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ISSN: 0920-5861 (Print) 

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1 - 2 Third Japan - EU Joint Workshop on the Frontiers of Catalytic Science & Technology for Energy, Environment and Risks Prevention - JECAT '97 - Foreword
Yoshimura Y, Saito I, Kobayashi T, Geantet C
3 - 12 Reactivities of active oxygen species and their roles in the catalytic oxidation of inactive hydrocarbon
Moro-oka Y
13 - 22 Simple chemical processes based on low molecular-mass alkanes as chemical feedstocks
Baerns M, Buyevskaya O
23 - 28 Partial oxidation of light alkanes by NOx in the gas phase
Otsuka K, Takahashi R, Amakawa K, Yamanaka I
29 - 33 Direct conversion of methane into methanol over MoO3/SiO2 catalyst in an excess amount of water vapor
Aoki K, Ohmae M, Nanba T, Takeishi K, Azuma N, Ueno A, Ohfune H, Hayashi H, Udagawa Y
35 - 39 Development of ultra-stable Ni catalysts for CO2 reforming of methane
Tomishige K, Yamazaki O, Chen YG, Yokoyama K, Li XH, Fujimoto K
41 - 45 Lithium-doped sulfated-zirconia catalysts for oxidative coupling of methane to give ethylene and ethane
Murata K, Hayakawa T, Hamakawa S, Suzuki K
47 - 54 A study of the effect of sulphation on iron oxide catalysts for methane oxidation
Brown ASC, Hargreaves JSJ, Rijniersce B
55 - 59 Promoting effects of CO2 on dehydrogenation of propane over a SiO2-supported Cr2O3 catalyst
Takahara I, Chang WC, Mimura N, Saito M
61 - 64 Dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene over iron oxide-based catalyst in the presence of carbon dioxide
Mimura N, Takahara I, Saito M, Hattori T, Ohkuma K, Ando M
65 - 71 Investigations on the oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butane over VMgO-type catalysts
Lemonidou AA, Tjatjopoulos GJ, Vasalos IA
73 - 77 Organic reactions in excess water catalyzed by solid acids
Okuhara T, Kimura M, Kawai T, Xu Z, Nakato T
79 - 84 Characterization of titanium-boron binary oxides and their photocatalytic activity for stoichiometric decomposition of water
Moon SC, Mametsuka H, Suzuki E, Nakahara Y
85 - 92 Transient kinetic study of the SCR-DeNO(x) reaction
Lietti L, Nova I, Tronconi E, Forzatti P
93 - 102 Relative rates of various steps of NO-CH4-O-2 reaction catalyzed by Pd/H-ZSM-5
Kato H, Yokoyama C, Misono M
103 - 108 Lean-DeNO(x) titania based monolithic catalysts
Blanco J, Odenbrand CUI, Avila P, Knapp C
109 - 115 Reversible sorption-desorption of NOx by mixed oxides under various atmospheres
Eguchi K, Hayashi T
117 - 122 Temperature programmed desorption study of adsorbed species formed by the decomposition of N2O on ion-exchanged copper zeolite catalysts
Shimokawabe M, Hirano K, Takezawa N
123 - 127 Selective reduction of NO on Ag/Al2O3 catalysts prepared from boehmite needles
Takagi K, Kobayashi T, Ohkita H, Mizushima T, Kakuta N, Abe A, Yoshida K
129 - 134 Catalytic decomposition of N2O over supported Rh catalysts : effects of supports and Rh dispersion
Yuzaki K, Yarimizu T, Aoyagi K, Ito S, Kunimori K
135 - 138 Two conversion maxima at 373 and 573 K in the reduction of nitrogen monoxide with hydrogen over Pd/TiO2 catalyst
Ueda A, Nakao T, Azuma M, Kobayashi T
139 - 145 Role of zeolite structure on reduction of NOx with methane over In- and Pd-based catalysts
Ogura M, Hayashi M, Kikuchi E
147 - 151 Oxidation of methane over Pt and Pd supported on alumina in lean-burn natural-gas engine exhaust
Yamamoto H, Uchida H
153 - 158 Effect of hydrocarbon compositions in the M85 fuel on catalytic conversion
Maeda A, Seko T
159 - 165 Catalytic combustion of gasified biomasses over Mn-substituted hexaaluminates for gas turbine applications
Groppi G, Lietti L, Tronconi E, Forzatti P
167 - 172 Test results of a catalytic combustor for a gas turbine
Ozawa Y, Fujii T, Tochihara Y, Kanazawa T, Sagimori K
173 - 178 Catalytic activity of PdO/ZrO2 catalyst for methane combustion
Narui K, Furuta K, Yata H, Nishida A, Kohtoku Y, Matsuzaki T
179 - 183 CO oxidation on Pd/CeO2-ZrO2 catalysts
Bekyarova E, Fornasiero P, Kaspar J, Graziani M
185 - 190 Oxidative decomposition of dichlorodifluoromethane (CFC-12) in the presence of butane over Tungsten(VI) oxide catalysts supported on alumina-zirconia
Tashiro S, Nagata H, Kishida M, Mizuno K, Wakabayashi K
191 - 196 Production of carbon monoxide and hydrogen by methanol decomposition over nickel dispersed on porous glass
Matsumura Y, Kuraoka K, Yazawa T, Haruta M
197 - 201 Syngas conversion using RhVO4 and Rh2MnO4 catalysts: Regeneration and redispersion of Rh metal by calcination and reduction treatments
Ishiguro S, Ito S, Kunimori K
203 - 208 Preparation method for supported metal catalysts using w/o microemulsion: Study on immobilization conditions of metal particles by hydrolysis of alkoxide
Kishida M, Hanaoka T, Nagata H, Wakabayashi K
209 - 214 Effective synthesis of ethanol from CO2 on polyfunctional composite catalysts
Inui T, Yamamoto T
215 - 220 Optimization of preparation conditions and improvement of stability of Cu/ZnO-based multicomponent catalysts for methanol synthesis from CO2 and H-2
Wu JG, Luo SC, Toyir J, Saito M, Takeuchi M, Watanabe T
221 - 227 Selective formation of CH3OH in the photocatalytic reduction of CO2 with H2O on titanium oxides highly dispersed within zeolites and mesoporous molecular sieves
Yamashita H, Fujii Y, Ichihashi Y, Zhang SG, Ikeue K, Park DR, Koyano K, Tatsumi T, Anpo M
229 - 234 Hydrocarbon synthesis from CO2 over Fe-Cu catalysts
Ando H, Xu Q, Fujiwara M, Matsumura Y, Tanaka M, Souma Y
235 - 239 Activity of carbided molybdena-alumina for CO2 hydrogenation
Nagai M, Kurakami T, Omi S
241 - 244 Methanol synthesis from CO2 over Cu/ZnO catalysts prepared from various coprecipitated precursors
Fujita S, Kanamori Y, Satriyo AM, Takezawa N
245 - 250 Development of high performance Raney Cu-based catalysts for methanol synthesis from CO2 and H-2
Toyir J, Saito M, Yamauchi I, Luo SC, Wu JG, Takahara I, Takeuchi M
251 - 256 CO2 hydrogenation over Pd-modified methanol synthesis catalysts
Melian-Cabrera I, Granados ML, Terreros P, Fierro JLG
257 - 260 Solid catalysts for wet oxidation of nitrogen-containing organic compounds
Dobrynkin NM, Batygina MV, Noskov AS
261 - 269 Catalyst design and development for upgrading aromatic hydrocarbons
Nishijima A, Kameoka T, Sato T, Matsubayashi N, Nishimura Y
271 - 276 Highly active hydrotreatment catalysts prepared with chelating agents
Shimizu T, Hiroshima K, Honma T, Mochizuki T, Yamada M
277 - 283 Alumina supported HDS catalysts prepared by impregnation with new heteropolycompounds. Comparison with catalysts prepared by conventional Co-Mo-P coimpregnation
Griboval A, Blanchard P, Payen E, Fournier M, Dubois JL
285 - 291 Elucidation of hydrodesulfurization mechanism using S-35 radioisotope pulse tracer methods
Kabe T, Ishihara A, Qian W, Godo M
293 - 298 Hydrodesulfurization of dibenzothiophenes over molybdenum catalyst supported on TiO2-Al2O3
Yoshinaka S, Segawa K
299 - 305 Assessment of limitations and potentials for improvement in deep desulfurization through detailed kinetic analysis of mechanistic pathways
Whitehurst DD, Farag H, Nagamatsu T, Sakanishi K, Mochida I
307 - 312 Development of a high activity HDS catalyst for diesel fuel: from basic research to commercial experience
Fujikawa T, Chiyoda O, Tsukagoshi M, Idei K, Takehara S
313 - 318 DRIFT study of temperature programmed desorption of NO adsorbed on Co-Mo/Al2O3 sulfided at high pressure
Koizumi N, Takahashi K, Yamazaki M, Yamada M
319 - 325 Accelerated deactivation of hydrotreating catalysts: comparison to long-term deactivation in a commercial plant
Tanaka Y, Shimada H, Matsubayashi N, Nishijima A, Nomura M
327 - 334 Hydrodesulfurization over noble metals supported on ZSM-5 zeolites
Sugioka M, Sado F, Kurosaka T, Wang X
335 - 340 TPD study and carbazole hydrodenitrogenation activity of nitrided molybdena-alumina
Nagai M, Goto Y, Uchino O, Omi S
341 - 346 Sulfidation of an alumina supported CoMo hydrotreating catalyst: variation of the S/(Co+Mo) ratio with the sulfiding temperature
Glasson C, Geantet C, Lacroix M, Labruyere F, Dufresne P
347 - 352 Kinetics of sulfur model molecules competing with H2S as a tool for evaluating the HDS activities of commercial CoMo/Al2O3 catalysts
Leglise J, van Gestel JNM, Finot L, Duchet JC, Dubois JL
353 - 359 Catalytic functionality of unsupported molybdenum sulfide catalysts prepared with different methods
Iwata Y, Sato K, Yoneda T, Miki Y, Sugimoto Y, Nishijima A, Shimada H
361 - 366 Hydrogenation of anthracene over active carbon-supported nickel catalyst
Zhang ZG, Okada K, Yamamoto M, Yoshida T
367 - 374 Hydrocracking of diphenylmethane and tetralin over bifunctional NiW sulfide catalysts supported on three kinds of zeolites
Sato K, Iwata Y, Yoneda T, Nishijima A, Miki Y, Shimada H
375 - 380 EXAFS study on Pd-Pt catalyst supported on USY zeolite
Matsubayashi N, Yasuda H, Imamura M, Yoshimura Y
381 - 384 Influence of ammonia on thiophene HDS at high pressures over noble metal catalysts for deep HDS applications
Cowan R, Hoglin M, Reinink H, Jsebaert J, Chadwick D
385 - 391 Hydropyrolysis of Alberta coal and petroleum residue using calcium oxide catalyst and toluene additive
Banerjee D, Nagaishi H, Yoshida T
393 - 397 Development of a high efficiency substitute natural gas production process
Nagase S, Takami S, Hirayama A, Hirai Y
399 - 404 Temperature effect on continuous gasification of microalgal biomass: theoretical yield of methanol production and its energy balance
Hirano A, Hon-Nami K, Kunito S, Hada M, Ogushi Y
405 - 409 A novel test method for catalysts in the treatment of biomass pyrolysis oil
Nokkosmaki MI, Krause AOI, Leppamaki EA, Kuoppala ET
411 - 416 Hydrogen production from cellulose using a reduced nickel catalyst
Minowa T, Ogi T