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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.276, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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813 - 816 A fundamental transcription factor for bone and cartilage
Komori T
817 - 822 Gene structure and promoter function of murine Munc18-2, a nonneuronal exocytic Sec1 homolog
Agrawal A, Adachi R, Tuvim M, Yan XT, Teich AH, Dickey BF
823 - 829 The dNTPase enzyme activity is inhibited by nucleic acids and contains a heat-insensitive component
Ford KG
830 - 836 Midkine inhibits bradykinin-stimulated Ca2+ signaling and nitric oxide production in endothelial cells
Tran QK, Watanabe H, Le HY, Yang J, Takeuchi K, Kadomatsu K, Muramatsu T, Ohashi K
837 - 842 Identification of retinoic acid-responsive elements on the HNF1 alpha and HNF4 alpha genes
Qian A, Cai Y, Magee TR, Wan YJY
843 - 850 Characterization of an apoptosis inhibitory domain at the C-termini of FE65-like protein
Cao H, Pratt N, Mattison J, Zhao Y, Chang NS
851 - 854 Nitric oxide synthase and postischemic liver injury
Kawachi S, Hines IN, Laroux FS, Hoffman J, Bharwani S, Gray L, Leffer D, Grisham MB
855 - 861 Baculovirus P35 protein does not inhibit caspase-9 in a cell-free system of apoptosis
Vier J, Furmann C, Hacker G
862 - 867 Molecular cloning of a human, hemicholinium-3-sensitive choline transporter
Apparsundaram S, Ferguson SM, George AL, Blakely RD
868 - 872 Interferon-gamma directly inhibits TRANCE-induced osteoclastogenesis
Fox SW, Chambers TJ
873 - 878 Junctional adhesion molecule (JAM) is phosphorylated by protein kinase C upon platelet activation
Ozaki H, Ishii K, Arai H, Horiuchi H, Kawamoto T, Suzuki H, Kita T
879 - 884 Expression of ZRC1 coding for suppressor of zinc toxicity is induced by zinc-starvation stress in Zap1-dependent fashion in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Miyabe S, Izawa S, Inoue Y
885 - 892 Expression of integrated hepatitis B virus X variants in human hepatocellular carcinomas and its significance
Chen WN, Oon CJ, Leong AL, Koh S, Teng SW
893 - 898 The mitochondrial tricarboxylate carrier: Unexpected increased activity in starved silver eels
Zara V, Palmieri L, Giudetti A, Ferramosca A, Capobianco L, Gnoni GV
899 - 904 Sodium sulphate reactivates a protein A minidomain with a short elastin beta-turn
Reiersen H, Rees AR
905 - 908 Ghrelin stimulates gastric acid secretion and motility in rats
Masuda Y, Tanaka T, Inomata N, Ohnuma N, Tanaka S, Itoh Z, Hosoda H, Kojima M, Kangawa K
909 - 916 Cholesterol interaction with the daunorubicin binding site of P-glycoprotein
Wang EJ, Casciano CN, Clement RP, Johnson WW
917 - 923 Correction of glycogen storage disease type II by enzyme replacement with a recombinant human acid maltase produced by over-expression in a CHO-DHFRneg cell line
Martiniuk F, Chen A, Donnabella V, Arvanitopoulos E, Slonim AE, Raben N, Plotz P, Rom WN
924 - 929 The slow-binding inhibition of cathepsin K by its propeptide
Billington CJ, Mason P, Magny MC, Mort JS
930 - 939 Transforming growth factor beta inhibits the phosphorylation of pRB at multiple serine/threonine sites and differentially regulates the formation of pRB family-E2F complexes in human myeloid leukemia cells
Hu XT, Cress D, Zhong Q, Zuckerman KS
940 - 944 Role of voltage-dependent anion channels in glutathione transport into yeast mitochondria
Cummings BS, Angeles R, McCauley RB, Lash LH
945 - 951 Influence of oligomer chain length on the antioxidant activity of procyanidins
Lotito SB, Actis-Goretta L, Renart ML, Caligiuri M, Rein D, Schmitz HH, Steinberg FM, Keen CL, Fraga CG
952 - 956 Brain-specific expression of novel G-protein-coupled receptors, with homologies to Xenopus PSP24 and human GPR45
Kawasawa Y, Kume K, Nakade S, Haga H, Izumi T, Shimizu T
957 - 964 Mammalian PSP24s (alpha and beta isoforms) are not responsive to lysophosphatidic acid in mammalian expression systems
Kawasawa Y, Kume K, Izumi T, Shimizu T
965 - 969 Inhibition of N-linked glycosylation causes apoptosis in hamster BHK21 cells
Yoshimi M, Sekiguchi T, Hara N, Nishimoto T
970 - 973 Sensitivity of duckweed (Lemna major) to ultraviolet-B radiation
Farooq M, Babu GS, Ray RS, Misra RB, Shankar U, Hans RK
974 - 981 Isolation and characterization of murine orthologue of PTP-BK
Tomemori T, Seki N, Suzuki Y, Shimizu T, Nagata H, Konno A, Shirasawa T
982 - 989 The brain link protein-1 (BRAL1): cDNA cloning, genomic structure, and characterization as a novel link protein expressed in adult brain
Hirakawa S, Oohashi T, Su WD, Yoshioka H, Murakami T, Arata J, Ninomiya Y
990 - 998 Cloning, expression, and mapping of hWW45, a novel human WW domain-containing gene
Valverde P
999 - 1004 A pivotal role of Zn-binding residues in the function of the copper chaperone for SOD1
Endo T, Fujii T, Sato K, Taniguchi N, Fujii J
1005 - 1012 Stabilization of P4502B4 by its association with P450 1A2 revealed by high-pressure spectroscopy
Davydov DR, Petushkova NA, Archakov AI, Hoa GHB
1013 - 1018 The SepOvotropin: A new ovarian peptide regulating oocyte transport in Sepia officinalis
Zatylny C, Gagnon J, Boucaud-Camou E, Henry J
1019 - 1023 Correlated gene expression between beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase V and N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase V in human cancer cell lines
Sato T, Shirane K, Kido M, Furukawa K
1024 - 1027 PMCA1 mRNA expression in rat aortic myocytes: A real-time RT-PCR study
Mamic TM, Holman NA, Roberts-Thomson SJ, Monteith GR
1028 - 1034 Functional analysis of human metaxin in mitochondrial protein import in cultured cells and its relationship with the Tom complex
Abdul KM, Terada K, Yano M, Ryan NT, Streimann I, Hoogenraad NJ, Mori M
1035 - 1047 Translocational status of apoB in the presence of an inhibitor of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein
Macri J, Kazemian P, Kulinski A, Rudy D, Aiton A, Thibert RJ, Adeli K
1048 - 1055 Identification of the functional site in the mosquito larvicidal binary toxin of Bacillus sphaericus 1593M by site-directed mutagenesis
Elangovan G, Shanmugavelu M, Rajamohan F, Dean DH, Jayaraman K
1056 - 1061 Disease-associated mutations in SOD1 are impervious to dominant positive or negative effects
Hall JR, Strathdee CA
1062 - 1067 Gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase-dependent glutathione catabolism results in activation of NF-kB
Accaoui MJ, Enoiu M, Mergny M, Masson C, Dominici S, Wellman M, Visvikis A
1068 - 1074 Nuclear localization and apoptotic regulation of an amino-terminal domain focal adhesion kinase fragment in endothelial cells
Lobo M, Zachary I
1075 - 1079 Interaction of chloroquine and its analogues with heme: An isothermal titration calorimetric study
Bachhawat K, Thomas CJ, Surolia N, Surolia A
1080 - 1084 The alpha-ketoisocaproate catabolism in human and rat livers
Xu M, Nakai N, Ishigure K, Nonami T, Nagasaki M, Obayashi M, Li Z, Sato Y, Fujitsuka N, Murakami T, Shimomura Y
1085 - 1088 Antigenicity of chimeric synthetic peptides based on HTLV-1 antigens and the impact of epitope orientation
Hernandez M, Selles ME, Pena LP, Gomez I, Melchor A
1089 - 1099 Mouse flt-1 promoter directs endothelial-specific expression in the embyroid body model of embryogenesis
Quinn G, Ochiya T, Terada M, Yoshida T
1100 - 1104 Upregulation of LOX-1 expression in aorta of hypercholesterolemic rabbits: Modulation by losartan
Chen H, Li D, Sawamura T, Inoue K, Mehta JL
1105 - 1111 Ku70 can translocate to the nucleus independent of Ku80 translocation and DNA-PK autophosphorylation
Koike M, Shiomi T, Koike A
1112 - 1117 Localization of HB9 homeobox gene mRNA and protein during the early stages of chick feather development
Kosaka Y, Akimoto Y, Obinata A, Hirano H
1118 - 1128 Immunolocalization of AQP9 in liver, epididymis, testis, spleen, and brain
Elkjaer ML, Vajda Z, Nejsum LN, Kwon TH, Jensen UB, Amiry-Moghaddam M, Frokiaer J, Nielsen S
1129 - 1135 Myocilin expression in the astrocytes of the optic nerve head
Noda S, Mashima Y, Obazawa M, Kubota R, Oguchi Y, Kudoh J, Minoshima S, Shimizu N
1136 - 1142 Expression and localization of heme oxygenase in human placental villi
Yoshiki N, Kubota T, Aso T
1143 - 1147 D-aspartate in a prolactin-secreting clonal strain of rat pituitary tumor cells (GH(3))
Long Z, Lee JA, Okamoto T, Nimura N, Imai K, Homma H
1148 - 1154 Solution structure of BmP01 from the venom of scorpion Buthus martensii Karsch
Wu G, Li YM, Wei DS, He FH, Jiang SK, Hu GY, Wu HM
1155 - 1161 Homeobox gene Hex is essential for onset of mouse embryonic liver development and differentiation of the monocyte lineage
Keng VW, Yagi H, Ikawa M, Nagano T, Myint Z, Yamada K, Tanaka T, Sato A, Muramatsu I, Okabe M, Sato M, Noguchi T
1162 - 1169 Domains of Axin and disheveled required for interaction and function in Wnt signaling
Julius MA, Schelbert B, Hsu W, Fitzpatrick E, Jho E, Fagotto F, Costantini F, Kitajewski J
1170 - 1177 Cloning and expression profiling of Hpa2, a novel mammalian heparanase family member
McKenzie E, Tyson K, Stamps A, Smith P, Turner P, Barry R, Hircock M, Patel S, Barry E, Stubberfield C, Terrett J, Page M
1178 - 1185 A Drosophila homolog of LIM-kinase phosphorylates cofilin and induces actin cytoskeletal reorganization
Ohashi K, Hosoya T, Takahashi K, Hing H, Mizuno K
1186 - 1190 Direct interaction of actin with p47(phox) of neutrophil NADPH oxidase
Tamura M, Kai T, Tsunawaki S, Lambeth JD, Kameda K
1191 - 1198 Lateral clustering of cadherin-4 without homophilic interaction: Possible involvement in the concentration process at cell-cell adhesion sites as well as in the cell adhesion activity
Murase S, Hirano S, Wang XP, Kitagawa M, Natori M, Taketani S, Suzuki ST
1199 - 1202 The H159A mutant of yeast enolase 1 has significant activity
Brewer JM, Holland MJ, Lebioda L
1203 - 1209 Molecular cloning and functional analysis of the promoter region of rat nonmuscle myosin heavy chain-B gene
Yam JWP, Chan KW, Li N, Hsiao WLW
1210 - 1216 Ganglioside GD3 and its mimetics induce cytochrome c release from mitochondria
Inoki Y, Miura T, Kajimoto T, Kawase M, Kawase Y, Yoshida Y, Tsuji S, Kinouchi T, Endo H, Kagawa Y, Hamamoto T
1217 - 1224 Copper refolding of prion protein
Wong BS, Venien-Bryan C, Williamson RA, Burton DR, Gambetti P, Sy MS, Brown DR, Jones IM
1225 - 1228 Binding of tropomyosin-troponin to actin increases filament bending stiffness
Goldmann WH
1229 - 1234 The amino acid region 115-119 of ammodytoxins plays an important role in neurotoxicity
Ivanovski G, Copic A, Krizaj I, Gubensek F, Pungercar J
1235 - 1239 Asymmetric preference of serine proteases toward phosphonate and phosphinate esters
Walker B, Wharry S, Hamilton RJ, Martin SL, Healy A, Walker BJ
1240 - 1247 The glycosyl phosphatidylinositol anchor of human T-cadherin binds lipoproteins
Niermann T, Kern F, Erne P, Resink T
1248 - 1254 Identification of nuclear export signal in UL37 protein of herpes simplex virus type 2
Watanabe D, Ushijima Y, Goshima F, Takakuwa H, Tomita Y, Nishiyama Y
1255 - 1260 The ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic pathway in heart vs skeletal muscle: Effects of acute diabetes
Liu ZQ, Miers WR, Wei LP, Barrett EJ
1261 - 1264 Bacterial DNA methylation and gene transfer efficiency
Allamane S, Jourdes P, Ratel D, Vicat JM, Dupre I, Laine M, Berger F, Benabid AL, Wion D
1265 - 1270 Kinetin inhibits protein oxidation and glycoxidation in vitro
Verbeke P, Siboska GE, Clark BFC, Rattan SIS
1271 - 1277 Cloning, characterization, and tissue distribution of mouse phosphodiesterase 7A1
Wang P, Wu P, Egan RW, Billah MM
1278 - 1285 Solution structure of a designed amphipathic antimicrobial synthetic peptide, PGAa
Hong EM, Jeong PY, Jung JW, Kim Y, Cheong C, Paik YK, Lee W
1286 - 1294 Prokaryotic expression, purification, and reconstitution of biological activities (antiprotease, antitumor, and heparin-binding) for tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2
Rao CN, Reddy P, Reeder DJ, Liu YY, Stack SM, Kisiel W, Woodley DT
1295 - 1301 Apoptosis and restriction of G(1)/S cell cycle by fenretinide in Burkitt's lymphoma Mutu I cell line accessed with bcl-6 down-regulation
Hsieh TC, Wu JM
1302 - 1305 Insulin-dependent phosphorylation of a 70-kDa protein in light microsomes from rat adipocytes
Martinez C, Vallega G, Pilch PF
1306 - 1313 Adenosine: A partial agonist of the growth hormone secretagogue receptor
Smith RG, Griffin PR, Xu Y, Smith AGA, Liu K, Calacay J, Feighner SD, Pong CS, Leong D, Pomes A, Cheng K, Van der Ploeg LHT, Howard AD, Schaeffer J, Leonard RJ
1314 - 1319 Transition-state formation in ATPase-negative mutants of human MDR1 protein
Szakacs G, Ozvegy C, Bakos E, Sarkadi B, Varadi A
1320 - 1324 Activation of LEDGF gene by thermal- and oxidative-stresses
Sharma P, Singh DP, Fatma N, Chylack LT, Shinohara T