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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.271, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 7 Zinc increases the activity of vitamin D-dependent promoters in osteoblasts
Lutz W, Burritt MF, Nixon DE, Kao PC, Kumar R
8 - 14 Molecular cloning and genomic structure of human Frizzled-3 at chromosome 8p21
Kirikoshi H, Koike J, Sagara N, Saitoh T, Tokuhara M, Tanaka K, Sekihara H, Hirai M, Katoh M
15 - 21 Contribution of the carboxy-terminal domain of lipoprotein lipase to interaction with heparin and lipoproteins
Lookene A, Nielsen MS, Gliemann J, Olivecrona G
22 - 27 Oligosaccharide trimming plays a role in the endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation of tyrosinase
Wang Y, Androlewicz MJ
28 - 35 Cloning and initial characterization of the human DPYD gene promoter
Collie-Duguid ESR, Johnston SJ, Powrie RH, Milano G, Etienne MC, Rochat B, Watson GC, McLeod HL
36 - 41 Rat basophilic leukemia cells express syntaxin-3 and VAMP-7 in granule membranes
Hibi T, Hirashima N, Nakanishi M
42 - 46 The product of the ABC half-transporter gene ABCG2 (BCRP/MXR/ABCP) is expressed in the plasma membrane
Rocchi E, Khodjakov A, Volk EL, Yang CH, Litman T, Bates SE, Schneider E
47 - 53 Interrelations between plasma homocysteine and intracellular S-adenosylhomocysteine
Fu WY, Dudman NPB, Perry MA, Young K, Wang XL
54 - 58 Cry1Ac protoxin from Bacillus thuringiensis sp kurstaki HD73 binds to surface proteins in the mouse small intestine
Vazquez-Padron RI, Gonzales-Cabrera J, Garcia-Tovar C, Neri-Bazan L, Lopez-Revilla R, Hernandez M, Moreno-Fierro L, de la Riva GA
59 - 63 Tyrosine 50 at the subunit interface of dimeric human glutathione transferase P1-1 is a structural key residue for modulating protein stability and catalytic function
Stenberg G, Abdalla AM, Mannervik B
64 - 69 The beta(2) subunit of soluble guanylyl cyclase contains a human-specific frameshift and is expressed in gastric carcinoma
Behrends S, Vehse K
70 - 74 IgG-coated erythrocytes augment LPS-stimulated TNF-alpha secretion, TNF-alpha mRNA levels, and TNF-alpha mRNA stability in macrophages
Richard CAH, Wilcox BD, Loegering DJ
75 - 81 Involvement of tail domains in regulation of Dictyostelium myosin II
Liu X, Ito K, Lee RJ, Uyeda TQP
82 - 85 Effect of estradiol on neuronal Swedish-mutated beta-amyloid precursor protein metabolism: Reversal by astrocytic cells
Vincent B, Smith JD
86 - 90 Decreased ADP-ribosylation of the G alpha(olf) and G alpha(s) subunits by high glucose in pancreatic B-cells
Phan HH, Boissard C, Pessah M, Regnauld K, Emami S, Gespach C, Rosselin G
91 - 99 An SP1-like cis-element is the major DNA motif for differential expression regulation of the adipocyte amino acid transporter
Zhu QW, Zhu J, Liao K
100 - 106 Differential expression of the adipocyte amino acid transporter is transactivated by SP1 and SP3 during the 3T3-L1 preadipocyte differentiation process
Zhu QW, Liao K
107 - 115 Direct immunization of malaria DNA vaccine into the liver by gene gun protects against lethal challenge of Plasmodium berghei sporozoite
Yoshida S, Kashiwamura SI, Hosoya Y, Luo EJ, Matsuoka H, Ishii A, Fujimura A, Kobayashi E
116 - 119 Nestin-expressing cells in the pancreatic islets of Langerhans
Hunziker E, Stein M
120 - 129 Enhanced detection of deleterious and other germline mutations of hMSH2 and hMLH1 in Japanese hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer kindreds
Nomura S, Sugano K, Kashiwabara H, Taniguchi T, Fukayama N, Fujita S, Akasu T, Moriya Y, Ohhigashi S, Kakizoe T, Sekiya T
130 - 137 In situ RT-PCR detection of CYP1A mRNA in pharyngeal epithelium and chondroid cells from chemically untreated fish: Involvement in vertebrate craniofacial skeletal development?
Iwata H, Stegeman JJ
138 - 143 Expression of interleukin-1 beta, interleukin-1 receptor, and interleukin-1 receptor antagonist mRNA in rat carotid artery after balloon angioplasty
Wang XK, Romanic AM, Yue TL, Feuerstein GZ, Ohlstein EH
144 - 150 Human adrenoleukodystrophy protein and related peroxisomal ABC transporters interact with the peroxisomal assembly protein PEX19p
Gloeckner CJ, Mayerhofer PU, Landgraf P, Muntau AC, Holzinger A, Gerber JK, Kammerer S, Adamski J, Roscher AA
151 - 157 XSIP1, a member of two-handed zinc finger proteins, induced anterior neural markers in Xenopus laevis animal cap
Eisaki A, Kuroda H, Fukui A, Asashima M
158 - 163 The inhibitory effects of vasoactive intestinal peptide and pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide on osteoclast formation are associated with upregulation of osteoprotegerin and downregulation of RANKL and RANK
Mukohyama H, Ransjo M, Taniguchi H, Ohyama T, Lerner UH
164 - 169 Small heat shock protein 27 (HSP27) associates with tubulin/microtubules in HeLa cells
Hino M, Kurogi K, Okubo MA, Murata-Hori M, Hosoya H
170 - 180 Differential expression of sense and antisense transcripts of the mitochondrial DNA region coding for ATPase 6 in fetal and adult porcine brain: Identification of novel unusually assembled mitochondrial RNAs
Michel U, Stringaris AK, Nau R, Rieckmann P
181 - 185 Monoamine oxidase B induces ERK-dependent cell mitogenesis by hydrogen peroxide generation
Vindis C, Seguelas MH, Bianchi P, Parini A, Cambon C
186 - 190 Silkworm hemolymph inhibits baculovirus-induced insect cell apoptosis
Rhee WJ, Park TH
191 - 196 Animal and plant members of a gene family with similarity to alkaloid-synthesizing enzymes
Fabbri M, Delp G, Schmidt O, Theopold U
197 - 202 Decreased gene expression of adrenomedullin receptor in mouse lungs during sepsis
Ono Y, Okano I, Kojima M, Okada K, Kangawa K
203 - 211 Mechanism of regulation of HGF/SF gene expression in fibroblasts by TGF-beta 1
Harrison P, Bradley L, Bomford A
212 - 216 The Pro12Ala polymorphism in PPAR gamma 2 may confer resistance to type 2 diabetes
Hara K, Okada T, Tobe K, Yasuda K, Mori Y, Kadowaki H, Hagura R, Akanuma Y, Kimura S, Ito C, Kadowaki T
217 - 221 Enhancement of S-Nitrosylation in glycosylated hemoglobin
Padron J, Peiro C, Cercas E, Llergo JL, Sanchez-Ferrer CF
222 - 228 In vivo metabolic imaging of cardiac bioenergetics in transgenic mice
Omerovic E, Basetti M, Bollano E, Bohlooly M, Tornell J, Isgaard J, Hjalmarson A, Soussi B, Waagstein F
229 - 233 Chitinous materials inhibit nitric oxide production by activated RAW 264.7 macrophages
Hwang SM, Chen CY, Chen SS, Chen JC
234 - 239 Drug-induced desensitization of insulinotropic actions of sulfonylureas
Ball AJ, McCluskey JT, Flatt PR, McClenaghan NH
240 - 243 Light chain determines the binding property of human anti-dsDNA IgG autoantibodies
Suzuki M, Takemura H, Suzuki H, Sumida T
244 - 249 ADP modulates the dynamic behavior of the glycolytic pathway of Escherichia coli
Ricci JCD
250 - 256 Zinc-deficient rat embryos have increased caspase 3-like activity and apoptosis
Jankowski-Hennig MA, Clegg MS, Daston GP, Rogers JM, Keen CL
257 - 267 The differential expression of apoptosis factors in the alveolar epithelium is redox sensitive and requires NF-kappa B (RelA)-selective targeting
Haddad JJE, Land SC
268 - 274 Direct evidence for decreased sialylation and galactosylation of human serum IgA1 Fc O-glycosylated hinge peptides in IgA nephropathy by mass spectrometry
Odani H, Hiki Y, Takahashi M, Nishimoto A, Yasuda Y, Iwase H, Shinzato T, Maeda K