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8545 - 8548 Chemical composition changes in eucalyptus and pinus woods submitted to heat treatment
Brito JO, Silva FG, Leao MM, Almeida G
8549 - 8552 Process optimization studies of lead (Pb(II)) biosorption onto immobilized cells of Pycnoporus sanguineus using response surface methodology
Azila YY, Mashitah MD, Bhatia S
8553 - 8558 Biodegradation of phenol and m-cresol in a batch and fed batch operated internal loop airlift bioreactor by indigenous mixed microbial culture predominantly Pseudomonas sp.
Saravanan P, Pakshirajan K, Saha P
8559 - 8564 Process efficiency and microbial monitoring in MBR (membrane bioreactor) and CASP (conventional activated sludge process) treatment of tannery wastewater
Munz G, Gualtiero M, Salvadori L, Claudia B, Lubello C
8565 - 8570 Laccase-HBT bleaching of eucalyptus kraft pulp: Influence of the operating conditions
Moldes D, Vidal T
8571 - 8577 Aerobic biodegradation of sludge from the effluent of a vegetable oil processing plant mixed with household waste: Physical-chemical, microbiological, and spectroscopic analysis
Abouelwafa R, Baddi GA, Souabi S, Winterton P, Cegarra J, Hafidi M
8578 - 8584 Soil contamination by heavy metals: Measurements from a closed unlined landfill
Kasassi A, Rakimbei P, Karagiannidis A, Zabaniotou A, Tsiouvaras K, Nastis A, Tzafeiropoulou K
8585 - 8592 The digestibility of iron-dosed activated sludge
Smith JA, Carliell-Marquet CM
8593 - 8597 Effects of vibratory microscreening on proximate composition and recovery of poultry processing wastewater particulate matter
Kiepper BH, Merka WC, Fletcher DL
8598 - 8604 Flocculation, coagulation, and precipitation of manure affecting three separation techniques
Hjorth M, Christensen ML, Christensen PV
8605 - 8611 Polyethylene glycol improves phenol removal by immobilized turnip peroxidase
Quintanilla-Guerrero F, Duarte-Vazquez MA, Garcia-Almendarez BE, Tinoco R, Vazquez-Duhalt R, Regalado C
8612 - 8618 Characterization of tannery wastewater and biomass in a membrane bioreactor using respirometric analysis
Munz G, Gori R, Cammilli L, Lubello C
8619 - 8625 Evaluation of a new fixed-bed digester design utilizing large media for flush dairy manure treatment
Zaher U, Frear C, Pandey P, Chen S
8626 - 8630 Decline in microbial activity does not necessarily indicate an end to biodegradation in MSW-biowaste: A case study
MacLeod I, Savage AL, Pahl O, Baird J
8631 - 8636 Investigating the effects of anaerobic and aerobic post-treatment on quality and stability of organic fraction of municipal solid waste as soil amendment
Abdullahi YA, Akunna JC, White NA, Hallett PD, Wheatley R
8637 - 8642 Hexavalent chromium removal by viable, granular anaerobic biomass
Massara H, Mulligan CN, Hadjinicolaou J
8643 - 8648 Nitrous oxide from aerated dairy manure slurries: Effects of aeration rates and oxic/anoxic phasing
Molodovskaya M, Singurindy O, Richards BK, Steenhuis TS
8649 - 8654 Temporal changes of selected chemical properties in three manure -Amended soils of Hawaii
Escobar MEO, Hue NV
8655 - 8661 Effects of select nitrocompounds on in vitro ruminal fermentation during conditions of limiting or excess added reductant
Anderson RC, Krueger NA, Stanton TB, Callaway TR, Edrington TS, Harvey RB, Jung YS, Nisbet DJ
8662 - 8666 Immobilization of Neocallimastix patriciarum xylanase on artificial oil bodies and statistical optimization of enzyme activity
Hung YJ, Peng CC, Tzen JTC, Chen MJ, Liu JR
8667 - 8673 Enhancement of carotenoids by mutation and stress induced carotenogenic genes in Haematococcus pluvialis mutants
Kamath BS, Vidhyavathi R, Sarada R, Ravishankar GA
8674 - 8678 Adsorption and bioadsorption of granular activated carbon (GAC) for dissolved organic carbon (DOC) removal in wastewater
Xing W, Ngo HH, Kim SH, Guo WS, Hagare P
8679 - 8684 Biomethanation of poultry litter leachate in UASB reactor coupled with ammonia stripper for enhancement of overall performance
Rao AG, Reddy TSK, Prakash SS, Vanajakshi J, Joseph J, Jetty A, Reddy AR, Sarma PN
8685 - 8690 Removal and recovery of phosphorus from water by means of adsorption onto orange waste gel loaded with zirconium
Biswas BK, Inoue K, Ghimire KN, Harada H, Ohto K, Kawakita H
8691 - 8698 Activation of pine cone using Fenton oxidation for Cd(II) and Pb(II) removal
Argun ME, Dursun S, Karatas M, Guru M
8699 - 8704 Vermiconversion of industrial sludge for recycling the nutrients
Sangwan P, Kaushik CP, Garg VK
8705 - 8709 Comparison of extraction methods for quantifying vitamin E from animal tissues
8710 - 8714 Different pretreatments for increasing the anaerobic biodegradability in swine manure
Gonzalez-Fernandez C, Leon-Cofreces C, Garcia-Encina PA
8715 - 8721 Amelioration of municipal sludge by Pistia stratiotes L.: Role of antioxidant enzymes in detoxification of metals
Tewari A, Singh R, Singh NK, Rai UN
8722 - 8728 Citrus compost and its water extract for cultivation of melon plants in greenhouse nurseries. Evaluation of nutriactive and biocontrol effects
Bernal-Vicente A, Ros M, Tittarelli F, Intrigliolo F, Pascual JA
8729 - 8734 Loss of degradation capacity of activated sludge for a xenobiotic after a period without its influent
Chong NM, Huang WS, Chen YS
8735 - 8741 Development of models for predicting carbon mineralization and associated phytotoxicity in compost-amended soil
Aslam DN, VanderGheynst JS, Rumsey TR
8742 - 8747 Modelling of Scenedesmus obliquus; function of nutrients with modified Gompertz model
Celekli A, Balci M, Bozkurt H
8748 - 8751 An electrochemical sensor for detection of laccase activities from Penicillium simplicissimum in compost based on carbon nanotubes modified glassy carbon electrode
Liu JX, Zhou WJ, Gong JL, Tang L, Zhang Y, Yu HY, Wang B, Xu XM, Zeng GM
8752 - 8758 Efficient production of biodiesel from high free fatty acid-containing waste oils using various carbohydrate-derived solid acid catalysts
Lou WY, Zong MH, Duan ZQ
8759 - 8764 Allantoin-N concentration changes and analysis of the influencing factors on its changes during different manure composting
Bao YY, Zhou QX, Guan LZ
8765 - 8770 Production of carbonyl reductase by Geotrichum candidum in a laboratory scale bioreactor
Bhattacharyya MS, Singh A, Banerjee UC
8771 - 8776 Characterization of products from the pyrolysis of rapeseed oil cake
Ucar S, Ozkan AR
8777 - 8782 Wet oxidation pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis and simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of clover-ryegrass mixtures
Martin C, Thomsen MH, Hauggaard-Nielsen H, BelindaThomsen A
8783 - 8787 Anti-inflammation activity of fruit essential oil from Cinnamomum insularimontanum Hayata
Lin CT, Chen CJ, Lin TY, Tung JC, Wang SY
8788 - 8795 Antifungal, phytotoxic and insecticidal properties of essential oil isolated from Turkish Origanum acutidens and its three components, carvacrol, thymol and p-cymene
Kordali S, Cakir A, Ozer H, Cakmakci R, Kesdek M, Mete E
8796 - 8802 Bio-drying of municipal solid waste with high water content by aeration procedures regulation and inoculation
Zhang DQ, He PJ, Jin TF, Shao LM
8803 - 8809 Biocomposites of cellulose reinforced starch: Improvement of properties by photo-induced crosslinking
Kumar AP, Singh RP
8810 - 8818 Development of a new Cr(VI)-biosorbent from agricultural biowaste
Park D, Lim SR, Yun YS, Park JM
8819 - 8823 Fate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons during composting of activated sewage sludge with green waste
Hafidi M, Amir S, Jouraiphy A, Winterton P, El Gharous M, Merlina G, Revel JC
8824 - 8832 Effect of HRT on the biological pre-denitrification process for the simultaneous removal of toxic pollutants from cokes wastewater
Kim YM, Park D, Jeon CO, Lee DS, Park JM
8833 - 8839 Direct fermentation of fodder maize, chicory fructans and perennial ryegrass to hydrogen using mixed microflora
Kyazze G, Dinsdale R, Hawkes FR, Guwy AJ, Premier GC, Donnison IS
8840 - 8843 Leaching of petroleum refinery ash by acidophilic sulfur-oxidizing microbial cultures
Moura MJ, Ribeiro B, Sousa J, Costa-Ferreira M
8844 - 8849 Fishburgers with silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen) filleting residue
Bochi VC, Weber J, Ribeiro CP, Victorio AD, Emanuelli T
8850 - 8855 Testing of thermal properties of compost from municipal waste with a view to using it as a renewable, low temperature heat source
Klejment E, Rosinski M
8856 - 8863 Pretreatment of woody and herbaceous biomass for enzymatic saccharification using sulfuric acid-free ethanol cooking
Teramoto Y, Lee SH, Endo T
8864 - 8868 Influence of Ni2+ concentration on biohydrogen production
Wang JL, Wan W
8869 - 8872 Rapid estimation of single cell oil content of solid-state fermented mass using near-infrared spectroscopy
Peng XW, Chen HZ
8873 - 8879 Enzymatic preparation of immunomodulating hydrolysates from soy proteins
Kong XZ, Guo MM, Hua YF, Cao D, Zhang CM
8880 - 8886 High performance wood composites based on benzoxazine-epoxy alloys
Jubsilp C, Takeichi T, Hiziroglu S, Rimdusit S
8887 - 8894 Checking graphite and stainless anodes with an experimental model of marine microbial fuel cell
Dumas C, Mollica A, Feron D, Basseguy R, Etcheverry L, Bergel A
8895 - 8902 Loading rate and external resistance control the electricity generation of microbial fuel cells with different three-dimensional anodes
Aelterman P, Versichele M, Marzorati M, Boon N, Verstraete W
8903 - 8908 Chemical composition and antifungal activity of essential oil and various extract of Silene armeria L.
Bajpai VK, Shukla S, Kang SC
8909 - 8916 Production and comparison of high surface area bamboo derived active carbons
Ip AWM, Barford JP, Mckay G
8917 - 8925 Treatment of catechol bearing wastewater in an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor: Sludge characteristics
Subramanyam R, Mishra IM
8926 - 8934 Influence of green waste, biowaste and paper-cardboard initial ratios on organic matter transformations during composting
Francou C, Lineres M, Derenne S, Le Villio-Poitrenaud M, Houot S
8935 - 8939 A simple method for bakers' yeast cell disruption using a three-phase fluidized bed equipped with an agitator
Charinpanitkul T, Soottitantawat A, Tanthapanichakoon W
8940 - 8948 Soluble and insoluble solids contributions to high-solids enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulose
Hodge DB, Karim MN, Schell DJ, McMillan JD
8949 - 8954 Protein recovery from excess sludge for its use as animal feed
Hwang J, Zhang L, Seo S, Lee YW, Jahng D
8955 - 8960 Methods to improve the composting process of the solid fraction of dairy cattle slurry
Brito LM, Coutinho J, Smith SR
8961 - 8966 Influence of the application of sugarcane bagasse on lindane (gamma-HCH) mobility through soil column: Implication for biotreatment
Abhilash PC, Singh N
8967 - 8973 Methanethiol degradation in anaerobic bioreactors at elevated pH (>= 8): Reactor performance and microbial community analysis
van Leerdam RC, de Bok FAM, Bonilla-Salinas M, van Doesburg W, Lomans BP, Lens PNL, Stams AJM, Janssen AJH
8974 - 8980 Adsorption of Neutral Red onto Mn-impregnated activated carbons prepared from Typha orientalis
Zhang J, Shi QQ, Zhang CL, Xu JT, Zhai B, Zhang B
8981 - 8986 alpha-L-Arabinofuranosidase from Streptomyces sp PC22: Purification, characterization and its synergistic action with xylanolytic enzymes in the degradation of xylan and agricultural residues
Raweesri P, Riangrungrojana P, Pinphanichakarn P
8987 - 8994 Effects of pH adjustment by parawood ash and effluent recycle ratio on the performance of anaerobic baffled reactors treating high sulfate wastewater
Saritpongteeraka K, Chaiprapat S
8995 - 8998 Acid-catalyzed esterification of Zanthoxylum bungeanum seed oil with high free fatty acids for biodiesel production
Zhang JJ, Jiang LF
8999 - 9003 Decolorization and degradation of Disperse Blue 79 and Acid Orange 10, by Bacillus fusiformis KMK5 isolated from the textile dye contaminated soil
Kolekar YM, Pawar SP, Gawai KR, Lokhande PD, Shouche YS, Kodam KM
9004 - 9008 In vitro evaluation of antibacterial, antioxidant, cytotoxic and apoptotic activities of the tubers infusion and extracts of Cyperus rotundus
Kilani S, Ben Sghaier M, Limem I, Bouhlel I, Boubaker J, Bhouri W, Skandrani I, Neffatti A, Ben Ammar R, Dijoux-Franca MG, Ghedira K, Chekir-Ghedira L
9009 - 9012 In situ alkaline transesterification of cottonseed oil for production of biodiesel and nontoxic cottonseed meal
Qian JF, Wang F, Liu S, Yun Z
9013 - 9016 In vitro antioxidant activity of liquor from fermented shrimp biowaste
Sachindra NM, Bhaskar N
9017 - 9020 Oenococcus oeni cells immobilized on delignified cellulosic material for malolactic fermentation of wine
Agouridis N, Kopsahelis N, Plessas S, Koutinas AA, Kanellaki M
9021 - 9024 Highly enhanced adsorption for decontamination of lead ions from battery wastewaters using chitosan functionalized with xanthate
Chauhan D, Sankararamakrishnan N
9025 - 9028 Direct preparation of biodiesel from rapeseed oil leached by two-phase solvent extraction
Shi HX, Bao ZH
9029 - 9031 Energy-efficient sludge sonication: Power and sludge characteristics
Zhang GM, Zhang PY, Yang J, Liu HZ
9032 - 9035 Lipid profiling of developing Jatropha curcas L. seeds using H-1 NMR spectroscopy
Annarao S, Sidhu OP, Roy R, Tuli R, Khetrapal CL
9036 - 9039 Ethanol production from henequen (Agave fourcroydes Lem.) juice and molasses by a mixture of two yeasts
Caceres-Farfan M, Lappe P, Larque-Saavedra A, Magdub-Mendez A, Barahona-Perez L
9040 - 9043 Possibilities of the use of vinasses in the control of fungi phytopathogens
Santos M, Dianez F, de Cara M, Tello JC