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1 - 6 Two decades of Ezio Pelizzetti's achievements and contributions to photocatalysis - A personal recollection
Serpone N
7 - 11 Kinetic analysis of liquid phase photocatalysis and photolysis: A frequent disguise!
Ollis D
12 - 18 Photocatalytic rate dependence on light absorption properties of different TiO2 specimens
Calza P, Minella M, Demarchis L, Sordello F, Minero C
19 - 25 Sensitizing effects of BiVO4 and visible light induced production of highly reductive electrons in the TiO2/BiVO4 heterojunction
Polo A, Grigioni I, Dozzi MV, Selli E
26 - 33 An overview on the use of adsorption and reactions of NO to probe (photocatalytic) TiO2
Pichat P
34 - 39 Composite photocatalysts based on TiO2 - carbon for air pollutant removal: Aspects of adsorption
Krysa J, Baudys M, Vislocka X, Neumann-Spallart M
40 - 48 Simple thermal decomposition of bismuth citrate to Bi/C/alpha-Bi2O3 with enhanced photocatalytic performance and adsorptive ability
Ma YY, Han QF, Chiu TW, Wang X, Zhu JW
49 - 57 Structural, electronic and photochemical properties of cerium-doped zirconium titanate
Polliotto V, Albanese E, Livraghi S, Agnoli S, Pacchioni G, Giamello E
58 - 69 Photophysics of color centers in visible-light-active rutile titania. Evidence of the photoformation and trapping of charge carriers from advanced diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and mass spectrometry
Kuznetsov VN, Glazkova NI, Mikhaylov RV, Kozhevina AV, Serpone N
70 - 85 Solid-state synthesis, characterization, UV-induced coloration and photocatalytic activity - The Sr6Bi2O11, Sr3Bi2O6 and Sr2Bi2O5 bismuthates
Shtarev DS, Shtareva AV, Ryabchuk VK, Rudakova AV, Murzin PD, Molokeev MS, Koroleva AV, Blokh AI, Serpone N
86 - 91 An unusual dependency on the hole-scavengers in photocatalytic reductions mediated by a titanium-based metal-organic framework
Peng W, Lin YH, Wan Z, Ji HW, Ma WH, Zhao JC
92 - 96 In situ extract nucleate sites for the growth of free-standing carbon nitride films on various substrates
Li HL, Huang HN, Wang ZY, Zheng ZK, Wang P, Liu YY, Zhang XY, Qin XY, Dai Y, Li YJ, Zou HL, Huang BB
97 - 105 Transient photoinduced phenomena in graphitic carbon nitride as measured at nanoseconds resolution by step-scan FTIR
Ben-Refael A, Benisti I, Paz Y
106 - 114 Photocatalytic performance and application outlook of 3D TiO2/titanium mesh modified by GO-Ag joined-deposition
Zhao LN, Jia YH, You H, Wang ST, Fu L
115 - 120 Facile fabrication nano-sized red phosphorus with enhanced photocatalytic activity by hydrothermal and ultrasonic method
Ren ZP, Li DH, Xue Q, Li JJ, Sun YW, Zhang RQ, Zhai YP, Liu YG
121 - 127 Tip-grafted Ag-ZnO nanorod arrays decorated with Au clusters for enhanced photocatalysis
Xie YS, Zhang N, Tang ZR, Anpo M, Xu YJ
128 - 144 Coupling of membrane and photocatalytic technologies for selective formation of high added value chemicals
Bellardita M, Camera-Roda G, Loddo V, Parrino F, Palmisano L
145 - 151 Fabrication of large size nanoporous BiVO4 photoanode by a printing-like method for efficient solar water splitting application
Zhu XL, Liang XZ, Wang P, Huang BB, Zhang QQ, Qin XY, Zhang XY
152 - 160 Carbon dots modified WO2-NaxWO3 composite as UV-Vis-NIR broad spectrum-driven photocatalyst for overall water splitting
Zhao J, Liu CA, Wang HB, Fu YJ, Zhu C, Huang H, Liao F, Liu Y, Shao MW, Kang ZH
161 - 169 Graphene nanoribbon-TiO2-quantum dots hybrid photoanode to boost the performance of photoelectrochemical for hydrogen generation
Akilimali R, Selopal GS, Benetti D, Mohammadnezhad M, Zhao HG, Wang ZM, Stansfield B, Rosei F
170 - 177 Controllable synthesis of TiO2 chemically bonded graphene for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution and dye degradation
Kumar KY, Saini H, Pandiarajan D, Prashanth MK, Parashuram L, Raghu MS
178 - 182 Two-dimensional tetragonal GaOI and InOI sheets: In-plane anisotropic optical properties and application to photocatalytic water splitting
He JJ, Lyu PB, Nachtigall P
183 - 187 High efficient hydrogen evolution over self-reproducible platinum photocatalyst
Cao BY, Zhao JH, Yu Y, Li W, Xu S, Sun RL, Wang XT, Guo JY, Zhou CS, Zhang HX
188 - 196 BiFeO3/BiVO4 p-n heterojunction for efficient and stable photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical water splitting under visible-light irradiation
Soltani T, Tayyebi A, Lee BK
197 - 203 Ruthenium-birhodanine complex supported over fibrousphosphosilicate for photocatalytic CO2 reduction to formate
Zhiani R, Khoobi M, Sadeghzadeh SM
204 - 208 Enhanced CO2 photoconversion activity of TiO2 via double effect of CoPi as hole traps and high CO2 capture
Zhang XH, Yuan ZM, Chen JC, Yang GH, Dionysiou DD, Huang BB, Jiang ZY
209 - 224 Metal-organic frameworks for photocatalytic CO2 reduction under visible radiation: A review of strategies and applications
Alkhatib II, Garlisi C, Pagliaro M, Al-Ali K, Palmisano G
225 - 235 Effect of precursor types on the performance of polyimide: A metal-free visible-light-driven photocatalyst for effective photocatalytic degradation of pollutants
Heng HM, Yang JP, Yin YJ, Meng PC, Liu X
236 - 244 Nanocrystal-engineered thin CuO film photocatalyst for visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutant in aqueous solution
Katal R, Masudy-panah S, Kong EYJ, Khiavi ND, Farahani MHDA, Gong X
245 - 252 A novel and an eco-friendly approach for organic dyes degradation using Spirulina platensis cultivated water
Sharmila J, Saravanan P, Sivasankar S, Chamundeeswari M
253 - 267 Nanoscale Kirkendall Effect Driven Au Decorated CdS/CdO Colloidal Nanocomposites for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution, Photocatalytic Dye Degradation and Cr (VI) Reduction
Saha M, Ghosh S, De SK
268 - 276 Titanium-doped stainless steel nanotubes for the photocatalytic degradation of an organic compound
Lee H, Park JW
277 - 285 Excellent visible-light driven photocatalyst of (Al, Ni) co-doped ZnO structures for organic dye degradation
Reddy IN, Reddy CV, Shim J, Akkinepally B, Cho MY, Yoo K, Kim D
286 - 293 Degradation of melamine in aqueous systems by vacuum UV-(VUV-) photolysis. An alternative to photocatalysis
Prevot AB, Maurino V, Fabbri D, Braun AM, Gonzalez MC
294 - 301 Facile synthesis of free-metal ternary composites for ultra-fast photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutant
Sun YY, Wang CX, Gu GZ, Ma YB, Xiong ZY, Liu YQ
302 - 310 Photoelectrochemical degradation of pharmaceuticals at beta 25 modified WO3 interfaces
Cristino V, Longobucco G, Marchetti N, Caramori S, Bignozzia CA, Martucci A, Molinari A, Boaretto R, Stevanin C, Argazzi R, Dal Colle M, Bertoncello R, Pasti L
311 - 317 Convenient fabrication of carbon doped WO3-x ultrathin nanosheets for photocatalytic aerobic oxidation of amines
Bao KY, Zhang SJ, Ni P, Zhang ZX, Zhang KL, Wang LB, Sun L, Mao WT, Zhou QF, Qian YT
318 - 322 Isotopic studies on the degradation of acetaldehyde on anatase surfaces
Melchers S, Schneider J, Bahnemann DW
323 - 333 Photo-electrocatalytic oxidation of atrazine using sputtured deposited TiO2: WN photoanodes under UV/visible light
Komtchou S, Delegan N, Dirany A, Drogui P, Robert D, El Khakani MA
334 - 346 Can the photocatalyst TiO2 be incorporated into a wastewater treatment method? Background and prospects
Horikoshi S, Serpone N
347 - 362 Recent advances on sputtered films with Cu in ppm concentrations leading to an acceleration of the bacterial inactivation
Rtimi S, Kiwi J
363 - 368 Portable photoreactor for on-site measurement of the activity of photocatalytic surfaces
Pellegrino F, Zangirolami M, Minero C, Maurino V