Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Vol.118, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-3592 (Print) 

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3275 - 3286 White paper on high-throughput process development for integrated continuous biomanufacturing
Sao Pedro MN, Silva TC, Patil R, Ottens M
3287 - 3301 Pilot-scale demonstration of an end-to-end integrated and continuous biomanufacturing process
Coolbaugh MJ, Varner CT, Vetter TA, Davenport EK, Bouchard B, Fiadeiro M, Tugcu N, Walther J, Patil R, Brower K
3302 - 3312 End-to-end collaboration to transform biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing
Erickson J, Baker J, Barrett S, Brady C, Brower M, Carbonell R, Charlebois T, Coffman J, Connell-Crowley L, Coolbaugh M, Fallon E, Garr E, Gillespie C, Hart R, Haug A, Nyberg G, Phillips M, Pollard D, Qadan M, Ramos I, Rogers K, Schaefer G, Walther J, Lee K
3313 - 3322 Process development and optimization of continuous capture with three-column periodic counter-current chromatography
Shi C, Zhang QL, Jiao B, Chen XJ, Chen R, Gong W, Yao SJ, Lin DQ
3323 - 3333 The design basis for the integrated and continuous biomanufacturing framework
Coffman J, Bibbo K, Brower M, Forbes R, Guros N, Horowski B, Lu R, Mahajan R, Patil U, Rose S, Shultz J
3334 - 3347 Productivity improvement and charge variant modulation for intensified cell culture processes by adding a carboxypeptidase B (CpB) treatment step
Xu JL, Zheng S, Dawood Z, Hill C, Jin WX, Xu XK, Ding J, Borys MC, Ghose S, Li ZJ, Pendse G
3348 - 3358 Development of a platform process for the production and purification of single-domain antibodies
Crowell LE, Goodwine C, Holt CS, Rocha L, Vega C, Rodriguez SA, Dalvie NC, Tracey MK, Puntel M, Wigdorovitz A, Parreno V, Love KR, Cramer SM, Love JC
3359 - 3366 Enhancing protein A productivity and resin utilization within integrated or intensified processes
Brinkmann A, Elouafiq S
3367 - 3374 Utilizing bacteriophage to define the minimum residence time within a plug flow reactor
Brown MR, Orozco R
3375 - 3381 Continuous capture scale down model: A comparison of a continuous and a discrete approach
Seidel JC, Gobel M, Rodrigues RCD, Kaup NM, Rapp J, Frauenschuh A, Shultz J, Cui HC
3382 - 3394 Media on-demand: Continuous reconstitution of a chemically defined media directly from solids
Komuczki D, Dutra G, Gstottner C, Dominguez-Vega E, Jungbauer A, Satzer P
3395 - 3408 Lactoyl leucine and isoleucine are bioavailable alternatives for canonical amino acids in cell culture media
Schmidt C, Wehsling M, Le Mignon M, Wille G, Rey Y, Schnellbaecher A, Zabezhinsky D, Fischer M, Zimmer A
3409 - 3419 An effective computational-screening strategy for simultaneously improving both catalytic activity and thermostability of alpha-l-rhamnosidase
Li LJ, Li WJ, Gong JY, Xu YY, Wu ZY, Jiang ZD, Cheng YS, Li QB, Ni H
3420 - 3434 Analysis and optimal design of batch and two-column continuous chromatographic frontal processes for monoclonal antibody purification
Shi C, Vogg S, Lin DQ, Sponchioni M, Morbidelli M
3435 - 3446 Rapid optimization of processes for the integrated purification of biopharmaceuticals
Crowell LE, Rodriguez SA, Love KR, Cramer SM, Love JC
3447 - 3459 Probabilistic model by Bayesian network for the prediction of antibody glycosylation in perfusion and fed-batch cell cultures
Zhang L, Wang ML, Castan A, Hjalmarsson H, Chotteau V
3460 - 3467 Flow management strategies for a connected purification process
Goebel M, Rodrigues R, Pampel L, Rapp J, Shultz J, Cui HC
3468 - 3485 End-to-end continuous bioprocessing: Impact on facility design, cost of goods, and cost of development for monoclonal antibodies
Mahal H, Branton H, Farid SS
3486 - 3498 A novel approach to residence time distribution characterization in a mAb continuous process
Brantley T, Bogue J, Denny K, Elouafiq S, Madren S, Nakhle B, Khattak S
3499 - 3510 Antibody capture process based on magnetic beads from very high cell density suspension
Brechmann NA, Schwarz H, Eriksson PO, Eriksson K, Shokri A, Chotteau V
3511 - 3521 The effects of flux on the clearance of minute virus of mice during constant flux virus filtration
Fan R, Namila F, Sansongko D, Wickramasinghe SR, Jin M, Kanani D, Qian XH
3522 - 3532 Oncolytic virus purification with periodic counter-current chromatography
Mendes JP, Silva RJS, Berg M, Mathiasson L, Peixoto C, Alves PM, Carrondo MJT
3533 - 3544 Process intensification to produce a difficult-to-express therapeutic enzyme by high cell density perfusion or enhanced fed-batch
Sarnlund S, Jiang Y, Chotteau V
3545 - 3558 A scalable bubble-free membrane aerator for biosurfactant production
Bongartz P, Bator I, Baitalow K, Keller R, Tiso T, Blank LM, Wessling M
3559 - 3568 Stretch-driven microfluidic chip for nucleic acid detection
Li X, Zhao XY, Yang WH, Xu F, Chen BL, Peng JW, Huang JJ, Mi SL
3569 - 3580 Analysis of filtration behavior using integrated column chromatography followed by virus filtration
Shirataki H, Yokoyama Y, Taniguchi H, Azeyanagi M
3581 - 3592 Process intensification for the production of yellow fever virus-like particles as potential recombinant vaccine antigen
Alvim RGF, Lima TM, Silva JL, de Oliveira GAP, Castilho LR
3593 - 3603 Online monitoring and control of upstream cell culture process using 1D and 2D-LC with SegFlow interface
Chemmalil L, Wasalathanthri DP, Zhang X, Kuang JE, Shao C, Barbour R, Bhavsar S, Prabhakar T, Knihtila R, West J, Puri N, McHugh K, Rehmann MS, He Q, Xu JL, Borys MC, Ding JL, Li ZJ
3604 - 3609 Continued insights into virus clearance validation across continuous capture chromatography
Angelo JM, Potter K, Muller-Spath T, Xu XK, Li ZJ, Ghose S
3610 - 3617 Online monitoring of hiPSC expansion and hepatic differentiation in 3D culture by dielectric spectroscopy
Isidro IA, Vicente P, Pais DAM, Almeida JI, Domingues M, Abecasis B, Zapata-Linares N, Rodriguez-Madoz JR, Prosper F, Aspegren A, Alves PM, Serra M
3618 - 3623 Improving an intensified and integrated continuous bioprocess platform for biologics manufacturing
Zhou H, Fang MY, Zheng X, Zhou WC