Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

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ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 Differential regulation of phospholipase C-beta isozymes in cardiomyocyte hypertrophy
Schnabel P, Mies F, Nohr T, Geisler M, Bohm M
7 - 10 Effect of 17-beta-estradiol and progesterone on angiotensin II-induced changes in inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate content and protein kinase C activity in anterior pituitary
Lachowicz A, Ochedalski T, Pawlikowski M, Rebas E
11 - 15 Immunochemical detection of protein dityrosine in atherosclerotic lesion of Apo-E-deficient mice using a novel monoclonal antibody
Kato Y, Wu XH, Naito M, Nomura H, Kitamoto N, Osawa T
16 - 19 Activation of the Akt/FKHRL1 pathway mediates the antiapoptotic effects of erythropoietin in primary human erythroid progenitors
Uddin S, Kottegoda S, Stigger D, Platanias LC, Wickrema A
20 - 25 C-Phycocyanin: A potent peroxyl radical scavenger in vivo and in vitro
Bhat VB, Madyastha KM
26 - 32 Phosphorylation of AZT-resistant human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase by casein kinase II in vitro: Effects on inhibitor sensitivity
Lazaro JB, Boretto J, Selmi B, Capony JP, Canard B
33 - 36 A polymorphism in the growth hormone (GH)-releasing hormone (GHRH) receptor gene is associated with elevated response to GHRH by human pituitary somatotrophinomas in vitro
Adams EF, Symowski H, Buchfelder M, Poyner DR
37 - 42 Cloning, genomic organization, and tissue distribution of human Ssf-1
Suarez-Huerta N, Boeynaems JM, Communi D
43 - 46 Membrane association of presynaptic cytomatrix protein bassoon
Sanmarti-Vila L, Dieck ST, Richter K, Altrock W, Zhang LX, Volknandt W, Zimmermann H, Garner CC, Gundelfinger ED, Dresbach T
47 - 52 Gene structure and chromosomal mapping of human epithelial calcium channel
Muller D, Hoenderop JGJ, Merkx GFM, van Os CH, Bindels RJM
53 - 59 Effect of advanced glycation end products on lens epithelial cells in vitro
Hong SB, Lee KW, Handa JT, Joo CK
60 - 62 Cancer cell-derived interleukin 1 alpha contributes to autocrine and paracrine induction of pro-metastatic genes in breast cancer
Nozaki S, Sledge GW, Nakshatri H
63 - 68 Combined enzymatic complex I and III deficiency associated with mutations in the nuclear encoded NDUFS4 gene
Budde SMS, van den Heuvel LPWJ, Janssen AJ, Smeets RJP, Buskens CAF, DeMeirleir L, Van Coster R, Baethmann M, Voit T, Trijbels JMF, Smeitink JAM
69 - 74 Characterization of p40/GPR69A as a peripheral membrane protein related to the lantibiotic synthetase component C
Bauer H, Mayer H, Marchler-Bauer A, Salzer U, Prohaska R
75 - 76 The use of the substrate-heme complex approach in the design, synthesis, biochemical evaluation, and rationalization of the inhibitory activity of a range of azole compounds against cholesterol side chain cleavage enzyme
Ahmed S
77 - 83 Extrapancreatic trypsin-2 cleaves proteinase-activated receptor-2
Alm AK, Gagnemo-Persson R, Sorsa T, Sundelin J
84 - 90 Baculoviral display of functional scFv and synthetic IgG-binding domains
Mottershead DG, Alfthan K, Ojala K, Takkinen K, Oker-Blom C
91 - 96 px(2), the newly identified gene in Rhizobium leguminosarum, is characterized to enhance its adjacent nodF expression
Yang Y, Hu HL, Hong GF
97 - 102 Characterization of interaction of C- and N-terminal domains in LIM15/DMC1 and RAD51 from a basidiomycetes, Coprinus cinereus
Nara T, Yamamoto T, Sakaguchi K
103 - 107 Glucose-6-phosphatase in the insulin secreting cell line INS-1
Fulceri R, Kardon T, Banhegyi G, Pralong WF, Gamberucci A, Marcolongo P, Benedetti A
108 - 114 WISP-2 as a novel estrogen-responsive gene in human breast cancer cells
Inadera H, Hashimoto S, Dong HY, Suzuki T, Nagai S, Yamashita T, Toyoda N, Matsushima K
115 - 120 Retinoblastoma protein phosphorylation via PI 3-kinase and mTOR pathway regulates adipocyte differentiation
Usui I, Haruta T, Iwata M, Takano A, Uno T, Kawahara J, Ueno E, Sasaoka T, Kobayashi M
121 - 128 Molecular cloning, functional characterization, and gene expression of a follicle-stimulating hormone receptor in the testis of newt Cynops pyrrhogaster
Nakayama Y, Yamamoto T, Oba Y, Nagahama Y, Abe S
129 - 133 Chemotaxis and biodegradation of 3-methyl-4-nitrophenol by Ralstonia sp SJ98
Bhushan B, Samanta SK, Chauhan A, Chakraborti AK, Jain RK
134 - 140 Mapping and determination of the cDNA sequence of the Erc gene preferentially expressed in renal cell carcinoma in the Tsc2 gene mutant (Eker) rat model
Yamashita Y, Yokoyama M, Kobayashi E, Takai S, Hino O
141 - 148 RBP95, a novel leucine zipper protein, binds to the retinoblastoma protein
Wen H, Ao SZ
149 - 153 Neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells involves changes in protein kinase C-theta distribution and molecular properties
Sparatore B, Patrone M, Passalacqua M, Pedrazzi M, Pontremoli S, Melloni E
154 - 158 Homology modeling of human leptin/leptin receptor complex
Hiroike T, Higo J, Jingami H, Toh H
159 - 163 Expression of angiopoietin-2 by human endometrial endothelial cells: Regulation by hypoxia and inflammation
Krikun G, Schatz F, Finlay T, Kadner S, Mesia A, Gerrets R, Lockwood CJ
164 - 168 Intrathecal administration of neutralizing antibody against Fas ligand suppresses the progression of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Okuda Y, Sakoda S, Fujimura H, Nagata S, Yanagihara T, Bernard CCA
169 - 173 Suppressive mechanism of salmosin, a novel disintegrin in B16 melanoma cell metastasis
Kang IC, Kim DS, Jang Y, Chung KH
174 - 179 Extramitochondrial localization of mortalin/mthsp70/PBP74/GRP75
Ran QT, Wadhwa R, Kawai R, Kaul SC, Sifers RN, Bick RJ, Smith JR, Pereira-Smith OM
180 - 188 Alternative exon usage of rat septins
Jackisch BO, Hausser H, Schaefer L, Kappler J, Muller HW, Kresse H
189 - 194 Genomic organization and promoter analysis of mouse disabled 2 gene
Cho SY, Cho SY, Park SS
195 - 202 Purification, identification, and cDNA cloning of Jun a 2, the second major allergen of mountain cedar pollen
Yokoyama M, Miyahara M, Shimizu K, Kino K, Tsunoo H
203 - 208 The thyroid transcription factor 2 (TTF-2) is a promoter-specific DNA-binding independent transcriptional repressor
Perrone L, di Magliano MP, Zannini M, Di Lauro R
209 - 216 Alternative splicing of the WNT-2B/WNT-13 gene
Katoh M, Kirikoshi H, Saitoh T, Sagara N, Koike J
217 - 222 ILME: A waterborne pheromonal peptide released by the eggs of Sepia officinalis
Zatylny C, Gagnon J, Boucaud-Camou E, Henry J
223 - 227 cDNA cloning by amplification of circularized first strand cDNAs reveals non-IRE-regulated iron-responsive mRNAs
Ye Z, Connor JR
228 - 232 Dbf4 motifs: Conserved motifs in activation subunits for Cdc7 kinases essential for S-phase
Masai H, Arai K
233 - 240 Identification of PTE2, a human peroxisomal long-chain acyl-CoA thioesterase
Jones JM, Gould SJ
241 - 246 Surface expression of lactoferrin by resting neutrophils
Deriy LV, Chor J, Thomas LL
247 - 247 Neprilysin II: A putative novel metalloprotease and its isoforms in CNS and testis (vol 271, pg 565, 2000)
Ouimet T, Facchinetti PT, Rose C, Bonhomme MC, Gros C, Schwartz JC
247 - 247 Temperature-dependent functional expression of a plant K+ channel in mammalian cells (vol 274, pg 130, 2000)
Szabo I, Negro A, Downey PM, Zoratti M, Lo Schiavo F, Giacometti GM
247 - 247 Nucleoredoxin, glutaredoxin, and thioredoxin differentially regulate NF-kappa B, AP-1, and CREB activation in HEK293 cells (vol 274, pg 177, 2000)
Hirota K, Matsui M, Murata M, Takashima Y, Cheng FS, Itoh T, Fukuda K, Yodoi J