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ISSN: 0006-3592 (Print) 

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7 - 16 Modeling and simulation-based design of electroenzymatic batch processes catalyzed by unspecific peroxygenase fromA. aegerita
Bormann S, Hertweck D, Schneider S, Bloh JZ, Ulber R, Spiess AC, Holtmann D
17 - 29 Development of liver microtissues with functional biliary ductular network
Hafiz EOA, Bulutoglu B, Mansy SS, Chen YB, Abu-Taleb H, Soliman SAM, El-Hindawi AAF, Yarmush ML, Uygun BE
30 - 42 Strain engineering for high-level 5-aminolevulinic acid production in Escherichia coli
Miscevic D, Mao JY, Kefale T, Abedi D, Moo-Young M, Chou CP
43 - 57 Regulatory interventions improve the biosynthesis of limiting amino acids from methanol carbon to improve synthetic methylotrophy inEscherichia coli
Bennett RK, Agee A, Har JRG, von Hagel B, Antoniewicz MR, Papoutsakis ET
58 - 71 Design and evaluation of a continuous semipartition bioreactor for in situ liquid-liquid extractive fermentation
Teke GM, Pott RWM
72 - 81 Effects of genetically modified human skin fibroblasts, stably overexpressing hepatocyte growth factor, on hepatic functions of cocultured C3A cells
Wencel A, Ciezkowska M, Wisniewska M, Zakrzewska KE, Pijanowska DG, Pluta KD
82 - 93 Linoleic acid inhibitsPseudomonas aeruginosabiofilm formation by activating diffusible signal factor-mediated quorum sensing
Kim HS, Cha E, Ham SY, Park JH, Nam S, Kwon H, Byun Y, Park HD
94 - 105 Recombinant protein production-associated metabolic burden reflects anabolic constraints and reveals similarities to a carbon overfeeding response
Li ZP, Rinas U
106 - 115 Evaluation of a sterile filtration process for viral vaccines using a model nanoparticle suspension
Taylor N, Ma WL, Kristopeit A, Wang SC, Zydney AL
116 - 129 Impact of the isoelectric point of model parvoviruses on viral retention in anion-exchange chromatography
Leisi R, Wolfisberg R, Nowak T, Caliaro O, Hemmerle A, Roth NJ, Ros C
130 - 141 Comparative investigation of fine bubble and macrobubble aeration on gas utility and biotransformation productivity
Thomas B, Ohde D, Matthes S, Engelmann C, Bubenheim P, Terasaka K, Schluter M, Liese A
142 - 152 Quercetin and hydroxytyrosol as modulators of hepatic steatosis: A NAFLD-on-a-chip study
Gori M, Giannitelli SM, Zancla A, Mozetic P, Trombetta M, Merendino N, Rainer A
153 - 163 Downregulation of T7 RNA polymerase transcription enhances pET-based recombinant protein production inEscherichia coliBL21 (DE3) by suppressing autolysis
Sun XM, Zhang ZX, Wang LR, Wang JG, Liang Y, Yang HF, Tao RS, Jiang Y, Yang JJ, Yang S
164 - 174 Displacement to separate host-cell proteins and aggregates in cation-exchange chromatography of monoclonal antibodies
Khanal O, Kumar V, Lenhoff AM
175 - 185 Optimization of 1,2,4-butanetriol production from xylose inSaccharomyces cerevisiaeby metabolic engineering of NADH/NADPH balance
Yukawa T, Bamba T, Guirimand G, Matsuda M, Hasunuma T, Kondo A
186 - 198 Knockout of the caspase 8-associated protein 2 gene improves recombinant protein expression in HEK293 cells through up-regulation of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A gene
Abaandou L, Sharma AK, Shiloach J
199 - 209 Dynamics of microbial competition, commensalism, and cooperation and its implications for coculture and microbiome engineering
Xu P
210 - 222 A copper-specific microbial fuel cell biosensor based on riboflavin biosynthesis of engineeredEscherichia coli
Zhou TY, Li R, Zhang ST, Zhao S, Sharma M, Kulshrestha S, Khan A, Kakade A, Han HW, Niu YY, Li XK
223 - 237 Dynamic co-culture metabolic models reveal the fermentation dynamics, metabolic capacities and interplays of cheese starter cultures
Ozcan E, Seven M, Sirin B, Cakir T, Nikerel E, Teusink B, Oner ET
238 - 252 A detailed model and Monte Carlo simulation for predicting DIP genome length distribution in baculovirus infection of insect cells
Das A, Dutta S, Sen M, Saxena A, Kumar J, Giri L, Murhammer DW, Chakraborty J
253 - 264 Online measurement of dissolved carbon monoxide concentrations reveals critical operating conditions in gas fermentation experiments
Mann M, Miebach K, Buchs J
265 - 278 Data-driven in silico prediction of regulation heterogeneity and ATP demands ofEscherichia coliin large-scale bioreactors
Zieringer J, Wild M, Takors R
279 - 293 Optimizing the biosynthesis of oxygenated and acetylated Taxol precursors inSaccharomyces cerevisiaeusing advanced bioprocessing strategies
Walls LE, Malci K, Nowrouzi B, Li RA, d'Espaux L, Wong J, Dennis JA, Semiao AJC, Wallace S, Martinez JL, Keasling JD, Rios-Solis L
294 - 304 An integrated digital microfluidic bioreactor for fully automatic screening of microalgal growth and stress-induced lipid accumulation
Wang YH, Zhao HY, Liu XM, Lin W, Jiang YW, Li JF, Zhang Q, Zheng GX
305 - 318 A model-driven approach towards rational microbial bioprocess optimization
Yeoh JW, Jayaraman S, Tan SGD, Jayaraman P, Holowko MB, Zhang JY, Kang CW, Leo HL, Poh CL
319 - 328 Impact of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound on the growth of Schizochytrium sp. for omega-3 production
Savchenko O, Xing JD, Burrell M, Burrell R, Chen J
329 - 344 Microcarrier expansion of c-MycER(TAM)-modified human olfactory mucosa cells for neural regeneration
Valinhas A, Santiago-Toledo G, Wall IB
345 - 356 Development of a novel intravascular oxygenator catheter: Oxygen mass transfer properties across nonporous hollow fiber membranes
Farling S, Straube TL, Vesel TP, Bottenus N, Klitzman B, Cheifetz IM, Deshusses MA
357 - 371 Metabolic engineering ofPichia pastorisfor malic acid production from methanol
Guo F, Dai ZX, Peng WF, Zhang SJ, Zhou J, Ma JF, Dong WL, Xin FX, Zhang WM, Jiang M
372 - 382 Domesticating a food spoilage yeast into an organic acid-tolerant metabolic engineering host: Lactic acid production by engineeredZygosaccharomyces bailii
Kuanyshev N, Rao CV, Dien B, Jin YS
383 - 396 The elucidation of phosphosugar stress response inBacillus subtilisguides strain engineering for highN-acetylglucosamine production
Niu TF, Lv XQ, Liu YF, Li JH, Du GC, Ledesma-Amaro R, Liu L
397 - 411 Dynamic multiscale metabolic network modeling of Chinese hamster ovary cell metabolism integrating N-linked glycosylation in industrial biopharmaceutical manufacturing
Zajec VE, Novak U, Kastelic M, Japelj B, Lah L, Pohar A, Likozar B
412 - 422 Modeling of an immune response: Queuing network analysis of the impact of zinc and cadmium on macrophage activation
Nitz M, Smith D, Wysocki B, Knoell D, Wysocki T
423 - 432 New soluble angiopoietin analog of Hepta-ANG1 prevents pathological vascular leakage
Liu P, Ryczko M, Xie XF, Baardsnes J, Lord-Dufour S, Duroche Y, Hicks EA, Taiyab A, Sheardown H, Quaggin SE, Jin J
433 - 441 Targeted metagenomics reveals extensive diversity of the denitrifying community in partial nitritation anammox and activated sludge systems
Orschler L, Agrawal S, Lackner S
442 - 452 Aligned human cardiac syncytium for in vitro analysis of electrical, structural, and mechanical readouts
Napiwocki BN, Lang D, Stempien A, Zhang J, Vaidyanathan R, Makielski JC, Eckhardt LL, Glukhov AV, Kamp TJ, Crone WC
453 - 464 Preclinical characterization of alginate-poly-L-lysine encapsulated HepaRG for extracorporeal liver supply
Pasqua M, Pereira U, de Lartigue C, Nicolas J, Vigneron P, Dermigny Q, Legallais C
465 - 480 Assessment of the in vivo biofunctionality of a biomimetic hybrid scaffold for osteochondral tissue regeneration
Tschon M, Brogini S, Parrilli A, Bertoldi S, Silini A, Parolini O, Fare S, Martini L, Veronesi F, Fini M, Giavaresi G
481 - 490 'Omics driven discoveries of gene targets for apoptosis attenuation in CHO cells
Orellana CA, Martinez VS, MacDonald MA, Henry MN, Gillard M, Gray PP, Nielsen LK, Mahler S, Marcellin E
491 - 505 Advances in encapsulin nanocompartment biology and engineering
Jones JA, Giessen TW