Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Modelling on the removal of toxic metal ions from aquatic system by different surface modified Cassia fistula seeds
Hemavathy RRV, Kumar PS, Suganya S, Swetha V, Varjani SJ
10 - 17 Assessing the potential of purple phototrophic bacteria for the simultaneous treatment of piggery wastewater and upgrading of biogas
Marin D, Posadas E, Garcia D, Puyol D, Lebrero R, Munoz R
18 - 25 Process optimization and kinetic analysis of malic acid production from crude glycerol using Aspergillus niger
Iyyappan J, Bharathiraja B, Baskar G, Kamalanaban E
26 - 30 Stimulation of anaerobic biofilm development in the presence of low concentrations of toxic aromatic pollutants
Hu Q, Zhou N, Rene ER, Wu DX, Sun DZ, Qiu B
31 - 40 Occurrence of non-toxic bioemulsifiers during polyhydroxyalkanoate production by Pseudomonas strains valorizing crude glycerol by-product
Kourmentza C, Araujo D, Sevrin C, Roma-Rodriques C, Ferreira JL, Freitas F, Dionisio M, Baptista PV, Fernandes AR, Grandfils C, Reis MAM
41 - 47 pH control of an upflow pyrite-oxidizing denitrifying bioreactor via electrohydrogenesis
Xiao ZX, Wang WD, Chen D, Yu YD, Huang H
48 - 55 A novel on-site wheat straw pretreatment method: Enclosed torrefaction
Cheng XX, Huang Z, Wang ZQ, Ma CY, Chen SY
56 - 65 Bacterial community enhances flocculation efficiency of Ettlia sp. by altering extracellular polymeric substances profile
Vu CHT, Chun SJ, Seo SH, Cui Y, Ahn CY, Oh HM
66 - 71 Effect of particle size on uranium bioleaching in column reactors from a low-grade uranium ore
Wang XG, Sun ZX, Liu YJ, Min XB, Guo YD, Li P, Zheng ZH
72 - 83 Denitrification performance and microbial versatility in response to different selection pressures
Pishgar R, Dominic JA, Sheng ZY, Tay JH
84 - 89 Combined enzymatic hydrolysis and selective fermentation for green production of alginate oligosaccharides from Laminaria japonica
Li SY, Wang ZP, Wang LN, Peng JX, Wang YN, Han YT, Zhao SF
90 - 98 Effects of beneficial microorganisms on nutrient removal and excess sludge production in an anaerobic-anoxic/oxic (A(2)O) process for municipal wastewater treatment
Wang J, Chon KM, Ren XH, Kou YY, Chae KJ, Piao YS
99 - 106 Enhancement of polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) production by 10-fold from alkaline pretreatment liquor with an oxidative enzyme-mediator-surfactant system under Plackett-Burman and central composite designs
Li MX, Eskridge K, Liu ES, Wilkins M
107 - 117 Fate of silver nanoparticles in constructed wetlands and its influence on performance and microbiome in the ecosystems after a 450-day exposure
Huang J, Xiao J, Chen M, Cao C, Yan CN, Ma YX, Huang MJ, Wang MY
118 - 125 Nitrogen modulation under chemostat cultivation mode induces biomass and lipid production by Chlorella vulgaris and reduces antenna pigment accumulation
Cho K, Cho DH, Heo J, Kim U, Lee YJ, Choi DY, Kim HS
126 - 134 Synergistic degradation on phenolic compounds of coal pyrolysis wastewater (CPW) by lignite activated coke-active sludge (LAC-AS) process: Insights into succession of microbial community under selective pressure
Zheng MQ, Han YX, Han HJ, Xu CY, Zhang ZW, Ma WC
135 - 142 Xylose as preferred substrate for sarcosine production by recombinant Corynebacterium glutamicum
Mindt M, Heuser M, Wendisch VF
143 - 148 Degradation of 4-nonylphenol in marine sediments by persulfate over magnetically modified biochars
Dong CD, Chen CW, Tsai ML, Chang JH, Lyu SY, Hung CM
149 - 157 Immobilized oleaginous microalgae as effective two-phase purify unit for biogas and anaerobic digester effluent coupling with lipid production
Srinuanpan S, Cheirsilp B, Boonsawang P, Prasertsan P
158 - 167 Thermal-alkaline pretreatment of polyacrylamide flocculated waste activated sludge: Process optimization and effects on anaerobic digestion and polyacrylamide degradation
Liu XR, Xu QX, Wang DB, Yang Q, Wu YX, Li YF, Fu QZ, Yang F, Liu YW, Ni BJ, Wang QL, Li XM
168 - 178 Impact of different running conditions on performance of biofilters treating secondary effluent during start-up
Zhang SY, Zhu CB, Xia SB, Li M
179 - 187 Enhanced adsorption of bisphenol A and sulfamethoxazole by a novel magnetic CuZnFe2O4-biochar composite
Heo J, Yoon Y, Lee G, Kim Y, Han J, Park CM
188 - 194 Inhibition of methanogens decreased sulfadiazine removal and increased antibiotic resistance gene development in microbial fuel cells
Zhang S, Song HL, Cao X, Li H, Guo JH, Yang XL, Singh RP, Liu S
195 - 201 Bacterial community shift in response to a deep municipal tail wastewater treatment system
Chen JF, Yang YW, Liu YY, Tang MZ, Wang RJ, Zhang C, Jiang J, Jia CX
202 - 208 A comparative study of pig manure with different waste straws in an ectopic fermentation system with thermophilic bacteria during the aerobic process: Performance and microbial community dynamics
Shen Q, Sun H, Yao XH, Wu YF, Wang X, Chen Y, Tang JW
209 - 216 Correlations between biochemical composition and biogas production during anaerobic digestion of microalgae and cyanobacteria isolated from different sources of Turkey
Perendeci NA, Yilmaz V, Tastan BE, Gokgol S, Fardinpoor M, Namli A, Steyer JP
217 - 225 Enhancement of acid re-assimilation and biosolvent production in Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum through metabolic engineering for efficient biofuel production from lignocellulosic biomass
Wang PX, Zhang J, Feng J, Wang SJ, Guo L, Wang YF, Lee YY, Taylor S, McDonald T, Wang Y
226 - 233 Impacts of mixing on foaming, methane production, stratification and microbial community in full-scale anaerobic co-digestion process
Nguyen LN, Johir MA, Commault A, Bustamante H, Aurisch R, Lowrie R, Nghiem LD
234 - 238 Synergism of clay with zinc oxide as nanocatalyst for production of biodiesel from marine Ulva lactuca
Kalavathy G, Baskar G
239 - 249 Optimisation of the production of fermentable monosaccharides from algal biomass grown in photobioreactors treating wastewater
Martin-JuareZ J, Vega-Alegre M, Riol-Pastor E, Munoz-Torre R, Bolado-Rodriguez S
250 - 259 Harvesting of intact microalgae in single and sequential conditioning steps by chemical and biological based - flocculants: Effect on harvesting efficiency, water recovery and algal cell morphology
Shurair M, Almomani F, Bhosale R, Khraisheh M, Qiblawey H
260 - 268 Modeling growth and fermentation inhibition during bioethanol production using component profiles obtained by performing comprehensive targeted and non-targeted analyses
Watanabe K, Tachibana S, Konishi M
269 - 276 Assesment on the chemical fractionation of Eucalyptus nitens wood: Characterization of the products derived from the structural components
Penin L, Santos V, del Rio JC, Parajo JC
277 - 285 Sequential bioprocessing of Ulva rigida to produce lignocellulolytic enzymes and to improve its nutritional value as aquaculture feed
Fernandes H, Salgado JM, Martins N, Peres H, Oliva-Teles A, Belo I
286 - 295 Effect of pre-treatment on sequential anaerobic co-digestion of chicken litter with agricultural and food wastes under semi-solid conditions and comparison with wet anaerobic digestion
Zahan Z, Othman MZ
296 - 302 Characterization of cometabolic degradation of p-cresol with phenol as growth substrate by Chlorella vulgaris
Xiao M, Ma HL, Sun M, Yin XY, Feng QM, Song HB, Gai HJ
303 - 308 Inhibition of nitrite oxidizing bacterial activity based on low nitrite concentration exposure in an auto-recycling PN-Anammox process under mainstream conditions
Li X, Yuan Y, Huang Y, Bi Z, Lin X
309 - 317 The effect of combined pretreatments on the pyrolysis of corn stalk
Zeng K, He X, Yang HP, Wang XH, Chen HP
318 - 325 Granular activated carbon supplementation alters the metabolic flux of Clostridium butyricum for enhanced biohydrogen production
Park JH, Kim DH, Kim HS, Wells GF, Park HD
326 - 334 Effects of triclosan on performance, microbial community and antibiotic resistance genes during partial denitrification in a sequencing moving bed biofilm reactor
Gao JF, Liu XH, Fan XY, Dai HH
335 - 342 A novel comparative study of modified carriers in moving bed biofilm reactor for the treatment of wastewater: Process optimization and kinetic study
Sonwani RK, Swain G, Giri BS, Singh RS, Rai BN
343 - 350 Mining of camel rumen metagenome to identify novel alkali-thermostable xylanase capable of enhancing the recalcitrant lignocellulosic biomass conversion
Ariaeenejad S, Maleki M, Hosseini E, Kavousi K, Moosavi-Movahedi AA, Salekdeh GH
351 - 358 Denitrification performance and microbial diversity of immobilized bacterial consortium treating nitrate micro-polluted water
Gan YL, Zhao QL, Ye ZF
359 - 366 Effect of functional groups in acid constituent of deep eutectic solvent for extraction of reactive lignin
Tan YT, Ngoh GC, Chua ASM
367 - 373 Effect of organic loading rate on the recovery of nutrients and energy in a dual-chamber microbial fuel cell
Ye YY, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Chang SW, Nguyen DD, Liu YW, Nghiem LD, Zhang XB, Wang J
374 - 381 A unique xylose reductase from Thermomyces lanuginosus: Effect of lignocellulosic substrates and inhibitors and applicability in lignocellulosic bioconversion
Zhang M, Puri AK, Wang ZX, Singh S, Permaul K
382 - 391 Improvement of partial nitrification endogenous denitrification and phosphorus removal system: Balancing competition between phosphorus and glycogen accumulating organisms to enhance nitrogen removal without initiating phosphorus removal deterioration
Zhao J, Wang XX, Li XY, Jia SY, Wang Q, Peng YZ
392 - 400 Efficient nitrogen removal by simultaneous heterotrophic nitrifying-aerobic denitrifying bacterium in a purification tank bioreactor amended with two-stage dissolved oxygen control
Jin P, Chen YY, Xu T, Cui ZW, Zheng ZW
401 - 411 Single and combined inhibition of Methanosaeta concilii by ammonia, sodium ion and hydrogen sulfide
Lee J, Hwang S
412 - 420 Catalytic performance of potassium in lignocellulosic biomass pyrolysis based on an optimized three-parallel distributed activation energy model
Wang CH, Li LQ, Zeng Z, Xu X, Ma XC, Chen RF, Su CQ
421 - 428 A biosurfactant-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa S5 isolated from coking wastewater and its application for bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Sun SL, Wang YX, Zang TT, wei JY, Wu HZ, Wei CH, Qiu GL, Li FS
429 - 439 Performance and diversity responses of nitrifying biofilms developed on varied materials and topographies to stepwise increases of aeration
Roveto PM, Schuler AJ
440 - 448 Applications of enzymatic technologies to the production of high-quality dissolving pulp: A review
Yang S, Yang B, Duan C, Fuller DA, Wang XQ, Chowdhury SP, Stavik J, Zhang HJ, Ni YH
449 - 456 Advances in the metabolic engineering of Yarrowia lipolytica for the production of terpenoids
Ma YR, Wang KF, Wang WJ, Ding Y, Shi TQ, Huang H, Ji XJ
457 - 468 Formation, characteristics, and applications of environmentally persistent free radicals in biochars: A review
Ruan XX, Sun YQ, Du WM, Tang YY, Liu Q, Zhang ZY, Doherty W, Frost RL, Qian GR, Tsang DCW
469 - 473 Acid-tolerant microalgae can withstand higher concentrations of invasive cadmium and produce sustainable biomass and biodiesel at pH 3.5
Abinandan S, Subashchandrabose SR, Venkateswarlu K, Perera IA, Megharaj M
474 - 479 Simultaneous production of methane and acetate by thermophilic mixed culture from carbon dioxide in bioelectrochemical system
Song H, Choi O, Pandey A, Kim YG, Joo JS, Sang BI
480 - 484 Preparation and characterization of a substitute for Ruditapes philippinarum conglutination mud as a natural bioflocculant
Mu J, Wang DF, Yang GF, Cui X, Yang Q