Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering

Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol.97, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0008-4034 (Print) 

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5 - 16 Nitroxide Mediated Polymerization of 1-(4-vinylbenzyl)-3-butylimidazolium Ionic Liquid Containing Homopolymers and Methyl Methacrylate Copolymers
Peltekoff AJ, Therrien I, Lessard BH
17 - 26 Modelling dispersion of immiscible fluids in a turbulent Couette flow
Eskin D, Vikhansky A
27 - 31 Investigation of growth kinetics of Debaryomyces hansenii (LAF-3 10 U) in petroleum refinery desalter effluent
Azimian L, Bassi A, Mercer SM
32 - 58 Current Status and Future Prospects of Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) and Fouling Phenomena: A Systematic Review
Hamedi H, Ehteshami M, Mirbagheri SA, Rasouli SA, Zendehboudi S
59 - 66 Preliminary tests for the thermo-chemical conversion of biomass in a spouted bed pilot plant
Bove D, Moliner C, Curti M, Baratieri M, Bosio B, Rovero G, Arato E
67 - 73 Heterogeneous catalytic ozonation of naphthenic acids in water
Al jibouri AKH, Wu JN, Upreti SR
74 - 83 Flocculation-assisted dewatering of fluid fine tailings using a volute screw press
Wang C, Najafi A, Masliyah J, Liu QX, Xu ZH
84 - 92 Char quality response surfaces from torrefaction of coppiced willow in a horizontal moving bed pilot plant
Campbell WA, Woytiuk K, Gerspacher R, Coller A, Evitts RW
93 - 98 A simple power management circuit for microbial fuel cell operation with intermittent electrical load connection
Woodward L, Tartakovsky B
99 - 102 Aggregate structures formed by hyperbranched functionalized polyethylene (HBfPE) treatment of oil sands tailings
Costine AD, Vajihinejad V, Botha L, Fawell PD, Soares JBP
103 - 114 Theoretical description of the motion of a particle in rotary dryer
Hellou M, Lomine F, Benhsine I, Roques Y
115 - 122 Ultrasonic Based Device to Monitor Oil Separation from Oily Water Discharges
Behnia I, Prakash A, Williams G
123 - 132 Design of field-scale cyclic solvent injection processes for post-CHOPS applications
Martinez Gamboa JJ, Leung JY
133 - 139 Hydrothermal dewatering of lignite water slurries: Part 2 surface properties and stability
Li Q, Yang DZ, Liu QX, Zhang JS
140 - 151 Development and characterization of novel combinations of Ce-Ni-MFI solids for water gas shift reaction
Alamolhoda S, Vitale G, Hassan A, Nassar NN, Almao PP
152 - 164 Using normal probability plots to determine parameters for higher-level factorial experiments with orthogonal and orthonormal bases
Donnelly T, Shardt YAW
165 - 177 A multi-scenario nonlinear model predictive control approach for robust product transitions
Flores-Tlacuahuac A, Gutierrez-Limon MA
178 - 187 Monitoring Uneven Multistage/Multiphase Batch Processes using Trajectory-Based Fuzzy Phase Partition and Hybrid MPCA Models
Luo LJ
188 - 206 Heterogeneous catalyst design: Zoned and layered catalysts in diesel vehicle aftertreatment monolith reactors
Hazlett MJ, Epling WS
207 - 216 Reaction engineering of the emulsion homopolymerization of vinylidene fluoride: Progress and challenges
Ecoscia ACM, Sheibat-Othman N, McKenna TFL
217 - 225 Modelling diffusion and reaction for inert-core catalyst in batch and fixed bed reactors
Li P, Xiu GH, Rodrigues AE
226 - 237 Brown coal char CO2-gasification kinetics with respect to the char structure part II: Kinetics and correlations
Komarova E, Abosteif Z, Guhl S, Meyer B
238 - 246 Adsorption of volatile organic compounds on peanut shell activated carbon
Bedane AH, Guo TX, Eic M, Xiao HN
247 - 255 Selective removal of copper and nickel ions from synthetic process water using predispersed solvent extraction
Molaei A, Kokkilic O, Waters KE
256 - 267 Optimization of microwave-assisted extraction parameters and characterization of phenolic compounds in Yellow European Plums
DiNardo A, Brar HS, Subramanian J, Singh A
268 - 280 Influence of Oil Sands Composition on Bitumen Quality During Non-Aqueous Bitumen Extraction from the Athabasca Deposit
Geramian M, Liu Q, Ivey DG, Etsell TH
281 - 309 A Comprehensive Review on Emulsions and Emulsion Stability in Chemical and Energy Industries
Goodarzi F, Zendehboudi S
310 - 322 An Analytical Solution to Interpret Active Ion Transport During Chemically-Tuned Waterflooding Process in High-Temperature Carbonate Rocks
Awolayo AN, Sarma HK
323 - 329 Effects of hydrothermal dewatering of lignite on rheology of coal water slurry
Li Q, Yang DZ, Liu QX, Zhang JS
330 - 343 Three different periods of CO2 dissolution into a light crude oil
Du FS, Ma HZ, Gu YG
344 - 350 A Study on Thermodiffusion in Ternary Liquid Mixtures Using Enhanced Molecular Dynamics Algorithm with Experimental Validation
Mozaffari SH, Srinivasan S, Saghir MZ
351 - 360 Modelling diffusion of fragrances: A radial perspective
Pereira J, Costa P, Loureiro JM, Rodrigues AE
361 - 371 An experimental approach to investigating permeability reduction caused by solvent-induced asphaltene deposition in porous media
Kordestany A, Hassanzadeh H, Abedi J
372 - 383 Simulation of slurry/clean fluid boundary dispersion during placement of particulate suspension into a fracture
Reza MO, Nikrityuk P, Eskin D
384 - 394 A biosurfactant for inhibiting clay hydration in aqueous solutions: Applications to petroleum industry
Moslemizadeh A, Hafshejani KS, Shahbazi K, Dezfuli MZ, Zendehboudi S
395 - 405 Effects of ultrasonic cavitation on neutralization process of low molecular weight polyethylene glycol
Azarpour A, Zendehboudi S, Yusup S, Khalid A, Zhang YH
406 - 420 Simple immersed boundary matrix-cut-method for cartesian grids using FV and FD discretizations
Dierich F, Ananiev S, Nikrityuk PA