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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.272, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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311 - 315 The importance of adenosine deaminase for lymphocyte development and function
Aldrich MB, Blackburn MR, Kellems RE
316 - 319 Direct photoaffinity labeling of Kir6.2 by [gamma-P-32]ATP-[gamma]4-azidoanilide
Tanabe K, Tucker SJ, Ashcroft FM, Proks P, Kioka N, Amachi T, Ueda K
320 - 326 A novel intracellular membrane-bound calcium-independent phospholipase A(2)
Tanaka H, Takeya R, Sumimoto H
327 - 331 Adenosine-derived non-phosphate antagonists for P2Y(1) purinoceptors
Sak K, Uri A, Enkvist E, Raidaru G, Subbi J, Kelve M, Jarv J
332 - 336 Deencryption of cellular tissue factor is independent of its cytoplasmic domain
Wolberg AS, Kon RH, Monroe DM, Ezban M, Roberts HR, Hoffman M
337 - 344 Molecular evidence of complex tissue- and sex-specific mRNA expression of the rat alpha(2u)-globulin multigene family
Saito K, Nishikawa JI, Imagawa M, Nishihara T, Matsuo M
345 - 350 Activation of different lipoxygenase isozymes induces apoptosis in human erythroleukemia and neuroblastoma cells
Maccarrone M, Ranalli M, Bellincampi L, Salucci ML, Sabatini S, Melino G, Finazzi-Agro A
351 - 356 Cyclic zinc-dithiocarbamate-S,S'-dioxide blocks CXCR4-mediated HIV-1 infection
Takamune N, Misumi S, Shoji S
357 - 361 Transforming growth factor-beta(1) increases the expression of lectin-like oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor-1
Minami M, Kume N, Kataoka H, Morimoto M, Hayashida K, Sawamura T, Masaki T, Kita T
362 - 369 Transplantation of normal and DMD myoblasts expressing the telomerase gene in SCID mice
Seigneurin-Venin S, Bernard V, Moisset PA, Ouellette MM, Mouly V, Di Donna S, Wright WE, Tremblay JP
370 - 374 A novel cell adhesion inhibitor, K-7174, reduces the endothelial VCAM-1 induction by inflammatory cytokines, acting through the regulation of GATA
Umetani M, Nakao H, Doi T, Iwasaki A, Ohtaka M, Nagoya T, Mataki C, Hamakubo T, Kodama T
375 - 379 p300/CBP-dependent and -independent transcriptional interference between NF-kappa B RelA and p53
Ikeda A, Sun XG, Li Y, Zhang YK, Eckner R, Doi TS, Takahashi T, Obata Y, Yoshioka K, Yamamoto K
380 - 385 PPAR-gamma is selectively upregulated in Caco-2 cells by butyrate.
Wachtershauser A, Loitsch SM, Stein J
386 - 390 Arp2/3 complex-independent actin regulatory function of WAVE
Sasaki N, Miki H, Takenawa T
391 - 394 A neuronal NO synthase (NOS1) gene polymorphism is associated with asthma
Grasemann H, Yandava CN, van's Gravesande KS, Deykin A, Pillari A, Ma J, Sonna LA, Lilly C, Stampfer MJ, Israel E, Silverman EK, Drazen JM
395 - 399 CD95/CD95 ligand-mediated counterattack does not block T cell cytotoxicity
Jekle A, Obst R, Lang F, Rammensee HG, Gulbins E
400 - 402 Identification of six CAG repeat domains into the human chromosomic region 12q24.1
Aguiar J
403 - 409 Functional expression of the pore forming subunit of the ATP-sensitive potassium channel in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Graves FM, Tinker A
410 - 415 Highly regulated expression of subtilisin-like proprotein convertase PACE4 (SPC4) during dentinogenesis
Akamatsu T, Matsuda Y, Tsumura K, Tada J, Parvin N, Wei W, Kanamori N, Hosoi K
416 - 422 Mitochondrial GPx1 decreases induced but not basal oxidative damage to mtDNA in T47D cells
Legault J, Carrier C, Petrov P, Renard P, Remacle J, Mirault ME
423 - 430 Angiotensin II modulates ion transport in rat proximal tubules through CYP metabolites
Sanchez-Mendoza A, Lopez-Sanchez P, Vazquez-Cruz B, Rios A, Martinez-Ayala S, Escalante B
431 - 435 Induction of the mitochondrial permeability transition in vitro by short-chain carboxylic acids
Palmeira CM, Rana MI, Frederick CB, Wallace KB
436 - 440 Identification of novel sequence-specific nuclear factors interacting with mouse senescence marker protein-30 gene promoter
Supakar PC, Fujita T, Maruyama N
441 - 448 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) induces binding of a 50 kDa protein on the 3' untranslated region of urokinase-type plasminogen activator mRNA
Shimba S, Hayashi M, Sone H, Yonemoto J, Tezuka M
449 - 455 Neurocan is a heparin binding proteoglycan
Feng K, Arnold-Ammer I, Rauch U
456 - 465 Mouse and human GTPBP2, newly identified members of the GP-1 family of GTPase
Kudo H, Senju S, Mitsuya H, Nishimura Y
466 - 471 Interaction of Vesl-1L/Homer 1c with syntaxin 13
Minakami R, Kato A, Sugiyama H
472 - 476 Properties and intracellular localization of calpain activator protein
Melloni E, Minafra R, Salamino F, Pontremoli S
477 - 479 From a short amino acidic sequence to the complete gene
Minambres B, Olivera ER, Garcia B, Naharro G, Luengo JM
480 - 484 Influence of the histidine tail on the structure and activity of recombinant chlorocalechol 1,2-dioxygenase
Araujo APU, Oliva G, Henrique-Silva F, Garratt RC, Caceres O, Beltramini LM
485 - 489 Purification of a novel serine proteinase inhibitor from the skeletal muscle of white croaker (Argyrosomus argentatus)
Cao MJ, Osatomi K, Matsuda R, Ohkubo M, Hara K, Ishihara T
490 - 496 Distinct regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor in intact human conduit vessels exposed to laminar fluid shear stress and pressure
Gan LM, Miocic M, Doroudi R, Selin-Sjogren L, Jern S
497 - 504 Targeting a recombinant adenovirus vector to HCC cells using a bifunctional Fab-antibody conjugate
Yoon SK, Mohr L, O'Riordan CR, Lachapelle A, Armentano D, Wands JR
505 - 512 ENH, containing PDZ and LIM domains, heart/skeletal muscle-specific protein, associates with cytoskeletal proteins through the PDZ domain
Nakagawa N, Hoshijima M, Oyasu M, Saito N, Tanizawa K, Kuroda S
513 - 518 Deregulated expression of homeobox-containing genes, HOXB6, B8, C8, C9, and Cdx-1, in human colon cancer cell lines
Vider BZ, Zimber A, Chastre E, Gespach C, Halperin M, Mashiah P, Yaniv A, Gazit A
519 - 524 Sulfolipid is a potential candidate for annexin binding to the outer surface of chloroplast
Seigneurin-Berny D, Rolland N, Dorne AJ, Joyard J
525 - 530 Selective transcriptional regulations in the human liver cell by hepatitis B viral X protein
Han JS, Yoo HY, Choi BH, Rho HM
531 - 538 Determination of genes involved in the process of implantation: Application of GeneChip to scan 6500 genes
Yoshioka K, Matsuda F, Takakura K, Noda Y, Imakawa K, Sakai S
539 - 543 Islet phospholipase A(2) activation is potentiated in insulin resistant mice
Simonsson E, Karlsson S, Ahren B
544 - 550 Angiotensin-II subtype 2 receptor agonist (CGP-42112) inhibits catecholamine biosynthesis in cultured porcine adrenal medullary chromaffin cells
Takekoshi K, Ishii K, Isobe K, Nanmoku T, Kawakami Y, Nakai T
551 - 556 A mechanism for oxygen exchange between ligated oxometalloporphinates and bulk water
Primus JL, Teunis K, Mandon D, Veeger C, Rietjens IMCM
557 - 562 Diverse effect of tributyltin on apoptosis in PC12 cells
Yamanoshita O, Kurasaki M, Saito T, Takahasi K, Sasaki H, Hosokawa T, Okabe M, Mochida J, Iwakuma T
563 - 570 Full-length cDNA cloning and genomic organization of the mouse liver-specific organic anion transporter-1 (lst-1)
Ogura K, Choudhuri S, Klaassen CD
571 - 575 Escherichia coli genome is composed of two distinct types of nucleotide sequences
Haring D, Kypr J
576 - 582 An evolutionarily conserved G-protein coupled receptor family, SREB, expressed in the central nervous system
Matsumoto M, Saito T, Takasaki J, Kamohara M, Sugimoto T, Kobayashi M, Tadokoro M, Matsumoto S, Ohishi T, Furuichi K
583 - 585 First report of the investigation into the importance of pK(a) in the inhibition of estrone sulfatase by sulfamate containing compounds
Ahmed S, James K, Patel CK
586 - 590 Direct observation of processive movement by individual myosin V molecules
Sakamoto T, Amitani I, Yokota E, Ando T
591 - 595 Studies on hepatic gene expression in different liver regenerative models
Nagy P, Bisgaard HC, Schnur J, Thorgeirsson SS
596 - 602 Unusual substrate specificity of a chimeric hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase containing segments from the Plasmodium falciparum and human enzymes
Subbayya INS, Sukumaran S, Shivashankar K, Balaram H
603 - 609 Sphingosylphosphorylcholine induces endothelial cell migration and morphogenesis
Boguslawski G, Lyons D, Harvey KA, Kovala AT, English D
610 - 615 Cloning, characterization, and mapping of the gene encoding the human G protein gamma 2 subunit
Modarressi MH, Taylor KE, Wolfe J
616 - 621 Isolation and characterization of the human UGT2B7 gene
Carrier JS, Turgeon D, Journault K, Hum DW, Belanger A
622 - 628 Functional expression, purification, and characterization of 3 alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/carbonyl reductase from Comamonas testosteroni
Maser E, Mobus E, Xiong GM