Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Vol.118, No.10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-3592 (Print) 

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3633 - 3639 Best practices on critical reagent characterization, qualification, and life cycle management for HCP immunoassays
Graf T, Seisenberger C, Wiedmann M, Wohlrab S, Anderka O
3640 - 3654 Systems-level approaches for understanding and engineering of the oleaginous cell factory Yarrowia lipolytica
Poorinmohammad N, Kerkhoven EJ
3655 - 3668 Strategies and challenges with the microbial conversion of methanol to high-value chemicals
Zhan CJ, Li XW, Yang YK, Nielsen J, Bai ZH, Chen Y
3669 - 3690 Nonviral siRNA delivery systems for pancreatic cancer therapy
Aghamiri S, Raee P, Talaei S, Mohammadi-Yeganeh S, Bayat S, Rezaee D, Ghavidel AA, Teymouri A, Roshanzamiri S, Farhadi S, Ghanbarian H
3691 - 3705 Strengthening the CAR-T cell therapeutic application using CRISPR/Cas9 technology
Nezhad MS, Yazdanifar M, Abdollahpour-Alitappeh M, Sattari A, Seifalian A, Bagheri N
3706 - 3715 Glowing plants can light up the night sky? A review
Li BL, Chen R, Zhu CB, Kong FT
3716 - 3732 Multi-omics analysis of hiPSCs-derived HLCs matured on-chip revealed patterns typical of liver regeneration
Danoy M, Tauran Y, Poulain S, Jellali R, Bruce J, Leduc M, Le Gall M, Gilard F, Kido T, Arakawa H, Araya K, Mori D, Kato Y, Kusuhara H, Plessy C, Miyajima A, Sakai Y, Leclerc E
3733 - 3743 Pragmatic mAb lead molecule engineering from a developability perspective
Chi B, De Oliveira G, Gallagher T, Mitchell L, Knightley L, Gonzalez CC, Russell S, Germaschewski V, Pearce C, Sellick CA
3744 - 3759 Expression liabilities in a four-chain bispecific molecule
Guo C, Chen FY, Xiao Q, Catterall HB, Robinson JH, Wang ZL, Mock M, Hubert R
3760 - 3769 Travelling ultrasound promotes vasculogenesis of three-dimensional-monocultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells
Imashiro C, Azuma T, Itai S, Kuribara T, Totani K, Onoe H, Takemura K
3770 - 3786 The tobacco phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein NtFT4 simultaneously improves vitality, growth, and protein yield in human cells
Kronenberg J, Schrodter K, Noll GA, Twyman RM, Prufer D, Kanel P
3787 - 3798 Mechano-regulation of vascular network formation without branches in 3D bioprinted cell-laden hydrogel constructs
Zhang GL, Wang Z, Han FX, Jin GZ, Xu L, Xu H, Su H, Wang H, Le YY, Fu Y, Ju JH, Li B, Hou RX
3799 - 3810 On-chip determination of tissue-specific metastatic potential of breast cancer cells
Firatligil-Yildirir B, Bati-Ayaz G, Tahmaz I, Bilgen M, Pesen-Okvur D, Yalcin-Ozuysal O
3811 - 3820 Novel method for quantifying cells on carriers and its demonstration during SARS-2 vaccine development
Rosen O, Jayson A, Natan N, Monash A, Girshengorn M, Goldvaser M, Levin L, Epstein E
3821 - 3831 Targeted CHO cell engineering approaches can reduce HCP-related enzymatic degradation and improve mAb product quality
Dovgan T, Golghalyani V, Zurlo F, Hatton D, Lindo V, Turner R, Harris C, Cui TT
3832 - 3846 Molecular genetic analysis of neural stem cells after space flight and simulated microgravity on earth
Han YL, Zeger L, Tripathi R, Egli M, Ille F, Lockowandt C, Florin G, Atic E, Redwan IN, Fredriksson R, Kozlova EN
3847 - 3859 Reducing phenotypic instabilities of a microbial population during continuous cultivation based on cell switching dynamics
Nguyen TM, Telek S, Zicler A, Martinez JA, Zacchetti B, Kopp J, Slouka C, Herwig C, Grunberger A, Delvigne F
3860 - 3870 Microfluidic cultivation and analysis of productive biofilms
Lemke P, Zoheir AE, Rabe KS, Niemeyer CM
3871 - 3887 Chemo-mechanistic multi-scale model of a three-dimensional tumor microenvironment to quantify the chemotherapy response of cancer
Nikmaneshi MR, Firoozabadi B, Mozafari A
3888 - 3897 Investigating trace metal precipitation in highly concentrated cell culture media with Pourbaix diagrams
Brantley T, Moore B, Grinnell C, Khattak S
3898 - 3913 Engineered modular microphysiological models of the human airway clearance phenomena
Pedersoli L, Zhang SZ, Briatico-Vangosa F, Petrini P, Cardinaels R, den Toonder J, Pacheco DP
3914 - 3925 Impact of freeze-thaw processes on monoclonal antibody platform process development
Weber D, Sittig C, Hubbuch J
3926 - 3940 Process development for cross-flow diafiltration-based VLP disassembly: A novel high-throughput screening approach
Hillebrandt N, Vormittag P, Dietrich A, Wegner CH, Hubbuch J
3941 - 3952 Technology transfer of a monitoring system to predict product concentration and purity of biopharmaceuticals in real-time during chromatographic separation
Christler A, Scharl T, Sauer DG, Koppl J, Tscheliessnig A, Toy C, Melcher M, Jungbauer A, Durauer A
3953 - 3961 Towards enhancement of gas-liquid mass transfer in bioelectrochemical systems: Validation of a robust CFD model
Karimi M, Widen T, Nygard Y, Olsson L, Strom H
3962 - 3972 Precise and reliable control of gene expression in Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Qian YC, Kong WT, Lu T
3973 - 3983 Rapid RNase inhibitor production to enable low-cost, on-demand cell-free protein synthesis biosensor use in human body fluids
Soltani M, Hunt JP, Bundy BC
3984 - 3995 Macroparticle-enhanced cultivation of Lentzea aerocolonigenes: Variation of mechanical stress and combination with lecithin supplementation for a significantly increased rebeccamycin production
Schrinner K, Schrader M, Niebusch J, Althof K, Schwarzer FA, Nowka PF, Dinius A, Kwade A, Krull R
3996 - 4013 Towards integrated production of an influenza A vaccine candidate with MDCK suspension cells
Bissinger T, Wu YX, Marichal-Gallardo P, Riedel D, Liu XP, Genzel Y, Tan WS, Reichl U
4014 - 4027 An engineered cellobiohydrolase I for sustainable degradation of lignocellulosic biomass
Pramanik S, Semenova MV, Rozhkova AM, Zorov IN, Korotkova O, Sinitsyn AP, Davari MD
4028 - 4040 Three-level hybrid modeling for systematic optimization of biocatalytic synthesis: alpha-glucosyl glycerol production by enzymatic trans-glycosylation from sucrose
Sigg A, Klimacek M, Nidetzky B
4041 - 4051 A portable impedance microflow cytometer for measuring cellular response to hypoxia
Dieujuste D, Qiang YH, Du E
4052 - 4064 Unlocking the structural features for the xylobiohydrolase activity of an unusual GH11 member identified in a compost-derived consortium
Kadowaki MAS, Briganti L, Evangelista DE, Echevarria-Poza A, Tryfona T, Pellegrini VOA, Nakayama DG, Dupree P, Polikarpov I
4065 - 4075 Construction of a structural enzyme adsorption/kinetics model to elucidate additives associated lignin-cellulase interactions in complex bioconversion system
Chan KL, Ko CH, Chang KL, Leu SY
4076 - 4091 Preparation of thermosensitive PNIPAm-based copolymer coated cytodex 3 microcarriers for efficient nonenzymatic cell harvesting during 3D culturing
Darge HF, Chuang SH, Lai JY, Lin SY, Tsai HC
4092 - 4104 Development of a novel noninvasive quantitative method to monitor Siraitia grosvenorii cell growth and browning degree using an integrated computer-aided vision technology and machine learning
Zhu XF, Mohisn A, Zaman WQ, Liu ZB, Wang ZJ, Yu ZH, Tian XW, Zhuang YP, Guo MJ, Chu J
4105 - 4118 Transformation of lignocellulose to starch-like carbohydrates by organic acid-catalyzed pretreatment and biological detoxification
Zhang B, Khushik FA, Zhan BR, Bao J
4119 - 4128 Effect of nutrient metabolism on cartilaginous tissue formation
Tarantino R, Chiu LLY, Weber JF, Tse MY, Bardana DD, Pang SC, Waldman SD
4129 - 4137 Rapid and cost-effective process based on insect larvae for scale-up production of SARS-COV-2 spike protein for serological COVID-19 testing
Smith I, Mc Callum GJ, Sabljic AV, Marfia JI, Bombicino SS, Trabucchi A, Iacono RF, Birenbaum JM, Vazquez SC, Minoia JM, Cascone O, Lopez MG, Taboga O, Targovnik AM, Wolman FJ, Fingermann M, Alonso LG, Valdez SN, Miranda MV
4138 - 4151 Ultrahigh-cell-density heterotrophic cultivation of the unicellular green alga Chlorella sorokiniana for biomass production
Jin H, Chuai WH, Li KP, Hou GL, Wu MC, Chen JP, Wang HX, Jia J, Han DX, Hu Q