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1 - 1 Preface
Asakura K, Satsuma A, Setoyama T
2 - 8 Value-added olefin-based materials originating from FI catalysis: Production of vinyl- and Al-terminated PEs, end-functionalized PEs, and PE/polyethylene glycol hybrid materials
Matoishi K, Nakai K, Nagai N, Terao H, Fujita T
9 - 15 Surface reduction processes of cerium oxide surfaces by H-2 using ultra accelerated quantum chemical molecular dynamic study
Alam MK, Ahmed F, Miura R, Suzuki A, Tsuboi H, Hatakeyama N, Endou A, Takaba H, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
16 - 22 Modeling of hydrogen vacancy for dissociative adsorption of H-2 on Pd (111) surface by a quantum chemical molecular dynamics
Ahmed F, Alam MK, Miura R, Suzuki A, Tsuboi H, Hatakeyama N, Endou A, Takaba H, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
23 - 27 Hydrogen adsorption in metal organic frameworks by hydrogen spillover
Lin KS, Adhikari AK, Chang KC, Tu MT, Lu W
28 - 33 Selective hydrogenation of 1,3-butadiene over Pd and Pd-Sn catalysts supported on different phases of alumina
Pattamakomsan K, Ehret E, Morfin F, Gelin P, Jugnet Y, Prakash S, Bertolini JC, Panpranot J, Aires FJCS
34 - 39 Studies on oxy-bromination of methane and coke deposition over FePO4/SiO2 catalysts
Lin RH, Ding YJ, Gong LF, Dong WD, Chen WM, Lu Y
40 - 45 Regioselectivity of carbonium ion transition states in zeolites
Zheng AM, Deng F, Liu SB
46 - 51 Time-resolved in situ UV/vis spectroscopy for analyzing the dynamics of surface and bulk redox processes in materials used as oxygen storage capacitors
Kondratenko EV, Sakamoto Y, Okumura K, Shinjoh H
52 - 57 Novel surface pretreatment for metal structured catalyst
Koo KY, Joo H, Jung UH, Choi EJ, You SM, Yoon WL
58 - 61 In situ FTIR study of beta-picoline transformations on V-Ti-O catalysts
Chernobay GB, Chesalov YA, Baltakhinov VP, Popova GY, Andrushkevich TV
62 - 67 Identification of the active species in the working alumina-supported cobalt catalyst under various conditions of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Sadeqzadeh M, Karaca H, Safonova OV, Fongarland P, Chambrey S, Roussel P, Griboval-Constant A, Lacroix M, Curulla-Ferre D, Luck F, Khodakov AY
68 - 73 Characterization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes catalyst supports by point of zero charge
Lee S, Zhang ZT, Wang XM, Pfefferle LD, Haller GL
74 - 79 Enhanced performance of Ru nanoparticles confined in carbon nanotubes for CO preferential oxidation in a H-2-rich stream
Li BD, Wang C, Yi GQ, Lin HQ, Yuan YZ
80 - 87 Trinuclear Fe(II)/Ni(II) complexes as catalysts for ethylene polymerizations
Bahuleyan BK, Lee KJ, Lee SH, Liu Y, Zhou W, Kim I
88 - 91 Preparation of highly dispersed platinum catalysts on various oxides by using polymer-protected nanoparticles
Kimura K, Einaga H, Teraoka Y
92 - 99 Geopolymer based catalysts-New group of catalytic materials
Sazama P, Bortnovsky O, Dedecek J, Tvaruzkova Z, Sobalik Z
100 - 106 Characteristics on HDS over amorphous silica-alumina in single and dual catalytic bed system for gas oil
Park JI, Nakano K, Kim YK, Miyawaki J, Yoon SH, Mochida I
107 - 111 Influence of structural differences and acidic properties of phosphotungstic acids on their catalytic performance for acylation of pyruvate ester to alpha-acyloxyacrylate ester
Ninomiya W, Sadakane M, Ichi Y, Yasukawa T, Ooyachi K, Sano T, Ueda W
112 - 118 Core-shell structured nickel and ruthenium nanoparticles: Very active and stable catalysts for the generation of COx-free hydrogen via ammonia decomposition
Yao LH, Shi TB, Li YX, Zhao J, Ji WJ, Au CT
119 - 123 Effect of reactant density inside supercages of zeolite La,Na-Y on the mechanism of the ethylbenzene conversion
Jiang YJ, Huang J, Hunger M
124 - 130 Specific tuning of acid/base sites in apatite materials to enhance their methanol thiolation catalytic performances
Lamonier C, Lamonier JF, Aellach B, Ezzamarty A, Leglise J
131 - 134 Synthesis of a water tolerant solid base of CaO covered with Al2O3
Matsuhashi H, Fujita T
135 - 138 Vapor-phase Beckmann rearrangement of cyclohexanone oxime over halide cluster catalysts
Nagashima S, Kamiguchi S, Ohguchi S, Chihara T
139 - 142 KF on gamma-alumina: An efficient catalyst for the aldol condensation to pseudoionones
Raju V, Radhakrishnan R, Jaenicke S, Chuah GK
143 - 147 Synthesis of trans-stilbene through the hydrogenation of diphenylacetylene
Komatsu T, Takagi K, Ozawa K
148 - 153 Optimizing preparative conditions for tungstated zirconia modified with platinum as catalyst for heptane isomerization
Jermy BR, Khurshid M, Al-Daous MA, Hattori H, Al-Khattaf SS
154 - 157 Steaming and washing effect of P/HZSM-5 in catalytic cracking of naphtha
Liu D, Choi WC, Lee CW, Kang NY, Lee YJ, Shin CH, Park YK
158 - 162 Selective production of isobutylene from acetone over alkali metal ion-exchanged BEA zeolites
Tago T, Konno H, Ikeda S, Yamazaki S, Ninomiya W, Nakasaka Y, Masuda T
163 - 168 Catalytic neutral hydrogen peroxide synthesis from O-2 and H-2 by PEMFC fuel
Murayama T, Tazawa S, Takenaka S, Yamanaka I
169 - 175 Effect of reduction treatment on CO oxidation over Pt/SnO2 catalyst
Yamaguchi N, Kamiuchi N, Muroyama H, Matsui T, Eguchi K
176 - 180 The oxygen reduction electrocatalytic activity of intermetallic compound of palladium-tin supported on tin oxide-carbon composite
Jin SA, Kwon K, Pak C, Chang H
181 - 185 Study of Pt-free anode catalysts for anion exchange membrane fuel cells
Sakamoto T, Asazawa K, Yamada K, Tanaka H
186 - 189 Enhancement of electrochemical stability and catalytic activity of Pt nanoparticles via strong metal-support interaction with sulfur-containing ordered mesoporous carbon
Kwon K, Jin SA, Pak C, Chang H, Joo SH, Lee HI, Kim JH, Kim JM
190 - 197 Hydrogen generation from n-tetradecane, low-sulfur and Fischer-Tropsch diesel over Rh supported on alumina doped with ceria/lanthana
Karatzas X, Creaser D, Grant A, Dawody J, Pettersson LJ
198 - 203 High temperature adsorption of CO2 on Mg-Al hydrotalcite: Effect of the charge compensating anions and the synthesis pH
Wang Q, Wu ZH, Tay HH, Chen LW, Liu Y, Chang J, Zhong ZY, Luo JZ, Borgna A
204 - 208 Development of zeolite hydrocracking catalyst and system for resid hydrodesulfurization unit
Inamura K, Iino A
209 - 213 Synthesis of a perovskite LaNiO3 nanocatalyst at a low temperature using single reverse microemulsion
Aman D, Zaki T, Mikhail S, Selim SA
214 - 220 Propane dehydrogenation over Pt-Sn/Rare-earth-doped Al2O3: Influence of La, Ce, or Y on the formation and stability of Pt-Sn alloys
Vu BK, Song MB, Ahn IY, Suh YW, Suh DJ, Kim WI, Koh HL, Choi YG, Shin EW
221 - 226 Kinetic study of methane CO2 reforming on Co-Ni/Al2O3 and Ce-Co-Ni/Al2O3 catalysts
Foo SY, Cheng CK, Nguyen TH, Adesina AA
227 - 233 Dry reforming of methane over LnFe(0.7)Ni(0.3)O(3-delta) perovskites: Influence of Ln nature
Kapokova L, Pavlova S, Bunina R, Alikina G, Krieger T, Ishchenko A, Rogov V, Sadykov V
234 - 239 The effect of support reducibility on the stability of Co/CeO2 for the oxidative steam reforming of ethanol
da Silva AM, de Souza KR, Mattos LV, Jacobs G, Davis BH, Noronha FB
240 - 245 Hydrogen production by steam reforming (SR) of DME over Cu catalysts and de-NOx performance of a combined system of SR plus LNT
Park S, Kim H, Choi B
246 - 250 Ultrasonic-assisted fabrication of LaNiOx composite oxide nanotubes and application to the steam reforming of ethanol
Liu SW, Liu JY, Liu YH, Huang YH, Yeh CT, Wang CB
251 - 256 Preparation and characterization of CuO/ZnO-Al2O3 catalyst washcoats with CeO2 sols for autothermal reforming of methanol in a microreactor
Lin KS, Chowdhury S, Yeh HP, Hong WT, Yeh CT
257 - 261 Hydrogen production by steam reforming of acetic acid over Ni-based catalysts
Thaicharoensutcharittham S, Meeyoo V, Kitiyanan B, Rangsunvigit P, Rirksomboon T
262 - 267 Oxidative steam reforming of ethanol over carbon nanofiber supported Co catalysts
da Silva ALM, Mattos LV, den Breejen JP, Bitter JH, de Jong KP, Noronha FB
268 - 274 Carbon deposition on bimetallic Co-Ni/Al2O3 catalyst during steam reforming of glycerol
Cheng CK, Foo SY, Adesina AA
275 - 281 Artificial neural network modeling of forced cycling operation between propane steam reforming and CO2 carbon gasifier
Arcotumapathy V, Alenazey F, Adesina AA
282 - 287 Ru-based catalysts for CO selective methanation reaction in H-2-rich gases
Djinovic P, Galletti C, Specchia S, Specchia V
288 - 292 Conversion of methanol over H-ZSM-22: The reaction mechanism and deactivation
Li JZ, Wei YX, Qi Y, Tian P, Li B, He YL, Chang FX, Sun XD, Liu ZM
293 - 296 CO hydrogenation over a hydrogen-induced amorphization of intermetallic compound CeNi2
Endo N, Ito S, Tomishige K, Kameoka S, Tsai AP, Hirata T, Nishimura C
297 - 301 The impact of ruthenium, lanthanum and activation conditions on the methanation activity of alumina-supported cobalt catalysts
Kok E, Scott J, Cant N, Trimm D
302 - 307 Effect of nanocrystalline chi-Al2O3 structure on the catalytic behavior of Co/Al2O3 in CO hydrogenation
Chaitree W, Jiemsirilers S, Mekasuwandumrong O, Jongsomjit B, Shotipruk A, Panpranot J
308 - 314 Synthesis of ethanol from syngas over Rh/Ce1-xZrxO2 catalysts
Liu YY, Murata K, Inaba M, Takahara I, Okabe K
315 - 319 Oxidation of benzyl alcohol using supported gold-palladium nanoparticles
Miedziak P, Sankar M, Dimitratos N, Lopez-Sanchez JA, Carley AF, Knight DW, Taylor SH, Kiely CJ, Hutchings GJ
320 - 324 Au-Pd alloying-promoted thermal decomposition of PdO supported on SiO2 and its effect on the catalytic performance in CO oxidation
Qian K, Huang WX
325 - 331 Specific role of polymorphs of supporting titania in catalytic CO oxidation on gold
Beck A, Magesh G, Kuppan B, Schay Z, Geszti O, Benko T, Viswanath RP, Selvam P, Viswanathan B, Guczi L
332 - 335 Catalytic oxidation of aromatic alcohols and alkylarenes with molecular oxygen over Ir/TiO2
Yoshida A, Takahashi Y, Ikeda T, Azemoto K, Naito S
336 - 340 Dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene on a direct synthesized Co, Ni/carbon nanotubes catalysts
Guo XF, Kim JH, Kim GJ
341 - 346 The effect of Bi promoter on vanadium phosphate catalysts synthesized via sesquihydrate route
Leong LK, Chin KS, Taufiq-Yap YH
347 - 352 Single-crystalline mesoporous CaO supported Cr-V binary oxides: Highly active catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of isobutane
Deng JG, Zhang L, Liu CX, Xia YS, Dai HX
353 - 357 Semiconductor/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites derived from photocatalytic reactions
Ng YH, Iwase A, Bell NJ, Kudo A, Amal R
358 - 363 Synthesis and catalytic properties of porous Nb-Mo oxide solid acid
Tagusagawa C, Takagaki A, Iguchi A, Takanabe K, Kondo JN, Ebitani K, Tatsumi T, Domen K
364 - 369 Synthesis and characterization of novel SiO2 and TiO2 co-pillared montmorillonite composite for adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of hydrophobic organic pollutants in water
Chen JY, Liu XL, Li GY, Nie X, An TC, Zhang SQ, Zhao HJ
370 - 376 Preparation and characterisation of mesoporous photoactive Na-titanate microspheres
El Saliby I, Erdei L, Shon HK, Kim JB, Kim JH
377 - 383 Nano-scaled silver vanadates loaded on mesoporous silica: Characterization and photocatalytic activity
Pan GT, Huang CM, Peng PY, Yang TCK
384 - 390 Photocatalyzed destruction of organic dyes using microwave/UV/O-3/H2O2/TiO2 oxidation system
Kim SJ, Kim SC, Seo SG, Lee DJ, Lee H, Park SH, Jung SC
391 - 394 Preparation of decahedral anatase titania particles with high-level photocatalytic activity
Sugishita N, Kuroda Y, Ohtani B
395 - 398 Photocatalytic decomposition of methylene blue over yttrium ion doped Ti-SBA-15 catalysts
Jung WY, Lee GD, Park SS, Lim KT, Hong SS
399 - 403 Visible light response of nitrogen and sulfur co-doped TiO2 photocatalysts fabricated by anodic oxidation
Komai Y, Okitsu K, Nishimura R, Ohtsu N, Miyamoto G, Furuhara T, Semboshi S, Mizukoshi Y, Masahashi N
404 - 409 Photocatalytic mineralization of volatile organic compounds over commercial titanium(IV) oxide modified with rhodium(III) ion under visible light irradiation and correlation between physical properties and photocatalytic activity
Kitano S, Hashimoto K, Kominami H
410 - 414 Selective catalytic decarboxy-cracking of triglyceride to middle-distillate hydrocarbon
Tani H, Hasegawa T, Shimouchi M, Asami K, Fujimoto K
415 - 418 Hemicellulose decomposition and saccharides production from various plant biomass by sulfonated allophane catalyst
Ogaki Y, Shinozuka Y, Hara T, Ichikuni N, Shimazu S
419 - 424 Vapor-phase catalytic dehydration of terminal diols
Abe K, Ohishi Y, Okada T, Yamada Y, Sato S
425 - 428 A new method of ethanol synthesis from dimethyl ether and syngas in a sequential dual bed reactor with the modified zeolite and Cu/ZnO catalysts
Yang GH, San XG, Jiang N, Tanaka Y, Li XG, Jin Q, Tao K, Meng FZ, Tsubaki N
429 - 435 Synthesis of peroxophosphotungstate immobilized onto polymeric support as heterogeneous catalyst for the epoxidation of unsaturated fatty esters
Poli E, Clacens JM, Pouilloux Y
436 - 442 Ethanol catalytic condensation over Mg-Al mixed oxides derived from hydrotalcites
Leon M, Diaz E, Ordonez S
443 - 446 Selective production of ketones from biomass waste containing a large amount of water using an iron oxide catalyst
Funai S, Tago T, Masuda T
447 - 450 Role of promoters in copper chromite catalysts for hydrogenolysis of glycerol
Mane RB, Ghalwadkar AA, Hengne AM, Suryawanshi YR, Rode CV
451 - 456 Performance of bifunctional Pd/MxNyO (M = Mg, Ca; N = Zr, Al) catalysts for aldolization-hydrogenation of furfural-acetone mixtures
Faba L, Diaz E, Ordonez S
457 - 460 The effect of calcination temperature on the performance of Ni/MgO-Al2O3 catalysts for decarboxylation of oleic acid
Roh HS, Eum IH, Jeong DW, Yi BE, Na JG, Ko CH
461 - 466 Direct transformation of cellulose into methyl and ethyl glucosides in methanol and ethanol media catalyzed by heteropolyacids
Deng WP, Liu M, Zhang QH, Wang Y
467 - 473 Characterization and dynamic behavior of precious metals in automotive exhaust gas purification catalysts
Hirata H, Kishita K, Nagai Y, Dohmae K, Shinjoh H, Matsumoto S
474 - 479 Role of the alumina surface properties on the ammonia production during the NOx SCR with ethanol over Ag/Al2O3 catalysts
Can F, Flura A, Courtois X, Royer S, Blanchard G, Marecot P, Duprez D
480 - 483 SCR of NO by DME over Al2O3 based catalysts: Influence of noble metals and Ba additive on low-temperature activity
Shimokawabe M, Kuwana A, Oku S, Yoshida K, Arai M
484 - 488 Direct decomposition of NO over BaO/Y2O3 catalyst
Ishihara T, Goto K
489 - 494 Direct NO decomposition over a Ce-Mn mixed oxide modified with alkali and alkaline earth species and CO2-TPD behavior of the catalysts
Hong WJ, Iwamoto S, Inoue M
495 - 499 Selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 over different copper exchanged zeolites in the presence of decane
Sultana A, Nanba T, Sasaki M, Haneda M, Suzuki K, Hamada H
500 - 506 Evaluation of regeneration of spent three-way catalysts for catalytic oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons
Shim WG, Jung SC, Seo SG, Kim SC
507 - 514 De-NOx characteristics of a combined system of LNT and SCR catalysts according to hydrothermal aging and sulfur poisoning
Seo CK, Kim H, Choi B, Lim MT, Lee CH, Lee CB
515 - 519 Aromatic hydrocarbons and sulfur based catalyst deactivation for selective catalytic reduction of NOx
Demidyuk V, Hardacre C, Burch R, Mhadeshwar A, Norton D, Hancu D
520 - 527 Influence of calcination temperature on iron titanate catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
Liu FD, Asakura K, He H, Liu YC, Shan WP, Shi XY, Zhang CB
528 - 532 Catalytic decomposition of ammonia in simulated coal-derived gas over supported nickel catalysts
Ozawa Y, Tochihara Y
533 - 537 Hydrodeoxygenation of waste vegetable oil over sulfide catalysts
Toba M, Abe Y, Kuramochi H, Osako M, Mochizuki T, Yoshimura Y
538 - 543 Catalyst development for ultra-deep hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of dibenzothiophenes. I: Effects of Ni promotion in molybdenum-based catalysts
Gao Q, Ofosu TNK, Ma SG, Komvokis VG, Williams CT, Segawa K
544 - 547 Synthesis of cyclic carbonate through microwave irradiation using silica-supported ionic liquids: Effect of variation in the silica support
Dharman MM, Choi HJ, Kim DW, Park DW
548 - 551 Using modifiers to specify stereochemistry and enhance selectivity and activity in palladium-catalysed, liquid phase hydrogenation of alkynes
Garcia PE, Lynch AS, Monaghan A, Jackson SD
552 - 555 2-Diphenylphosphanyl-4-pyridyl(dimethyl) amine as an effective ligand for the ruthenium(II) complex catalyzed homogeneous hydration of nitriles under neutral conditions
Muranaka M, Hyodo I, Okumura W, Oshiki T
556 - 560 Production of dimethyl carbonate from ethylene carbonate and methanol using immobilized ionic liquids on MCM-41
Kim DW, Lim DO, Cho DH, Koh JC, Park DW
561 - 565 Octene hydroformylation by using rhodium complexes tethered onto selectively functionalized mesoporous silica and in situ high pressure IR study
Song KC, Baek JY, Bae JA, Yim JH, Ko YS, Kim DH, Park YK, Jeon JK
566 - 570 Influence of the meso-macroporous ZrO2-TiO2 calcination temperature on the pre-reduced Pd/ZrO2-TiO2 (1/1) performances in chlorobenzene total oxidation
Lamonier JF, Nguyen TB, Franco M, Siffert S, Cousin R, Li Y, Yang XY, Su BL, Giraudon JM
571 - 574 Benzene oxidation with ozone over manganese oxide supported on zeolite catalysts
Einaga H, Teraoka Y, Ogat A
575 - 579 Oxidation property of Pt/La7.33BaYSi6O25.5 catalysts for hydrocarbon species
Wakabayashi T, Kato S, Nakahara Y, Ogasawara M, Nakata S
580 - 584 Selective hydrogenation of nitroalkane to N-alkyl hydroxylamine over supported palladium catalysts
Takenaka Y, Kiyosu T, Mori G, Choi JC, Sakakura T, Yasuda H