Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering

Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol.97 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0008-4034 (Print) 

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1243 - 1252 Design and characterization of a multi-layered polymeric drug delivery vehicle
Tan KX, Ujan S, Danquah MK, Lau SY
1253 - 1262 A new approach to model the influence of stirring intensity on ethanol production by a flocculant yeast grown on cashew apple juice
Pereira AD, Pinheiro ADT, Rocha MVP, Goncalves LRB, Cartaxo SJM
1263 - 1273 Predicting the biomass conversion performance in a fluidized bed reactor using isoconversional model-free method
Patel M, Oyedun AO, Kumar A, Gupta R
1274 - 1282 The promotion effects of TiO2 on the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 over ceo(2)-WO3/ZrO2: The catalytic performance and reaction route
Liu S, Sun MM, Lin QJ, Xu HD, Wang JL, Chen YQ
1283 - 1288 The dissolution of oil sludge formed by flocculation of oily wastewater produced from polymer flooding
Duan M, Yao M, Zhao B, Chen B, Xiong Y, Fang SW, Zhao YD
1289 - 1298 Feasibility of a microalgal wastewater treatment for the removal of nutrients under non-sterile conditions and carbon limitation
Ramos AC, Regan S, McGinn PJ, Champagne P
1299 - 1306 Effort of ionic liquids with [HSO4](-) on oxidative desulphurization of coal
Wang LY, Li ZD, Jin GS, Zuo N, Xu YL
1307 - 1316 The use of Moringa oleifera seeds and their fractionated proteins for Microcystis aeruginosa and microcystin-LR removal from water
Moreti LDR, Takaoka AB, Vieira AMS, Mantovani D, Bergamasco R
1317 - 1325 Hydrodynamics of bubbling fluidized bed for adsorption of CO2 with KOH/K2CO3
Samani P, Gharebagh RS, Zarghami R
1326 - 1331 A comparison between CO2 gasification of various biomass chars and coal char
Hu YY, Yu HQ, Zhou FL, Chen DZ
1332 - 1339 Feeding strategies of methanol and lipase on eversa (R) transform-mediated hydroesterification for FAME production
Wancura JHC, Rosset DV, Ugalde GA, Oliveira JV, Mazutti MA, Tres MV, Jahn SL
1340 - 1351 Process optimization for effective bio-decolourization of methyl orange by Pseudomonas aeruginosa 23N1 using chemometric methodology
Mishra S, Maiti A
1352 - 1360 In-situ upgrading of heavy oil using nano-catalysts: A computational fluid dynamics study of hydrogen and vacuum residue injection
Elahi SM, Khoshooei MA, Scott CE, Chen ZX, Pereira-Almao P
1361 - 1370 Combination of chemical and biological processes to enhance the treatment of hardly biodegradable matter in industrial wastewater: Selection parameters and performances
Miniere M, Boutin O, Soric A
1371 - 1385 Online operating performance evaluation for the plant-wide industrial process based on a three-level and multi-block method
Chang YQ, Ma RX, Zhao LP, Wang FL, Wang S
1386 - 1398 Monitoring the behaviour of anionic polymer-anionic surfactant stabilized foam in the absence and presence of oil: Bulk and bubble-scale experimental analyses
Veyskarami M, Ghazanfari MH, Shafiei Y
1399 - 1406 Experimental study of nucleate pool boiling heat transfer of self-rewetting solution by surface functionalization with TiO2 nanostructure
Hu BS, Zhang SF, Wang DW, Chen XL, Si XH, Zhang D
1407 - 1417 Performance of Low-temperature SCR of NO with NH3 over MnOx/Ti-based catalysts
Niu YQ, Zhang XL, Zhang H, Liang Y, Li SF, Yao Q, Wang DH, Hui SE
1418 - 1428 Effects of lignite dewatering treatment on the surface behaviour and NO emission characteristics during the combustion process
Zhao YY, Zhao GB, Sun R, Wang ZZ, Liu H
1429 - 1439 Alkaline-ionic liquid slug injection for improved heavy oil recovery
Tunnish A, Shirif E, Henni A
1440 - 1450 Online monitoring and mass transfer modelling of the growth of Ni-B nanoparticles in a reverse micelle system
Bahmanyar A, Pazuki G, Nikazar M
1451 - 1458 Efficient preparation of nanoscale zero-valent iron by high gravity technology for enhanced Cr(VI) removal
Wang ZM, Wang D, Zhang LL, Wang JX
1459 - 1474 Predictive Alarm Generation for Chemical Processes with Unknown Disturbance
Khan MAI, Imtiaz SA, Khan F
1475 - 1487 Operating performance assessment and non-optimal cause identification for chemical process
Tao Y, Shi HB, Song B, Tan S
1488 - 1495 Control loop performance monitoring based on weighted permutation entropy and control charts
Wu P, Guo LL, Duan YY, Zhou W, He GJ
1496 - 1505 Hydrodesulphurization of dibenzothiophene on NiMoS catalysts: Impact of the carbon support on the reaction kinetics
Alamoudi MA, Smith KJ
1506 - 1514 Selective catalytic hydrogenation of phenol to cyclohexanone over Pd@CN: Role of CN precursor separation mode
Zhang X, Qu ZY, Jiang H, Liu YF, Chen RZ
1515 - 1524 Hydrocracking of Fischer-Tropsch wax and its mixtures with heavy vacuum gas oil
Xing TY, De Crisci AG, Chen JW
1525 - 1536 Formation of dead zone in catalytic particles in catalysis and biocatalysis-new alternative method of determination
Krol G, Szukiewicz M, Chutkowski M
1537 - 1544 A modified grain size distributed model for kinetic study of non-catalytic gas-solid reactions in presence of solid structural changes
Sedghkerdar MH, Mahinpey N
1545 - 1551 Investigation of microwave-assisted synthesis of palladium nanoparticles supported on Fe3O4 as efficient recyclable magnetic catalysts for Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling
Elazab HA
1552 - 1559 Gaseous catalytic condensation reaction of methyl propionate and formaldehyde in a fluidized bed reactor
Li B, Qi X, Xie M, Wang GY, Wang B, Zhang L, Shen LH
1560 - 1567 Micromixing efficiency in a multiphase reactor with a foam block stirrer
Yang YC, Yu XH, Yu QJ, Yang SY, Arowo M
1568 - 1574 Characteristic and discrimination of unconventional oil samples by two-dimensional extraction combined with concentration-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
Wang CY, Huang XD, Fan XM, He WD, Zhang LJ
1575 - 1580 Low-energy reverse osmosis membrane with high boron rejection by surface modification with a polysaccharide
Raval H, Sundarkumar V
1581 - 1588 Preparation of fouling-resistant and self-cleaning PVDF membrane via surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization for emulsified oil/water separation
Pourziad S, Omidkhah MR, Abdollahi M
1589 - 1595 Electrochemical and adsorption behaviour of Li+, Na+, K+, Ca2+, and Mg2+ in LiMn2O4/lambda-MnO2 structures
Liu DF, Sun SY, Yu JG
1596 - 1604 Fast purification of graphene oxide solution by continuous counter current hollow fibre dialysis: A step towards large scale production
Bhunia P, Kumar M, De S
1605 - 1618 Computer-aided solvent selection and design for the efficient extraction of a pharmaceutical molecule
Shankar KN, Adhikari J, Noronha SB
1619 - 1626 Enhanced CO selectivity for reverse water-gas shift reaction using Ti4O7-doped SrCe0.9Y0.1O3-delta hollow fibre membrane reactor
Zhuang SJ, Han N, Wang TT, Meng XX, Meng B, Li Y, Sunarso J, Liu SM
1627 - 1642 Modelling shale spontaneous water intake using semi-analytical and numerical approaches
Mohammadmoradi P, Kantzas A
1643 - 1654 A CFD based empirical model for assessing gas holdup in bubble columns
Ebrahimi M, McGillis A, Lewis C, Ting DSK, Carriveau R
1655 - 1675 Series expansion for shear stress in large-amplitude oscillatory shear flow from oldroyd 8-constant framework
Poungthong P, Giacomin AJ, Saengow C, Kolitawong C
1676 - 1684 Liquid-phase chemical reactors: Development of 3D hybrid model based on CFD-adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system
Babanezhad M, Rezakazemi M, Hajilary N, Shirazian S
1685 - 1693 Experimental study of hydrodynamics and bubble size distribution of an external loop airlift reactor
Lu X, Ding YG, Yu JY, Long BW, Zheng XT
1694 - 1707 A robust computational method based on the thermodynamic approach for determining monomer partitioning in emulsion polymerization systems
Safinejad A, Pourmahdian S, Hadavand BS
1708 - 1717 Effects of drag force correlations on the mixing and segregation of polydisperse gas-solid fluidized bed by CFD-DEM simulation
Zhang Y, Li YJ, Gao ZL, Li GF, Zhao YM, Duan CL, Dong L
1718 - 1728 Quantifying the reimbibition effect on the performance of gas-oil gravity drainage in fractured reservoirs: Mathematical modelling
Rahmati N, Rasaei MR
1729 - 1740 Experimental measurements of bubble size distributions in a water model and its influence on the aluminum kinetics degassing
Mancilla E, Cruz-Mendez W, Ramirez-Argaez MA, Gonzalez-Rivera C, Ascanio G
1741 - 1755 Numerical simulation of bubbling fluidization using a local bubble-structure-dependent drag model
Du SH, Liu LJ