Bioresource Technology

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1 - 9 Accelerated Rhodamine B removal by enlarged anode electric biological (EAEB) with electro-biological particle electrode (EPE) made from steel converter slag (SCS)
Feng Y, Zhang ZJ, Zhao YH, Song L, Wang XW, Yang SM, Long YY, Zhao CH, Qiu LP
10 - 17 Promoting circular economy in the surroundings of an organic fraction of municipal solid waste anaerobic digestion treatment plant: Biogas production impact and economic factors
Abad V, Avila R, Vicent T, Font X
18 - 27 Achieving partial denitrification using carbon sources in domestic wastewater with waste-activated sludge as inoculum
Shi LL, Du R, Peng YZ
28 - 35 Anaerobic degradation of deca-brominated diphenyl ether contaminated in products: Effect of temperature on degradation characteristics
Shi C, Hu Y, Kobayashi T, Zhang N, Kuramochi H, Zhang ZY, Xu KQ
36 - 44 Hydrothermal liquefaction of Scenedesmus abundans biomass spent for sorption of petroleum residues from wastewater and studies on recycling of post hydrothermal liquefaction wastewater
Rajan PS, Gopinath KP, Arun J, Pavithra KG
45 - 52 Natural plant extracts as an economical and ecofriendly alternative for harvesting microalgae
Behera B, Balasubramanian P
53 - 58 Dilute acid hydrolysis of spoiled wheat grains: Analysis of chemical, rheological and spectral characteristics
Sirohi R, Pandey JP
59 - 66 Steam co-gasification of different ratios of spirit-based distillers' grains and anthracite coal to produce hydrogen-rich gas
Lv JW, Ao XQ, Li Q, Cao Y, Chen QL, Xie Y
67 - 75 A comparative account of glucose yields and bioethanol production from separate and simultaneous saccharification and fermentation processes at high solids loading with variable PEG concentration
Kadhum HJ, Mahapatra DM, Murthy GS
76 - 85 Modification of corn stover for improving biodegradability and anaerobic digestion performance by Ceriporiopsis subvermispora
Huang WB, Wachemo AC, Yuan HR, Li XJ
86 - 95 Adsorption of Lead on Lentil Husk in Fixed Bed Column Bioreactor
Basu M, Guha AK, Ray L
96 - 105 Fast pyrolysis characteristics of two typical coastal zone biomass fuels by thermal gravimetric analyzer and down tube reactor
Li J, Qiao YY, Zong PJ, Qin S, Wang CB, Tian YY
106 - 111 Effects of substrate concentration, hydraulic retention time and headspace pressure on acid production of protein by anaerobic fermentation
Li LG, Wang YY, Li Y
112 - 119 Effect of the isoelectric point of pH-responsive lignin-based amphoteric surfactant on the enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulose
Zhan XJ, Cai C, Pang YX, Qin FY, Lou HM, Huang JH, Qiu XQ
120 - 128 Selective production of volatile fatty acids at different pH in an anaerobic membrane bioreactor
Khan MA, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Chang SW, Nguyen DD, Varjani S, Liu Y, Deng LJ, Cheng C
129 - 137 Reduced graphene oxide and biofilms as cathode catalysts to enhance energy and metal recovery in microbial fuel cell
Wu YN, Wang L, Jin M, Kong FY, Qi H, Nan J
138 - 147 The long-term effects of hexavalent chromium on anaerobic ammonium oxidation process: Performance inhibition, hexavalent chromium reduction and unexpected nitrite oxidation
Yu C, Tang X, Li LS, Chai XL, Xiao RY, Wu D, Tang CJ, Chai LY
148 - 158 Energy efficient COD and N-removal from high-strength wastewater by a passively aerated GAO dominated biofilm
Hossain MI, Cheng L, Cord-Ruwisch R
159 - 167 Single pot bioprocessing for ethanol production from biogenic municipal solid waste
Althuri A, Mohan SV
168 - 173 Optimization of the proportions of four wastewaters in a blend for the cultivation of microalgae using a mixture design
Moreno-Garcia L, Gariepy Y, Bourdeau N, Barnabe S, Raghavan GSV
174 - 183 Product-oriented decomposition of lignocellulose catalyzed by novel polyoxometalates-ionic liquid mixture
Shi N, Liu D, Huang Q, Guo ZS, Jiang RX, Wang F, Chen QT, Li M, Shen GB, Wen FS
184 - 190 Ammonium removal potential and its conversion pathways by free and immobilized Scenedesmus obliquus from wastewater
Liu X, Wang KJ, Zhang J, Wang JY, Wu JJ, Peng F
191 - 197 Anaerobic digestion of elephant grass hydrolysate: Biogas production, substrate metabolism and outlet effluent treatment
Huang C, Xiong L, Guo HJ, Li HL, Wang C, Chen XF, Zhao C, Chen XD
198 - 206 Performance evaluation of an outdoor algal biorefinery for sustainable production of biomass, lipid and lutein valorizing flue-gas carbon dioxide and wastewater cocktail
De Bhowmick G, Sarmah AK, Sen R
207 - 212 Extraction of valuable compounds from Arthrospira platensis using pulsed electric field treatment
Jaeschke DP, Mercali GD, Marczak LDF, Muller G, Frey W, Gusbeth C
213 - 220 Enhanced nitrogen removal of the simultaneous partial nitrification, anammox and denitrification (SNAD) biofilm reactor for treating mainstream wastewater under low dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration
Zheng ZM, Huang S, Bian W, Liang DB, Wang XJ, Zhang K, Ma XR, Li J
221 - 228 Efficient acetogenesis of anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and maize straw in a HSAD reactor
Qian MY, Li YQ, Zhang YX, Sun ZY, Wang Y, Feng J, Yao ZL, Zhao LX
229 - 241 Co-digestion of Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) pod husk and poultry manure for energy generation: Effects of pretreatment methods
Dahunsi SO, Osueke CO, Olayanju TMA, Lawal AI
242 - 250 A highly efficient step-wise biotransformation strategy for direct conversion of phytosterol to boldenone
Tang R, Shen YB, Xia ML, Tu LN, Luo JM, Geng YH, Gao T, Zhou HJ, Zhao YQ, Wang M
251 - 260 Improvement of continuous hydrogen production using individual and binary enzymatic hydrolysates of agave bagasse in suspended-culture and biofilm reactors
Montoya-Rosales JD, Olmos-Hernandez DK, Palomo-Briones R, Montiel-Corona V, Mari AG, Razo-Flores E
261 - 269 Control of indigenous quorum quenching bacteria on membrane biofouling in a short-period MBR
Huang JH, Gu YL, Zeng GM, Yang Y, Ouyang YC, Shi LX, Shi YH, Yi KX
270 - 276 Field study on attached cultivation of Arthrospira (Spirulina) with carbon dioxide as carbon source
Wang JF, Cheng WT, Liu W, Wang H, Zhang DC, Qiao ZS, Jin GY, Liu TZ
277 - 285 Decontamination of lead and tetracycline from aqueous solution by a promising carbonaceous nanocomposite: Interaction and mechanisms insight
Deng R, Huang DL, Zeng GM, Wan J, Xue WJ, Wen XF, Liu XG, Chen S, Li J, Liu CH, Zhang Q
286 - 296 How methane yield, crucial parameters and microbial communities respond to the stimulating effect of antibiotics during high solid anaerobic digestion
Zhi SL, Li Q, Yang FX, Yang ZJ, Zhang KQ
297 - 302 Improved itaconic acid production by Aspergillus niveus using blended algal biomass hydrolysate and glycerol as substrates
Gnanasekaran R, Dhandapani B, Iyyappan J
303 - 307 Co-thermal liquefaction of Prosopis juliflora biomass with paint sludge for liquid hydrocarbons production
Jayakishan B, Nagarajan G, Arun J
308 - 315 Stimulation of ferrihydrite nanorods on fermentative hydrogen production by Clostridium pasteurianum
Zhang YC, Xiao LL, Wang SN, Liu FH
316 - 325 Heat pretreatment assists free ammonia to enhance hydrogen production from waste activated sludge
Wang DB, Wang YF, Liu XR, Xu QX, Yang Q, Li XM, Zhang Y, Liu YW, Wang QL, Ni BJ, Li HL
326 - 331 Cost-practical of glycolic acid bioproduction by immobilized whole-cell catalysis accompanied with compressed oxygen supplied to enhance mass transfer
Hua X, Du GL, Xu Y
332 - 339 y Simultaneous production of polyhydroxyalkanoate and xanthan gum: From axenic to mixed cultivation
Rodrigues PR, Assis DJ, Druzian JI
340 - 349 Effect of bamboo hydrochar on anaerobic digestion of fish processing waste for biogas production
Choe U, Mustafa AM, Lin HJ, Xu J, Sheng KC
350 - 357 Development of a closed-loop process for fusel alcohol production and nutrient recycling from microalgae biomass
Liu F, Lane P, Hewson JC, Stavila V, Tran-Gyamfi MB, Hamel M, Lane TW, Davis RW
358 - 372 Anaerobic membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment: Novel configurations, fouling control and energy considerations
Maaz M, Yasin M, Aslam M, Kumar G, Atabani AE, Idrees M, Anjum F, Jamil F, Ahmad R, Khan AL, Lesage G, Heran M, Kim J
373 - 377 Non-lethal nitrate supplementation enhances photosystem II efficiency in mixotrophic microalgae towards the synthesis of proteins and lipids
Ranadheer P, Kona R, Sreeharsha RV, Mohan SV