tyrosylquinone cofactor of lysyl oxidase
Akagawa M, Suyama K
200 - 205 Effect of interleukin-10 on the gene expression of type I collagen, fibronectin, and decorin in human skin fibroblasts: Differential regulation by transforming growth factor-beta and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1
Yamamoto T, Eckes B, Krieg T
206 - 211 NAD(+) inhibits the self-splicing of the group I intron
Park IK, Kim JY
212 - 219 A novel host cell reactivation assay to assess homologous recombination capacity in human cancer cell lines
Slebos RJC, Taylor JA
220 - 226 TAG-1-deficient mice have marked elevation of adenosine A1 receptors in the hippocampus
Fukamauchi F, Aihara O, Wang YJ, Akasaka K, Takeda Y, Horie M, Kawano H, Sudo K, Asano M, Watanabe K, Iwakura Y
227 - 231 Differentially expressed cDNAs in PLC beta 3-induced tumor suppression in a human endocrine pancreatic tumor cell line: Activation of the human mismatch repair protein 3 gene
Stalberg P, Lopez-Egido JR, Wang S, Gobl A, Oberg K, Skogseid B
232 - 236 Orexin-A suppresses the pulsatile secretion of luteinizing hormone via beta-endorphin
Irahara M, Tamura T, Matuzaki T, Saito S, Yasui T, Yamano S, Kamada M, Aono T
237 - 243 In vitro selection of the RNA aptamer against the Sialyl Lewis X and its inhibition of the cell adhesion
Jeong S, Eom TY, Kim SJ, Lee SW, Yu J
244 - 248 Aminoglutethimide, a steroidogenesis inhibitor, abolishes hormonal induction of ornithine decarboxylase in steroidogenic tissues: Evidence for its role as cAMP-dependent protein kinase inhibitor
Bastida CM, Tejada F, Cremades A, Penafiel R
249 - 258 Complete coding sequence, promoter region, and genomic structure of the human ABCA2 gene and evidence for sterol-dependent regulation in macrophages
Kaminski WE, Piehler A, Pullmann K, Porsch-Ozcurumez M, Duong C, Bared GM, Buchler C, Schmitz G
259 - 265 MDM2 enhances the function of estrogen receptor alpha in human breast cancer cells
Saji S, Okumura N, Eguchi H, Nakashima S, Suzuki A, Toi M, Nozawa Y, Saji S, Hayashi S
266 - 266 Expression of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger ameliorates ionomycin-induced cell death (vol 276, pg 93, 2000)
Wang YH, Chen XZ, Colvin RA
266 - 266 Semaphorin 4C, a transmembrane semaphorin, associates with a neurite-outgrowth-related protein, SFAP75 (vol 280, pg 237, 2001)
Ohoka Y, Hirotani M, Sugimoto H, Fujioka S, Furuyama T, Inagaki S