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ISSN: 0006-3592 (Print) 

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1029 - 1049 Extracellular vesicles from organoids and 3D culture systems
Abdollahi S
1050 - 1065 Functional expression of eukaryotic cytochrome P450s in yeast
Jiang LH, Huang L, Cai J, Xu ZN, Lian JZ
1066 - 1090 Halophilic archaea and their potential to generate renewable fuels and chemicals
Kasirajan L, Maupin-Furlow JA
1091 - 1104 Cysteine in cell culture media induces acidic IgG1 species by disrupting the disulfide bond network
Prade E, Zeck A, Stiefel F, Unsoeld A, Mentrup D, Gutierrez EA, Gorr IH
1105 - 1115 Improving viral filtration capacity in biomanufacturing processes using aggregate binding properties of polyamide-6,6
Stanevich V, Pachalla A, Nunez B, McInnes M, Nieder C, Schreffler J
1116 - 1126 Questioning coverage values determined by 2D western blots: A critical study on the characterization of anti-HCP ELISA reagents
Seisenberger C, Graf T, Haindl M, Wegele H, Wiedmann M, Wohlrab S
1127 - 1140 Scaffold-free biofabrication of adipocyte structures with magnetic levitation
Sarigil O, Anil-Inevi M, Firatligil-Yildirir B, Unal YC, Yalcin-Ozuysal O, Mese G, Tekin HC, Ozcivici E
1141 - 1151 Reduced type-A carbohydrate-binding module interactions to cellulose I leads to improved endocellulase activity
Nemmaru B, Ramirez N, Farino CJ, Yarbrough JM, Kravchenko N, Chundawat SPS
1152 - 1165 Long-term biofouling formation mediated by extracellular proteins in Nannochloropsis gaditana microalga cultures at different medium N/P ratios
Soriano-Jerez Y, Lopez-Rosales L, Ceron-Garcia MC, Sanchez-Miron A, Gallardo-Rodriguez JJ, Garcia-Camacho F, Molina-Grima E
1166 - 1176 Development of a microbe domestication pod (MD Pod) for in situ cultivation of micro-encapsulated marine bacteria
Alkayyali T, Pope E, Wheatley SK, Cartmell C, Haltli B, Kerr RG, Ahmadi A
1177 - 1185 Effect of alginate matrix engineered to mimic the pancreatic microenvironment on encapsulated islet function
Enck K, Tamburrini R, Deborah C, Gazia C, Jost A, Khalil F, Alwan A, Orlando G, Opara EC
1186 - 1198 Indirect regulation of temperature in raceway reactors by optimal management of culture depth
Rodriguez-Miranda E, Guzman JL, Acien FG, Berenguel M, Visioli A
1199 - 1212 Macroscopic modeling of bioreactors for recombinant protein producing Pichia pastoris in defined medium
Hong MS, Velez-Suberbie ML, Maloney AJ, Biedermann A, Love KR, Love JC, Mukhopadhyay TK, Braatz RD
1213 - 1223 PAMAM G4.5 dendrimers for targeted delivery of ferulic acid and paclitaxel to overcome P-glycoprotein-mediated multidrug resistance
Anbazhagan R, Muthusamy G, Krishnamoorthi R, Kumaresan S, Prasad NR, Lai JY, Yang JM, Tsai HC
1224 - 1243 High- and low-molecular-weight chitosan act as adjuvants during single-dose influenza A virus protein vaccination through distinct mechanisms
Lampe AT, Farris EJ, Brown DM, Pannier AK
1244 - 1261 In situ tracking of microbeads for the detection of biofilm formation
Boudarel H, Mathias JD, Blaysat B, Grediac M
1262 - 1272 Linear flow-velocity gradient chromatography-An efficient method for increasing the process efficiency of batch and continuous capture chromatography of proteins
Chen CS, Ando K, Yoshimoto N, Yamamoto S
1273 - 1285 How to measure diffusion coefficients in biofilms: A critical analysis
van den Berg L, van Loosdrecht MCM, de Kreuk MK
1286 - 1304 Responsive polymer-assisted 3D cryogel supports Huh7.5 as in vitro hepatitis C virus model and ectopic human hepatic tissue in athymic mice
Jayal P, Behera P, Mullick R, Ramachandra SG, Das S, Kumar A, Karande A
1305 - 1316 Biofilm structure, dynamics, and ecology of an upscaled biocathode wastewater microbial fuel cell
Leininger A, Yates MD, Ramirez M, Kjellerup B
1317 - 1329 Balancing glucose and oxygen uptake rates to enable high amorpha-4,11-diene production in Escherichia coli via the methylerythritol phosphate pathway
Patil V, Santos CNS, Ajikumar PK, Sarria S, Takors R
1330 - 1341 Temperature and oxygen level determine N2O respiration activities of heterotrophic N2O-reducing bacteria: Biokinetic study
Zhou YW, Suenaga T, Qi C, Riya S, Hosomi M, Terada A
1342 - 1354 H-2 production by photofermentation in an innovative plate-type photobioreactor with meandering channels
Turon V, Ollivier S, Cwicklinski G, Willison JC, Anxionnaz-Minvielle Z
1355 - 1365 Production and monitoring of biomass and fucoxanthin with brown microalgae under outdoor conditions
Gao FZ, Sa M, Teles I, Wijffels RH, Barbosa MJ
1366 - 1380 Introduction of glycine synthase enables uptake of exogenous formate and strongly impacts the metabolism in Clostridium pasteurianum
Hong Y, Arbter P, Wang W, Rojas LN, Zeng AP
1381 - 1392 Temperature regulation as a tool to program synthetic microbial community composition
Krieger AG, Zhang JH, Lin XXN
1393 - 1404 Flux redistribution of central carbon metabolism for efficient production of l-tryptophan in Escherichia coli
Xiong B, Zhu YD, Tian DG, Jiang S, Fan XG, Ma Q, Wu HY, Xie XX
1405 - 1410 Lassa hemorrhagic shock syndrome-on-a-chip
Tang HQ, Abouleila Y, Mashaghi A
1411 - 1418 Mineralized paper scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
Wu XC, Walsh K, Suvarnapathaki S, Lantigua D, McCarthy C, Camci-Unal G
1419 - 1424 Real-time ensemble microalgae growth forecasting with data assimilation
Yan HX, Wigmosta MS, Sun N, Huesemann MH, Gao S