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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.270, No.2 Entire volume, number list
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331 - 335 Serum amyloid A is a chemotactic agonist at FPR2, a low-affinity N-formylpeptide receptor on mouse neutrophils
Liang TS, Wang JM, Murphy PM, Gao JL
336 - 342 Functional analysis of the domain organization of Trypanosoma brucei RNase HI
Kobil JH, Campbell AG
343 - 348 Stimulation by eicosapentaenoic acids of leptin mRNA expression and its secretion in mouse 3T3-L1 adipocytes in vitro
Murata M, Kaji H, Takahashi Y, Iida K, Mizuno I, Okimura Y, Abe H, Chihara K
349 - 355 High level of ferritin light chain mRNA in lens
Cheng QF, Gonzalez P, Zigler JS
356 - 362 Molecular cloning and characterization of the mouse peroxiredoxin V gene
Lee TH, Kim SJ, Kang SW, Lee KK, Rhee SG, Yu DY
363 - 369 Pyrimidine morpholino oligonucleotides form a stable triple helix in the absence of magnesium ions
Lacroix L, Arimondo PB, Takasugi M, Helene C, Mergny JL
370 - 376 Molecular cloning of a novel form (two-repeat) protein related to voltage-gated sodium and calcium channels
Ishibashi K, Suzuki M, Imai M
377 - 382 Glycoprotein Ib alpha-bound thrombin functions as a serine protease to produce macromolecular activators of phagocytosis from platelets
Sakamoto H, Ueno M, Wu YH, Khatun R, Tanaka S, Miyabe K, Ogawa Y, Onodera M
383 - 386 Borato-1,2-diaminocyclohexane platinum (II), a novel anti-tumor drug
Dibas A, Howard J, Anwar S, Stewart D, Khan A
387 - 392 A conserved residue at the extreme C-terminus of FtsZ is critical for the FtsA-FtsZ interaction in Staphylococcus aureus
Yan K, Pearce KH, Payne DJ
393 - 399 An ARE-selective DNA minor groove binder from a combinatorial approach
Hamy F, Albrecht G, Florsheimer A, Bailly C
400 - 405 Inhibition of human lung cancer cell growth by the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma agonists through induction of apoptosis
Tsubouchi Y, Sano H, Kawahito Y, Mukai S, Yamada R, Kohno M, Inoue K, Hla T, Kondo M
406 - 414 Induction of apoptosis and mitosis inhibition by degraded DNA lipotransfection mimicking genotoxic drug effects
Schiavone N, Papucci L, Luciani P, Lapucci A, Donnini M, Capaccioli S
415 - 420 Resistance to apoptosis is correlated with the reduced caspase-3 activation and enhanced expression of antiapoptotic proteins in human cervical multidrug-resistant cells
Ding ZH, Yang XL, Pater A, Tang SC
421 - 424 Plicatamide: A lead to the biosynthetic origins of the tunichromes?
Tincu JA, Craig AG, Taylor SW
425 - 431 Estrogen receptor beta mRNA in colon cancer cells: Growth effects of estrogen and genistein
Arai N, Strom A, Rafter JJ, Gustafsson JA
432 - 436 Mapping of the human CP49 gene and identification of an intragenic polymorphic marker to allow genetic linkage analysis in autosomal dominant congenital cataract
Carter JM, McLean WHI, West S, Quinlan RA
437 - 441 Nitric oxide inhibits cruzipain, the major papain-like cysteine proteinase from Trypanosoma cruzi
Venturini G, Salvati L, Muolo M, Colasanti M, Gradoni L, Ascenzi P
442 - 447 Properties of ryanodine receptor in rat muscles submitted to unloaded conditions
Bastide B, Conti A, Sorrentino V, Mounier Y
448 - 452 Lipid oxidation deletes the nanodomain organization of artificial membranes
Muscatello U, Alessandrini A, Valdre G, Vannini V, Valdre U
453 - 457 Trichosanthin interacts with and enters cells via LDL receptor family members
Chan WL, Shaw PC, Tam SC, Jacobsen C, Gliemann J, Nielsen MS
458 - 461 Metallothionein-null mice express altered genes during development
Kimura T, Oguro I, Kohroki J, Takehara M, Itoh N, Nakanishi T, Tanaka K
462 - 468 Two functionally distinct forms of NKX2.1 protein are expressed in the pulmonary epithelium
Li CG, Cai JX, Pan QP, Minoo P
469 - 472 ADP-ribosyl cyclase in rat salivary glands
Masuda W, Noguchi T
473 - 481 In vitro translation extracts prepared from Drosophila ovaries and embryos
Lie YS, Macdonald PM
482 - 487 Adhesion-dependent tyrosine phosphorylation of enabled in Drosophila neuronal cell line
Takagi Y, Ui-Tei K, Hirohashi S
488 - 494 Skeletal muscle CaMKII enriches in nuclei and phosphorylates myogenic factor SRF at multiple sites
Fluck M, Booth FW, Waxham MN
495 - 503 Increased aquaporin-4 immunoreactivity in rat brain in response to systemic hyponatremia
Vajda Z, Promeneur D, Doczi T, Sulyok E, Frokiaer J, Ottersen OP, Nielsen S
504 - 509 The carboxyl terminal domain of phosducin functions as a transcriptional activator
Zhu XM, Craft CM
510 - 516 Expression of myostatin gene in regenerating skeletal muscle of the rat and its localization
Yamanouchi K, Soeta C, Naito K, Tojo H
517 - 521 Identification of neural progenitors in the adult mammalian eye
Ahmad I, Tang L, Pham H
522 - 527 Meltrin beta (ADAM19) gene: Cloning, mapping, and analysis of the regulatory region
Kurohara K, Matsuda Y, Nagabukuro A, Tsuji A, Amagasa T, Fujisawa-Sehara A
528 - 532 Genomic structures of synaptotagmin II protein: Comparison of exon-intron organization of the Synaptotagmin gene family
Fukuda M, Mikoshiba K
533 - 537 DNA fragmentation occurs in skeletal muscle during tumor growth: A link with cancer cachexia?
van Royen M, Carbo N, Busquets S, Alvarez B, Quinn LS, Lopez-Soriano FJ, Argiles JM
538 - 542 Association of membrane-associated guanylate kinase-interacting protein-1 with Raf-1
Yao I, Ohtsuka T, Kawabe H, Matsuura Y, Takai Y, Hata Y
543 - 549 Mutation of the toxin binding site of PP-1c: Comparison with PP-2B
Dawson JF, Luu HA, Bagu JR, Holmes CFB
550 - 556 Cell adhesion is a prerequisite for osteoclast survival
Sakai H, Kobayashi Y, Sakai E, Shibata M, Kato Y
557 - 563 Two acidic amino acid residues, Asp(470) and Glu(471), contained in the carboxyl cytoplasmic tail of a major lysosomal membrane protein, LGP85/LIMP II, are important for its accumulation in secondary lysosomes
Tabuchi N, Akasaki K, Tsuji H
564 - 569 LMW-PTP exerts a differential regulation on PDGF- and insulin-mediated signaling
Taddei ML, Chiarugi P, Cirri P, Talini D, Camici G, Manao G, Raugei G, Ramponi G
570 - 575 Interaction between HIV-1NEF and G(o) proteins in transfected COS-7 cells
Guzzi F, Celano E, Levi G, Parenti M
576 - 580 Rates of evolution of pyridoxal-5'-phosphate-dependent enzymes
Salzmann D, Christen P, Mehta PK, Sandmeier E
581 - 587 Modulation of the Ca2+-activated Cl- channel by 14-3-3 epsilon
Chan HC, Wu WL, So SC, Chung YW, Tsang LL, Wang XF, Yan YC, Luk SCW, Siu SS, Tsui SKW, Fung KP, Lee CY, Waye MMY
588 - 593 Enzymatic reconstruction of dermatan sulfate
Takagaki K, Munakata H, Kakizaki I, Majima M, Endo M
594 - 599 Growth hormones reverse desensitization of P2Y(2) receptors in rat mesangial cells
Gutierrez AM, Leu XF, Persson AEG, Ring A
600 - 607 The kinetics and magnesium requirements for the folding of antigenomic delta ribozymes
Ananvoranich S, Perreault JP
608 - 615 Functional comparison between VCF1 and MRP1 expressed in Sf21 insect cells
Ren XQ, Furukawa T, Chen ZS, Okumura H, Aoki S, Sumizawa T, Tani A, Komatsu M, Mei XD, Akiyama S
616 - 621 Shear-stress effect on mitochondrial membrane potential and albumin uptake in cultured endothelial cells
Kudo S, Morigaki R, Saito J, Ikeda M, Oka K, Tanishita K
622 - 624 Effect of a novel vasoconstrictor endothelin-1 (1-31) on human umbilical artery
Takeji T, Nakaya Y, Kamada M, Maeda K, Saijo Y, Mitani R, Irahara M, Aono T
625 - 630 Heterogeneity of catecholamine-containing vesicles in PC12 cells
Westerink RHS, de Groot A, Vijverberg HPM
631 - 636 Polarized secretion of the regulated secretory protein chromogranin A
Kuhn U, Cohn DV, Gorr SU
637 - 642 Ectopic expression of active processed form of atrial natriuretic peptide in skeletal myoblasts
Byun J, Kim SH, Kim SZ, Heard JM, Huh JE, Choe YH, Park SJ, Jung EA, Kim DK
643 - 648 Fluid shear stress stimulates prostaglandin and nitric oxide release in bone marrow-derived preosteoclast-like cells
McAllister TN, Du T, Frangos JA
649 - 656 Do conjugated eicosapentaenoic acid and conjugated docosahexaenoic acid induce apoptosis via lipid peroxidation in cultured human tumor cells?
Igarashi M, Miyazawa T
657 - 662 Replicative forms of TT virus DNA in bone marrow cells
Okamoto H, Takahashi M, Nishizawa T, Tawara A, Sugai Y, Sai T, Tanaka T, Tsuda F
663 - 667 A potent inhibitor of inducible nitric oxide synthase, ONO-1714, a cyclic amidine derivative
Naka M, Nanbu T, Kobayashi K, Kamanaka Y, Komeno M, Yanase R, Fukutomi T, Fujimura S, Seo HG, Fujiwara N, Ohuchida S, Suzuki K, Kondo K, Taniguchi N
668 - 672 Further evidence for the presence of "septide-sensitive'' tachykinin binding sites in tissues possessing solely NK1 tachykinin receptors
Torrens Y, Beaujouan JC, Saffroy M, Glowinski J
673 - 675 Identification of regulatory regions of the putative tumor suppressor gene DMBT1
Lualdi E, Chiariello E, Finocchiaro G
676 - 676 Paraoxonase activity is reduced by a pro-atherosclerotic diet in rabbits (vol 269, pg 232, 2000)
Mackness M, Boullier A, Hennuyer N, Mackness B, Hall M, Tailleux A, Duriez P, Delfly B, Durrington P, Fruchart JC, Duverger N, Caillaud JM, Castro G