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1 - 9 Platinum-loaded lanthanum-doped calcium titanate photocatalysts prepared by a flux method for photocatalytic steam reforming of methane
Anzai A, Fujiwara K, Yamamoto A, Yoshida H
10 - 17 Enhanced activity and durability of Pt nanoparticles supported on reduced graphene oxide for oxygen reduction catalysts of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Kim J, Kim SI, Jo SG, Hong NE, Ye B, Lee S, Dow HS, Lee DH, Lee JW
18 - 26 Photoelectrochemical investigation of the role of surface-modified Yb species in the photocatalytic conversion of CO2 by H2O over Ga2O3 photocatalysts
Kikkawa S, Nakatani Y, Teramura K, Asakura H, Hosokawa S, Tanaka T
27 - 33 Bimetallic NiFe alloys as highly efficient electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction
Lim D, Oh E, Lim C, Shim SE, Baeck SH
34 - 38 Effects of the amount of Au nanoparticles on the visible light response of TiO2 photocatalysts
Yoshida T, Misu Y, Yamamoto M, Tanabe T, Kumagai J, Ogawa S, Yagi S
39 - 46 Three-dimensional mesoporous Ir-Ru binary oxides with improved activity and stability for water electrolysis
Lee SW, Baik C, Kim TY, Pak C
47 - 53 Structurally modified graphitic carbon nitride with highly photocatalytic activity in the presence of visible light
Katsumata H, Sakakibara K, Tateishi I, Furukawa M, Kaneco S
54 - 59 Rapid decomposition of chloroform by a liquid phase plasma reaction with titanium dioxide and hydrogen peroxide
Jung SC, Lee H, Ki SJ, Kim SJ, Park YK
60 - 65 Reductive conversion of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 1,2,6-hexanetriol in water solvent using supported Pt catalysts
Kataoka H, Kosuge D, Ogura K, Ohyama J, Satsuma A
66 - 72 Catalytic hydrogenation of alginic acid into sugar alcohols over ruthenium supported on nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbons
Ban C, Yang S, Kim H, Kim DH
73 - 79 Investigation of the mechanism of the selective hydrogenolysis of C-O bonds over a Pt/WO3/Al2O3 catalyst
Aiharaa T, Miura H, Shishido T
80 - 87 Investigation of glycerolysis of urea over various ZnMeO (Me = Co, Cr, and Fe) mixed oxide catalysts
Nguyen-Phu H, Do LT, Shin EW
88 - 94 Effect of sodium propionate as a stabilizer on the catalytic activity of Pt/C catalysts for D-glucose hydrogenation
Byun MY, Park DW, Lee MS
95 - 103 Alkaline wet oxidation of lignin over Cu-Mn mixed oxide catalysts for production of vanillin
Jeon W, Choi IH, Park JY, Lee JS, Hwang KR
104 - 110 Highly selective synthesis of methanol from methane over carbon materials supported Pd-Au nanoparticles under mild conditions
He YL, Liang JM, Imai Y, Ueda K, Li HJ, Guo XY, Yang GH, Yoneyama Y, Tsubaki N
111 - 117 Control of methane chlorination with molecular chlorine gas using zeolite catalysts: Effects of Si/Al ratio and framework type
Kwon S, Chae HJ, Na K
118 - 126 A CHA zeolite supported Ga-oxo cluster for partial oxidation of CH4 at room temperature
Yasumura S, Huang MW, Wu XP, Liu C, Toyao T, Maeno Z, Shimizu K
127 - 133 Low-temperature oxidative coupling of methane using alkaline earth metal oxide-supported perovskites
Lim S, Choi JW, Suh DJ, Lee U, Song KH, Ha JM
134 - 139 Preparation of LaAlO3 perovskite catalysts by simple solid-state method for oxidative coupling of methane
Sim Y, Yang I, Kwon D, Ha JM, Jung JC
140 - 147 Kinetic modeling of methane dehydroaromatization over a Mo2C/H-ZSM5 catalyst: Different deactivation behaviors of the Mo2C and H-ZSM5 sites
Jeong J, Hwang A, Kim YT, Hong DY, Park MJ
148 - 156 Selective CO oxidation in the hydrogen stream over Ru/Al@Al2O3 catalysts
Rah IJ, Kim TW, Kim J, Lee D, Park ED
157 - 165 Egg-shell-type Ni supported on MgAl2O4 pellets as catalyst for steam methane reforming: Enhanced coke-resistance and pellet stability
Cho E, Yu YJ, Kim Y, Phan TN, Park D, Ko CH
166 - 174 Effect of Cu/CeO2 catalyst preparation methods on their characteristics for low temperature water - gas shift reaction: A detailed study
Ahn SY, Na HS, Jeon KW, Lee YL, Kim KJ, Shim JO, Roh HS
175 - 182 Synthesis of Ga-containing CON-type material and its catalytic performance in methanol-to-ole fins reaction
Park S, Sato G, Nishitoba T, Kondo JN, Yokoi T
183 - 191 Effects of nanosheet catalysts on synthesis of aromatics and light hydrocarbons from acetylene
Lee T, Bae Y, Jeon J, Kim J, Choi J, Ha KS
192 - 197 Promotive effect of H2O on low-temperature NO reduction by CO over Pd/La0.9Ba0.1AlO3-delta
Higo T, Omori Y, Shigemoto A, Ueno K, Ogo S, Sekine Y
198 - 203 In-situ IR study on stability of amine-impregnated CO2 adsorbents to acidic gases
Pyo SW, Manianglung C, Ko YS
204 - 211 Catalytic reduction of nitrate in water over alumina-supported nickel catalyst toward purification of polluted groundwater
Kobune M, Takizawa D, Nojima J, Otomo R, Kamiya Y
212 - 219 High methane selective Pt cluster catalyst supported on Ga2O3 for CO2 hydrogenation
Choi H, Oh S, Park JY
220 - 226 Surfactant-assisted synthesis of nanocrystalline zeolitic imidazolate framework 8 and 67 for adsorptive removal of perfluorooctane sulfonate from aqueous solution
Konno H, Nakasaka Y, Yasuda K, Omata M, Masuda T
227 - 236 Porous aluminum-based DUT metal-organic frameworks for the transformation of CO2 into cyclic carbonates: A computationally supported study
Kurisingal JF, Li YX, Sagynbayeva Y, Chitumalla RK, Vuppala S, Rachuri Y, Gu YJ, Jang J, Park DW
237 - 242 Kinetic modeling of steady-state NH3-SCR over a monolithic Cu-CHA catalyst
Eijima W, Shibata G, Shibayama N, Kobashi Y, Ogawa H, Shimizu K
243 - 249 Catalytic oxidation of cyclic hydrocarbons with hydrogen peroxide using Fe complexes immobilized into montmorillonite
Yamaguchi S, Ihara D, Yamashita Y, Uemoto Y, Yahiro H
250 - 254 The catalytic oxidation of 1-phenylethanol over SiO2 supported manganese oxide nanocluster prepared by PVP stabilized colloidal Mn as precursor
Nakamura K, Ichikuni N, Hara T, Kojima T, Shimazu S
255 - 261 Synthesis of plasmonic gold nanoparticles supported on morphology-controlled TiO2 for aerobic alcohol oxidation
Verma P, Mori K, Kuwahara Y, Cho SJ, Yamashita H
262 - 269 Crystal refinement of rutile by sonochemical method to achieve high performance Pd catalysts for direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide
Han GH, Lee GP, Lee KY
270 - 278 Direct synthesis of H2O2 over acid-treated Pd/C catalyst derived from a Pd-Co core-shell structure
Lee S, Chung YM
279 - 286 Effects of post-thermal treatments of ball-milled boron nitrides on solid base catalysis
Takagaki A
287 - 297 Characteristics of Si-Y mixed oxide supported nickel catalysts for the reductive amination of ethanol to ethylamines
Jeong YS, Woo Y, Park MJ, Shin CH
298 - 307 Cascade Knoevenagel condensation-chemoselective transfer hydrogenation catalyzed by Pd nanoparticles stabilized on amine-functionalized aromatic porous polymer
Puthiaraj P, Yu K, Baeck SH, Ahn WS
308 - 315 Effect of MgO promoter on Ru/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts for tricyclopentadiene hydrogenation
Park Y, Ku H, An JY, Han J, Shin CH, Jeon JK
316 - 322 Origin of high stability of Pt/anatase-TiO2 catalyst in sulfuric acid decomposition for SI cycle to produce hydrogen
Khan HA, Kim S, Jung KD
323 - 328 Morphology change and phase transformation of alumina related to defect sites and its use in catalyst preparation
Jang EJ, Lee J, Kwak JH
329 - 336 Molecular-size selective hydroconversion of FCC light cycle oil into petrochemical light aromatic hydrocarbons
Oh Y, Noh H, Park H, Han H, Nguyen TB, Lee JK
337 - 344 Propane dehydrogenation over vanadium-doped zirconium oxide catalysts
Jeon N, Choe H, Jeong B, Yun Y
345 - 353 Density functional theory study on the dehydrogenation of 1,2-dimethyl cyclohexane and 2-methyl piperidine on Pd and Pt catalysts
Yook H, Kim K, Park JH, Suh YW, Han JW