Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering

Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol.90, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0008-4034 (Print) 

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795 - 803 Meso-scale simulations of solid-liquid flow and strategies for meso-macro coupling
Derksen JJ
804 - 823 Efficient numerical integration of stiff differential equations in polymerisation reaction engineering: Computational aspects and applications
Zapata-Gonzalez I, Saldivar-Guerra E, Flores-Tlacuahuac A, Vivaldo-Lima E, Ortiz-Cisneros J
824 - 824 Editorial introduction to the special issue on Nano-Thailand: Nanotechnology for a sustainable world'
Limtrakul J
825 - 832 Screening CO2/N2 selectivity in metal-organic frameworks using Monte Carlo simulations and ideal adsorbed solution theory
Dickey AN, Yazaydin AO, Willis RR, Snurr RQ
833 - 842 Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulation of the thermocapillary effect
Maier HA, Bopp PA, Hampe MJ
843 - 851 Low-lying energy isomers and global minima of aqueous nanoclusters: Structures and spectroscopic features of the pentagonal dodecahedron (H2O)(20) and (H3O)+(H2O)(20)
Xantheas SS
852 - 859 Theoretical studies on the structure and electronic properties of cubic gold nanoclusters
Majumdar D, Roszak S, Leszczynski J
860 - 864 Exploring photochemistry of 2-(phenylazo)pyridine dye by using TDDFT/DFT methods
Tongying P, Yoopensuk S, Leesakul N, Tantirungrotechai Y
865 - 872 Density functional theory study on catalytic cracking of n-hexane on heteropoly acid: A comparison with acidic zeolite
Choomwattana S, Maihom T, Boekfa B, Pantu P, Limtrakul J
873 - 880 The versatile synthesis method for hierarchical micro- and mesoporous zeolite: An embedded nanocarbon cluster approach
Wattanakit C, Warakulwit C, Pantu P, Sunpetch B, Charoenpanich M, Limtrakul J
881 - 887 PH sensitive structural uniformity of rice husk ash-derived MCM-41 silica
Teabpinyok N, Chareonpanich M, Samingprai S, Limtrakul J
888 - 896 Development of the scratch resistance on acrylic sheet with basic colloidal silica (SiO2)-methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS) nanocomposite films by sol-gel technique
Chantarachindawong R, Luangtip W, Chindaudom P, Osotchan T, Srikhirin T
897 - 902 Effect of trichlorobenzene additive on the performance and morphology of polyfluorene and fullerene derivative bulk heterojunction solar cells
Koetniyom W, Keawprajak A, Piyakulawat P, Jiramitmongkon K, Nukeaw J, Pratontep S, Asawapirom U
903 - 908 Electrical properties of dye-doped colour tunable organic light emitting diode
Khantham S, Tunhoo B, Onlaor K, Thiwawong T, Nukeaw J
909 - 914 Sulphur doped DLC films deposited by DC magnetron sputtering
Saeheng A, Tonanon N, Bhanthumnavin W, Paosawatyanyong B
915 - 918 The effect of thin gap insertion layer on InP nanostructure grown by metal-organic vapour phase epitaxys
Han SS, Panyakeow S, Ratanathammaphan S, Higo A, Wang YP, Deura M, Sugiyama M, Nakano Y
919 - 924 Multilayer thin films of colloidal gold and silica nanoparticles: Effect of polyelectrolyte coating
Khan ZA, Kumar R, Dutta J
925 - 935 Investigation of the mechanism of low-density particle and liquid mixing process in a stirred vessel
Chen T, Wang LQ, Wu DZ, Sun YB, Wu B, Li ZF
936 - 943 Estimation of thermodiffusion coefficients in ternary associating mixtures
Eslamian M, Saghir MZ
944 - 945 A note on the Buckingham equation
Ihle CF, Tamburrino A
946 - 955 Co-Pd/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst for heavy oil upgrading: Desorption kinetics, reducibility and catalytic activity
Hossain MM
956 - 972 Evolutionary design of optimum distillation column sequence
Boozarjomehry RB, Laleh AP, Svrcek WY
973 - 982 Adsorption equilibrium, thermodynamics, kinetics, mechanism and process design of zinc(II) ions onto cashew nut shell
SenthilKumar P, Ramalingam S, Abhinaya RV, Kirupha SD, Vidhyadevi T, Sivanesan S
983 - 995 Analysis of energy dissipation in stirred suspension polymerisation reactors using computational fluid dynamics
Nogueira ES, Pinto JC, Vianna AS
996 - 1005 Process intensification of synthesis of magnetite using spinning disc reactor
Moharir RG, Gogate PR, Rathod VK
1006 - 1010 Continuous microbial fuel cell using a photoautotrophic cathode and a fermentative anode
Mitra P, Hill GA
1011 - 1016 Fixed bed and reduced lumped diffusion model parameter estimation of copper biosorption using Aspergillus niger biomass
Mukhopadhyay M, Kaur T, Khanna R
1017 - 1026 Electrochemical removal of boron from water: Adsorption and thermodynamic studies
Vasudevan S, Lakshmi J
1027 - 1032 A hydrodynamic model of a circulating fluidised bed with low-density particles
Miao Q, Zhu J, Barghi S, Wu CZ, Yin XL, Zhou ZQ
1033 - 1042 An investigation of fuel composition and flow-rate effects in a H2S fuelled sofc: Experiments and thermodynamic analysis
Monder DS, Vorontsov V, Luo JL, Chuang KT, Nandakumar K
1043 - 1058 Steam Assisted Biomass Gasification-An Overview
Kaushal P, Tyagi R
1059 - 1065 Mathematical analysis of effects on the electrostatic double layer of nanoscale surfaces in microfluidic channels
Aston DE, Berven CA, Williams BC, Basu A
1066 - 1078 Bulk and surface mechanical properties of clay modified HDPE used in liner applications
Adewole JK, Al-Mubaiyedh UA, Ul-Hamid A, Al-Juhani AA, Hussein IA
1080 - 1080 CFD simulation of GAS-Solid bubbling fluidized bed: A new method for adjusting drag law (vol 87, pg 19, 2009)
Vejahati F, Mahinpey N, Ellis N, Nikoo MB