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677 - 682 Muscle force arises by actin filament rotation and torque in the Z-filaments
Jarosch R
683 - 687 Surface and interface beta-chain residues synergistically affect hemoglobin assembly
Yamaguchi T, Yang Y, McDonald MJ, Adachi K
688 - 694 Purification of the newly found selenium-containing proteins in the arterial wall and brain of the rat
Qu XH, Huang KX, Wu ZX, Zhong S, Chen ZX, Xu HB
695 - 700 The homeodomain of Nkx2.2 carries two cooperatively acting nuclear localization signals
Hessabi B, Schmidt I, Walther R
701 - 708 Potent inhibition of dendritic cell differentiation and maturation by vitamin D analogs
Griffin MD, Lutz WH, Phan VA, Bachman LA, McKean DJ, Kumar R
709 - 713 Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor mRNA in GI-101A and HL-60 cell lines
Ramakrishnan R, Zell JA, Malave A, Rathinavelu A
714 - 716 Improvement in circulating superoxide dismutase bevels: Role of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in rheumatoid arthritis
Nivsarkar M
717 - 721 A missense mutation in the RING finger motif of PEX2 protein disturbs the import of peroxisome targeting signal 1 (PTS1)-containing protein but not the PTS2-containing protein
Huang Y, Ito R, Miura S, Hashimoto T, Ito M
722 - 727 Disulfide-bound proteolytic fragments of gastric mucin are 100-and 140-kDa proteins
Minkiewicz-Radziejewska I, Gindzienski A, Zwierz K
728 - 732 Characterization of 5'-flanking region of human MRP3
Takada T, Suzuki H, Sugiyama Y
733 - 740 Plasmid-encoded degradation of p-nitrophenol and 4-nitrocatechol by Arthrobacter protophormiae
Chauhan A, Chakraborti AK, Jain RK
741 - 744 Ca2+-modulated phosphorylation of a low-molecular-mass polypeptide in rat liver mitochondria: Evidence that it is identical with subunit c of F0F1-ATPase
Azarashvily TS, Tyynela J, Baumann M, Evtodienko YV, Saris NEL
745 - 748 Magnetic field exposure stimulates transposition through the induction of DnaK/J synthesis
Chow KC, Tung WL
749 - 754 Protein degradation by peroxide catalyzed by chromium (III): Role of coordinated ligand
Shrivastava HY, Nair BU
755 - 760 Targeting of liposomes carrying recombinant fragments of platelet membrane glycoprotein Ib alpha to immobilized von Willebrand factor under flow conditions
Nishiya T, Murata M, Handa M, Ikeda Y
761 - 765 PYK2/CAK beta represents a redox-sensitive tyrosine kinase in vascular smooth muscle cells
Frank GD, Motley ED, Inagami T, Eguchi S
766 - 772 Identification of an upstream promoter in the human gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor gene
Ngan ESW, Leung PCK, Chow BKC
773 - 776 Analysis of Drosophila yellow-B cDNA reveals a new family of proteins related to the Royal Jelly proteins in the honeybee and to an orphan protein in an unusual bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans
Maleszka R, Kucharski R
777 - 781 Residue 285 in cytochrome P4502B4 lacking the NH2-terminal hydrophobic sequence has a role in the functional association of NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase
Schulze J, Tschop K, Lehnerer M, Hlavica P
782 - 786 Methylene blue photosensitized oxidation of cysteine sulfinic acid and other sulfinates: The involvement of singlet oxygen and the azide paradox
Pecci L, Costa M, Antonucci A, Montefoschi G, Cavallini D
787 - 792 Characterization of the human porin isoform 1 (HVDAC1) gene by amplification on the whole human genome: A tool for porin deficiency analysis
Messina A, Guarino F, Oliva M, van den Heuvel LP, Smeitink J, De Pinto V
793 - 797 Involvement of caspase-3 in epigallocatechin-3-gallate-mediated apoptosis of human chondrosarcoma cells
Islam S, Islam N, Kermode T, Johnstone B, Mukhtar H, Moskowitz RW, Goldberg VM, Malemud CJ, Haqqi TM
798 - 805 Wortmannin, a PI3-kinase inhibitor: Promoting effect on insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells through a cAMP-dependent pathway
Nunoi K, Yasuda K, Tanaka H, Kubota A, Okamoto Y, Adachi T, Shihara N, Uno M, Xu LM, Kagimoto S, Seino Y, Yamada Y, Tsuda K
806 - 810 Activation of neuroendocrine L-type channels (alpha 1D subunits) in retinal pigment epithelial cells and brain neurons by pp60(c-src)
Strauss O, Buss F, Rosenthal R, Fischer D, Mergler S, Stumpff F, Thieme H
811 - 815 Paradoxical effects of mineralocorticoids on the ion gated sodium channel in embryologically diverse cells
Mirshahi M, Golestaneh N, Valamanesh F, Agarwal MK
816 - 820 Bcl-2 antibodies induce hemoglobin release by red blood cells loaded with in vitro translated Bcl-2 and its cleaved fragment
Chen C, Lin H, Chen BD
821 - 825 Lysine residues 162 and 340 are involved in the catalysis and coenzyme binding of NADP(+)-dependent malic enzyme from pigeon
Kuo CC, Tsai LC, Chin TY, Chang GG, Chou WY
826 - 830 Evaluation of boar sperm as a model system to study the mechanism of spermicidal activity of vanadocenes
D'Cruz OJ, Vassilev A, Uckun FM
831 - 835 Surfactant protein A exhibits inhibitory effect on eosinophils IL-8 production
Cheng G, Ueda T, Nakajima H, Nakajima A, Arima M, Kinjyo S, Fukuda T
836 - 840 Electrogenic nature of rat sodium-dependent multivitamin transport
Prasad PD, Srinivas SR, Wang HP, Leibach FH, Devoe LD, Ganapathy V
841 - 845 Quantification of SNARE protein levels in 3T3-L1 adipocytes: Implications for insulin-stimulated glucose transport
Hickson GRX, Chamberlain LH, Maier VH, Gould GW
846 - 851 Retinoic acid inhibits nitric oxide synthase-2 expression through the retinoic acid receptor-alpha
Sirsjo A, Gidlof AC, Olsson A, Torma H, Ares M, Kleinert H, Forstermann U, Hansson GK
852 - 857 Measurement of 5-hydroxy-2-aminovaleric acid as a specific marker of iron-mediated oxidation of proline and arginine side-chain residues of low-density lipoprotein apolipoprotein B-100
Pietzsch J
858 - 862 Neutrophil beta 2-integrin upregulation is blocked by a p38 MAP kinase inhibitor
Tandon R, Sha'afi RI, Thrall RS
863 - 867 NifH and NifM proteins interact as demonstrated by the yeast two-hybrid system
Petrova N, Gigova L, Venkov P
868 - 879 Characterization of Bax-sigma, a cell death-inducing isoform of Bax
Schmitt E, Paquet C, Beauchemin M, Dever-Bertrand J, Bertrand R
880 - 885 Reduction of organic nitrites to nitric oxide catalyzed by xanthine oxidase: Possible role in metabolism of nitrovasodilators
Doel JJ, Godber BLJ, Goult TA, Eisenthal R, Harrison R
886 - 891 Anabolic function of the type II isozyme of hexokinase in hepatic lipid synthesis
Sebastian S, Horton JD, Wilson JE
892 - 898 Regulation of urokinase receptor transcription by Ras- and Rho-family GTPases
Muller SM, Okan E, Jones P
899 - 902 alpha-galactosidase stimulates acetylcholine receptor aggregation in skeletal muscle cells via PNA-binding carbohydrates
Parkhomovskiy N, Martin PT
903 - 909 MAGI-1 interacts with beta-catenin and is associated with cell-cell adhesion structures
Dobrosotskaya IY, James GL
910 - 917 Evidence for tryptophan in proximity to histidine and cysteine as essential to the active site of an alkaline protease
Tanksale AM, Vernekar JV, Ghatge MS, Deshpande VV
918 - 921 Estrogen receptor-mediated effects of a xenoestrogen, bisphenol A, on preimplantation mouse embryos
Takai Y, Tsutsumi O, Ikezuki Y, Hiroi H, Osuga Y, Momoeda M, Yano T, Taketani Y
922 - 926 CYP2D6 polymorphism and the presence of anti-LKM-1 in patients with chronic hepatitis C
Hijikata M, Miyakawa H, Matsushita M, Kako M, Ohta Y, Mishiro S
927 - 931 Phosphorylation of the 105-kDa heat shock proteins, HSP105 alpha and HSP105 beta, by casein kinase II
Ishihara K, Yasuda K, Hatayama T
932 - 935 Role of the recombinant non-integrin platelet collagen receptor P65 on platelet activation induced by convulxin
Francischetti IMB, Chiang TM, Guimaraes JA, Bon C
936 - 941 LDL receptor-related protein as a component of the midkine receptor
Muramatsu H, Zou K, Sakaguchi N, Ikematsu S, Sakuma S, Muramatsu T
942 - 946 Evidence for production of hydroxyl radicals by pentachlorophenol metabolites and hydrogen peroxide: A metal-independent organic Fenton reaction
Zhu BZ, Kitrossky N, Chevion M
947 - 952 Activation of Akt during simulated ischemia/reperfusion in cardiac myocytes
Mockridge JW, Marber MS, Heads RJ
953 - 960 Inhibition of HIV-1 replication by a new type of circular dumbbell RNA/DNA chimeric oligonucleotides
Park WS, Miyano-Kurosaki N, Abe T, Takai K, Yamamoto N, Takaku H
961 - 966 Air exposure promotes fibroblast growth with increased expression of mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade
Toda S, Yokoi F, Yamada S, Yonemitsu N, Nishimura T, Watanabe K, Sugihara H
967 - 971 NMR observation of a novel C-tetrad in the structure of the SV40 repeat sequence GGGCGG
Patel PK, Bhavesh NS, Hosur RV
972 - 977 Localization of active form of caspase-8 in mouse L929 cells induced by TNF treatment and polyglutamine aggregates
Kouroku Y, Fujita E, Jimbo A, Mukasa T, Tsuru T, Momoi MY, Momoi T
978 - 982 Emx1-specific expression of foreign genes using "knock-in" approach
Jin XL, Guo HL, Mao CJ, Atkins N, Wang H, Avasthi PP, Tu YT, Li YQ
983 - 987 Arginines 97 and 108 in CYP2C9 are important determinants of the catalytic function
Ridderstrom M, Masimirembwa C, Trump-Kallmeyer S, Ahlefelt M, Otter C, Anderson TB
988 - 991 Conformational changes in the human estrogen receptor observed by F-19 NMR
Luck LA, Barse JL, Luck AM, Peck CH
992 - 996 Inhibition of CXCR4-dependent HIV-1 infection by extracellular HIV-1 Tat
Ghezzi S, Noonan DM, Aluigi MG, Vallanti G, Cota M, Benelli R, Morini M, Reeves JD, Vicenzi E, Poli G, Albini A
997 - 1001 Increased intracellular triglyceride in C2C12 muscle cells transfected with human lipoprotein lipase
Poirier P, Marcell T, Huey PU, Schlaepfer IR, Owens GC, Jensen DR, Eckel RH
1002 - 1008 Identification of tranilast-binding protein as 36-kDa microfibril-associated glycoprotein by drug affinity chromatography, and its localization in human skin
Furuichi H, Yamashita K, Okada M, Toyoshima T, Hata Y, Suzuki S, Itano T, Shishibori T, Tokumitsu H, Kobayashi R
1009 - 1015 Functional characterization of Jurkat T cells rescued from CD95/Fas-induced apoptosis through the inhibition of caspases
Ko SCW, Johnson VL, Chow SC
1016 - 1023 Characterization of P5, a novel NFAT/AP-1 site in the human IL-4 promoter
Burke TF, Casolaro V, Georas SN
1024 - 1028 Comparative studies of two transthyretin variants with protective effects on familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy: TTR R104H and TTR T119M
Almeida MR, Alves IL, Terazaki H, Ando Y, Saraiva MJ
1029 - 1035 IGF-1 regulates apoptosis of cardiac myocyte induced by osmotic-stress
Morales MP, Galvez A, Eltit JM, Ocaranza P, Diaz-Araya G, Lavandero S
1036 - 1040 Stimulation of yeast 3-phosphoglycerate kinase gene promoter by paraquat
Vassallo N, Galea DR, Bannister WH, Balzan R
1041 - 1048 Characterization of rat OX40 ligand by monoclonal antibody
Satake Y, Akiba H, Takeda K, Atsuta M, Yagita H, Okumura K
1049 - 1054 The regulatory expression of procollagen COOH-terminal proteinase enhancer in the proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells
Kanaki T, Morisaki N, Bujo H, Takahashi K, Ishii I, Saito Y
1055 - 1062 Intranuclear binding by the HIV-1 regulatory protein VPR is dependent on cytosolic factors
Jans DA, Jans P, Julich T, Briggs LJ, Xiao CY, Piller SC
1063 - 1067 Dexamethasone increases RAMP1 and CRLR mRNA expressions in human vascular smooth muscle cells
Frayon S, Cueille C, Gnidehou S, de Vernejoul MC, Garel JM
1068 - 1073 Functional expression of four PDH-E-1 alpha recombinant histidine mutants in a human fibroblast cell tine with zero endogenous PDH complex activity
Seyda A, Robinson BH
1074 - 1079 Up-regulation of natriuretic peptides in the ventricle of Csx/Nkx2-5 transgenic mice
Takimoto E, Mizuno T, Terasaki F, Shimoyama M, Honda H, Shiojima I, Hiroi Y, Oka T, Hayashi D, Hirai H, Kudoh S, Toko H, Kawamura K, Nagai R, Yazaki Y, Komuro I
1080 - 1085 Differential stimulation by PGE(2) and calcemic hormones of IL-6 in stromal/osteoblastic cells
Gruber R, Nothegger G, Ho GM, Willheim M, Peterlik M
1086 - 1092 Myeloperoxidase-catalyzed phenoxyl radicals of vitamin E homologue, 2,2,5,7,8-pentamethyl-6-hydroxychromane, do not induce oxidative stress in live HL-60 cells
Kagan VE, Kuzmenko AI, Shvedova AA, Kisin ER, Tyurina YY, Yalowich JC
1093 - 1096 Modification of cullin-1 by ubiquitin-like protein Nedd8 enhances the activity of SCFskp2 toward p27(kip1)
Morimoto M, Nishida T, Honda R, Yasuda H
1097 - 1100 Breast cancer cell line MDA-231 stimulates osteoclastogenesis and bone resorption in human osteoclasts
Grano M, Mori G, Minielli V, Cantatore FP, Colucci S, Zallone AZ
1101 - 1105 Molecular cloning and expression of human L-pipecolate oxidase
IJlst L, de Kromme I, Oostheim W, Wanders RJA
1106 - 1110 Structure of the human ubiquitin fusion gene Uba80 (RPS27a) and one of its pseudogenes
Kirschner LS, Stratakis CA
1111 - 1118 TUBA8: A new tissue-specific isoform of alpha-tubulin that is highly conserved in human and mouse
Stanchi F, Corso V, Scannapieco P, Ievolella C, Negrisolo E, Tiso N, Lanfranchi G, Valle G
1119 - 1123 Depolarizing stimuli reduce Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II activity in islets of Langerhans
Harris TE, Persaud SJ, Squires PE, Jones PM
1124 - 1127 A CD36-binding peptide from thrombospondin-1 can stimulate resorption by osteoclasts in vitro
Carron JA, Wagstaff SC, Gallagher JA, Bowler WB
1128 - 1135 Antibody binding of deletion mutants of Asp f 2, the major Aspergillus fumigatus allergen
Tang B, Banerjee B, Greenberger PA, Fink JN, Kelly KJ, Kurup VP
1136 - 1139 Sense codon-dependent introduction of unnatural amino acids into multiple sites of a protein
Kanda T, Takai K, Hohsaka T, Sisido M, Takaku H
1140 - 1143 Hepatic zinc response via metallothionein induction after tumor transplantation
Tamano H, Igasaki E, Enomoto S, Oku N, Itoh N, Kimura T, Tanaka K, Takeda A
1144 - 1153 The orphan receptor COUP-TFII regulates G2/M progression of breast cancer cells by modulating the expression/activity of p21(WAF1/CIP1), cyclin D1, and cdk2
Nakshatri H, Mendonca MS, Bhat-Nakshatri P, Patel NM, Goulet RJ, Cornetta K