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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.271, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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275 - 280 Structure of O-linked GlcNAc transferase: Mediator of glycan-dependent signaling
Roos MD, Hanover JA
281 - 286 An O-acetylated sialyl-Tn is involved in ovarian cancer-associated antigenicity
Toba SY, Tenno M, Kurosaka A
287 - 291 Glycosaminoglycan-binding properties and secondary structure of the C-terminus of netrin-1
Kappler J, Franken S, Junghans U, Hoffmann R, Linke T, Muller HW, Koch KW
292 - 298 Stable interdomain interaction within the cytoplasmic domain of CD45 increases enzyme stability
Felberg J, Johnson P
299 - 304 Phosphorylation of Cdc20/Fizzy negatively regulates the mammalian cyclosome/APC in the mitotic checkpoint
Yudkovsky Y, Shteinberg M, Listovsky T, Brandeis M, Hershko A
305 - 310 PCCX1, a novel DNA-binding protein with PHD finger and CXXC domain, is regulated by proteolysis
Fujino T, Hasegawa M, Shibata S, Kishimoto T, Imai S, Takano T
311 - 317 Differential involvement of vacuolar H+-ATPase in the refilling of thapsigargin- and agonist-mobilized Ca2+ stores
Camello-Almaraz C, Pariente JA, Salido G, Camello PJ
318 - 322 Suppression of endothelin-converting enzyme-1 during buccal mucosal ulcer healing: Effect of chronic alcohol ingestion
Slomiany BL, Piotrowski J, Slomiany A
323 - 327 Exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields suppresses X-ray-induced transformation in mouse C3H10T1/2 cells
Miyakoshi J, Yoshida M, Yaguchi H, Ding GR
328 - 333 Ras GTPase is essential for Fas-mediated activation of phospholipase D in A20 cells
Shin I, Han JS
334 - 336 Cloning and expression of beta,beta-carotene 15,15'-dioxygenase
Wyss A, Wirtz G, Woggon WD, Brugger R, Wyss M, Friedlein A, Bachmann H, Hunziker W
337 - 341 Susceptibility of the prion protein to enzymic phosphorylation
Negro A, Meggio F, Bertoli A, Battistutta R, Sorgato MC, Pinna LA
342 - 345 PI3-K/AKT regulation of NF-kappa B signaling events in suppression of TNF-induced apoptosis
Burow ME, Weldon CB, Melnik LI, Duong BN, Collins-Burow BM, Beckman BS, McLachlan JA
346 - 352 The ovine CCAAT-enhancer binding protein delta gene: Cloning, characterization, and species-specific autoregulation
Davies GE, Sabatakos G, Cryer A, Ramji DP
353 - 357 Nitric oxide inhibits inducible nitric oxide synthase mRNA expression in RAW 264.7 macrophages
Hinz B, Brune K, Pahl A
358 - 363 Mutation analysis of cadherin-4 reveals amino acid residues of EC1 important for the structure and function
Kitagawa M, Natori M, Murase S, Hirano S, Taketani S, Suzuki ST
364 - 367 Dexamethasone inhibits tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced expression of macrophage inflammatory protein-2 and adhesion of neutrophils to endothelial cells
Liu Q, Wang YS, Thorlacius H
368 - 373 Hyperosmotic NaCl and urea synergistically regulate the expression of the UT-A2 urea transporter in vitro and in vivo
Leroy C, Basset G, Gruel G, Ripoche P, Trinh-Trang-Tan MM, Rousselet G
374 - 379 Natriuretic peptide receptor-A negatively regulates mitogen-activated protein kinase and proliferation of mesangial cells: Role of cGMP-dependent protein kinase
Pandey KN, Nguyen HT, Li M, Boyle JW
380 - 385 The nuclear-encoded SDH2-RPS14 precursor is proteolytically processed between SDH2 and RPS14 to generate maize mitochondrial RPS14
Figueroa P, Holuigue L, Araya A, Jordana X
386 - 391 Enhanced macrophage uptake of elastase-modified high-density lipoproteins
Pirillo A, Ghiselli G
392 - 400 Overexpression of human UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase rescues galactose-1-phosphate uridyltransferase-deficient yeast
Lai K, Elsas LJ
401 - 408 Structure of the cytoplasmic domain of p23 in solution: Implications for the formation of COPI vesicles
Weidler M, Reinhard C, Friedrich G, Wieland FT, Rosch P
409 - 413 Enhanced expression of silencer of death domains (SODD/BAG-4) in pancreatic cancer
Ozawa F, Friess H, Zimmermann A, Kleeff J, Buchler MW
414 - 417 Neuregulin induces the rapid association of focal adhesion kinase with the erbB2-erbB3 receptor complex in Schwann cells
Vartanian T, Goodearl A, Lefebvre S, Park SK, Fischbach G
418 - 421 Neuronal differentiation of cryopreserved neural progenitor cells derived from mouse embryonic stem cells
Hancock CR, Wetherington JP, Lambert NA, Condie BG
422 - 428 Sustained enhancement of Ca2+ influx by glibenclamide induces apoptosis in RINm5F cells
Iwakura T, Fujimoto S, Kagimoto S, Inada A, Kubota A, Someya Y, Ihara Y, Yamada Y, Seino Y
429 - 434 Osmomechanical regulation of membrane trafficking in polarized cells
Reid JM, O'Neil RG
435 - 439 Recombinant expression of a selective blocker of M-1 muscarinic receptors
Nasman J, Jolkkonen M, Ammoun S, Karlsson E, Akerman KEO
440 - 444 Transient expression of megakaryocyte-derived protein immunoreactive with an antiserum to cartilage oligomeric matrix protein in developing rat liver
Onodera S, Tonozuka Y, Tashiro S
445 - 450 Fenofibrate and rosiglitazone lower serum triglycerides with opposing effects on body weight
Chaput E, Saladin R, Silvestre M, Edgar AD
451 - 455 Analysis of hABC1 gene 5' end: Additional peptide sequence, promoter region, and four polymorphisms
Pullinger CR, Hakamata H, Duchateau PN, Eng C, Aouizerat BE, Cho MH, Fielding CJ, Kane JP
456 - 463 Characterization of hPRP4 kinase activation: potential role in signaling
Huang Y, Deng TL, Winston BW
464 - 468 Purification and polymerization properties of two lethal yeast actin mutants
Frieden C, Du JY, Schriefer L, Buzan J
469 - 473 The N-terminal domains of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitory proteins block the phosphorylation of cdk2/cyclin E by the cdk-activating kinase
Rank KB, Evans DB, Sharma SK
474 - 480 Cloning, characterization, and expression of the human TIN-ag-RP gene encoding a novel putative extracellular matrix protein
Bromme NC, Wex T, Wex H, Levy B, Lipyansky A, Bromme D
481 - 491 Differential regulation of the carbonic anhydrase II gene expression by hormonal nuclear receptors in monocytic cells: Identification of the retinoic acid response element
Quelo I, Jurdic P
492 - 498 Binding of human mitochondrial transcription factor A, an HMG box protein, to a four-way DNA junction
Ohno T, Umeda S, Hamasaki N, Kang DC
499 - 508 Endothelial proliferation, migration, and differentiation are blunted by conditionally expressed protein kinase C pseudosubstrate peptides
Harrington EO, Doyle KE, Brunelle JL, Ware JA
509 - 514 Inhibitory effect of nitric oxide on voltage-dependent calcium currents in rat dorsal root ganglion cells
Kim SJ, Song SK, Kim J
515 - 517 Identification of six CAG repeat domains into the human chromosomic region 12q24.1
Aguiar J
518 - 525 ATP hydrolysis by a CFTR domain: Pharmacology and effects of G551D mutation
Howell LD, Borchardt R, Cohn JA
526 - 533 Mouse myosin X: Molecular architecture and tissue expression as revealed by northern blot and in situ hybridization analyses
Yonezawa S, Kimura A, Koshiba S, Masaki S, Ono T, Hanai A, Sonta S, Kageyama T, Takahashi T, Moriyama A
534 - 536 Vectors with hidden cloning sites
Welker E, Varadi A
537 - 543 Elevated levels of RanBP7 mRNA in colorectal carcinoma are associated with increased proliferation and are similar to the transcription pattern of the proto-oncogene c-myc
Li SR, Gyselman VG, Dorudi S, Bustin SA
544 - 552 Adenovirus-mediated transfer of caspase-8 in combination with superrepressor of NF-kappa B drastically induced apoptosis in gliomas
Shinoura N, Yamamoto N, Yoshida Y, Asai A, Kirino T, Hamada H
553 - 557 Kinetic determination of focal adhesion protein formation
Goldmann WH
558 - 558 Signaling through the p38 and p42/44 mitogen-activated families of protein kinases in pancreatic beta-cell proliferation (vol 268, pg 541, 2000)
Burns CJ, Squires PE, Persaud SJ