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Catalysis Today, Vol.335 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0920-5861 (Print) 

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1 - 2 Advances in photo(electro)catalysis for environmental applications and chemical synthesis: IPS-22 overview
Pan JH, Jiang Z, Bahnemann DW
3 - 19 Design of visible-light photocatalysts by coupling of inorganic semiconductors
Bera S, Won DI, Rawal SB, Kang HJ, Lee WI
20 - 30 A critical review on visible-light-response CeO2-based photocatalysts with enhanced photooxidation of organic pollutants
Ma R, Zhang S, Wen T, Gu PC, Li L, Zhao GX, Niu FL, Huang QF, Tang ZW, Wang XK
31 - 38 Recent progresses in the design of BiVO4-based photocatalysts for efficient solar water splitting
Wang ZL, Huang XL, Wang XS
39 - 54 Development of graphene based photocatalysts for CO2 reduction to C-1 chemicals: A brief overview
Ali S, Razzaq A, In SI
55 - 64 Minireview: Selective production of hydrogen peroxide as a clean oxidant over structurally tailored carbon nitride photocatalysts
Haider Z, Cho HI, Moon GH, Kim HI
65 - 77 Recent developments in fabrication and structure regulation of visible-light-driven g-C3N4-based photocatalysts towards water purification: A critical review
Zhang S, Gu PC, Ma R, Luo CT, Wen T, Zhao GX, Cheng WC, Wang XK
78 - 90 Charge carrier trapping, recombination and transfer during TiO2 photocatalysis: An overview
Qian RF, Zong HX, Schneider J, Zhou GD, Zhao T, Li YL, Yang J, Bahnemann DW, Pan JH
91 - 100 Photodeposition of metals from inks and their application in photocatalysis
O'Rourke C, Wells N, Mills A
101 - 109 A structural engineering-inspired CdS based composite for photocatalytic remediation of organic pollutant and hexavalent chromium
Deng YX, Xiao YF, Zhou Y, Zeng T, Xing MY, Zhang JL
110 - 116 Visible-light-driven N-2-g-C3N4 as a highly stable and efficient photocatalyst for bisphenol A and Cr(VI) removal in binary systems
Wang HH, Li Q, Zhang S, Chen ZS, Wang WX, Zhao GX, Zhuang L, Hu BW, Wang XK
117 - 127 Adsorption of CO2, O-2, NO and CO on s-triazine-based g-C3N4 surface
Zhu BC, Wageh S, Al-Ghamdi AA, Yang SB, Tian ZF, Yu JG
128 - 135 Visible light photocatalytic aerobic oxidative synthesis of imines from alcohols and amines on dye-sensitized TiO2
Xu H, Shi JL, Hao HM, Li X, Lang XJ
136 - 143 Photodeposited Ag-wires on TiO2 films
O'Rourke ROE, Andrews RAC, Wells NH, Mills AR
144 - 150 Protocatechuic acid promoted catalytic degradation of rhodamine B with Fe@Fe2O3 core-shell nanowires by molecular oxygen activation mechanism
Qin YX, Li GY, Zhang LZ, An TC
151 - 159 Controllable fabrication of homogeneous ZnO p-n junction with enhanced charge separation for efficient photocatalysis
Wang SB, Huang CY, Pan L, Chen Y, Zhang XW, Fazal-e-Aleem, Zou JJ
160 - 165 Efficient visible-light-driven water remediation by 3D graphene aerogel-supported nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots
Li SH, Wang R, Tang ZR, Xu YJ
166 - 172 Highly efficient Cu induced photocatalysis for visible-light hydrogen evolution
Zhang XN, Fu A, Chen X, Liu LQ, Ren LT, Tong LH, Ye JH
173 - 179 A nanostructured CuWO4/Mn3O4 with p/n heterojunction as photoanode toward enhanced water oxidation
Li KZ, Zhang CY, Li X, Du YK, Yang P, Zhu MS
180 - 186 Graphene oxide/N-(CuMePc)-Pc-2 nanorod hybrid nanocomposite as efficient visible light photocatalyst for aqueous Cr(VI) reduction
Hui QK, Rezaeel E, Shan HQ, Liu PF, Xu ZX
187 - 192 Light irradiation enhanced CO2 reduction with methane: A case study in size-dependent optical property of Ni nanoparticles
Liu HM, Song H, Meng XG, Yang LQ, Ye JH
193 - 199 Enhancement of photocatalytic activities in hierarchical BiOBr microflowers induced by oxygen vacancies
Song MX, Du M, Liu QW, Xing FS, Huang CJ, Qiu XQ
200 - 207 Comparison of UV-LED photolytic and UV-LED/TiO2 photocatalytic disinfection for Escherichia coli in water
Nyangaresi PO, Qin Y, Chen GL, Zhang BP, Lu YH, Shen L
208 - 213 Ultrathin Co0.85Se nanosheet cocatalyst for visible-light CO2 photoreduction
Pan B, Wu Y, Qin JN, Wang CY
214 - 220 TiO2 (B) nanotubes with ultrathin shell for highly efficient photocatalytic fixation of nitrogen
Wu SQ, Tan XJ, Liu KD, Lei JY, Wang LZ, Zhang JL
221 - 227 Highly efficient photocatalytic reduction of CO2 on surface-modified Ti-MCM-41 zeolite
Jia WH, Liu TF, Li QY, Yang JJ
228 - 235 Cu2-xS loaded diatom nanocomposites as novel photocatalysts for efficient photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants
Zhang XY, Zhou JF, Yang DP, Chen SY, Huang JL, Li ZB
236 - 242 Role of phosphate in ruthenium-complex-sensitized TiO2 system for hydrogen production: Mechanism and kinetics
Park C, Park J, Park J, Heo I, Kim W, Kim J
243 - 251 Two-dimensional g-C3N4/TiO2 nanocomposites as vertical Z-scheme heterojunction for improved photocatalytic water disinfection
Liu Y, Zeng XK, Hu XY, Hu J, Wang ZY, Yin YC, Sun CH, Zhang XW
252 - 261 Revisiting structural and photocatalytic properties of g-C3N4/TiO2: Is surface modification of TiO2 by calcination with urea an effective route to "solar" photocatalyst?
Zong HX, Zhao T, Zhou GD, Qian RF, Feng T, Pan JH
262 - 268 Three-dimensional Bi2MoO6/TiO2 array heterojunction photoanode modified with cobalt phosphate cocatalyst for high-efficient photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Wang L, Wang RY, Zhou Y, Shen Q, Ye JH, Wu CP, Zou ZG
269 - 277 Facial construction of defected NiO/TiO2 with Z-scheme charge transfer for enhanced photocatalytic performance
Liu J, Tao ZC, Xie HT, Zhang XM, Wang H, Xiao HN, Wang LD
278 - 285 A computational study on linear and bent adsorption of CO2 on different surfaces for its photoreduction
Zhu S, Guo LJ, Li P, Zhang B, Zhao GF, He T
286 - 293 Revisiting cocatalyst/TiO2 photocatalyst in blue light photothermalcatalysis
Peng XF, Wang CH, Li YY, Ma H, Yu F, Che GS, Yan JY, Zhang XT, Liu YC
294 - 299 Silicon nanowires@Co3O4 arrays film with Z-scheme band alignment for hydrogen evolution
Lu KQ, Lin X, Tang ZR, Xu YJ
300 - 305 Influence of defects in porous ZnO nanoplates on CO2 photoreduction
Li P, Zhu S, Hu HF, Guo LJ, He T
306 - 311 How does cobalt phosphate modify the structure of TiO2 nanotube array photoanodes for solar water splitting?
Maghsoumi A, Naseri N, Calloni A, Bussetti G
312 - 318 Photocatalytic oxidation of aniline over MO/TiO2 (M = Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) under visible light irradiation
Chen JS, Shen C, Guo BB, Yu Y, Wu L
319 - 325 Exploring the photoelectrocatalytic behavior of free-standing TiO2 nanotube arrays on transparent conductive oxide electrodes: Irradiation direction vs. alignment direction
Jeong HW, Park KJ, Park Y, Han DS, Park H
326 - 332 One-step synthesis of nickel oxide/nickel carbide/graphene composite for efficient dye-sensitized photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Zhang WY, Li WT, Li YX, Peng SQ, Xu ZD
333 - 344 Enhanced visible-light photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution through degradation of methyl orange in a cell based on coral-like Pt-deposited TiO2 thin film with sub-2 nm pores
Bahramian A, Rezaeivala M, He K, Dionysiou DD
345 - 353 Computational density functional theory study on the selective conversion of CO2 to formate on homogeneously and heterogeneously mixed CuFeO2 and CuO surfaces
Yoon SH, Kang U, Park H, Abdel-Wahab A, Han DS
354 - 364 Kinetic effects and oxidation pathways of sacrificial electron donors on the example of the photocatalytic reduction of molecular oxygen to hydrogen peroxide over illuminated titanium dioxide
Burek BO, Timm J, Bahnemann DW, Bloh JZ
365 - 371 Decorating (001) dominant anatase TiO2 nanoflakes array with uniform WO3 clusters for enhanced photoelectrochemical water decontamination
Zhou GD, Zhao T, Qian RF, Xia X, Dai SY, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Pan JH
372 - 380 Photocatalytic toluene degradation over Bi-decorated TiO2: Promoted O-2 supply to catalyst's surface by metallic Bi
Lai M, Zhao J, Chen QC, Feng SJ, Bai YJ, Li YX, Wang CY
381 - 387 Nitrogen doped carbon dots embedded in poly(ionic liquid) as high efficient metal-free electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Pham-Truong TN, Ranjan C, Randriamahazaka H, Ghilane J
388 - 394 Optimization of charge behavior in nanoporous CuBi2O4 photocathode for photoelectrochemical reduction of CO2
Wang YJ, Wang HJ, Woldu AR, Zhang XH, He T
395 - 401 Pressure-controlled chemical vapor deposition of graphene as catalyst for solar hydrogen evolution reaction
Han CP, Chen CJ, Hsu CC, Jena A, Chang H, Yeh NC, Hu SF, Liu RS
402 - 408 Zinc rhodium oxide and its possibility as a constituent photocatalyst for carbon dioxide reduction using water as an electron source
Higuchi S, Takashima T, Osaki J, Irie H
409 - 417 Photonic titanium dioxide film obtained from hard template with chiral nematic structure for environmental application
Li CY, Paineau E, Brisset F, Franger S, Cobeau-Justin C, Ghazzal MN
418 - 422 Hematite films by aerosol pyrolysis: Influence of substrate and photocorrosion suppression by TiO2 capping
Krysa J, Imrich T, Pausova S, Krysova H, Neumann-Spallart M
423 - 428 Layered double hydroxides decorated graphic carbon nitride film as efficient photoanodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Fan XL, Wang T, Gao B, Xie XX, Zhang ST, Meng XG, Gong H, Guo YX, Huang XL, He JP
429 - 436 Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of BiOBr hierarchical structures constructed by porous nanosheets with exposed (110) facets
Sun DF, Huang CC, Yu Y, Ma YL, Hao H, Li RX, Xu BS
437 - 451 Highly efficient Sr/Ce/activated carbon bimetallic nanocomposite for photoinduced degradation of rhodamine B
Sharma G, Dionysiou DD, Sharma S, Kumar A, Al-Muhtaseb AH, Naushad M, Stadler FJ
452 - 459 Efficient TN removal and simultaneous TOC conversion for highly toxic organic amines based on a photoelectrochemical-chlorine radicals process
Li XY, Bai J, Li JH, Zhang Y, Shen ZX, Qiao L, Xu QJ, Zhou BX
460 - 467 Effects of reaction conditions and liquid property on degradation of phenol by RGO/alpha-FeOOH supported on Al-MCM catalyst in heterogeneous photo-Fenton system
Wang Y, Xi YY, Tian HL, Fang JS, Quan XC, Pei YS
468 - 476 Enhanced photoelectrochemical charge transfer on Mn-doped CdS/TiO2 nanotube arrays: The roles of organic substrates
Lv XC, Hu CY, Shang J, Sit PHL, Lam FLY, Teoh WY
477 - 484 Rapid synthesis of BiOBrxI1-x photocatalysts: Insights to the visible-light photocatalytic activity and strong deviation from Vegard's law
Kong L, Guo JQ, Makepeace JW, Xiao TC, Greer HF, Zhou WZ, Jiang Z, Edwards PP
485 - 491 Photocatalytic fuel cell based on sulfate radicals converted from sulfates in situ for wastewater treatment and chemical energy utilization
Tan XH, Bai J, Zheng JY, Zhang Y, Li JH, Zhou TS, Xia LG, Xu QJ, Zhou BX
492 - 501 On the influence of strontium carbonate on improving the photo-catalytic activity of strontium bismuthate Sr6Bi2O11
Shtarev DS, Shtareva AV, Mikhailovski VJ, Nashchochin EO
502 - 510 Introduction of porous structure via facile carbon-dot modulation: A feasible and promising approach for improving the photocatalytic capability of sulfur doped g-C3N4
Xu SP, Zhao Y, Sun X, Zheng XY, Ni SQ, Yue QY, Gao BY
511 - 519 Bismuth vanadate single crystal particles modified with tungsten for efficient photoeletrochemical water oxidation
Liu K, Zhou HM, Wang P, Fang J, Li HM, Cao MQ, Gao XH, Qiu XQ, Liu M
520 - 526 Efficiently degradation of polyacrylamide pollution using a full spectrum Sn3O4 nanosheet/Ni foam heterostructure photoelectrocatalyst
Yang RQ, Ji YC, Zhang J, Zhang RT, Liu F, Chen YK, Liang LL, Han SW, Yu X, Liu H
527 - 537 Novel g-C3N4/TiO2/PAA/PTFE ultrafiltration membrane enabling enhanced antifouling and exceptional visible-light photocatalytic self-cleaning
Chi LN, Qian YJ, Guo JQ, Wang XZ, Arandiyan H, Jiang Z
538 - 549 Sensitization of TiO2 by halogenated porphyrin derivatives for visible light biomedical and environmental photocatalysis
Sulek A, Pucelik B, Kuncewicz J, Dubin G, Dabrowski JM
550 - 556 Colorful TiO2-x microspheres cooperating with titanium Schiff base complex for efficient visible light photocatalysts
Ding Y, Wu YZ, Zhang T, Tao L, Liu XP, Liu XL, Hu LH, Hayat T, Alsaedi A, Dai S
557 - 564 Synthesis of activated carbon-supported TiO2-based nano-photocatalysts with well recycling for efficiently degrading high-concentration pollutants
Ali S, Li ZJ, Chen SY, Zada A, Khan I, Khan I, Ali W, Shaheen S, Qu Y, Jing LQ
565 - 573 Visible-light photocatalytic activity and photo-corrosion mechanism of Ag3PO4/g-C3N4/PVA composite film in degrading gaseous toluene
Cheng R, Wen JY, Xia JC, Li ZY, Sun WZ, Shen LJ, Shi L, Zheng X
574 - 581 Evaluation of effect from Ag-AgX (X = Cl, Br, I) on photodegradation of azo dyes
Yu ZY, Liu YQ, He W, Wang ZY
582 - 590 Ultrasound-aasisted photodegradation of Alprazolam in aqueous media using a novel high performance nanocomosite hybridation g-C3N4/MWCNT/ZnO
Shi XL, Liu JB, Hosseini M, Shemshadi R, Razavi R, Parsaee Z
591 - 598 A systematic investigation on morphology tailoring, defect tuning and visible-light photocatalytic functionality of Ti-based perovskite nanostructures
Hailili R, Yuan XX, Wang CY