Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Vol.118, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-3592 (Print) 

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513 - 530 New technologies in developing recombinant-attenuated bacteria for cancer therapy
Liang K, Liu Q, Kong QK
531 - 541 The transition ofRhodobacter sphaeroidesinto a microbial cell factory
Orsi E, Beekwilder J, Eggink G, Kengen SWM, Weusthuis RA
542 - 554 A review of manufacturing capabilities of cell spheroid generation technologies and future development
Liu D, Chen SX, Naing MW
555 - 578 Recent advances in computational methods for biosensor design
Khoshbin Z, Housaindokht MR, Izadyar M, Bozorgmehr MR, Verdian A
579 - 591 Transforming data to information: A parallel hybrid model for real-time state estimation in lignocellulosic ethanol fermentation
Lopez PC, Udugama IA, Thomsen ST, Roslander C, Junicke H, Iglesias MM, Gernaey KV
592 - 600 Solvent-free liquid avidin as a step toward cold chain elimination
Bui-Le L, Brogan APS, Hallett JP
601 - 611 Mapping the biological activities of filamentous oxygenic photogranules
Ouazaite H, Milferstedt K, Hamelin J, Quemener EDL
612 - 621 Hydrogel microfluidic-based liver-on-a-chip: Mimicking the mass transfer and structural features of liver
Meng Q, Wang Y, Li YJ, Shen C
622 - 632 A rheological approach to identify efficient biopolymer producing bacteria
Malvar S, Cardoso LOB, Karolski B, Perpetuo EA, Carmo BS, Meneghini JR
633 - 646 Designing scalable ultrafiltration/diafiltration process of monoclonal antibodies via mathematical modeling by coupling mass balances and Poisson-Boltzmann equation
Ambrozic R, Arzensek D, Podgornik A
647 - 658 Microdroplet enabled cultivation of single yeast cells correlates with bulk growth and reveals subpopulation phenomena
Liu HR, Xu X, Peng K, Zhang YX, Jiang LM, Williams TC, Paulsen IT, Piper JA, Li M
659 - 675 Systematic identification of safe harbor regions in the CHO genome through a comprehensive epigenome analysis
Hilliard W, Lee KH
676 - 689 High-throughput evolutionary optimization of the induction medium towards recombinant protein production in BY-2 tobacco
Sadoch J, Pyc M, Urbanowicz A, Iglewski A, Pilarski R
690 - 702 Development of a dynamic in vitro stretch model of the alveolar interface with aerosol delivery
Cei D, Doryab A, Lenz AG, Schroppel A, Mayer P, Burgstaller G, Nossa R, Ahluwalia A, Schmid O
703 - 714 Fast and easy quantitative characterization of methanotroph-photoautotroph cocultures
Badr K, Whelan W, He QP, Wang J
715 - 724 Electric-field-enhanced selective separation of products of an enzymatic reaction in a membrane micro-contactor
Romanov A, Slouka Z, Pribyl M
725 - 736 SDF-1 alpha gene-activated collagen scaffold drives functional differentiation of human Schwann cells for wound healing applications
Laiva AL, O'Brien FJ, Keogh MB
737 - 744 Identification two key residues at the intersection of domains of a thioether monooxygenase for improving its sulfoxidation performance
Ren SM, Liu F, Wu YQ, Chen Q, Zhang ZJ, Yu HL, Xu JH
745 - 758 Resource allocation explains lactic acid production in mixed-culture anaerobic fermentations
Regueira A, Rombouts JL, Wahl SA, Mauricio-Iglesias M, Lema JM, Kleerebezem R
759 - 769 A generalized machine-learning aided method for targeted identification of industrial enzymes from metagenome: A xylanase temperature dependence case study
Shahraki MF, Farhadyar K, Kavousi K, Azarabad MH, Boroomand A, Ariaeenejad S, Salekdeh GH
770 - 783 Effects of benzyl viologen on increasing NADH availability, acetate assimilation, and butyric acid production by Clostridium tyrobutyricum
Fu HX, Lin M, Tang IC, Wang JF, Yang ST
784 - 796 High-resolution three-dimensional chromatin profiling of the Chinese hamster ovary cell genome
Bevan S, Schoenfelder S, Young RJ, Zhang L, Andrews S, Fraser P, O'Callaghan PM
797 - 808 Directed evolution of conformation-specific antibodies for sensitive detection of polypeptide aggregates in therapeutic drug formulations
Lou WJ, Stimple SD, Desai AA, Makowski EK, Kalyoncu S, Mogensen JE, Spang LT, Asgreen DJ, Staby A, Duus K, Amstrup J, Zhang YL, Tessier PM
809 - 822 Identification of preferred multimodal ligand-binding regions on IgG1 F-C using nuclear magnetic resonance and molecular dynamics simulations
Gudhka RB, Bilodeau CL, McCallum SA, McCoy MA, Roush DJ, Snyder MA, Cramer SM
823 - 835 Characterizing the effect of substrate stiffness on the extravasation potential of breast cancer cells using a 3D microfluidic model
Azadi S, Shadpour MT, Warkiani ME
836 - 851 Scaffolds obtained from decellularized human extrahepatic bile ducts support organoids to establish functional biliary tissue in a dish
Willemse J, Roos FJM, Voogt IJ, Schurink IJ, Bijvelds M, de Jonge HR, van der Laan LJW, de Jonge J, Verstegen MMA
852 - 862 A novel method of cell culture based on the microfluidic chip for regulation of cell density
Zhang F, Zhang RB, Wei MJ, Zhang YC
863 - 876 Comparative analyses of site-directed mutagenesis of human melatonin MTNR1A and MTNR1B receptors using a yeast fluorescent biosensor
Nakamura Y, Asama R, Tabata T, Morita K, Maruyama T, Kondo A, Ishii J
877 - 889 A new model to analyze the temperature effect on the microalgae performance at large scale raceway reactors
Rodriguez-Miranda E, Acien FG, Guzman JL, Berenguel M, Visioli A
890 - 904 In situ detection of protein interactions for recombinant therapeutic enzymes
Samoudi M, Kuo CC, Robinson CM, Shams-Ud-Doha K, Schinn SM, Kol S, Weiss L, Bjorn SP, Voldborg BG, Campos AR, Lewis NE
905 - 917 A multisensor approach for improved protein A load phase monitoring by conductivity-based background subtraction of UV spectra
Rolinger L, Rudt M, Hubbuch J
918 - 929 CFD-DEM modelling of biofilm streamer oscillations and their cohesive failure in fluid flow
Xia YQ, Jayathilake PG, Li BW, Zuliani P, Chen JJ
930 - 943 Universal law for diffusive mass transport through mycelial networks
Schmideder S, Muller H, Barthel L, Friedrich T, Niessen L, Meyer V, Briesen H
944 - 951 Single-cell transcriptome analyses reveal heterogeneity in suspension cultures and clonal markers of CHO-K1 cells
Ogata N, Nishimura A, Matsuda T, Kubota M, Omasa T
952 - 962 Modeling of photosynthesis and respiration rate for microalgae-bacteria consortia
Zurano AS, Serrano CG, Acien-Fernandez FG, Fernandez-Sevilla JM, Molina-Grima E
963 - 978 Studying endothelial cell shedding and orientation using adaptive perfusion-culture in a microfluidic vascular chip
Zhang X, Wang ZX, Zhang YS, Yan SJ, Hou CY, Gong YP, Qiu JJ, Chen M, Li Q
979 - 991 Non-xenogeneic expansion and definitive endoderm differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells in an automated bioreactor
Jacobson EF, Chen ZJ, Stoukides DM, Nair GG, Hebrok M, Tzanakakis ES
992 - 1005 Development and application of a cultivation platform for mammalian suspension cell lines with single-cell resolution
Schmitz J, Tauber S, Westerwalbesloh C, von Lieres E, Noll T, Grunberger A
1006 - 1012 Ferric ion crosslinking-based 3D printing of a graphene oxide hydrogel and its evaluation as a bio-scaffold in tissue engineering
Lu RH, Zhang WH, He YT, Zhang SY, Fu Q, Pang Y, Sun W
1013 - 1021 Production of trimeric SARS-CoV-2 spike protein by CHO cells for serological COVID-19 testing
Johari YB, Jaffe SRP, Scarrott JM, Johnson AO, Mozzanino T, Pohle TH, Maisuria S, Bhayat-Cammack A, Lambiase G, Brown AJ, Tee KL, Jackson PJ, Wong TS, Dickman MJ, Sargur RB, James DC