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Biotechnology Progress, Vol.27, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 8756-7938 (Print) 

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297 - 306 Transcription Factors as Tools to Engineer Enhanced Drought Stress Tolerance in Plants
Hussain SS, Kayani MA, Amjad M
307 - 315 Chemometrics Applications in Biotech Processes: A Review
Rathore AS, Bhushan N, Hadpe S
316 - 325 Automated Computational Framework for the Analysis of Electrostatic Similarities of Proteins
Kieslich CA, Morikis D, Yang JF, Gunopulos D
326 - 332 Probing the Active Site of Cellodextrin Phosphorylase from Clostridium stercorarium: Kinetic Characterization, Ligand Docking, and Site-Directed Mutagenesis
Tran GH, Desmet T, De Groeve MRM, Soetaert W
333 - 341 Improved NADPH Supply for Xylitol Production by Engineered Escherichia Coli with Glycolytic Mutations
Chin JW, Cirino PC
342 - 350 Starvation Induces Physiological Changes That Act on the Cryotolerance of Lactobacillus Acidophilus RD758
Wang Y, Delettre J, Corrieu G, Beal C
351 - 359 Starch Self-Processing in Transgenic Sweet Potato Roots Expressing a Hyperthermophilic alpha-Amylase
Santa-Maria MC, Yencho CG, Haigler CH, Thompson WF, Kelly RM, Sosinski B
360 - 367 Immobilization of Organophosphate Hydrolase on an Amyloid Fibril Nanoscaffold: Towards Bioremediation and Chemical Detoxification
Raynes JK, Pearce FG, Meade SJ, Gerrard JA
368 - 376 Evaluation of Oxygen Transfer Rates in Stirred-Tank Bioreactors for Clinical Manufacturing
Bellucci JJ, Hamaker KH
377 - 385 Acyl Cystamine: Small-Molecular Foldase Mimics Accelerating Oxidative Refolding of Disulfide-Containing Proteins
Wang GZ, Dong XY, Sun Y
386 - 394 A Comparative Study of the Regioselectivity of the beta-Galactosidases from Kluyveromyces lactis and Bacillus circulans in the Enzymatic Synthesis of N-Acetyl-lactosamine in Aqueous Media
Bridiau N, Maugard T
395 - 401 Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Chemithermomechanically Pretreated Sugarcane Bagasse and Samples with Reduced Initial Lignin Content
Mendes FM, Siqueira G, Carvalho W, Ferraz A, Milagres AMF
402 - 409 Experimental Characterization of Flow Conditions in 2-and 20-L Bioreactors with Wave-Induced Motion
Kalmbach A, Bordas R, Oncul AA, Thevenin D, Genzel Y, Reichl U
410 - 418 Phenolics Removal from Transgenic Lemna minor Extracts Expressing mAb and Impact on mAb Production Cost
Barros GOF, Woodard SL, Nikolov ZL
419 - 427 Comparisons of SPORL and Dilute Acid Pretreatments for Sugar and Ethanol Productions from Aspen
Tian S, Zhu W, Gleisner R, Pan XJ, Zhu JY
428 - 434 Protease Digestion from Wheat Stillage Within a Dry Grind Ethanol Facility
Bals B, Brehmer B, Dale B, Sanders J
435 - 441 Expression and Purification of cGMP grade NY-ESO-1 for Clinical Trials
Lowe AJ, Bardliving CL, Huang CJ, Teixeira LM, Damasceno LM, Anderson KA, Ritter G, Old LJ, Batt CA
442 - 450 Demonstrating beta-Glucan and Yeast Peptide Clearance in Biopharmaceutical Downstream Processes
Jiang CP, Scherfner S, Shukla AA
451 - 459 Use of a Centrifugal Bioreactor for Cartilaginous Tissue Formation from Isolated Chondrocytes
Detzel CJ, Van Wie BJ
460 - 465 Spatial and Temporal Resolution of Shear in an Orbiting Petri Dish
Thomas JMD, Chakraborty A, Sharp MK, Berson RE
466 - 472 Two-Phase Bioreactor System for Cell-Laden Hydrogel Assembly
Gulfam M, Lee JM, Chung BG
473 - 482 Pretreatment of Rat Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells with a Combination of Hypergravity and 5-Azacytidine Enhances Therapeutic Efficacy for Myocardial Infarction
Ling SK, Wang R, Dai ZQ, Nie JL, Wang HH, Tan YJ, Cao HQ, Huang ZM, Wan YM, Li YH
483 - 493 Intracellular Localization of Adeno-Associated Viral Proteins Expressed in Insect Cells
Gallo-Ramirez LE, Ramirez OT, Palomares LA
494 - 504 Protein and Solute Distribution in Drug Substance Containers During Frozen Storage and Post-Thawing: A Tool To Understand and Define Freezing-Thawing Parameters in Biotechnology Process Development
Kolhe P, Badkar A
505 - 512 Determining the Mechanical Properties of Yeast Cell Walls
Stenson JD, Hartley P, Wang CX, Thomas CR
513 - 520 Effects of Arginine on Heat-Induced Aggregation of Concentrated Protein Solutions
Shah D, Shaikh AR, Peng XX, Rajagopalan R
521 - 529 Removal of Intact beta 2-Microglobulin at Neutral pH by Using Seed-Conjugated Polymer Beads Prepared with beta 2-Microglobulin-Derived Peptide (58-67)
Kang S, Yang JE, Kim J, Ahn M, Koo HJ, Kim M, Lee YS, Paik SR
530 - 538 Offline Glucose Biomonitoring in Yeast Culture by Polyamidoamine/Cysteamine-Modified Gold Electrodes
Yuksel M, Akin M, Geyik C, Demirkol DO, Ozdemir C, Bluma A, Hopfner T, Beutel S, Timur S, Scheper T
539 - 546 Determination of Yeast Viability During a Stress-Model Alcoholic Fermentation Using Reagent-Free Microscopy Image Analysis
Tibayrenc P, Ghommidh C, Preziosi-Belloy L
547 - 554 Improved Particle Counting and Size Distribution Determination of Aggregated Virus Populations by Asymmetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation and Multiangle Light Scattering Techniques
McEvoy M, Razinkov V, Wei ZP, Casas-Finet JR, Tous GI, Schenerman MA
555 - 561 Screening for Enzyme Activity In Turbid Suspensions with Scattered Light
Huber R, Wulfhorst H, Maksym L, Stehr R, Pohnlein M, Jager G, Spiess AC, Buchs J
562 - 570 The Effect of Early Prenatal Hypercapnia on the Vascular Network in the Chorioallantoic Membrane of the Chicken Embryo
Verhoelst E, De Ketelaere B, Decuypere E, De Baerdemaeker J
571 - 576 Comparison and Critical Analysis of Robotized Technology for Monoclonal Antibody High-Throughput Production
Chiarella P, Leuener M, Fasci C, de Marco A, Santini MP, Fazio VM, Sawyer AM
577 - 580 Effect of Constitutively Active Ras Overexpression on Cell Growth in Recombinant Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
Kim YG, Han YK, Kim JY, Lee EG, Lee HW, Lee GM
581 - 586 Novel Aspergillus Hemicellulases Enhance Performance of Commercial Cellulases in Lignocellulose Hydrolysis
Shin HD, Vo T, Chen R
587 - 591 Effect of Chemical Chaperone Addition on Production and Aggregation of Recombinant Flag-Tagged COMP-Angiopoietin 1 in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
Hwang SJ, Jeon CJ, Cho SM, Lee GM, Yoon SK
592 - 595 Application of High-Resolution Melting for Genotyping Bovine Mitochondrial DNA
Zhou ZW, Yan JB, Li H, Ren ZR