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1 - 2 Preface
Maurya MR, Kawi S, Wilson AK
1 - 9 Influence of acidity on the performance of silica supported tungsten oxide catalysts assessed by in situ and Operando DRIFTS
Takkawatakarn T, Suriye K, Jongsomjit B, Panpranot J, Praserthdam P
3 - 29 Conversion of CO2 to C-1 chemicals: Catalyst design, kinetics and mechanism aspects of the reactions
Jangam A, Das S, Dewangan N, Hongmanorom P, Hui WM, Kawi S
30 - 36 Highly active and stable Ni-incorporated spherical silica catalysts for CO(2)methanation
Kuhaudomlap S, Praserthdam P, Shirai M, Panpranot J
37 - 44 Investigation on the increased stability of the Ni-Co bi-metallic catalysts for the carbon dioxide reforming of methane
Liu A, Praserthdam S, Phatanasri S
45 - 50 Amine-oxide hybrid materials in combination with cobalt for the catalyzed cycloaddition of carbon dioxide and propylene oxide
Ramirez-Cuellar KP, Salas-Martin KP, Mendez-Ocampo PA, Martinez-dlCruz L, Garcia-Marquez A, Guerrero-Rios I
51 - 59 Deposition of Pt nanoparticles on TiO2 by pulsed direct current magnetron sputtering for selective hydrogenation of vanillin to vanillyl alcohol
Pongthawornsakun B, Kaewsuanjik P, Kittipreechakun P, Ratova M, Kelly P, Mekasuwandumrong O, Praserthdam P, Panpranot J
60 - 67 Guaiacol hydrodeoxygenation over Pd catalyst with mesoporous ZSM-5 support synthesized by solid-state crystallization
Wang YX, Huang HJ, Baxter NC, Liao YX, Zhao YJ, Wang SN
68 - 73 Partial hydrogenation of dimethyl oxalate on Cu/SiO2 catalyst modified by sodium silicate
Huang HJ, Wang B, Wang Y, Zhao YJ, Wang SP, Ma XB
74 - 89 Catalyst pellet design of WO3/Si-Al and hydrotalcite binder for propylene self-metathesis
Sripinun S, Gayapan K, Tolek W, Suriye K, Praserthdam P, Assabumrungrat S
90 - 99 Preparation of aluminum magnesium oxide by different methods for use as PtSn catalyst supports in propane dehydrogenation
Srisakwattana T, Suriye K, Praserthdam P, Panpranot J
100 - 108 Effect of preparation method on the Pt-In modified Mg(Al)O catalysts over dehydrogenation of propane
Tolek W, Suriye K, Praserthdam P, Panpranot J
109 - 115 Mother liquor induced preparation of SAPO-34 zeolite for MTO reaction
Liu Z, Li H, Zhang TT, Wang Y, Shi PW, Wang Y, Subhan F, Liu XM, Yan ZF
116 - 121 Prevention of deactivation of HZSM-5 by mixing with NaZSM-5 in catalytic reaction of methylcyclohexane
Lee TH, Shin MC, Jeong BH, Park JH, Kim SH, Lee KB
122 - 128 An effective Cu-Ag/HMS bimetallic catalyst for hydrogenation of methyl acetate to ethanol
Sheng HB, Zhang HT, Ma HF, Qian WX, Ying WY
129 - 137 Synergistic catalysis of hybrid nano-structure Pd catalyst for highly efficient catalytic selective hydrogenation of benzaldehyde
Zhang YJ, Zhou JC, Li K, Lv MD
138 - 142 Eucalyptol as bio-based solvent for Migita-Kosugi-Stille coupling reaction on O,S,N-heterocycle
Campos JF, Berteina-Raboin S
143 - 148 Au-assisted methanol-hydrogenated titanium dioxide for photocatalytic evolution of hydrogen
Wang TT, Lin YC, Lin MC, Lin YG
149 - 154 Selective production of dihydroxyacetone and glyceraldehyde by photo- assisted oxidation of glycerol
Mendoza A, Romero R, Gutierrez-Cedillo GP, Lopez-Tellez G, Lorenzo-Gonzalez O, Gomez-Espinosa RM, Natividad R
155 - 163 Degradation of rhodamine B under visible-light with nanotubular Ag@ AgCl@AgI photocatalysts
Xiao JQ, Mdlovu NV, Lin KS, Chang CJ, Chen ZW
164 - 171 Rapid assessment of the photocatalytic activity in construction materials: Pros and cons of reductive inks and oxidative fl uorescence probes versus standardized NOx testing
Jimenez-Relinque E, Castellote M
172 - 176 Effects of water-to-methanol ratio on the structural, optical and photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide thin films prepared by mist chemical vapor deposition
Zhang Q, Li CY
177 - 183 Natural wolframite as a novel visible-light photocatalyst towards organics degradation and bacterial inactivation
Li LH, Li Y, Li YZ, Lu AH, Ding HR, Wong PK, Sun HL, Shi JX
184 - 195 Graphene-cobalt based oxygen electrocatalysts
Gong XJ, Li AN, Wu JB, Wang JY, Wang CW, Wang JZ
196 - 202 Bi-metallic cobalt-nickel phosphide nanowires for electrocatalysis of the oxygen and hydrogen evolution reactions
Amorim I, Xu JY, Zhang N, Xiong DH, Thalluri SM, Thomas R, Sousa JPS, Araujo A, Li H, Liu LF
203 - 209 Ordered mesoporous ruthenium oxide with balanced catalytic activity and stability toward oxygen evolution reaction
Lee SW, Baik C, Pak C
210 - 214 Tracking the prelude of the electroreduction of carbon monoxide via its interaction with Cu(100): Studies by operando scanning tunneling microscopy and infrared spectroscopy
Baricuatro JH, Kim YG, Korzeniewski CL, Soriaga MP
215 - 220 Hybridizing amorphous nickel cobalt phosphate and nickel phosphide as an efficient bifunctional nanocatalyst towards overall water splitting
Li C, Mei XH, Lam FLY, Hu XJ
221 - 227 Hydrocracking of hydrotreated light cycle oil to mono aromatics over non-noble bi-functional (ni-w supported) zeolite catalysts
Anilkumar M, Loke N, Patil V, Panday R, Sreenivasarao G
228 - 236 Ultrafine reverse micelle catalysts for slurry-phase residue hydrocracking
Prajapati R, Kohli K, Maity SK, Sharma BK
237 - 245 Inhibition effect of Na+ form in ZSM-5 zeolite on hydrogen transfer reaction via 1-butene cracking
Auepattana-aumrung C, Suriye K, Jongsomjit B, Panpranot J, Praserthdam P
246 - 253 Strong interaction between Au nanoparticles and porous polyurethane sponge enables efficient environmental catalysis with high reusability
Jin QJ, Ma L, Zhou W, Chintalapalle R, Shen YS, Li XJ
254 - 262 Novel W-Zr-O-x/TiO2 catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3 at high temperature
Chen MM, Jin QJ, Tao XJ, Pan YC, Gu SS, Shen YS
263 - 269 Investigation of metal oxide additives onto Na2WO4-Ti/SiO2 catalysts for oxidative coupling of methane to value-added chemicals
Sringam S, Kidamorn P, Chukeaw T, Chareonpanich M, Seubsai A
270 - 277 Bimetal Cu-Mn porous silica-supported catalyst for Fenton-like degradation of organic dyes in wastewater at neutral pH
Suligoj A, Ristic A, Drazic G, Pintar A, Logar NZ, Tusar NN
278 - 283 The influence of the pH on the reaction mechanism of water oxidation by a Ru(bda) catalyst
Luque-Urrutia JA, Sola M, Poater A
284 - 293 Oxidative degradation of cresol isomers using ozone in the presence of SiO2-supported nickel, iron, manganese and vanadium catalysts
Ncanana ZS, Sadgrove NJ, Pullabhotla VSRR
294 - 302 Hydroxylamine promoted Fe(III)/Fe(II) cycle on ilmenite surface to enhance persulfate catalytic activation and aqueous pharmaceutical ibuprofen degradation
Yin R, Hu LL, Xia DH, Yang JL, He C, Liao YH, Zhang Q, He J
303 - 315 Fischer-Tropsch studies in a 3D-printed stainless steel microchannel microreactor coated with cobalt-based bimetallic-MCM-41 catalysts
Mohammad N, Abrokwah RY, Stevens-Boyd RG, Aravamudhan S, Kuila D
316 - 323 Integrated membrane contactor absorber/regeneration column process for CO2 capture with large scale module at various operating conditions
Lee HJ, Kim MK, Lee SH, Park TS, Park SD, Park JH
324 - 332 Novel porous ceramic sheet supported metal reactors for continuous-flow catalysis
Jin QJ, Lu BX, Pan YC, Tao XJ, Himmelhaver C, Shen YS, Gu SS, Zeng YW, Li XJ
333 - 337 Effect of vinylphosphonic acid and polymer binders with phosphate groups on performance of high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Kim DH, Min CM, Lee E, Lee JS, Pak C
338 - 344 Effects of reduction of graphene oxide on the hydrogen storage capacities of metal graphene nanocomposite
Ngqalakwezi A, Nkazi D, Seifert G, Ntho T
354 - 369 Lewis acid transformation to Bronsted acid sites over supported tungsten oxide catalysts containing different surface WOx structures
Guntida A, Suriye K, Panpranot J, Praserthdam P
370 - 386 Hydrogen activated WOx-supported catalysts for Lewis acid transformation to Bronsted acid observed by in situ DRIFTS of adsorbed ammonia: Effect of different supports on the Lewis acid transformation
Boonpai S, Suriye K, Jongsomjit B, Panpranot J, Praserthdam P
387 - 393 Unraveling the structural properties and dynamics of sulfonated solid acid carbon catalysts with neutron vibrational spectroscopy
Hood ZD, Cheng YQ, Evans SF, Adhikari SP, Paranthaman MP
394 - 402 Physicochemical properties of acid/base activated kaolinite modified with oxalic acid-functionalized nickel nanoparticles
Ayodele OB
403 - 411 Spin state, electronic structure and bonding on C-scorpionate [Fe (II)Cl-2(tpm)] catalyst: An experimental and computational study
Carlotto S, Casella G, Floreano L, Verdini A, Ribeiro APC, Martins LMDRS, Casarin M
412 - 421 Design of Ag/g-C3N4 on TiO2 nanotree arrays via ultrasonic-assisted spin coating as an efficient photoanode for solar water oxidation: Morphology modification and junction improvement
Mahvelati-Shamsabadi T, Lee BK
422 - 429 Computational chemistry considerations in catalysis: Regioselectivity and metal-ligand dissociation
Patel P, Wilson AK