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1 - 1 6th World Congress on Oxidation Catalysis Lille, France, 5-10 July 2009 Towards an integrated approach in innovation and development Preface
Bordes-Richard E, Gaigneaux E, Lofberg A, Payen E, Ruiz P
2 - 7 Atomic aspects of surface chemical reactions
Asakura K
8 - 15 Catalytic selective oxidation The forefront in the challenge for a more sustainable chemical industry
Cavani F
16 - 23 Using time-resolved methods to monitor and understand catalytic oxidation reactions
Kondratenko EV
24 - 32 Multiscale process intensification for catalytic partial oxidation of methane From nanostructured catalysts to integrated reactor concepts
Veser G
33 - 38 Enhancement of acrylic acid yields in propane and propylene oxidation by selective P Doping of MoV(Nb)TeO-based M1 and M2 catalysts
Grasselli RK, Lugmair CG, Volpe AF, Andersson A, Burrington JD
39 - 43 Mechanism of the oxygen involvement in nicotinic acid formation under beta-picoline oxidation on V-Ti-O catalyst
Chesalov YA, Ovchinnikova EV, Chernobay GB, Popova GY, Andrushkevich TV
44 - 48 The detailed kinetics and mechanism of ethylene epoxidation on an oxidised Ag/alpha-Al2O3 catalyst
Waugh KC, Hague M
49 - 54 TAP study on the active oxygen species in the total oxidation of propane over a CuO-CeO2/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst
Balcaen V, Roelant R, Poelman H, Poelman D, Marin GB
55 - 60 Oxygen mobility of Pt-promoted doped CeO2-ZrO2 solid solutions Characterization and effect on catalytic performance in syngas generation by fuels oxidation/reforming
Sadykov V, Muzykantov V, Bobin A, Mezentseva N, Alikina G, Sazonova N, Sadovskaya E, Gubanova L, Lukashevich A, Mirodatos C
61 - 65 Electrochemical catalysis for propane combustion using nanometric sputtered-deposited Pt films
Lizarraga L, Guth M, Billard A, Vernoux P
66 - 70 Synthesis of polymer-supported copper complexes and their evaluation in catalytic phenol oxidation
Castro IU, Sherrington DC, Fortuny A, Fabregat A, Stuber F, Font J, Bengoa C
71 - 76 ReaxFF Monte Carlo reactive dynamics Application to resolving the partial occupations of the M1 phase of the MoVNbTeO catalyst
Goddard WA, Mueller JE, Chenoweth K, van Duin ACT
77 - 82 Preparation of Au-Pd/C catalysts by adsorption of metallic species in aqueous phase for selective oxidation
Hermans S, Deffernez A, Devillers M
83 - 88 Preferential CO oxidation in a H-2-rich gas by Au/CeO2 catalysts Nanoscale CeO2 shape effect and mechanism aspect
Yi GQ, Yang HW, Li BD, Lin HQ, Tanaka K, Yuan YZ
89 - 93 Nitrogen functionalized carbon nanostructures supported Pd and Au-Pd NPs as catalyst for alcohols oxidation
Villa A, Wang D, Spontoni P, Arrigo R, Su DS, Prati L
94 - 100 Oxidation reactions using air as oxidant thanks to silica nanoreactors containing GOx/peroxidases bienzymatic systems
Laveille P, Phuoc LT, Drone J, Fajula F, Renard G, Galarneau A
101 - 106 Hydrocarbon oxidation by homogeneous and heterogeneous non-heme iron (III) catalysts with H2O2
Bilis G, Christoforidis KC, Deligiannakis Y, Louloudi M
107 - 113 Polyoxometalate-based heterogeneous catalysts for liquid phase selective oxidations Comparison of different strategies
Kholdeeva OA, Maksimchuk NV, Maksimov GM
114 - 118 Selective oxidation of pyridine to pyridine-N-oxide with hydrogen peroxide over Ti-MWW catalyst
Xie W, Zheng YT, Zhao S, Yang JX, Liu YM, Wu P
119 - 124 Fe-modified TiO2 photocatalysts for the oxidative degradation of recalcitrant water contaminants
Castro-Lopez CA, Centeno A, Giraldo SA
125 - 130 Total oxidation of benzene and chlorobenzene with MoO3- and WO3-promoted V2O5/TiO2 catalysts prepared by a nonhydrolytic sol-gel route
Debecker DP, Delaigle R, Bouchmella K, Eloy P, Gaigneaux EM, Mutin PH
131 - 136 Simple approach to prepare mesoporous silica supported mixed-oxide nanoparticles by in situ autocombustion procedure
Sellam D, Bonne M, Arrii-Clacens S, Lafaye G, Bion N, Tezkratt S, Royer S, Marecot P, Duprez D
137 - 142 Role of dispersion of vanadia on SBA-15 in the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane
Gruene P, Wolfram T, Pelzer K, Schlogl R, Trunschke A
143 - 148 Copper grafted on SBA-15 as efficient catalyst for the selective oxidation of methane by oxygen
An DL, Zhang QH, Wang Y
149 - 154 Oxidation of methane and ethylene in water at ambient conditions
Sorokin AB, Kudrik EV, Alvarez LX, Afanasiev P, Millet JMM, Bouchu D
155 - 159 Iron-modified ceria and Au/ceria catalysts for Total and Preferential Oxidation of CO (TOX and PROX)
Laguna OH, Centeno MA, Arzamendi G, Gandia LM, Romero-Sarria F, Odriozola JA
160 - 165 Modified cryptomelane-type manganese dioxide nanomaterials for preferential oxidation of CO in the presence of hydrogen
Hernandez WY, Centeno MA, Romero-Sarria F, Ivanova S, Montes M, Odriozola JA
166 - 169 Catalytic partial oxidation of CH4 over Ni-substituted barium hexaaluminate catalysts
Gardner TH, Spivey JJ, Campos A, Hissam JC, Kugler EL, Roy AD
170 - 176 The deposition of coke during carbon dioxide reforming of methane over intermetallides
Arkatova LA
177 - 182 Methane oxidation by lattice oxygen of Ni/BaTi1-xInxO3-delta catalysts
Garcia V, Caldes MT, Joubert O, Gautron E, Mondragon F, Moreno A
183 - 190 Novel Rh-based structured catalysts for the catalytic partial oxidation of methane
Basile F, Benito P, Fornasari G, Monti M, Scavetta E, Tonelli D, Vaccari A
191 - 197 Use and observation of the hydrotalcite "memory effect" for VOC oxidation
Gennequin C, Barakat T, Tidahy HL, Cousin R, Lamonier JF, Aboukais A, Siffert S
198 - 203 Flame-made vs wet-impregnated vanadia/titania in the total oxidation of chlorobenzene Possible role of VOx species
Schimmoeller B, Delaigle R, Debecker DP, Gaigneaux EM
204 - 210 The design of a new ZrO2-supported V/P/O catalyst for n-butane oxidation to maleic anhydride The build-up of the active phase during thermal treatment
Caldarelli A, Cavani F, Folco F, Luciani S, Cortelli C, Leanza R
211 - 216 The synthesis of highly crystalline vanadium phosphate catalysts using a diblock copolymer as a structure directing agent
Lin ZJ, Weng WH, Kiely CJ, Dummer NF, Bartley JK, Hutchings GJ
217 - 222 Characterization of alumina-supported uranium oxide catalysts in methane oxidation
Ismagilov ZR, Kuntsevich SV, Shikina NV, Kuznetsov VV, Kerzhentsev MA, Ushakov VA, Rogov VA, Boronin AI, Zaikovsky VI
223 - 230 Do synthetic Fe-zeolites mimic biological Fe-porphyrins in reactions with nitric oxide?
Rivallan M, Bromley B, Kiwi-Minsker L
231 - 235 Activity and selectivity investigations of copper catalysis by concentration programmed reaction method
Contiu C, Berg J, Drochner A, Vogel H, von Watzdorf R
236 - 242 The influence of diffusion phenomena on catalysis A study at the single particle level using fluorescence microscopy
De Cremer G, Bartholomeeusen E, Pescarmona PP, Lin KF, De Vos DE, Hofkens J, Roeffaers MBJ, Sels BF
243 - 249 In situ studies of titania-supported Au shell-Pd core nanoparticles for the selective aerobic oxidation of crotyl alcohol
Lee AF, Ellis CV, Wilson K, Hondow NS
250 - 256 A comparative in situ XPS study of PtRuCo catalyst in methanol steam reforming and water gas shift reactions
Zafeiratos S, Paloukis F, Papakonstantinou G, Teschner D, Havecker M, Vass E, Schnorch P, Knop-Gericke A, Schlogl R, Moreno B, Chinarro E, Jurado JR, Neophytides SG
257 - 262 Synthesis of gamma-Bi2MoO6 catalyst studied by combined high-resolution powder diffraction, XANES and Raman spectroscopy
Kongmark C, Martis V, Pirovano C, Lofberg A, van Beek W, Sankar G, Rubbens A, Cristol S, Vannier RN, Bordes-Richard E
263 - 269 Screening of ceria-based catalysts for internal methane reforming in low temperature SOFC
Gaudillere C, Vernoux P, Mirodatos C, Caboche G, Farrusseng D
270 - 274 Non-hydrolytic SiO2-TiO2 mesoporous xerogels-Efficient catalysts for the mild oxidation of sulfur organic compounds with hydrogen peroxide
Cojocariu AM, Mutin PH, Dumitriu E, Aboulaich A, Vioux A, Fajula F, Hulea V
275 - 279 Ammoxidation of 2,6-dichloro toluene-From first trials to pilot plant studies
Martin A, Kalevaru VN, Smejkal Q
280 - 285 Pd nanoparticles supported on N-doped nanocarbon for the direct synthesis of H2O2 from H-2 and O-2
Abate S, Arrigo R, Schuster ME, Perathoner S, Centi G, Villa A, Su D, Schlogl R
286 - 290 Oxidation of alkane using Pt/Eu2O3/TiO2/SiO2 catalyst with O-2 and H-2 in acetic acid under mild conditions
Yamanaka I, Suzuki Y, Toida M
291 - 296 Reaction products and pathways in the selective oxidation of C-2-C-4 alkanes on MoVTeNb mixed oxide catalysts
Nieto JML, Solsona B, Concepcion P, Ivars F, Dejoz A, Vazquez MI
297 - 302 Challenges in applied oxidation catalysis
Herbst K, Mogensen G, Huber F, Ostberg M, Skjoth-Rasmussen MS
303 - 309 Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene in a membrane reactor A theoretical study
Rodriguez ML, Ardissone DE, Heracleous E, Lemonidou AA, Lopez E, Pedernera MN, Borio DO
310 - 314 Olefins production by catalytic partial oxidation of ethane and propane over Pt/LaMnO3 catalyst
Cimino S, Donsi F, Russo G, Sanfilippo D
315 - 320 Development of a continuous steroid biotransformation process and product extraction within microchannel system
Znidarsic-Plazl P, Plazl I
321 - 326 Total catalytic oxidation of a side-product for an autothermal restoring hydrogen process
Kerleau P, Swesi Y, Meille V, Pitault I, Heurtaux F
327 - 333 High-performance catalytic wet air oxidation (CWAO) of organic acids and phenol in interfacial catalytic membrane contactors under optimized wetting conditions
Alame M, Abusaloua A, Pera-Titus M, Guilhaume N, Fiaty K, Giroir-Fendler A
334 - 338 Maleic anhydride yield during cyclic n-butane/oxygen operation
Shekari A, Patience GS
339 - 344 New silver- and vanadium-containing multimetal oxides for oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons
Rosowski F, Altwasser S, Dobner CK, Storck S, Zuhlke J, Hibst H
345 - 350 Catalytic oxidative cracking as a route to olefins Oxidative conversion of hexane over MoO3-Li/MgO
Boyadjian C, van der Veer B, Babich IV, Lefferts L, Seshan K
351 - 358 Production of acrolein and acrylic acid through dehydration and oxydehydration of glycerol with mixed oxide catalysts
Deleplanque J, Dubois JL, Devaux JF, Ueda W
359 - 363 Scope and reaction mechanism of an aerobic oxidative alkyne homocoupling catalyzed by a di-copper-substituted silicotungstate
Mizuno N, Kamata K, Nakagawa Y, Oishi T, Yamaguchi K
364 - 370 Design of a bio-inspired imidazole-based iron catalyst for epoxidation of olefins Mechanistic insights
Schroder K, Junge K, Spannenberg A, Beller M
371 - 377 Selective epoxidation of unsaturated fatty esters over peroxophosphotungstic catalysts (POW) under solvent free conditions Study of the POW catalyst's mechanism
Poli E, Bion N, Barrault J, Casciato S, Dubois V, Pouilloux Y, Clacens JM
378 - 383 Oxidation of indole with CPO and GOx immobilized on mesoporous molecular sieves
Jung D, Hartmann M
384 - 389 Study of DPNR catalysts for combined soot oxidation and NOx reduction
Castoldi L, Artioli N, Matarrese R, Lietti L, Forzatti P
390 - 396 Highly efficient deep desulfurization of fuels by chemical oxidation
Capel-Sanchez MC, Perez-Presas P, Campos-Martin JM, Fierro JLG
397 - 403 CO2 reforming of CH4 over Ni-containing phyllosilicates as catalyst precursors
Sivaiah MV, Petit S, Barrault J, Batiot-Dupeyrat C, Valange S
404 - 409 Catalytic purification of H-2-rich streams by CO-PROX over Pt-Co-Ce/gamma-Al2O3 in fluidized bed reactors
Lobera MP, Tellez C, Herguido J, Menendez M
410 - 414 Photocatalytic generation of sulphate and hydroxyl radicals using zinc oxide under low-power UV to oxidise phenolic contaminants in wastewater
Shukla P, Fatimah I, Wang SB, Ang HM, Tade MO
415 - 419 Activation of Pt/SnO2 catalyst for catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds
Kamiuchi N, Mitsui T, Yamaguchi N, Muroyama H, Matsui T, Kikuchi R, Eguchi K
420 - 424 Performances of soluble metallic salts in the catalytic wet air oxidation of sewage sludge
Bernardi M, Cretenot D, Deleris S, Descorme C, Chauzy J, Besson M
425 - 431 Transition metal-exchanged LTA zeolites as novel catalysts for methane combustion
Asedegbega-Nieto E, Diaz E, Vega A, Ordonez S
432 - 435 The enhancement of low-temperature combustion of diesel PM through concerted application of FBC and perovskite
Lee DW, Sung JY, Park JH, Hong YK, Lee SH, Oh SH, Lee KY
436 - 439 CO2 reforming of methane over Ce-Zr-Ni-Me mixed catalysts
Koubaissy B, Pietraszek A, Roger AC, Kiennemann A
440 - 445 Catalytic combustion of CH4 and H-2 into micro-monoliths
Tacchino S, Vella LD, Specchia S
446 - 450 Doped LaFeO3 as SOFC catalysts Control of oxygen mobility and oxidation activity
Lakshminarayanan N, Kuhn JN, Rykov SA, Millet JMM, Ozkan US
451 - 455 Ir/Ce0 9Gd0 1O2-x as a new potential anode component in solid oxide fuel cells integrating the concept of gradual internal reforming of methane
Toyir J, Gelin P, Belatel H, Kaddouri A
456 - 461 Hydrogen production from ethanol in presence of water over cerium and nickel mixed oxides
Jalowiecki-Duhamel L, Pirez C, Capron M, Dumeignil F, Payen E
462 - 466 Catalytic production of methane from CO2 and H-2 at low temperature Insight on the reaction mechanism
Jacquemin M, Beuls A, Ruiz P