Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.272, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 5 Antithrombin III, a serpin family protease inhibitor, is a major heparin binding protein in porcine aqueous humor
Rao PV, Allingham RR, Herndon LW, Epstein DL
6 - 11 Characterization of large plasmids encoding resistance to toxic heavy metals in Salmonella abortus equi
Ghosh A, Singh A, Ramteke PW, Singh VP
12 - 17 Distinctive structural and kinetic properties of an unusual juvenile hormone-hydrolyzing esterase
Kadono-Okuda K, Ridley B, Jones D, Jones G
18 - 22 Apomorphine up-regulates NGF and GDNF synthesis in cultured mouse astrocytes
Ohta M, Mizuta I, Ohta K, Nishimura M, Mizuta E, Hayashi K, Kuno S
23 - 28 Analogs of lactam derivatives of alpha-melanotropin with basic and acidic residues
Bednarek MA, MacNeil T, Kalyani RN, Tang R, Van der Ploeg LHT, Weinberg DH
29 - 35 Zinc-histidine as nucleation centers for growth of ZnS nanocrystals
Kho R, Nguyen L, Torres-Martinez CL, Mehra RK
36 - 40 Association of functional microsatellites in the human type I collagen alpha 2 chain (COL1A2) gene with systemic sclerosis
Hata RI, Akai J, Kimura A, Ishikawa O, Kuwana M, Shinkai H
41 - 44 Distinct hormone stimulation and counteraction by insulin of the expression of the two components of glucose 6-phosphatase in HepG2 cells
Li YZ, van de Werve G
45 - 54 Molecular cloning of the mouse APS as a member of the LnK family adaptor proteins
Iseki M, Takaki S, Takatsu K
55 - 63 Dynamic measurement of single protein's mechanical properties
Mitsui K, Nakajima K, Arakawa H, Hara M, Ikai A
64 - 74 H-1 NMR conformational study of antiherpetic C5-substituted 2'-deoxyuridines: Insight into the nature of structure-activity relationships
Poznanski J, Felczak K, Kulikowski T, Remin M
75 - 80 4-hydroxynonenal-induced MEL cell differentiation involves PKC activity translocation
Rinaldi M, Barrera G, Aquino A, Spinsanti P, Pizzimenti S, Farace MG, Dianzani MU, Fazio VM
81 - 83 Single mutation induces a metal-dependent subunit association in dimeric Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase
D'Orazio M, Battistoni A, Stroppolo ME, Desideri A
84 - 89 Molecular basis of competition between HSF2 and catalytic subunit for binding to the PR65/A subunit of PP2A
Hong YL, Lubert EJ, Rodgers DW, Sarge KD
90 - 93 Regulated expression of endothelial cell-derived lipase
Hirata K, Ishida T, Matsushita H, Tsao PS, Quertermous T
94 - 97 Redefined substrate specificity of ST6Ga1NAc II: A second candidate sialyl-Tn synthase
Kono M, Tsuda T, Ogata S, Takashima S, Liu H, Hamamoto T, Itzkowitz SH, Nishimura S, Tsuji S
98 - 103 Retinoic acid switches differential expression of FGF8 isoforms in LNCaP cells
Brondani V, Hamy F
104 - 110 Effect of troponin I phosphorylation by protein kinase A on length-dependence of tension activation in skinned cardiac muscle fibers
Kajiwara H, Morimoto S, Fukuda N, Ohtsuki I, Kurihara S
111 - 115 Anchorage-independent activation of mitogen-activated protein kinase through phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase by insulin-like growth factor I
Suzuki K, Takahashi K
116 - 124 Regulation of collagenolytic protease secretion through c-Src in osteoclasts
Furuyama N, Fujisawa Y
125 - 128 Spermatocyte-specific gene excision by targeted expression of Cre recombinase
Ando H, Haruna Y, Miyazaki J, Okabe M, Nakanishi Y
129 - 133 Direct evidence of nitric oxide presence within mitochondria
Lopez-Figueroa MO, Caamano C, Morano MI, Ronn LC, Akil H, Watson SJ
134 - 137 Visual imaging of ion distribution in human epidermis
Denda M, Hosoi J, Asida Y
138 - 143 Skeletal muscle regeneration is not impaired in Fgf6 -/- mutant mice
Fiore F, Sebille A, Birnbaum D
144 - 150 Axin-induced apoptosis depends on the extent of its JNK activation and its ability to down-regulate beta-catenin levels
Neo SY, Zhang Y, Yaw LP, Li P, Lin SC
151 - 155 Inhibition of intracellular cathepsin activities and suppression of immune responses mediated by helper T lymphocyte type-2 by peroral or intraperitoneal administration of vitamin B-6
Katunuma N, Matsui A, Endo K, Hanba J, Sato A, Nakano M, Yuto Y
156 - 163 Down syndrome critical region gene 2: Expression during mouse development and in human cell lines indicates a function related to cell proliferation
Vidal-Taboada JM, Lu A, Pique M, Pons G, Gil J, Oliva R
164 - 168 A region in the 3' UTR of MnSOD RNA enhances translation of a heterologous RNA
Knirsch L, Clerch LB
169 - 173 L-152,804: Orally active and selective neuropeptide YY5 receptor antagonist
Kanatani A, Ishihara A, Iwaasa H, Nakamura K, Okamoto O, Hidaka M, Ito J, Fukuroda T, MacNeil DJ, Van der Ploeg LHT, Ishii Y, Okabe T, Fukami T, Ihara M
174 - 181 Nuclear and chloroplast poly(A) polymerases from plants share a novel biochemical property
Hunt AG, Meeks LR, Forbes KP, Das Gupta J, Mogen BD
182 - 185 Enhancement by homocysteine of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 gene expression and secretion from vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells
Midorikawa S, Sanada H, Hashimoto S, Watanabe T
186 - 192 Cloning and characterization of the human and mouse PDE7B, a novel cAMP-specific cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase
Gardner C, Robas N, Cawkill D, Fidock M
193 - 198 Gadd45 family proteins are coactivators of nuclear hormone receptors
Yi YW, Kim D, Jung NC, Hong SS, Lee HS, Bae I
199 - 204 Identification of a new active site for autocatalytic processing of penicillin acylase precursor in Escherichia coli ATCC11105
Lee H, Park OK, Kang HS
205 - 211 A novel isoform of a kallikrein-like protease, TLSP/hippostasin, (PRSS20), is expressed in the human brain and prostate
Mitsui S, Yamada T, Okui A, Kominami K, Uemura H, Yamaguchi N
212 - 217 Resveratrol is absorbed in the small intestine as resveratrol glucuronide
Kuhnle G, Spencer JPE, Chowrimootoo G, Schroeter H, Debnam ES, Srai SKS, Rice-Evans C, Hahn U
218 - 223 Noninsecticidal parasporal proteins of a Bacillus thuringiensis serovar shandongiensis isolate exhibit a preferential cytotoxicity against human leukemic T cells
Lee DW, Akao T, Yamashita S, Katayama H, Maeda M, Saitoh H, Mizuki E, Ohba M
224 - 229 Molecular cloning and characterization of CRLM-2, a novel type I cytokine receptor preferentially expressed in hematopoietic cells
Hiroyama T, Iwama A, Morita Y, Nakamura Y, Shibuya A, Nakauchi H
230 - 235 Improved expression of vascular endothelial growth factor by naked DNA in mouse skeletal muscles: Implication for gene therapy of ischemic diseases
Lee Y, Park EJ, Yu SS, Kim DK, Kim S
236 - 241 Decomposition of cocoa procyanidins in the gastric milieu
Spencer JPE, Chaudry F, Pannala AS, Srai SK, Debnam E, Rice-Evans C
242 - 250 Enzymatic properties, tissue-specific expression, and lysosomal location of two highly homologous rat SULT1C2 sulfotransferases
Li XR, Johnk C, Hartmann D, Schestag F, Kromer W, Gieselmann V
251 - 258 DNA annealing and DNA-protein interactions by capillary electrophoresis
Singhal RP, Otim O
259 - 262 Chimeric synthetic peptide as antigen for immunodiagnosis of HIV-1 infection
Hernandez M, Pozo L, Gomez I, Melchor A
263 - 269 A palmitoyl-CoA-specific Delta 9 fatty acid desaturase from Caenorhabditis elegans
Watts JL, Browse J
270 - 275 Identification of a 26S proteasome-associated UCH in fission yeast
Li TW, Naqvi NI, Yang HY, Teo TS
276 - 283 Activation of the chemotactic peptide receptor FPRL1 in monocytes phosphorylates the chemokine receptor CCR5 and attenuates cell responses to selected chemokines
Shen WP, Proost P, Li BQ, Gong WH, Le YY, Sargeant R, Murphy PM, Van Damme J, Wang JM
284 - 289 Multiple copies of beta-lactoglobulin promoter do not function as LCR
James RM, Neil C, Webster J, Roos S, Clark AJ, Whitelaw CBA
290 - 292 Phytanyl-pyrophosphate-linked substrate for a bacterial alpha-mannosyltransferase
Lellouch AC, Watt GM, Geremia RA, Flitsch SL
293 - 297 Identification of novel membrane and secreted proteins upregulated during adipocyte differentiation
Tsuruga H, Kumagai H, Kojima T, Kitamura T
298 - 302 Control of smooth muscle cell proliferation and phenotype by integrin signaling through focal adhesion kinase
Morla AO, Mogford JE
303 - 308 Monospecific antibodies against the three mammalian fast limb myosin heavy chains
Lucas CA, Kang LHD, Hoh JFY
309 - 309 Oxidative stress induces increase in intracellular amyloid beta-protein production and selective activation of beta I and beta II PKCs in NT2 cells (vol 268, pg 642, 2000)
Paola D, Domenicotti C, Nitti M, Vitali A, Borghi R, Cottalasso D, Zaccheo D, Odetti P, Strocchi P, Marinari UM, Tabaton M, Pronzato MA
309 - 309 Molecular and immunochemical evidences demonstrate that endooligopeptidase A is the predominant cytosolic oligopeptidase of rabbit brain (vol 269, pg 7, 2000)
Hayashi MAF, Portaro FCV, Tambourgi DV, Sucupira M, Yamane T, Fernandes BL, Ferro ES, Reboucas NA, de Camargo ACM