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ISSN: 0006-3592 (Print) 

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1259 - 1269 Detection and destruction of HER2-positive cancer cells by Ultra Quenchbody-siRNA complex
Dong JH, Oka Y, Jeong HJ, Ohmuro-Matsuyama Y, Ueda H
1270 - 1280 Ecological insights into the underlying evolutionary patterns of biofilm formation from biological wastewater treatment systems: Red or Black Queen Hypothesis?
Yuan SS, Meng FG
1281 - 1293 Selecting for lactic acid producing and utilising bacteria in anaerobic enrichment cultures
Rombouts JL, Kranendonk EMM, Regueira A, Weissbrodt DG, Kleerebezem R, van Loosdrecht MCM
1294 - 1303 Promoting bidirectional extracellular electron transfer of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 for hexavalent chromium reduction via elevating intracellular cAMP level
Cheng ZH, Xiong JR, Min D, Cheng L, Liu DF, Li WW, Jin F, Yang M, Yu HQ
1304 - 1315 High-level heterologous production of propionate in engineered Escherichia coli
Miscevic D, Mao JY, Moo-Young M, Chou CHP
1316 - 1328 Large-scale expansion of feeder-free mouse embryonic stem cells serially passaged in stirred suspension bioreactors at low inoculation densities directly from cryopreservation
Borys BS, So T, Roberts EL, Ferrie L, Larijani L, Abraham B, Krawetz R, Rancourt DE, Kallos MS
1329 - 1336 Online control of cell culture redox potential prevents antibody interchain disulfide bond reduction
Handlogten MW, Wang JH, Ahuja S
1337 - 1347 Reduced scale model qualification of 5-L and 250-ml bioreactors using multivariant visualization and Bayesian inferential methods
Banton D, Canova C, Clark K, Naguib S, Schaefer E
1348 - 1356 Construction of yeast producing patchoulol by global metabolic engineering strategy
Mitsui R, Nishikawa R, Yamada R, Matsumoto T, Ogino H
1357 - 1366 Making sense of parameter estimation and model simulation in bioprocesses
Sadino-Riquelme MC, Rivas J, Jeison D, Hayes RE, Donoso-Bravo A
1367 - 1380 Process-wide control and automation of an integrated continuous manufacturing platform for antibodies
Feidl F, Vogg S, Wolf M, Podobnik M, Ruggeri C, Ulmer N, Walchli R, Souquet J, Broly H, Butte A, Morbidelli M
1381 - 1393 Limited life cycle and cost assessment for the bioconversion of lignin-derived aromatics into adipic acid
van Duuren JBJH, de Wild PJ, Starck S, Bradtmoller C, Selzer M, Mehlmann K, Schneider R, Kohlstedt M, Poblete-Castro I, Stolzenberger J, Barton N, Fritz M, Scholl S, Venus J, Wittmann C
1394 - 1405 Characterization of methanol utilization negative Pichia pastoris for secreted protein production: New cultivation strategies for current and future applications
Zavec D, Gasser B, Mattanovich D
1406 - 1417 Truly continuous low pH viral inactivation for biopharmaceutical process integration
Martins DL, Sencar J, Hammerschmidt N, Flicker A, Kindermann J, Kreil TR, Jungbauer A
1418 - 1425 Exploiting nonionic surfactants to enhance fatty alcohol production in Rhodosporidium toruloides
Liu D, Geiselman GM, Coradetti S, Cheng YF, Kirby J, Prahl JP, Jacobson O, Sundstrom ER, Tanjore D, Skerker JM, Gladden J
1426 - 1435 Engineering substrate and energy metabolism for living cell production of cytidine-5 '-diphosphocholine
Ren YN, Liu Q, Liu HF, Zhou XS, Zhang YX, Cai MH
1436 - 1445 Engineering Pichia pastoris to improve S-adenosyl- l-methionine production using systems metabolic strategies
Qin XL, Lu JJ, Zhang Y, Wu XL, Qiao XF, Wang ZP, Chu J, Qian JC
1446 - 1457 Enzyme assembly guided by SPFH-induced functional inclusion bodies for enhanced cascade biocatalysis
Lv XQ, Jin K, Wu YK, Zhang C, Cui SX, Zhu XN, Li JH, Du GC, Liu L
1458 - 1469 Microbial growth rates and local external mass transfer coefficients in a porous bed biofilm system measured by F-19 magnetic resonance imaging of structure, oxygen concentration, and flow velocity
Simkins JW, Stewart PS, Codd SL, Seymour JD
1470 - 1482 Apoptosis detection via automated algorithms to analyze biomarker translocation in reporter cells
Ahmed AHR, Dereli-Korkut Z, Lee JH, Piracha S, Gilchrist ML, Jiang XJ, Wang SH
1483 - 1501 Statistical modeling of cell-to-cell variability in viral infection during passaging in suspension cell culture: Application in Monte-Carlo simulation
Saxena A, Ravutla S, Upadhyay V, Jana S, Murhammer D, Giri L
1502 - 1512 Processing two environmental chemical signals with a synthetic genetic IMPLY gate, a 2-input-2-output integrated logic circuit, and a process pipeline to optimize its systems chemistry in Escherichia coli
Mukhopadhyay S, Sarkar K, Srivastava R, Pal A, Bagh S
1513 - 1524 An autoinducible trp-T7 expression system for production of proteins and biochemicals in Escherichia coli
Landberg J, Mundhada H, Nielsen AT
1525 - 1532 A versatile oscillating-flow microfluidic PCR system utilizing a thermal gradient for nucleic acid analysis
Kopparthy VL, Crews ND
1533 - 1553 A dynamic model linking cell growth to intracellular metabolism and extracellular by-product accumulation
Ramos JRC, Rath AG, Genzel Y, Sandig V, Reichl U
1554 - 1561 An integrated biosensor platform for extraction and detection of nucleic acids
Sciuto EL, Petralia S, Calabrese G, Conoci S
1562 - 1574 Comprehensive understanding of Saccharomyces cerevisiae phenotypes with whole-cell model WM_S288C
Ye C, Xu N, Gao C, Liu GQ, Xu JZ, Zhang WG, Chen XL, Nielsen J, Liu LM
1575 - 1583 Tissue scaffolds functionalized with therapeutic elastin-like biopolymer particles
Bulutoglu B, Devalliere J, Deng SL, Acun A, Kelangi SS, Uygun BE, Yarmush ML
1584 - 1596 Pulsed electromagnetic fields promote repair of focal articular cartilage defects with engineered osteochondral constructs
Stefani RM, Barbosa S, Tan ARR, Setti S, Stoker AM, Ateshian GA, Cadossi R, Vunjak-Novakovic G, Aaron RK, Cook JL, Bulinski JC, Hung CT
1597 - 1602 Glycosynthase reaction meets the flow: Continuous synthesis of lacto-N-triose II by engineered beta-hexosaminidase immobilized on solid support
Ruzic L, Bolivar JM, Nidetzky B