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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.269, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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297 - 301 Novel priming compounds of cystathionine metabolites on superoxide generation in human neutrophils
Kodama H, Zhang JY, Sugahara K
302 - 308 Artificial recruitment of Sp1 or TBP can replace the role of IE1 in the synergistic transactivation by IE1 and IE2
Kim JM, Hong Y, Kim S
309 - 316 Cell to cell interaction between mesangial cells and macrophages induces the expression of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 through nuclear factor-kappa B activation
Hisada Y, Sakurai H, Sugaya T
317 - 321 Effect of elcatonin on osteoinduction by recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2
Okubo Y, Bessho K, Fujimura K, Kusumoto K, Ogawa Y, Iizuka T
322 - 326 Up-regulation of p21-and RhoA-activated protein kinases in human pregnant myometrium
Moore F, Da Silva C, Wilde JI, Smarason A, Watson SP, Bernal AL
327 - 330 Preconditioning of human smooth muscle cells via cyclopentenone prostaglandins protects against toxic effects of oxidized low-density lipoprotein
Hamel L, Kenney M, Clark K, Merkel L, Rojas C
331 - 335 Effect of leptin on hypothalamic GLP-1 peptide and brain-stem pre-proglucagon mRNA
Goldstone AP, Morgan I, Mercer JG, Morgan DGA, Moar KM, Ghatei MA, Bloom SR
336 - 346 Glucose starvation reduces IGF-I mRNA in tumor cells: Evidence for an effect on mRNA stability
Wang L, Yang H, Adamo ML
347 - 351 The peroxisome proliferator response element (PPRE) present at positions-681/-669 in the rat liver 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase B gene functionally interacts differently with PPAR alpha and HNF-4
Nicolas-Frances V, Dasari VK, Abruzzi E, Osumi T, Latruffe N
352 - 356 Polo-like kinase1, a new target for antisense tumor therapy
Elez R, Piiper A, Giannini CD, Brendel M, Zeuzem S
357 - 360 Antioxidant effects of an aqueous extract of Ilex paraguariensis
Schinella GR, Troiani G, Davila V, de Buschiazzo PM, Tournier HA
361 - 365 Tumor necrosis factor-alpha upregulates angiopoietin-2 in human umbilical vein endothelial cells
Kim I, Kim JH, Ryu YS, Liu M, Koh GY
366 - 368 Structural organization of the human glutathione reductase gene: Determination of correct cDNA sequence and identification of a mitochondrial leader sequence
Kelner MJ, Montoya MA
369 - 376 E-cadherin at the cell periphery is a determinant of keratinocyte differentiation in vitro
Owens DW, Brunton VG, Parkinson EK, Frame MC
377 - 381 Induction of endothelin-converting enzyme-1 in gastric mucosal injury by idomethacin
Slomiany BL, Slomiany A
382 - 386 ATP synthesis in lipoamide dehydrogenase deficiency
Saada A, Aptowitzer I, Link G, Elpeleg ON
387 - 392 Unfolding kinetics of tryptophan side chains in the dimerization and hinge regions of HIV-I protease tethered dimer by real time NMR spectroscopy
Panchal SC, Hosur RV
393 - 396 A high-level expression of CYP2A in the lung of the suncus (Suncus murinus) and its role in the activation of 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone
Mushiroda T, Ariyoshi N, Kimura K, Takahara E, Nagata O, Kato H, Kamataki T
397 - 400 HSP70 induction in the brain following ethanol administration in the rat: Regulation by glutathione redox state
Calabrese V, Testa G, Ravagna A, Bates TE, Stella AMG
401 - 405 Lipopolysaccharide activates matrix metalloproteinase-2 in endothelial cells through an NF-kappa B-dependent pathway
Kim HG, Koh GY
406 - 409 Cleavage of DNA induced by 9-anilinoacridine inhibitors of topoisomerase II in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum
Auparakkitanon S, Wilairat P
410 - 414 p300/CBP acts as a coactivator of the cone-rod homeobox transcription factor
Yanagi Y, Masuhiro Y, Mori M, Yanagisawa J, Kato S
415 - 421 Selective inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 with antisense oligodeoxynucleotide restricts induction of rat adjuvant-induced arthritis
Yamada R, Sano H, Hla T, Hashiramoto A, Kawahito Y, Mukai S, Kohno M, Tsubouchi Y, Inoue M, Komatsu A, Inoue K, Kondo M
422 - 426 Possible involvement of the p57(Kip2) gene in bone metabolism
Urano T, Hosoi T, Shiraki M, Toyoshima H, Ouchi Y, Inoue S
427 - 432 Extracellular calcium-sensing receptor (CaR) expression and its potential role in parathyroid hormone-related peptide (PTHrP) secretion in the H-500 rat leydig cell model of humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy
Sanders JL, Chattopadhyay N, Kifor O, Yamaguchi T, Brown EM
433 - 437 Gene-specific repair of gamma-ray-induced DNA strand breaks in colon cancer cells: No coupling to transcription and no removal from the mitochondrial genome
May A, Bohr VA
438 - 443 Inhibition of adipocyte differentiation by cMyc is not accompanied by alterations in cell cycle control
Heath TJ, Gillespie DAF, Crouch DH
444 - 450 Molecular cloning and expression analysis of a putative nuclear protein, SR-25
Sasahara K, Yamaoka T, Moritani M, Tanaka M, Iwahana H, Yoshimoto K, Miyagawa J, Kuroda Y, Itakura M
451 - 456 Pyruvate formate-lyase-activating enzyme: Strictly anaerobic isolation yields active enzyme containing a [3Fe-4S](+) cluster
Broderick JB, Henshaw TF, Cheek J, Wojtuszewski K, Smith SR, Trojan MR, McGhan RM, Kopf A, Kibbey M, Broderick WE
457 - 463 The growth regulatory fibroblast IK channel is the prominent electrophysiological feature of rat prostatic cancer cells
Rane SG
464 - 469 Cyclosporin A induces an atypical heat shock response
Paslaru L, Rallu M, Manuel M, Davidson S, Morange M
470 - 473 Chloride fluxes activated by parathyroid hormone in human erythrocytes
Soldati L, Adamo D, Spaventa R, Bianchi G, Vezzoli G
474 - 480 Identification of a family of noncanonical ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes structurally related to yeast UBC6
Lester D, Farquharson C, Russell G, Houston B
481 - 484 Mammalian deoxyribonucleases I are classified into three types: Pancreas, parotid, and pancreas-parotid (mixed), based on differences in their tissue concentrations
Takeshita H, Mogi K, Yasuda T, Nakajima T, Nakashima Y, Mori S, Hoshino T, Kishi K
485 - 490 Identification of the up- and down-regulated genes in vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains Mu3 and Mu50 by cDNA differential hybridization method
Kuroda M, Kuwahara-Arai K, Hiramatsu K
491 - 495 The N-terminal tandem repeat region of human prion protein reduces copper: Role of tryptophan residues
Ruiz FH, Silva E, Inestrosa NC
496 - 501 Partial leptin receptor gene deletion in transgenic mice prevents expression of the membrane-bound isoforms except for Ob-Rc
Reichart U, Kappler R, Scherthan H, Wolf E, Muller M, Brem G, Aigner B
502 - 507 Contrasting obesity phenotypes uncovered by partial leptin receptor gene deletion in transgenic mice
Reichart U, Renner-Muller I, Hoflich A, Muller OJ, Franz WM, Wolf E, Muller M, Brem G, Aigner B
508 - 512 Enhancing activity of epsilon in Escherichia coli and Agrobacterium tumefaciens cells
Golshani A, Kolev V, Mironova R, AbouHaidar MG, Ivanov IG
513 - 520 Quantitative analysis of glioma cell invasion by confocal laser scanning microscopy in a novel brain slice model
Matsumura H, Ohnishi T, Kanemura Y, Maruno M, Yoshimine T
521 - 525 p62 functions as a p38 MAP kinase regulator
Sudo T, Maruyama M, Osada H
526 - 531 Cloning and characterization of the UDP-sugar hydrolase gene (ushA) of Enterobacter aerogenes IFO 12010
Lee KS, Song SB, Kim KE, Kim YH, Kim SK, Kho BH, Ko DK, Choi YK, Lee YK, Kim CK, Kim YC, Lim JY, Kim Y, Min KH, Wanner BL
532 - 536 Cancer cells responsible for humoral hypercalcemia express mRNA encoding a secreted form of ODF/TRANCE that induces osteoclast formation
Nagai M, Kyakumoto S, Sato N
537 - 541 Association of estrogen receptor beta gene polymorphism with bone mineral density
Ogawa S, Hosoi T, Shiraki M, Orimo H, Emi M, Muramatsu M, Ouchi Y, Inoue S
542 - 545 Mitochondria and caspases in induced apoptosis in human luteinized granulosa cells
Khan SM, Dauffenbach LM, Yeh J
546 - 552 Cell-type-dependent induction of eotaxin and CCR3 by ionizing radiation
Huber MA, Kraut N, Addicks T, Peter RU
553 - 556 Cytoplasmic inhibitor of eEF-2 ADP-ribosylation catalyzed by diphtheria toxin or endogenous transferase in rat liver cells
Galicka A, Sredzinska K, Gindzienski A
557 - 563 cDNA cloning of an alternative splicing variant of protein kinase C delta (PKC delta III), a new truncated form of PKC delta, in rats
Ueyama T, Ren Y, Ohmori S, Sakai K, Tamaki N, Saito N
564 - 569 MDP77: A novel neurite-outgrowth-promoting protein predominantly expressed in chick muscles
Uyeda A, Fukui I, Fujimori K, Kiyosue K, Nishimune H, Kasai M, Taguchi T
570 - 573 Effects of CTx and 8-bromo-cAMP on LPS-induced gene expression of cytokines in murine peritoneal macrophages
Feng WG, Wang YB, Zhang JS, Wang XY, Li CL, Chang ZL
574 - 579 Spectinomycin inhibits the self-splicing of the group 1 intron RNA
Park IK, Kim JY, Lim EH, Shin S
580 - 583 A novel 5'-carboxychroman metabolite of gamma-tocopherol secreted by HepG2 cells and excreted in human urine
Parker RS, Swanson JE
584 - 590 CBP: A target molecule of HTLV-1 Tax in synoviocyte activation
Nakazawa M, Hasunuma T, Ohshima T, Tanaka Y, Nishioka K, Nakajima T
591 - 595 Combinatorial chemistry defines general properties of linkers for the optimal display of peptide ligands for binding soluble protein targets to TentaGel microscopic beads
Thorpe DS, Walle S
596 - 603 Kinetic study of porcine kidney betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase
Figueroa-Soto CG, Valenzuela-Soto EM
604 - 610 Regulation of the quiescence-induced genes: Quiescin Q6, decorin, and ribosomal protein S29
Coppock D, Kopman C, Gudas J, Cina-Poppe DA
611 - 617 Genomic structure of murine Rab11 family members
Bhartur SG, Calhoun BC, Woodrum J, Kurkjian J, Iyer S, Lai F, Goldenring JR
618 - 622 Regulation of ATP-sensitive potassium channel mRNA expression in rat kidney following ischemic injury
Sgard F, Faure C, la Rochelle CD, Graham D, O'Connor SE, Janiak P, Besnard F
623 - 627 Development of bacterial expression system with high yield of CYP3A7, a human fetus-specific form of cytochrome P450
Inoue E, Takahashi Y, Imai Y, Kamataki T
628 - 632 Bovine milk kininogen fragment 1 center dot 2 promotes the proliferation of osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells
Yamamura J, Takada Y, Goto M, Kumegawa M, Aoe S
633 - 640 The suppression of small GTPase Rho signal transduction pathway inhibits angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo
Uchida S, Watanabe G, Shimada Y, Maeda M, Kawabe A, Mori A, Arii S, Uehata M, Kishimoto T, Oikawa T, Imamura M