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6709 - 6724 Heavy metal adsorbents prepared from the modification of cellulose: A review
O'Connell DW, Birkinshaw C, O'Dwyer TF
6725 - 6737 Androstenedione production by biotransformation of phytosterols
Malaviya A, Gomes J
6738 - 6744 Assessing the effect of biodegradable and degradable plastics on the composting of green wastes and compost quality
Unmar G, Mohee R
6745 - 6750 Contrasting effects of municipal compost on alfalfa growth in clay and in sandy soils: N, P, K, content and heavy metal toxicity
Mbarki S, Labidi N, Mahmoudi H, Jedidi N, Abdelly C
6751 - 6762 Advance in chitosan hydrolysis by non-specific cellulases
Xia WS, Liu P, Liu J
6763 - 6770 Thermophilic anaerobic digestion of source-sorted organic fraction of municipal solid waste
Forster-Carneiro T, Perez M, Romero LI
6771 - 6779 Changes in soil properties and in the growth of Lolium multiflorum in an acid soil amended with a solid waste from wineries
Novoa-Munoz JC, Simal-Gandara J, Fernandez-Calvino D, Lopez-Periago E, Arias-Estevez M
6780 - 6792 The universal design, operation and maintenance guidelines for farm constructed wetlands (FCW) in temperate climates
Carty A, Scholz M, Heal K, Gouriveau F, Mustafa A
6793 - 6798 Catalysts of Cu(II) and Co(II) ions adsorbed in chitosan used in transesterification of soy bean and babassu oils - A new route for biodiesel syntheses
da Silva RB, Neto AFL, dos Santos LSS, Lima JRD, Chaves MH, dos Santos JR, de Lima GM, de Moura EM, de Moura CVR
6799 - 6808 Effect of clay pretreatment on photofermentative hydrogen production from olive mill wastewater
Eroglu E, Eroglu I, Gunduz U, Yucel M
6809 - 6816 Production of activated carbon from bagasse and rice husk by a single-stage chemical activation method at low retention times
Kalderis D, Bethanis S, Paraskeva P, Diamadopoulos E
6817 - 6825 Application of anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing consortium to achieve completely autotrophic ammonium and sulfate removal
Liu ST, Yang FL, Gong Z, Meng FG, Chen HH, Xue Y, Furukawa KJ
6826 - 6833 Identification and purification of the main components of cellulases from a mutant strain of Trichoderma viride T 100-14
Zhou J, Wang YH, Chu J, Zhuang YP, Zhang SL, Yin P
6834 - 6843 Performance of a pilot-scale submerged membrane bioreactor (MBR) in treating bathing wastewater
Xia SQ, Guo JF, Wang RC
6844 - 6851 Biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymers from mixtures of plant oils and 3-hydroxyvalerate precursors
Lee WH, Loo CY, Nomura CT, Sudesh K
6852 - 6860 Effect of temperature on performance and microbial diversity in hyperthermophilic digester system fed with kitchen garbage
Lee M, Hidaka T, Tsuno H
6861 - 6865 Anaerobic degradation of benzoate: Batch studies
Upadhyay U, Kumar P, Mehrotra I
6866 - 6877 Evaluation of different substrates to support the growth of Typha latifolia in constructed wetlands treating tannery wastewater over long-term operation
Calheiros CSC, Rangel AOSS, Castro PML
6878 - 6884 Identification and degradation characterization of hexachlorobutadiene degrading strain Serratia marcescens HL1
Li MT, Hao LL, Sheng L, Xu JB
6885 - 6892 Decolorization and biosorption for Congo red by system rice hull Schizophyllum sp F17 under solid-state condition in a continuous flow packed-bed bioreactor
Li XD, Jia R
6893 - 6899 Flocculation behavior and mechanism of an exopolysaccharide from the deep-sea psychrophilic bacterium Pseudoalteromonas sp SM9913
Li WW, Zhou WZ, Zhang YZ, Wang J, Zhu XB
6900 - 6907 Maturity assessment of composted olive mill wastes using UV spectra and humification parameters
Sellami F, Hachicha S, Chtourou M, Medhioub K, Ammar E
6908 - 6916 Enhancement of nitroaromatic compounds anaerobic biotransformation using a novel immobilized redox mediator prepared by electropolymerization
Li LH, Wang J, Zhou J, Yang FL, Jin CY, Qu YY, Li A, Zhang L
6917 - 6927 Operating conditions of a 2001 staged vertical reactor for bioconversion of wheat straw by Phanerochaete chrysosporium
Bhatnagar A, Kumar S, Gomes J
6928 - 6933 Elucidation of 2-hydroxybiphenyl effect on dibenzothiophene desulfurization by Microbacterium sp strain ZD-M2
Chen H, Zhang WJ, Cai YB, Zhang Y, Li W
6934 - 6940 A rapid autolytic-method for the preparation of protein hydrolysate from poultry viscera
Jamdar SN, Harikumar P
6941 - 6948 Effect of substrate loading rate of chemical wastewater on fermentative biohydrogen production in biofilm configured sequencing batch reactor
Bhaskar YV, Mohan SV, Sarma PN
6949 - 6956 Fermentation efficiency of thermally dried kefir
Papapostolou H, Bosnea LA, Koutinas AA, Kanellaki M
6957 - 6965 Evaluating energy efficiency of site-specific tillage in maize in NE Italy
Bertocco M, Basso B, Sartori L, Martin EC
6966 - 6973 Role of Bacillus spp. in antagonism between Pleurotus ostreatus and Trichoderma harzianum in heat-treated wheat-straw substrates
Velazquez-Cedeno M, Farnet AM, Mata G, Savoie JM
6974 - 6985 Protein enrichment of corn cob heteroxylan waste slurry by thermophilic aerobic digestion using Bacillus stearothermophilus
Ugwuanyi JO, Harvey LM, McNeil B
6986 - 6993 Comparison of pretreatment strategies of sugarcane baggase: Experimental design for citric acid production
Khosravi-Darani K, Zoghi A
6994 - 7002 Influence of total solid and inoculum contents on performance of anaerobic reactors treating food waste
Forster-Carneiro T, Perez M, Romero LI
7003 - 7010 Fungal laccase, cellobiose dehydrogenase, and chemical mediators: Combined actions for the decolorization of different classes of textile dyes
Ciullini I, Tilli S, Scozzafava A, Briganti F
7011 - 7019 New data on temperature optimum and temperature changes in energy crop digesters
Lindorfer H, Waltenberger R, Kollner K, Braun R, Kirchmayr R
7020 - 7026 Sheep manure vermicompost supplemented with a native diazotrophic bacteria and mycorrhizas for maize cultivation
Gutierrez-Miceli FA, Moguel-Zamudio B, Abud-Archila M, Gutierrez-Oliva VF, Dendooven L
7027 - 7033 Effects of manufacturing conditions on the adsorption capacity of heavy metal ions by Makino bamboo charcoal
Wang SY, Tsai MH, Lo SF, Tsai MJ
7034 - 7040 Cadmium removal from simulated wastewater to biomass byproduct of Lentinus edodes
Chen GQ, Zeng GM, Tang L, Du CY, Jiang XY, Huang GH, Liu HL, Shen GL
7041 - 7050 Effects of storage on characteristics and hygienic quality of digestates from four co-digestion concepts of manure and biowaste
Paavola T, Rintala J
7051 - 7062 Anaerobic treatment of low-strength municipal wastewater by a two-stage pilot plant under psychrophilic conditions
Alvarez JA, Armstrong E, Gomez M, Soto M
7063 - 7073 Biomass as an energy source: Thermodynamic constraints on the performance of the conversion process
Baratieri M, Baggio P, Fiori L, Grigiante A
7074 - 7082 Storing energy crops for methane production: Effects of solids content and biological additive
Pakarinen O, Lehtomaki A, Rissanen S, Rintala J
7083 - 7090 The effect of pharmaceuticals on the kinetics of methanogenesis and acetogenesis
Fountoulakis MS, Stamatelatou K, Lyberatos G
7091 - 7097 Concurrent removal and accumulation of heavy metals by the three aquatic macrophytes
Mishra VK, Tripathi BD
7098 - 7107 Assessment of microbial diversity in effluent treatment plants by culture dependent and culture independent approaches
Rani A, Porwal S, Sharma R, Kapley A, Purohit HJ, Kalia VC
7108 - 7114 Screening and optimization of nutritional factors for higher dextransucrase production by Leuconostoc mesenteroides NRRL B-640 using statistical approach
Purama RK, Goyal A
7115 - 7121 Isolation, identification and application of novel bacterial consortium TJ-1 for the decolourization of structurally different azo dyes
Joshi T, Iyengar L, Singh K, Garg S
7122 - 7131 Effects of a sewage treatment plant outlet pipe extension on the distribution of contaminants in the sediments of the Bay of Vidy, Lake Geneva, Switzerland
Pote J, Haller L, Loizeau JL, Bravo AG, Sastre V, Wildi W
7132 - 7142 Cattle slurry treatment by screw press separation and chemically enhanced settling: Effect on greenhouse gas emissions after land spreading and grass yield
Fangueiro D, Senbayram M, Trindade H, Chadwick D
7143 - 7151 Influence of the rapeseed protein hydrolysis process on CHO cell growth
Chabanon G, da Costa LA, Farges B, Harscoat C, Chenu S, Goergen JL, Marc A, Marc I, Chevalot I
7152 - 7159 The effects of hemicelluloses and lignin removal on water uptake behavior of hemp fibers
Pejic BM, Kostic MM, Skundric PD, Praskalo JZ
7160 - 7167 Application of municipal solid waste compost reduces the negative effects of saline water in Hordeum maritimum L.
Lakhdar A, Hafsi C, Rabhi M, Debez A, Montemurro F, Abdelly C, Jedidi N, Ouerghi Z
7168 - 7175 Toxic effects of digested, composted and thermally-dried sewage sludge on three plants
Ramirez WA, Domene X, Ortiz O, Alcaniz JM
7176 - 7182 High quality biofuel pellet production from pre-compacted low density raw materials
Larsson SH, Thyrel M, Geladi P, Lestander TA
7183 - 7191 Phytoremediation of organic xenobiotics - Glutathione dependent detoxification in Phragmites plants from European treatment sites
Schroder P, Daubner D, Maier H, Neustifter J, Debus R
7192 - 7199 Responses of oxidation rate and microbial communities to methane in simulated landfill cover soil microcosms
He R, Ruan AD, Jiang CJ, Shen DS
7200 - 7207 Effects of fly ash incorporation on heavy metal accumulation, growth and yield responses of Beta vulgaris plants
Singh A, Sharma RK, Agrawal SB
7208 - 7214 Development of mesoporosity during phosphoric acid activation of wood in steam atmosphere
Klijanienko A, Lorenc-Grabowska E, Gryglewicz G
7215 - 7223 Microbiological and physicochemical characterization of olive mill wastewaters from a continuous olive mill in Northeastern Portugal
Amaral C, Lucas MS, Coutinho J, Crespi AL, Anjos MD, Pais C
7224 - 7231 Influence of preparation conditions in the textural and chemical properties of activated carbons from a novel biomass precursor: The coffee endocarp
Nabais JV, Carrott P, Carrott MMLR, Luz V, Ortiz AL
7232 - 7237 Improvement of biodiesel production by lipozyme TL IM-catalyzed methanolysis using response surface methodology and acyl migration enhancer
Wang Y, Wu H, Zong MH
7238 - 7246 Experimental study on effects of moisture content on combustion characteristics of simulated municipal solid wastes in a fixed bed
Liang LG, Sun R, Fei J, Wu SH, Liu X, Dai K, Yao N
7247 - 7254 Novolak PF resins prepared from phenol liquefied Cryptomeria japonica and used in manufacturing moldings
Lee WJ, Chen YC
7255 - 7263 Alcoholic chestnut fermentation in mixed culture. Compatibility criteria between Aspergillus oryzae and Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains
Murado MA, Pastrana L, Vazquez JA, Miron J, Gonzalez MP
7264 - 7269 Photochemical UV/TiO2 treatment of olive mill wastewater (OMW)
El Hajouji H, Barje F, Pinelli E, Bailly JR, Richard C, Winterton P, Revel JC, Hafidi M
7270 - 7277 Simulation of tagasaste pulping using soda-anthraquinone
Labidi J, Tejado A, Garcia A, Jimenez L
7278 - 7284 The effect of temperature variation on biomethanation at high altitude
Alvarez R, Liden G
7285 - 7290 Characterization of dairy cattle manure/wallboard paper compost mixture
Saludes RB, Iwabuchi K, Miyatake F, Abe Y, Honda Y
7291 - 7298 The role of earthworm Lampito mauritii (Kinberg) in amending lead and zinc treated soil
Maity S, Padhy PK, Chaudhury S
7299 - 7306 Evolution of the pathogen content during co-composting of winery and distillery wastes
Bustamante MA, Moral R, Paredes C, Vargas-Garcia MC, Suarez-Estrella F, Moreno J
7307 - 7311 Psychrophilic anaerobic digestion biotechnology for swine mortality disposal
Masse DI, Masse L, Hince JF, Pomar C
7312 - 7322 Reducing leaching of boron-based wood preservatives - A review of research
Obanda DN, Shupe TF, Barnes HM
7323 - 7332 Fast classification and compositional analysis of cornstover fractions using Fourier transform near-infrared techniques
Ye XP, Liu L, Hayes D, Womac A, Hong KL, Sokhansanj S
7333 - 7340 Ester hydroxy derivatives of methyl oleate: Tribological, oxidation and low temperature properties
Sharma BK, Doll KM, Erhan SZ
7341 - 7347 Interspecific hybridization of Eucalyptus as a potential tool to improve the bioactivity of essential oils against permethrin-resistant head lice from Argentina
Toloza AC, Lucia A, Zerba E, Masuh H, Picollo MI
7348 - 7353 Solubilization of Morocco phosphorite by Aspergillus niger
Bojinova D, Velkova R, Ivanova R
7354 - 7362 Modeling sucrose hydrolysis in dilute sulfuric acid solutions at pretreatment conditions for lignocellulosic biomass
Bower S, Wickramasinghe R, Nagle NJ, Schell DJ
7363 - 7368 Use of electrodialysis and reverse osmosis for the recovery and concentration of ammonia from swine manure
Mondor M, Masse L, Ippersiel D, Lamarche F, Masse DI
7369 - 7376 Treatment of animal carcasses in poultry farms using sealed ditches
Sanchez M, Gonzalez JL, Gutierrez MAD, Guimaraes AC, Gracia LMN
7377 - 7382 The influence of the degree of cross-linking on the adsorption properties of chitosan beads
Osifo PO, Webster A, van der Merwe H, Neomagus HWJP, van der Gun MA, Grant DM
7383 - 7387 Paper and board mill effluent treatment with the combined biological-coagulation-filtration pilot scale reactor
Afzal M, Shabir G, Hussain I, Khalid ZM
7388 - 7392 Screening and isolation of an organic solvent-tolerant bacterium for high-yield production of organic solvent-stable protease
Tang XY, Pan Y, Li S, He BF
7393 - 7396 Fractionation and purification of the phycobiliproteins from Spirulina platensis
Patil G, Chethana S, Madhusudhan MC, Raghavarao KSMS
7397 - 7401 Fermentation characteristics of Fusarium oxysporum grown on acetate
Panagiotou G, Pachidou F, Petroutsos D, Olsson L, Christakopoulos P
7402 - 7406 Incorporation of hazelnut shell and husk in MDF production
Copur Y, Guler C, Tascioglu C, Tozluoglu A
7407 - 7411 The best utilization of D-zingiberensis C.H. Wright by an eco-friendly process
Huang W, Zhao HZ, Ni JR, Zuo H, Qiu LL, Li H, Li H
7412 - 7417 Treatment of screened dairy manure by upflow anaerobic fixed bed reactors packed with waste tyre rubber and a combination of waste tyre rubber and zeolite: Effect of the hydraulic retention time
Umana O, Nikolaeva S, Sanchez E, Borja R, Raposo F
7418 - 7423 Production of extracellular exoinulinase from Kluyveromyces marxianus YS-1 using root tubers of Asparagus officinalis
Singh RS, Bhermi HK
7424 - 7424 Retraction notice to "Antioxidant and antibacterial properties of some cultured lichens" [Bioresour. Technol. 99 (2008) 776-784]
Behera BC, Verma N, Sonone A, Makhija U