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1 - 1 Preface: Environmental (ICEC)
Stockenhuber M
2 - 11 Study of SO2 effect on selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 over Fe/CNTs: The change of reaction route
Tang C, Wang H, Dong SC, Zhuang JQ, Qu ZP
12 - 19 In-situ sulfur-doped carbon as a metal-free catalyst for persulfate activated oxidation of aqueous organics
Guo YP, Zeng ZQ, Li YL, Huang ZG, Cui Y
20 - 28 Synthesis and catalytic performances of K-OMS-2, Fe/K-OMS-2 and Fe-K-OMS-2 in post plasma-catalysis for dilute TCE abatement
Sultana S, Ye ZP, Veerapandian SKP, Lofberg A, De Geyter N, Morent R, Giraudon JM, Lamonier JF
29 - 34 Study on the promoting effect of nickel silicate for 1-phenylethanol oxidation on supported NiO nanocluster catalysts
Sasaki T, Ichikuni N, Hara T, Shimazu S
35 - 40 Mechanism study of FeW mixed oxides to the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3: in situ DRIFTS and MS
Wang H, Qu ZP, Dong SC, Tang C
41 - 47 Effect of Mn loading onto hydroxyapatite supported Mn catalysts for toluene removal: Contribution of PCA assisted ToF-SIMS
Chlala D, Griboval-Constant A, Nuns N, Giraudon JM, Labaki M, Lamonier JF
48 - 54 Novel method of ammonium nitrate quantification in SCR catalysts
Ruggeri MP, Luo JY, Nova I, Tronconi E, Kamasamudram K, Yezerets A
55 - 64 Mechanistic study of hydrothermally aged Cu/SSZ-13 catalysts for ammonia-SCR
Leistner K, Kumar A, Kamasamudram K, Olsson L
65 - 72 Rapid photocatalytic degradation of nitrobenzene under the simultaneous illumination of UV and microwave radiation fields with a TiO2 ball catalyst
Jeong S, Lee H, Park H, Jeon KJ, Park YK, Jung SC
73 - 83 CoMo/Al2O3 hydrotreating catalysts of diesel fuel with improved hydrodenitrogenation activity
Klimov OV, Nadeina KA, Vatutina YV, Stolyarova EA, Danilova IG, Gerasimov EY, Prosvirin IP, Noskov AS
84 - 92 Investigation of CO oxidation over Au/TiO2 catalyst through detailed temperature programmed desorption study under low temperature and Operando conditions
Li JPH, Liu ZB, Wu H, Yang Y
93 - 101 Low temperature NO adsorption over hydrothermally aged Pd/CeO2 for cold start application
Ryou Y, Lee J, Lee H, Kim CH, Kim DH
102 - 110 The role of chemisorbed water in formation and stabilization of active sites on Pd/Alumina oxidation catalysts
Vedyagin AA, Volodin AM, Kenzhin RM, Stoyanovskii VO, Rogov VA, Kriventsov VV, Mishakov IV
111 - 118 Electronic properties of photocatalytic improved Degussa P25 titanium dioxide powder
Hantusch M, Bessergenev V, Mateus MC, Knupfer M, Burkel E
119 - 130 Preparation and characterization of V-Loaded titania nanotubes for adsorption/photocatalysis of basic dye and environmental hormone contaminated wastewaters
Lin KS, Lin YG, Cheng HW, Haung YH
131 - 139 Irradiation of liquid phase plasma on photocatalytic decomposition of acetic acid-containing wastewater over metal oxide photocatalysts
Chung KH, Park H, Jeon KJ, Park YK, Jung SC
140 - 146 Metal-free activation of persulfate by cubic mesoporous carbons for catalytic oxidation via radical and nonradical processes
Duan XG, Sun HQ, Tade M, Wang SB
147 - 153 Enhanced hole-dominated photocatalytic activity of doughnut-like porous g-C3N4 driven by down-shifted valance band maximum
Xiao JD, Xie YB, Li CH, Kim JH, Tang KX, Cao HB
154 - 161 Enhancing hydrogen production from the pyrolysis-gasification of biomass by size-confined Ni catalysts on acidic MCM-41 supports
Ye MJ, Tao YW, Jin FZ, Ling HJ, Wu CF, Williams PT, Huang J
162 - 168 The role of samarium on Cu/Al2O3 catalyst in the methanol steam reforming for hydrogen production
Lei YQ, Luo YM, Li XF, Lu JC, Mei ZQ, Peng W, Chen R, Chen KZ, Chen DK, He DD
169 - 174 Water-gas-shift assisted ammonia formation over Pd/Ce/alumina
Adams EC, Skoglundh M, Elmoe T, Carlsson PA
175 - 188 Enhancing Pt-Ni/CeO2 performances for ethanol reforming by catalyst supporting on high surface silica
Palma V, Ruocco C, Meloni E, Gallucci F, Ricca A
189 - 196 Plain and CeO2 - Supported LaxNiOy catalysts for partial oxidation of CH4
La Parola V, Pantaleo G, Deganello F, Bal R, Venezia AM
197 - 204 Fabrication of hierarchical bismuth oxyhalides (BiOX, X = Cl, Br, I) materials and application of photocatalytic hydrogen production from water splitting
Lee GJ, Zheng YC, Wu JJ
205 - 211 The influence of lanthanum incorporation method on the performance of nickel-containing hydrotalcite-derived catalysts in CO2 methanation reaction
Wierzbicki D, Motak M, Grzybek T, Galvez ME, Da Costa P
212 - 223 Roles of nitrogen species on nitrogen-doped CNTs supported Cu-ZrO2 system for carbon dioxide hydrogenation to methanol
Sun YH, Chen LM, Bao YF, Wang GN, Zhang YJ, Fu ML, Wu JL, Ye DQ
224 - 230 Understanding the differences in catalytic performance for hydrogen production of Ni and Co supported on mesoporous SBA-15
Rodriguez-Gomez A, Pereniguez R, Caballero A
231 - 236 Hydrogen production for photocatalytic decomposition of water with urea as a reducing agent
Okemoto A, Tanaka K, Kudo Y, Gohda S, Koshiba Y, Ishida K, Horie T, Taniya K, Ichihashi Y, Nishiyama S
237 - 242 Ordered mesoporous Cu-Mn-Ce ternary metal oxide catalysts for low temperature water-gas shift reaction
Li ZB, Li ZH, Oh HY, Hong GH, Park JS, Kim JM
243 - 247 Methanol production from CO2 with the hybrid system of biocatalyst and organo-photocatalyst
Amao Y, Kataoka R
248 - 259 Designing effective homogeneous catalysis for glycerol valorisation: selective synthesis of a value-added aldehyde from 1,3-propanediol via hydrogen transfer catalysed by a highly recyclable, fluorinated Cp*Ir(NHC) catalyst
Ma YY, Wang YM, Morgan PJ, Jackson RE, Liu XH, Saunders GC, Lorenzini F, Marr AC
260 - 271 Magnetic separation and recycling of ferrite nanocatalysts for CO2 decomposition with CH4 recovery from steel industrial flyash
Lin KS, Chiang CL, Hsu PJ, Bat-Erdene K, Tang CY, Wu CM
272 - 276 Methane dissociative adsorption in catalytic steam reforming of methane over Pd/CeO2 in an electric field
Okada S, Manabe R, Inagaki R, Ogo S, Sekine Y
277 - 285 An experimental investigation on the effects of adding a transition metal to Ni/Al2O3 for catalytic hydrogenation of CO and CO2 in presence of light alkanes and alkenes
Shadravan V, Kennedy E, Stockenhuber M
286 - 292 Catalytic oxidation of hydrogen chloride to chlorine over Cu-K-Sm/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst with excellent catalytic performance
Sun Y, Li CW, Guo YL, Zhan WC, Guo Y, Wang L, Wang YS, Lu GZ
293 - 300 Role of Al3+ species in beta zeolites for Baeyer-Villiger oxidation of cyclic ketones by using H2O2 as an environmentally friendly oxidant
Taniya K, Mori R, Okemoto A, Horie T, Ichihashi Y, Nishiyama S
301 - 307 Catalytic copyrolysis of torrefied cork oak and high density polyethylene over a mesoporous HY catalyst
Lee HW, Kim YM, Lee B, Kim S, Jae J, Jung SC, Kim TW, Park YK
308 - 317 Sonochemical fabrication of reduced graphene oxide supported Au nano dendrites for ethanol electrooxidation in alkaline medium
Karuppasamy L, Chen CY, Anandan S, Wu JJ