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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.278, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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499 - 502 Is the KAI1 metastasis suppressor gene a cellular target of p53? A review of current evidence
Jackson P, Puisieux A
503 - 510 hTERT can function with rabbit telomerase RNA: Regulation of gene expression and attenuation of apoptosis
Xiang H, Wang J, Mao YW, Li DWC
511 - 515 ADAM 12-S cleaves IGFBP-3 and IGFBP-5 and is inhibited by TIMP-3
Loechel F, Fox JW, Murphy G, Albrechtsen R, Wewer UM
516 - 521 Functional and evolutionary consequences of pyrethroid resistance mutations in S6 transmembrane segments of a voltage-gated sodium channel
Zhao Y, Park Y, Adams ME
522 - 529 Association of focal adhesion kinase with fibronectin and paxillin is required for precartilage condensation of chick mesenchymal cells
Bang OS, Kim EJ, Chung JG, Lee SR, Park TK, Kang SS
530 - 536 Aspects of gene regulation during the UPR in human cells
Benedetti C, Fabbri M, Sitia R, Cabibbo A
537 - 543 Shf, a Shb-like adapter protein, is involved in PDGF-alpha-receptor regulation of apoptosis
Lindholm CK, Frantz JD, Shoelson SE, Welsh M
544 - 549 Human class V alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH5): A complex transcription unit generates C-terminal multiplicity
Stromberg P, Hoog JO
550 - 556 Anisomycin affects both pro- and antiapoptotic mechanisms in PC12 cells
Torocsik B, Szeberenyi J
557 - 563 25-hydroxycholesterol activates a cytochrome c release-mediated caspase cascade
Yang L, Sinensky MS
564 - 568 Extracellular N-domain alone can mediate specific heterophilic adhesion between members of the carcinoembryonic antigen family, CEACAM6 and CEACAM8
Oikawa S, Sugiyama M, Kuroki M, Kuroki M, Nakazato H
569 - 575 Potential of ribozymes against deoxycytidine kinase to confer drug resistance to cytosine nucleoside analogs
Beausejour CM, Tremblay G, Momparler RL
576 - 583 Anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglycerol inhibit fatty acid amide hydrolase by activating the lipoxygenase pathway of the arachidonate cascade
Maccarrone M, Salvati S, Bari M, Finazzi-Agro A
584 - 589 Functional expression of NAD(P)H oxidase p47 in lung microvascular endothelial cells
Murphy HS, Yu CL, Quddus J
590 - 598 GPI 6150 prevents H2O2 cytotoxicity by inhibiting poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase
Zhang J, Lautar S, Huang S, Ramsey C, Cheung A, Li JH
599 - 603 Efficient enhancement of priming effect by intermittent treatment with interferon
Ikeda F, Shimomura H, Nakagawa H, Iwasaki Y, Miyake M, Tsuji H, Fukioka S, Itoh M, Takahashi A, Tsuji T
604 - 608 Rnd1, a novel Rho family GTPase, induces the formation of neuritic processes in PC12 cells
Aoki J, Katoh H, Mori K, Negishi M
609 - 613 NMR study on the interaction between MHC class I protein and its antigen peptide
Nakagawa M, Chiba-Kamoshida K, Udaka K, Nakanishi H
614 - 620 Isolation and activity of proteolytic fragment of laminin-5 alpha 3 chain
Tsubota Y, Mizushima H, Hirosaki T, Higashi S, Yasumitsu H, Miyazaki K
621 - 626 Molecular characterization of the SerL paralogs of Tetrahymena thermophila
Doerder FP, Gerber CA
627 - 632 p41 as a possible marker for cell death is generated by caspase cleavage of p42/SET beta in irradiated MOLT-4 cells
Morita A, Suzuki N, Matsumoto Y, Hirano K, Enomoto A, Zhu J, Sakai K
633 - 639 Neuronal cell apoptosis by a receptor-binding domain peptide of ApoE4, not through low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein
Hagiwara A, Hashimoto Y, Niikura T, Ito Y, Terashita K, Kita Y, Nishimoto I, Umezawa K
640 - 645 Obesity and disturbed lipoprotein profile in estrogen receptor-alpha-deficient male mice
Ohlsson C, Hellberg N, Parini P, Vidal O, Bohlooly M, Rudling M, Lindberg MK, Warner M, Angelin B, Gustafsson JA
646 - 652 Modeling a prion protein dimer: Predictions for fibril formation
Warwicker J
653 - 658 A novel activating mutation of the K-ras gene in human primary colon adenocarcinoma
Tsukuda K, Tanino M, Soga H, Shimizu N, Shimizu K
659 - 664 Nuclear translocation of TSC-22 (TGF-beta-stimulated clone-22) concomitant with apoptosis: TSC-22 as a putative transcriptional regulator
Hino S, Kawamata H, Uchida D, Omotehara F, Miwa Y, Begum NM, Yoshida H, Fujimori T, Sato M
665 - 670 Disruption of klotho gene causes an abnormal energy homeostasis in mice
Mori K, Yahata K, Mukoyama M, Suganami T, Makino H, Nagae T, Masuzaki H, Ogawa Y, Sugawara A, Nabeshima Y, Nakao K
671 - 678 HD-PTP: A novel protein tyrosine phosphatase gene on human chromosome 3p21.3
Toyooka S, Ouchida M, Jitsumori Y, Tsukuda K, Sakai A, Nakamura A, Shimizu N, Shimizu K
679 - 684 Biochemical characterization of extracellular cAMP-dependent protein kinase as a tumor marker
Cho YS, Lee YN, Cho-Chung YS
685 - 690 Role of NAD(+) in the deacetylase activity of the SIR2-like proteins
Landry J, Slama JT, Sternglanz R
691 - 697 Distinct regulation of brain mitochondrial carrier protein-1 and uncoupling protein-2 genes in the rat brain during cold exposure and aging
Mizuno T, Miura-Suzuki T, Yamashita H, Mori N
698 - 703 Additivity of the proliferative effects of HGF/SF and EGF on hepatocytes
Fukujin H, Fujita T, Mine T
704 - 711 Activation of human peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) subtypes by pioglitazone
Sakamoto J, Kimura H, Moriyama S, Odaka H, Momose Y, Sugiyama Y, Sawada H
712 - 718 Insulin stimulates production of nitric oxide via ERK in osteoblast cells
Kim SJ, Chun JY, Kim MS
719 - 723 Transcriptional factor AP-2 gamma increases human cystatin a gene transcription of keratinocytes
Takahashi H, Oyama N, Itoh Y, Ishida-Yamamoto A, Kaneko F, Iizuka H
724 - 728 Cisplatin and UV radiation induce activation of the stress-activated protein kinase p38 gamma in human melanoma cells
Pillaire MJ, Nebreda AR, Darbon JM
729 - 732 Posttranscriptional regulation of ATA2 transport during liver regeneration
Freeman TL, Mailliard ME
733 - 739 Hydroxytyrosol, a natural molecule occurring in olive oil, induces cytochrome c-dependent apoptosis
Della Ragione F, Cucciolla V, Borriello A, Della Pietra V, Pontoni G, Racioppi L, Manna C, Galletti P, Zappia V
740 - 746 Shear stress-dependent expression of apoptosis-regulating genes in endothelial cells
Bartling B, Tostlebe H, Darmer D, Holtz J, Silber RE, Morawietz H
747 - 752 Genomic organization and transcriptional regulation of human Apo2/TRAIL gene
Gong B, Almasan A
753 - 759 NGF withdrawal induces apoptosis in CESS B cell line through p38 MAPK activation and Bcl-2 phosphorylation
Rosini P, De Chiara G, Lucibello M, Garaci E, Cozzolino F, Torcia M
760 - 765 An overlapping set of DNA elements in the rat aldolase B gene origin/promoter regulates transcription and autonomous replication
Miyagi S, Zhao YP, Saitoh Y, Tsutsumi K
766 - 774 Characterization of C14orf4, a novel intronless human gene containing a polyglutamine repeat, mapped to the ARVD1 critical region
Rampazzo A, Pivotto F, Occhi G, Tiso N, Bortoluzzi S, Rowen L, Hood L, Nava A, Danieli GA
775 - 781 Molecular characterization of a Siglec8 variant containing cytoplasmic tyrosine-based motifs, and mapping of the Siglec8 gene
Foussias G, Yousef GM, Diamandis EP
782 - 789 Genomic organization of the human cholesterol-responsive ABC transporter ABCA7: Tandem linkage with the minor histocompatibility antigen HA-1 gene
Kaminski WE, Piehler A, Schmitz G
790 - 796 Cyclooxygenase-2 expression in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated human monocytes is modulated by cyclic AMP, prostaglandin E-2, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Hinz B, Brune K, Pahl A
797 - 799 Olive oils rich in natural catecholic phenols decrease isoprostane excretion in humans
Visioli F, Caruso D, Galli C, Viappiani S, Galli G, Sala A
800 - 802 Uncoupling protein-1 mRNA expression in lipomas from patients bearing pathogenic mitochondrial DNA mutations
Vila MR, Gamez J, Solano A, Playan A, Schwartz S, Santorelli FM, Cervera C, Casali C, Montoya J, Villarroya F
803 - 807 Estimation of gelatinase content in rat brain: Effect of focal ischemia
Planas AM, Sole S, Justicia C, Farre ER
808 - 813 A patient with type 2 diabetes mellitus associated with mutations in calcium sensing receptor gene and mitochondrial DNA
Ohkubo E, Aida K, Chen J, Hayashi JI, Isobe K, Tawata M, Onaya T
814 - 820 Wnt-16a, a novel Wnt-16 isoform, which shows differential expression in adult human tissues
Fear MW, Kelsell DP, Spurr NK, Barnes MR
821 - 825 Human glioma cell BT325 expresses a proteinase that converts human plasminogen to kringle 1-5-containing fragments
Li FY, Yang JH, Liu XP, He P, Ji SP, Wang JC, Han J, Chen NC, Yao LB
826 - 832 Analysis of expression of a cytosolic enzyme on the surface of Streptococcus pyogenes
D'Costa SS, Romer TG, Boyle MDP
833 - 838 Cation-dependent conformational switches in d-TGGCGGC containing two triplet repeats of Fragile X Syndrome: NMR observations
Patel PK, Bhavesh NS, Hosur RV