Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.273, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 4 Transcriptional homeostatic control of membrane lipid composition
Thewke D, Kramer M, Sinensky MS
5 - 9 Activation of NADPH oxidase in Alzheimer's disease brains
Shimohama S, Tanino H, Kawakami N, Okamura N, Kodama H, Yamaguchi T, Hayakawa T, Nunomura A, Chiba S, Perry G, Smith MA, Fujimoto S
10 - 16 Alterations in outward K+ currents on removal of external Ca2+ in human atrial myocytes
Bertaso F, Hendry BM, Donohoe P, James AF
17 - 21 Mitochondrial inhibitors evoke catecholamine release from pheochromocytoma cells
Taylor SC, Shaw SM, Peers C
22 - 26 S-nitrosothiol formation in blood of lipopolysaccharide-treated rats
Jourd'heuil D, Gray L, Grisham MB
27 - 34 Identification, gene structure, and expression of human frizzled-3 (FZD3)
Sala CF, Formenti E, Terstappen GC, Caricasole A
35 - 39 Phosphoprotein phosphatases regulate steroidogenesis by influencing StAR gene transcription
Burns CJ, Gyles SL, Persaud SJ, Sugden D, Whitehouse BJ, Jones PM
40 - 44 Analysis of tamoxifen-DNA adducts by high-performance liquid chromatography using postcolumn online photochemical activation
Sharma M
45 - 49 Bile acids reduce the apoptosis-inducing effects of sodium butyrate on human colon adenoma (AA/C1) cells: Implications for colon carcinogenesis
McMillan L, Butcher S, Wallis Y, Neoptolemos JP, Lord JM
50 - 53 Artifacts in cell culture: Rapid generation of hydrogen peroxide on addition of (-)-epigallocatechin, (-)-epigallocatechin gallate, (+)-catechin, and quercetin to commonly used cell culture media
Long LH, Clement MV, Halliwell B
54 - 61 Downregulation of proapoptotic proteins Bax and Bcl-X-s in p53 overexpressing hepatocellular carcinomas
Beerheide W, Tan YJ, Teng E, Ting AE, Jedpiyawongse A, Srivatanakul P
62 - 65 Inhibition of alanyl-aminopeptidase suppresses the activation-dependent induction of glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta (GSK-3 beta) in human T cells
Lendeckel U, Scholz B, Arndt M, Frank K, Spiess A, Chen HX, Roques BP, Ansorge S
66 - 71 Shear stress enhances glutathione peroxidase expression in endothelial cells
Takeshita S, Inoue N, Ueyama T, Kawashima S, Yokoyama M
72 - 76 Lipid peroxidation in small and large phospholipid unilamellar vesicles induced by water-soluble free radical sources
Li QT, Yee MH, Tan BK
77 - 83 Mitogenic phospholipase D activity is restricted to caveolin-enriched membrane microdomains
Xu LZ, Shen YG, Joseph T, Bryant A, Luo JQ, Frankel P, Rotunda T, Foster DA
84 - 89 Characterization of novel and identified genes in guinea pig organ of corti
Oshima T, Nakajima T, Wada H, Ikeda K, Takasaka T
90 - 94 Characterization of five novel human genes in the 11q13-q22 region
O'Brien KP, Tapia-Paez I, Stahle-Backdahl M, Kedra D, Dumanski JP
95 - 100 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D-3 activates sphingomyelin turnover in ROS17/2.8 osteosarcoma cells without sphingolipid-induced changes in cytosolic Ca2+
Liu RT, Xu YH, Farach-Carson MC, Vogel JJ, Karin NJ
101 - 109 Inhibition of Fas-mediated fulminant hepatitis in CrmA gene-transfected mice
Li XK, Fujino M, Guo L, Okuyama T, Funeshima N, Hashimoto M, Okabe K, Yaginuma H, Mikoshiba K, Enosawa S, Amemiya H, Suzuki S
110 - 116 Identification of calponin as a novel substrate of Rho-kinase
Kaneko T, Amano M, Maeda A, Goto H, Takahashi K, Ito M, Kaibuchi K
117 - 122 Comparative analysis of CD137 and LPS effects on monocyte activation, survival, and proliferation
Langstein J, Becke FM, Sollner L, Krause G, Brockhoff G, Kreutz M, Andreesen R, Schwarz H
123 - 128 Expression of full-length and truncated recombinant human brain type I inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors in mammalian and insect cells
Niu TK, Ashley RH
129 - 135 Inhibition of signal transducer and activator transcription factor 3 in rats with acute hepatic failure
Kamohara Y, Sugiyama N, Mizuguchi T, Inderbitzin D, Lilja H, Middleton Y, Neuman T, Demetriou AA, Rozga J
136 - 139 Differential contribution of superoxide dismutase activity by prion protein in vivo
Wong BS, Pan T, Liu T, Li RL, Gambetti P, Sy MS
140 - 146 NF-kappa B activation is related to the resistance of lung cancer cells to TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis
Kim JY, Lee S, Hwangbo B, Lee CT, Kim YM, Han SK, Shim YS, Yoo CG
147 - 153 CEA is the major PHA-L-reactive glycoprotein in colon carcinoma cell lines and tumors: Relationship between K-ras activation and beta 1-6 branching of N-linked carbohydrate on CEA
Wojciechowicz DC, Park PY, Datta RV, Paty PB
154 - 158 TSH and cAMP do not signal mitogenesis through Ras activation
Van Keymeulen A, Roger PP, Dumont JE, Dremier S
159 - 163 Glycosylation affects translocation of integrin, Src, and caveolin into or out of GEM
Kazui A, Ono M, Handa K, Hakomori S
164 - 169 Cytokine-inducing macromolecular glycolipids from Enterococcus hirae: Improved method for separation and analysis of its effects on cellular activation
Hashimoto M, Imamura Y, Morichika T, Arimoto K, Takeuchi O, Takeda K, Akira S, Aoyama K, Tamura T, Kotani S, Suda Y, Kusumoto S
170 - 175 Possible role of calpain in normal processing of beta-amyloid precursor protein in human platelets
Chen M, Durr J, Fernandez HL
176 - 182 Characterization of Cop I coat proteins in plant cells
Contreras I, Ortiz-Zapater E, Castilho LM, Aniento F
183 - 187 The 300-kDa intermediate filament-associated protein (IFAP300) is a hamster plectin ortholog
Clubb BH, Chou YH, Herrmann H, Svitkina TM, Borisy GG, Goldman RD
188 - 191 PC2 and 7B2 null mice demonstrate that PC2 is essential for normal pro-CCK processing
Vishnuvardhan D, Connolly K, Cain B, Beinfeld MC
192 - 196 Deficiency in mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase increases the risk for late-onset Alzheimer's disease in the Japanese population
Kamino K, Nagasaka K, Imagawa M, Yamamoto H, Yoneda H, Ueki A, Kitamura S, Namekata K, Miki T, Ohta S
197 - 202 Functional and structural studies of alpha-crystallin from galactosemic rat lenses
Huang FY, Ho Y, Shaw TS, Chuang SA
203 - 208 The frequency of point mutations in mitochondrial DNA is elevated in the Alzheimer's brain
Chang SW, Zhang DK, Chung HD, Zassenhaus HP
209 - 212 Dual effects of PKN alpha and protein kinase C on phosphorylation of tau protein by glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta
Isagawa T, Mukai H, Oishi K, Taniguchi T, Hasegawa H, Kawamata T, Tanaka C, Ono Y
213 - 218 Expression of autocrine motility factor/phosphohexose isomerase in Cos7 cells
Lagana A, Duchaine T, Raz A, DesGroseillers L, Nabi IR
219 - 224 Specific impairment of cardiogenesis in mouse ES cells containing a human chromosome 21
Inoue T, Shinohara T, Takahara S, Inoue J, Kamino H, Kugoh H, Oshimura M
225 - 230 Expression of guanylin is downregulated in mouse and human intestinal adenomas
Steinbrecher KA, Tuohy TMF, Goss KH, Scott MC, Witte DP, Groden J, Cohen MB
231 - 238 The role of ARNT2 in tumor angiogenesis and the neural response to hypoxia
Maltepe E, Keith B, Arsham AM, Brorson JR, Simon MC
239 - 245 Transcription factor GATA-2 gene is located near 3q21 breakpoints in myeloid leukemia
Wieser R, Volz A, Vinatzer U, Gardiner K, Jager U, Mitterbauer M, Ziegler A, Fonatsch C
246 - 250 Convulxin binding to platelet receptor GPVI: Competition with collagen related peptides
Niedergang F, Alcover A, Knight CG, Farndale RW, Barnes MJ, Francischetti IMB, Bon C, Leduc M
251 - 260 Molecular identification and characterization of novel members of the human organic anion transporter (OATP) family
Tamai I, Nezu J, Uchino H, Sai Y, Oku A, Shimane M, Tsuji A
261 - 266 Interaction of albumin mRNA with proteins from rat liver with CCl4-induced injury
Morigasaki S, Li F, Kawai A, Yamazaki K, Sikdar D, Hibino Y, Hiraga K
267 - 271 Kaposi's sarcoma cells of different etiologic origins respond to HIV-Tat through the flk-1/KDR (VEGFR-2): Relevance in AIDS-KS pathology
Morini M, Benelli R, Giunciuglio D, Carlone S, Arena G, Noonan DM, Albini A
272 - 281 Restructured transactivation domain in hamster AH receptor
Korkalainen M, Tuomisto J, Pohjanvirta R
282 - 286 Phenotypic expression of IGF binding protein transcripts in muscle, in vitro and in vivo
Bayol S, Loughna PT, Brownson C
287 - 293 Glioma inhibition by HGF/NK2, an antagonist of scatter factor/hepatocyte growth factor
Guerin C, Luddy C, Abounader R, Lal B, Laterra J
294 - 301 Characterization of the tyrosine kinase Tnk1 and its binding with phospholipase C-gamma 1
Felschow DM, Civin CI, Hoehn GT
302 - 311 Direct inhibition of in vitro PLD activity by 4-(2-aminoethyl)-benzenesulfonyl fluoride
Andrews B, Bond K, Lehman JA, Horn JM, Dugan A, Gomez-Cambronero J
312 - 315 Expression of leptin receptors and induction of IL-1 beta transcript in glial cells
Hosoi T, Okuma Y, Nomura Y
316 - 321 The 5'-end of hTERT mRNA is a good target for hammerhead ribozyme to suppress telomerase activity
Yokoyama Y, Takahashi Y, Shinohara A, Wan XY, Takahashi S, Niwa K, Tamaya T
322 - 327 IGF-1 regulates cardiac fibroblast apoptosis induced by osmotic stress
Mockridge JW, Benton EC, Andreeva LV, Latchman DS, Marber MS, Heads RJ
328 - 332 Protein kinase A-dependent phosphorylation of aquaporin-1
Han ZQ, Patil RV
333 - 341 Induction of cytochrome P450 (CYP)1A1, CYP1A2, and CYP3A4 but not of CYP2C9, CYP2C19, multidrug resistance (MDR-1) and multidrug resistance associated protein (MRP-1) by prototypical inducers in human hepatocytes
Runge D, Kohler C, Kostrubsky VE, Jager D, Lehmann T, Runge DM, May U, Stolz DB, Strom SC, Fleig WE, Michalopoulos GK
342 - 346 p63 and p73 transactivate differentiation gene promoters in human keratinocytes
De Laurenzi V, Rossi A, Terrinoni A, Barcaroli D, Levrero M, Costanzo A, Knight RA, Guerrieri P, Melino G
347 - 351 Cardiac calcineurin during transition from hypertrophy to heart failure in rats
Hayashida W, Kihara Y, Yasaka A, Sasayama S
352 - 358 Cloning and characterization of the 5'-flanking region for the mouse phospholipase C-delta 1 gene
Kim JK, Lee WK, Nam HW, Lee KH, Han H, Rha HK, Jun TY, Kim KS, Choi CR
359 - 363 Manganese superoxide dismutase levels are elevated in a proportion of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patient cell lines
McEachern G, Kassovska-Bratinova S, Raha S, Tarnopolsky MA, Turnbull J, Bourgeois J, Robinson B
364 - 369 Isolation of two novel human RhoGEFs, ARHGEF3 and ARHGEF4, in 3p13-21 and 2q22
Thiesen S, Kubart S, Ropers HH, Nothwang HG
370 - 376 Expression and transcriptional regulation of the human alpha 1,3-fucosyltransferase 4 (FUT4) gene in myeloid and colon adenocarcinoma cell lines
Taniguchi A, Suga R, Matsumoto K
377 - 384 Enhanced secretion of apoB by transfected HepG2 cells overexpressing fibrinogen
Xia H, Redman C
385 - 391 Myoneurin, a novel member of the BTB/POZ-zinc finger family highly expressed in human muscle
Alliel PM, Seddiqi N, Goudou D, Cifuentes-Diaz C, Romero N, Velasco E, Rieger F, Perin JP