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393 - 398 Is the unfolded state the rosetta stone of the protein folding problem?
Hammarstrom P, Carlsson U
399 - 405 Fibroblast growth factor (FGF)-2 mediates cell attachment through interactions with two FGF receptor-1 isoforms and extracellular matrix or cell-associated heparan sulfate proteoglycans
Richard C, Roghani M, Moscatelli D
406 - 410 Differential regulation of COX-2 transcription by Ras- and Rho-family of GTPases
Slice LW, Bui L, Mak C, Walsh JH
411 - 416 Cloning and characterization of the 5'-flanking region of the human prolactin-releasing peptide receptor gene
Kishimoto M, Okimura Y, Hinuma S, Fukusumi S, Iguchi G, Fumoto M, Iida K, Kaji H, Chihara K
417 - 421 Rescue of CH31B cells from antigen receptor-induced apoptosis by inhibition of p38 MAPK
Swart JM, Chiles TC
422 - 427 Amyloid beta protein starting pyroglutamate at position 3 is a major component of the amyloid deposits in the Alzheimer's disease brain
Harigaya Y, Saido TC, Eckman CB, Prada CM, Shoji M, Younkin SG
428 - 434 Human 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 is enzymatically active in its nonglycosylated form
Blum A, Martin HJ, Maser E
435 - 438 Purification and identification of neuromedin U as an endogenous ligand for an orphan receptor GPR66 (FM3)
Kojima M, Haruno R, Nakazato M, Date Y, Murakami N, Hanada R, Matsuo H, Kangawa K
439 - 446 Identification of a novel human mitochondrial D-loop RNA species which exhibits upregulated expression following cellular immortalization
Duncan EL, Perrem K, Reddel RR
447 - 453 Inhibition of interleukin-6 signaling and Stat3 activation by a new class of bioactive cyclopentenone derivatives
Weidler M, Rether J, Anke T, Erkel G
454 - 460 Genomic organization and amplification of the human desmosomal cadherin genes DSC1 and DSC3, encoding desmocollin types 1 and 3
Whittock NV, Hunt DM, Rickman L, Malhi S, Vogazianou AP, Dawson LF, Eady RAJ, Buxton RS, McGrath JA
461 - 465 Ionic products of bioactive glass dissolution increase proliferation of human osteoblasts and induce insulin-like growth factor II mRNA expression and protein synthesis
Xynos ID, Edgar AJ, Buttery LDK, Hench LL, Polak JM
466 - 471 Isolation and molecular characterization of the 5'-upstream region of the human TRAIL gene
Wang QD, Ji YS, Wang XF, Evers BM
472 - 476 Protein kinase C-alpha participates in Fc gamma R-mediated phagocytosis in macrophages
Breton A, Descoteaux A
477 - 482 Dual effect of insulin on in vitro leptin secretion by adipose tissue
Casabiell X, Pineiro V, De la Cruz LF, Gualillo O, Folgar L, Dieguez C, Casanueva FF
483 - 487 A low-molecular-weight cytosolic inhibitor of the specific testosterone binding in bovine seminal vesicles
Oberste-Frielinghaus HR, Burger M, Rapior N, Taylor HV, Eisele K
488 - 492 Functional coupling of cyclooxygenase 1 and 2 to discrete prostanoid synthases in liver macrophages
Dieter P, Scheibe R, Jakobsson PJ, Watanabe K, Kolada A, Kamionka S
493 - 501 Identification and functional characterization of the human and murine fibroblast growth factor receptor 4 promoters
Becker M, Brauninger A, Wolf G, Kaufmann M, Strebhardt K
502 - 507 Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase stimulates muscle differentiation by activating p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase
Chun YK, Kim J, Kwon S, Choi SH, Hong F, Moon KA, Kim JM, Choi SL, Kim BS, Ha J, Kim SS
508 - 514 Heterogeneity at the 5'-end of MEN1 transcripts
Khodaei-O'Brien S, Zablewska B, Fromaget M, Bylund L, Weber G, Gaudray P
515 - 523 Part of Xenopus translin is localized in the centrosomes during mitosis
Castro A, Peter M, Magnaghi-Jaulin L, Vigneron S, Loyaux D, Lorca T, Labbe JC
524 - 529 Low calcium environment effects osteoprotegerin ligand/osteoclast differentiation factor
Takeyama S, Yoshimura Y, Shirai Y, Deyama Y, Hasegawa T, Yawaka Y, Kikuiri T, Matsumoto A, Fukuda H
530 - 533 Characterization of human SCO1 and COX17 genes in mitochondrial cytochrome-c-oxidase deficiency
Horvath R, Lochmuller H, Stucka R, Yao JB, Shoubridge EA, Kim SH, Gerbitz KD, Jaksch M
534 - 538 Flavonoid baicalin inhibits HIV-1 infection at the level of viral entry
Li BQ, Fu T, Yao DY, Mikovits JA, Ruscetti FW, Wang JM
539 - 545 Histamine H2 receptor mediated dual signaling: Mapping of structural requirements using beta 2 adrenergic chimeric receptors
Wang LD, Gantz I, Butler K, Hoeltzel M, Del Valle J
546 - 552 Requirement of cell growth for gene expression induced by the lactose and tetracycline repressor-operator combination system in a human T cell line
Iwanaga R, Ohtani K, Nakamura M
553 - 558 Alteration of rat dipeptidyl peptidase III by site-directed mutagenesis: Cysteine(176) is a regulatory residue for the enzyme activity
Li YH, Maeda T, Yamane T, Ohkubo I
559 - 563 Self-amplification system for recombinant adeno-associated virus production
Urabe M, Shimazaki K, Saga Y, Okada T, Kume A, Tobita K, Ozawa K
564 - 570 The new serine-threonine kinase, Qik, is a target of the qin oncogene
Yu X, Zhang ZH, Kruse U, Vogt PK, Li J
571 - 578 Reactive oxygen intermediates are involved in IL-8 production induced by hyperosmotic stress in human bronchial epithelial cells
Loitsch SM, von Mallinckrodt C, Kippenberger S, Steinhilber D, Wagner TOF, Bargon J
579 - 586 Transactivation of fibronectin promoter by HTLV-I tax through NF-kappa B pathway
Yi T, Lee BH, Park RW, Kim IS
587 - 593 Isolation of a novel ubiquitin-tike protein from Pleurotus ostreatus mushroom with anti-human immunodeficiency virus, translation-inhibitory, and ribonuclease activities
Wang HX, Ng TB
594 - 599 Cathepsin-B fusion proteins misroute secretory protein partners such as the proprotein convertase PC2-7B2 complex toward the lysosomal degradation pathways
Rovere C, Mort JS, Chretien M, Seidah NG
600 - 606 The PCNA from Thermococcus fumicolans functionally interacts with DNA polymerase delta
Henneke G, Raffin JP, Ferrari E, Jonsson ZO, Dietrich J, Hubscher U
607 - 612 Imbalance production between interleukin-1 beta (IL-1 beta) and IL-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1Ra) in bronchial asthma
Mao XQ, Kawai M, Yamashita T, Enomoto T, Dake Y, Sasaki S, Kataoka Y, Fukuzumi T, Endo K, Sano H, Aoki T, Kurimoto F, Adra CN, Shirakawa T, Hopkin JM
613 - 618 Hydrogen peroxide activation of Ca2+-independent phospholipase A(2) in uterine stromal cells
Birbes H, Gothie E, Pageaux JF, Lagarde M, Laugier C
619 - 625 Chaperone-like activity of bovine lens alpha-crystallin in the presence of dithiothreitol-destabilized proteins: Characterization of the formed complexes
Abgar S, Yevlampieva N, Aerts T, Vanhoudt J, Clauwaert J
626 - 632 Doc2 gamma, a third isoform of double C2 protein, lacking calcium-dependent phospholipid binding activity
Fukuda M, Mikoshiba K
633 - 641 GTP cyclohydrolase I is coinduced in hepatocytes stimulated to produce nitric oxide
Geller DA, Di Silvio M, Billiar TR, Hatakeyama K
642 - 648 Chimeric proteins between UCP1 and UCP3: The middle third of UCP1 is necessary and sufficient for activation by fatty acids
Hagen T, Lowell BB
649 - 653 Normal corpus callosum in Emx1 mutant mice with C57BL/6 background
Guo HL, Christoff JM, Campos VE, Li YQ
654 - 659 Tryptophan 67 in the human VPAC(1) receptor: Crucial role for VIP binding
Nicole P, Maoret JJ, Couvineau A, Momany FA, Laburthe M
660 - 666 Identification of novel transcription factor-like gene from human intestinal cells
Lindfors K, Halttunen T, Huotari P, Nupponen N, Vihinen M, Visakorpi T, Maki M, Kainulainen H
667 - 672 Internalization and degradation of type IIA phospholipase A(2) in mast cells
Enomoto A, Murakami M, Kudo I
673 - 679 Inhibition by deacetylase inhibitors of IL-1-Dependent induction of haptoglobin involves CCAAT/Enhancer-Binding protein isoforms in intestinal epithelial cells
Desilets A, Gheorghiu I, Yu SJ, Seidman EG, Asselin C
680 - 685 Map kinase phosphatases (MKP's) are early responsive genes during induction of cerulein hyperstimulation pancreatitis
Hofken T, Keller N, Fleischer F, Goke B, Wagner ACC
686 - 692 TGF-beta 1 inhibits BRCA1 expression through a pathway that requires pRb
Satterwhite DJ, Matsunami N, White RL
693 - 701 Pepstatin A-sensitive aspartic proteases in lysosome are involved in degradation of the invariant chain and antigen-processing in antigen presenting cells of mice infected with Leishmania major
Zhang TQ, Maekawa Y, Yasutomo K, Ishikawa H, Nashed BF, Dainichi T, Hisaeda H, Sakai T, Kasai M, Mizuochi T, Asao T, Katunuma N, Himeno K
702 - 706 Heat shock-induced, caspase-3-independent rapid breakdown of Akt and consequent alteration of its total phosphorylation/activity level
Mo HJ, Lee HC, Choi HS, Yang SI
707 - 709 Decreased locomotor activity in mice carrying transgenic Fyn tyrosine kinase
Ishibashi H, Kojima N, Obata K
710 - 717 Transcriptional regulation of the human prepronociceptin gene
Zaveri NT, Green CJ, Toll L
718 - 723 Oxidized LDL induces an oxidative stress and activates the tumor suppressor p53 in MRC5 human fibroblasts
Maziere C, Meignotte A, Dantin F, Conte MA, Maziere JC
724 - 728 Expression of mPer1 and mPer2, two mammalian clock genes, in murine bone marrow
Chen YG, Mantalaris A, Bourne P, Keng P, Wu JHD
729 - 733 Low paraoxonase in Persian Gulf War Veterans self-reporting Gulf War Syndrome
Mackness B, Durrington PN, Mackness MI
734 - 741 Cloning and characterization of the gene encoding the mouse peptide transporter PEPT2
Rubio-Aliaga I, Boll M, Daniel H
742 - 748 Diphenyleneiodonium prevents reactive oxygen species generation, tyrosine phosphorylation, and histamine release in RBL-2H3 mast cells
Matsui T, Suzuki Y, Yamashita K, Yoshimaru T, Suzuki-Karasaki M, Hayakawa S, Yamaki M, Shimizu K
749 - 755 Characterization of Fc alpha R-triggered Ca2+ signals: Role in neutrophil NADPH oxidase activation
Lang ML, Kerr MA
756 - 761 Knockdown of caveolin-1 by antisense oligonucleotides impairs angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo
Griffoni C, Spisni E, Santi S, Riccio M, Guarnieri T, Tomasi V
762 - 766 EPR spectrometry of cytochrome P4502B4: Effects of mutations and substrate binding
LeLean JE, Moon N, Dunham WR, Coon MJ
767 - 772 In vivo klotho gene delivery protects against endothelial dysfunction in multiple risk factor syndrome
Saito Y, Nakamura T, Ohyama Y, Suzuki T, Iida A, Shiraki-Iida T, Kuro-O M, Nabeshima Y, Kurabayashi M, Nagai R
773 - 778 Non-steady-state O-2 diffusion in metmyoglobin solutions studied in a diffusion chamber
Lamers-Lemmers JPWM, Hoofd LJC, Oeseburg B
779 - 784 The rearrangement of the human alpha(1)-acid glycoprotein/orosomucoid gene: Evidence for tandemty triplicated genes consisting of two AGP1 and one AGP2
Nakamura H, Yuasa I, Umetsu K, Nakagawa M, Nanba E, Kimura K
785 - 790 Autocrine regulation of proliferation and extracellular matrix homeostasis in human fibroblasts
Zervolea I, Kletsas D, Stathakos D
791 - 796 TNF-alpha stimulation of MCP-1 expression is mediated by the Akt/PKB signal transduction pathway in vascular endothelial cells
Murao K, Ohyama T, Imachi H, Ishida T, Cao WM, Namihira H, Sato M, Wong NCW, Takahara J
797 - 802 Engineering of heterologous cytochrome P450 in Acinetobacter sp.: Application for pollutant degradation
Lamb DC, Kelly DE, Masaphy S, Jones GL, Kelly SL
803 - 812 Regulation of Id gene expression during embryonic stem cell-derived hematopoietic differentiation
Nogueira MM, Mitjavila-Garcia MT, Le Pesteur F, Filippi MD, Vainchenker W, Kupperschmitt AD, Sainteny F