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1 - 1 5th European Conference on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes Preface
Krysa J, Malato S, Mantzavinos D, Pichat P
2 - 5 Preparation of Sn-doped semiconducting Fe2O3 (hematite) layers by aerosol pyrolysis
Kotrla T, Pausova S, Zlamal M, Neumann-Spallart M, Krysa J
6 - 11 Sustainable Fe-BTC catalyst for efficient removal of mehylene blue by advanced fenton oxidation
Martinez F, Leo P, Orcajo G, Diaz-Garcia M, Sanchez-Sanchez M, Calleja G
12 - 19 ZnO and Pt-ZnO photocatalysts: Characterization and photocatalytic activity assessing by means of three substrates
Jaramillo-Paez CA, Navio JA, Hidalgo MC, Macias M
20 - 25 Exploring the activity of chemical-activated carbons synthesized from peach stones as metal-free catalysts for wet peroxide oxidation
Martin-Martinez M, Alvarez-Torrellas S, Garcia J, Silva AMT, Faria JL, Gomes HT
26 - 32 The influence of curing methods on the physico-chemical properties of printed mesoporous titania patterns reinforced by methylsilica binder
Dzik P, Vesely M, Pachovska M, Neumann-Spallart M, Bursikova V, Homola T
33 - 39 Influence of anodization mode on the morphology and photocatalytic activity of TiO2-NTs array large size electrodes
Mena E, de Vidales MJM, Mesones S, Marugan J
40 - 46 Concurrent role of metal (Sn, Zn) and N species in enhancing the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 under solar light
Rimoldi L, Pargoletti E, Meroni D, Falletta E, Cerrato G, Turco F, Cappelletti G
47 - 54 Solid state route for synthesis of YFeO3/g-C3N4 composites and its visible light activity for degradation of organic pollutants
Ismael M, Elhaddad E, Taffa DH, Wark M
55 - 62 Sand supported TiO2 photocatalyst in a tray photo-reactor for the removal of emerging contaminants in wastewater
Abdel-Maksoud YK, Imam E, Ramadan AR
63 - 71 Surface-grafted WO3/TiO2 photocatalysts: Enhanced visible-light activity towards indoor air purification
Balayeva NO, Fleisch M, Bahnemann DW
72 - 78 Wild bacteria inactivation in WWTP secondary effluents by solar photo-fenton at neutral pH in raceway pond reactors
Garcia BE, Rivas G, Arzate S, Perez JAS
79 - 85 Effective solar processes in fresh-cut wastewater disinfection: Inactivation of pathogenic E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella enteritidis
Nahim-Granados S, Perez JAS, Polo-Lopez MI
86 - 93 Solar light and the photo-Fenton process against antibiotic resistant bacteria in wastewater: A kinetic study with a Streptomycin-resistant strain
Giannakis S, Watts S, Rtimi S, Pulgarin C
94 - 99 Inactivation of a wild isolated Klebsiella pneumoniae by photo-chemical processes: UV-C, UV-C/H2O2 and UV-C/H2O2/Fe3+
Aguilar S, Rosado D, Moreno-Andres J, Cartuche L, Cruz D, Acevedo-Merino A, Nebot E
100 - 105 ZrO2 Based materials as photocatalysts for 2-propanol oxidation by using UV and solar light irradiation and tests for CO2 reduction
Garcia-Lopez E, Marci G, Pomilla FR, Paganini MC, Gionco C, Giamello E, Palmisano L
106 - 113 Photoinduced transformation of glycerol in titania suspensions. (An EPR spin trapping study of radical intermediates)
Barbierikova Z, Dvoranova D, Brezova V
114 - 121 A revised photocatalytic transformation mechanism for chlorinated VOCs: Experimental evidence from C2Cl4 in the gas phase
Minella M, Baudino M, Minero C
122 - 127 Fenton-based processes for the regeneration of catalytic adsorbents
Diez AM, Sanroman MA, Pazos M
128 - 133 Degradation of antibiotic sulfamethoxazole by biochar-activated persulfate: Factors affecting the activation and degradation processes
Kemmou L, Frontistis Z, Vakros J, Manariotis ID, Mantzavinos D
134 - 141 Removal of an X-Ray contrast chemical from tertiary treated wastewater: Investigation of persulfate-mediated photochemical treatment systems
Arslan-Alaton I, Kolba O, Olmez-Hanci T
142 - 147 Antibiotics abatement in synthetic and real aqueous matrices by H2O2/natural magnetite
Munoz M, Conde J, de Pedro ZM, Casas JA
148 - 154 Solar photocatalytic degradation of propyl paraben in Al-doped TiO2 suspensions
Kotzamanidi S, Frontistis Z, Binas V, Kiriakidis G, Mantzavinos D
155 - 160 Rapid oxidation of paracetamol by Cobalt(II) catalyzed sulfite at alkaline pH
Yuan YA, Zhao D, Li JJ, Wu F, Brigante M, Mailhot G
161 - 166 Type I vs Type II photodegradation of pollutants
Martinez-Haya R, Miranda MA, Marin ML
167 - 174 Impact of TiO2/UVA photocatalysis on THM formation potential
Rodriguez EM, Gordillo MV, Rey A, Beltran FJ
175 - 181 Sulfamethoxazole mineralization by solar photo electro-Fenton process in a pilot plant
Murillo-Sierra C, Ruiz-Ruiz E, Hinojosa-Reyes L, Guzman-Mar JL, Machuca-Martinez F, Hernandez-Ramirez A
182 - 188 Degradation of herbicide S-metolachlor by electrochemical AOPs using a boron-doped diamond anode
Guelfi DRV, Gozzi F, Machulek A, Sires I, Brillas E, de Oliveira SC
189 - 195 Degradation of organic compounds in wastewater matrix by electrochemically generated reactive chlorine species: Kinetics and selectivity
Chung CM, Hong SW, Cho K, Hoffmann MR
196 - 202 Optimization of electro-Fenton process for effective degradation of organochlorine pesticide lindane
Dominguez CM, Oturan N, Romero A, Santos A, Oturan MA
203 - 210 Influence of the supporting electrolyte on the removal of ionic liquids by electrolysis with diamond anodes
Mena IF, Cotillas S, Diaz E, Saez C, Mohedano AF, Rodrigo MA
211 - 217 Assessing photocatalytic activity using methylene blue without dye sensitisation
Lee SK, Mills A, Wells N
218 - 223 Kinetic analysis supporting multielectron reduction of oxygen in bismuth tungstate-photocatalyzed oxidation of organic compounds
Hori H, Takashima M, Takase M, Ohtani B
224 - 230 Thermal sulfidation of alpha-Fe2O3 hematite to FeS2 pyrite thin electrodes: Correlation between surface morphology and photoelectrochemical functionality
Kmentova H, Kment S, Hubicka Z, Remes Z, Olejnicek J, Cada M, Krysa J, Zboril R
231 - 238 Associating low crystallinity with peroxo groups for enhanced visible light active photocatalysts
Gyulavari T, Vereb G, Pap Z, Dombi A, Hernadi K
239 - 244 Fe-Ti alloy layer plasma deposition - Monitoring of plasma parameters and properties of deposited alloys, anodization and photoelectrochemical characterization
Olejnicek J, Zlamal M, Hubicka Z, Perekrestov R, Ksirova P, Cada M, Kment S, Krysa J