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1 - 10 Estrogen receptors: How do they control reproductive and nonreproductive functions?
Muramatsu M, Inoue S
11 - 16 Prostaglandin F-2 alpha (PGF(2 alpha)) induces cyclin D1 expression and DNA synthesis via early signaling mechanisms in Swiss mouse 3T3 cells
Sauane M, Correa L, Rogers F, Krasnapolski M, Barraclough R, Rudland PS, de Asua LJ
17 - 22 Expression of retinoid receptors during human monocyte differentiation in vitro
Fritsche J, Stonehouse TJ, Katz DR, Andreesen R, Kreutz M
23 - 27 Viral interferon regulatory factor 1 of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (human herpesvirus 8) binds to, and inhibits transactivation of, CREB-binding protein
Seo T, Lee D, Lee B, Chung JH, Choe J
28 - 33 Differential interaction of CrkII adaptor protein with platelet-derived growth factor alpha- and beta-receptors is determined by its internal tyrosine phosphorylation
Matsumoto T, Yokote K, Take A, Takemoto M, Asaumi S, Hashimoto Y, Matsuda M, Saito Y, Mori S
34 - 39 Molecular cloning and characterization of Xenopus RGS5
Saitoh O, Odagiri M, Masuho I, Nomoto S, Kinoshita N
40 - 45 Identification of cDNAs encoding two subtypes of vitamin D receptor in flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus
Suzuki T, Suzuki N, Srivastava AS, Kurokawa T
46 - 51 Localization of the type I restriction-modification enzyme EcoKI in the bacterial cell
Holubova I, Vejsadova S, Weiserova M, Firman K
52 - 61 Purification, identification, and characterization of an osmotic response element binding protein
Ko BCB, Turck CW, Lee KWY, Yang YQ, Chung SSM
62 - 66 High density lipoprotein inhibits assembly of amyloid beta-peptides into fibrils
Olesen OF, Dago L
67 - 75 Isolation of a novel PDZ-containing myosin from hematopoietic supportive bone marrow stromal cell lines
Furusawa T, Ikawa S, Yanai N, Obinata M
76 - 80 Induction of apoptosis by all-trans-retinoic acid and C2-ceramide treatment in rat stromal-vascular cultures
Kim HS, Hausman DB, Compton MM, Dean RG, Martin RJ, Hausman GJ, Hartzell DL, Baile CA
81 - 88 Operon structure and functional analysis of the genes encoding thermophilic desulfurizing enzymes of Paenibacillus sp A11-2
Ishii Y, Konishi J, Okada H, Hirasawa K, Onaka T, Suzuki M
89 - 93 Rat receptor-activity-modifying proteins (RAMPs) for adrenomedullin/CGRP receptor: Cloning and upregulation in obstructive nephropathy
Nagae T, Mukoyama M, Sugawara A, Mori K, Yahata K, Kasahara M, Suganami T, Makino H, Fujinaga Y, Yoshioka T, Tanaka I, Nakao K
94 - 99 DNA induces apoptosis in electroporated human promonocytic cell line U937
Shimokawa T, Okumura K, Ra C
100 - 107 Expression, purification, and crystallization of the Escherichia coli selenomethionyl beta-ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein synthase III
Khandekar SS, Konstantinidis AK, Silverman C, Janson CA, McNulty DE, Nwagwu S, Van Aller GS, Doyle ML, Kane JF, Qiu XY, Lonsdale J
108 - 111 Different regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor expression by the ERK and p38 kinase pathways in v-ras, v-raf, and v-myc transformed cells
Okajima E, Thorgeirsson UP
112 - 118 The effects of RAD52 epistasis group genes on various types of spontaneous mitotic recombination in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
You JC
119 - 124 A mouse fibroblast cell model to study human papillomavirus-associated tumorigenesis
Hernandez P, Merino N, Lopez-Ocejo O, Arana MD
125 - 130 Physicochemical modeling of the role of free radicals in photodynamic therapy V. Quantification of spin-trapping kinetics
Shutova T, Kriska T, Nemeth A, Agabekov V, Gal D
131 - 136 Cysteine 3 is not the site of in vitro palmitoylation on G(s alpha)
Scholich K, Yigzaw Y, Patel TB
137 - 140 Potent and selective inhibition of squalene epoxidase by synthetic galloyl esters
Abe I, Seki T, Noguchi H
141 - 146 Homologous expression of recombinant cellobiose dehydrogenase in Phanerochaete chrysosporium
Li B, Rotsaert FAJ, Gold MH, Renganathan V
147 - 152 The molecular structure of the fastest myosin from green algae, Chara
Morimatsu M, Nakamura A, Sumiyoshi H, Sakaba N, Taniguchi H, Kohama K, Higashi-Fujime S
153 - 157 A salt bridge between an N-terminal coiled coil of gp41 and an antiviral agent targeted to the gp41 cove is important for anti-HIV-1 activity
Jiang SB, Debnath AK
158 - 162 Interferon-dependent activation of the serine kinase PI 3'-kinase requires engagement of the IRS pathway but not the Stat pathway
Uddin S, Majchrzak B, Wang PC, Modi S, Khan MK, Fish EN, Platanias LC
163 - 170 In vivo gene gun-mediated DNA delivery into rodent brain tissue
Sato H, Hattori S, Kawamoto S, Kudoh I, Hayashi A, Yamamoto I, Yoshinari M, Minami M, Kanno H
171 - 175 Nuclear localization signals of the BRCA2 protein
Yano K, Morotomi K, Saito H, Kato M, Matsuo F, Miki Y
176 - 182 In situ localization of agouti signal protein in murine skin using immunohistochemistry with an ASP-specific antibody
Matsunaga N, Virador V, Santis C, Vieira WD, Furumura M, Matsunaga J, Kobayashi N, Hearing VJ
183 - 189 An N-terminal 33-amino-acid-deletion variant of hsp25 retains oligomerization and functional properties
Guo ZY, Cooper LF
190 - 198 Mapping of a protective helper T cell epitope of human influenza A virus hemagglutinin
Gogolak P, Simon A, Horvath A, Rethi B, Simon I, Berkics K, Rajnavolgyi E, Toth GK
199 - 202 EPR spin-trapping of a myeloperoxidase protein radical
Lardinois OM, de Montellano PRO
203 - 208 Modification of adipocyte membrane adenylyl cyclase activity by NAD: Evidence against NAD-induced endogenous ADP-ribosylation of Gs alpha protein
Dib K, Lambert B, Correze C
209 - 214 Blockade of JAK2 by tyrphostin AG-490 inhibits antigen-induced eosinophil recruitment into the mouse airways
Kumano K, Nakao A, Nakajima H, Miike S, Kurasawa K, Saito Y, Iwamoto I
215 - 221 Sepsis-induced muscle proteolysis is prevented by a proteasome inhibitor in vivo
Fischer D, Gang G, Pritts T, Hasselgren PO
222 - 229 FYVE-DSP1, a dual-specificity protein phosphatase containing an FYVE domain
Zhao RX, Qi Y, Zhao ZZJ
230 - 234 Substance P regulates PTH secretion through the neurokinin-1 receptor
Galvin RJS, Babbey LE, Hipskind PA, Lamar T, George CA, Baez M, Gitter BD
235 - 239 Role of hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 alpha and 1 beta in the transcriptional regulation of human dipeptidyl peptidase IV during differentiation of Caco-2 cells
Erickson RH, Lai RS, Kim YS
240 - 246 The mevalonate/isoprenoid pathway inhibitor apomine (SR-45023A) is antiproliferative and induces apoptosis similar to farnesol
Flach J, Antoni I, Villemin P, Bentzen CL, Niesor EJ
247 - 253 Firefly luciferase generates two low-molecular-weight light-emitting species
Brau F, Bernengo JC, Min KL, Steghens JP
254 - 259 p-aminohippuric acid transport at renal apical membrane mediated by human inorganic phosphate transporter NPT1
Uchino H, Tamai I, Yamashita K, Minemoto Y, Sai Y, Yabuuchi H, Miyamoto K, Takeda E, Tsuji A
260 - 266 Sex steroid influence on cannabinoid CB1 receptor mRNA and endocannabinoid levels in the anterior pituitary gland
Gonzalez S, Bisogno T, Wenger T, Manzanares J, Milone A, Berrendero F, Di Marzo V, Ramos JA, Fernandez-Ruiz JJ
267 - 271 A novel protein MAJN binds to Jak3 and inhibits apoptosis induced by IL-2 deprival
Ji HB, Zhai QW, Zhu JF, Yan MD, Sun LY, Liu XY, Zheng ZC
272 - 278 CD39 modulates IL-1 release from activated endothelial cells
Imai M, Goepfert C, Kaczmarek E, Robson SC
279 - 285 Engineering of a mini-trichosanthin that has lower antigenicity by deleting its C-terminal amino acid residues
Chan SH, Shaw PC, Mulot SFC, Xu LH, Chan WL, Tam SC, Wong KB
286 - 292 Molecular cloning and partial characterization of a plant VAP33 homologue with a major sperm protein domain
Laurent F, Labesse G, de Wit P
293 - 297 Characterization of the functionally related sites in the neural inducing gene noggin
Liu WD, Ren CP, Shi JL, Feng XL, He ZW, Xu LG, Lan K, Xie L, Peng Y, Fan J, Kung HF, Yao KT, Xu RH
298 - 302 Activation of protease-activated receptor-2 (PAR-2) triggers mucin secretion in the rat sublingual gland
Kawabata A, Morimoto N, Nishikawa H, Kuroda R, Oda Y, Kakehi K
303 - 310 Transcriptional repression of p21((Waf1/Cip1/Sdi1)) gene by c-jun through Sp1 site
Wang CH, Tsao YP, Chen HJ, Chen HL, Wang HW, Chen SL
311 - 317 Inhibition of the 26S proteasome induces expression of GLCLC, the catalytic subunit for gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase
Sekhar KR, Soltaninassab SR, Borrelli MJ, Xu ZQ, Meredith MJ, Domann FE, Freeman ML
318 - 323 Possible involvement of orexin in the stress reaction in rats
Ida T, Nakahara K, Murakami T, Hanada R, Nakazato M, Murakami N
324 - 328 Induction of heme oxygenase-1 modulates cis-aconitase activity in lens epithelial cells
Rzymkiewicz DM, Reddan JR, Andley UP
329 - 329 Mode of molecular recognition of L-fucose by fucose-binding legume lectins (vol 268, pg 262, 2000)
Thomas CJ, Surolia A