Bioresource Technology

Bioresource Technology, Vol.280 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 8 H-2 addition through a submerged membrane for in-situ biogas upgrading in the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge
Alfaro N, Fdz-Polanco M, Fdz-Polanco F, Diaz I
9 - 17 Metatranscriptomics reveals microbial adaptation and resistance to extreme environment coupling with bioleaching performance
Ma LY, Wang HM, Wu JJ, Wang YG, Zhang D, Liu XD
18 - 26 Mechanical pretreatment of lignocelluloses for enhanced biogas production: Methane yield prediction from biomass structural components
Dahunsi SO
27 - 36 The effect of primary treatment of wastewater in high rate algal pond systems: Biomass and bioenergy recovery
Arashiro LT, Ferrer I, Rousseau DPL, Van Hulle SWH, Garfi M
37 - 50 A robotic platform to screen aqueous two-phase systems for overcoming inhibition in enzymatic reactions
Bussamra BC, Comes JC, Freitas S, Mussatto SI, da Costa AC, van der Wielen L, Ottens M
51 - 58 Enhanced simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in treating low carbon-to-nitrogen ratio wastewater: Treatment performance and nitrogen removal pathway
Chai HX, Xiang Y, Chen R, Shao ZY, Gu L, Li L, He Q
59 - 69 Citric acid production from the integration of Spanish-style green olive processing wastewaters with white grape pomace by Aspergillus niger
Papadaki E, Mantzouridou FT
70 - 78 The behavior of antibiotic resistance genes and their associations with bacterial community during poultry manure composting
Awasthi MK, Liu T, Chen HY, Verma S, Duan YM, Awasthi SK, Wang Q, Ren XN, Zhao JC, Zhang ZQ
79 - 87 Positive impact of biochar alone and combined with bacterial consortium amendment on improvement of bacterial community during cow manure composting
Duan YM, Awasthi SK, Liu T, Verma S, Wang Q, Chen HY, Ren XN, Zhang ZQ, Awasthi MK
88 - 94 Study on the degradation performance and kinetics of immobilized cells in straw-alginate beads in marine environment
Xue JL, Wu YN, Shi K, Xiao XF, Gao Y, Li L, Qiao YL
95 - 103 Carbon dioxide sequestration accompanied by bioenergy generation using a bubbling-type photosynthetic algae microbial fuel cell
Li M, Zhou MH, Luo JM, Tan CL, Tian XY, Su P, Gu TY
104 - 111 Effect of torrefaction on pinewood pyrolysis kinetics and thermal behavior using thermogravimetric analysis
He Q, Ding L, Gong Y, Li WF, Wei JT, Yu GS
112 - 117 Influence of liquid-to-biogas ratio and alkalinity on the biogas upgrading performance in a demo scale algal-bacterial photobioreactor
Marin D, Ortiz A, Diez-Montero R, Uggetti E, Garcia J, Lebrero R, Munoz R
118 - 126 Biochemical response of indigenous microalgal consortia to variations in nitrogen concentration of treated effluent
Okazaki H, Takabe Y, Masuda T, Hoshikawa Y
127 - 135 A novel approach of using zeolite for ammonium toxicity mitigation and value-added Spirulina cultivation in wastewater
Lu Q, Han P, Chen FF, Liu TG, Li J, Leng LJ, Li JJ, Zhou WG
136 - 142 Effects of key enzyme activities and microbial communities in a flocculent-granular hybrid complete autotrophic nitrogen removal over nitrite reactor under mainstream conditions
Li BL, Yan WK, Wang Y, Wang H, Zhou Z, Li Y, Zhang WQ
143 - 150 Characteristics of low H2S concentration biogas desulfurization using a biotrickling filter: Performance and modeling analysis
Zhuo Y, Han Y, Qu QL, Li J, Zhong C, Peng DC
151 - 157 Performance and stability of a dynamically controlled EBPR anaerobic/aerobic granular sludge reactor
de Vleeschauwer F, Caluwe M, Dobbeleers T, Stes H, Dockx L, Kiekens F, D'aes J, Copot C, Dries J
158 - 164 Food waste treatment in an anaerobic dynamic membrane bioreactor (AnDMBR): Performance monitoring and microbial community analysis
Cayetano RDA, Park JH, Kang S, Kim SH
165 - 172 Enzymatic decolorization of melanoidins from molasses wastewater by immobilized keratinase
Zhang ZD, Li DL, Zhang X
173 - 182 Competitive dynamics of anaerobes during long-term biological sulfate reduction process in a UASB reactor
Chen H, Wu J, Liu B, Li YY, Yasui H
183 - 187 Syngas production from biomass using Fe-based oxygen carrier: Optimization
Hu JJ, Li C, Lee DJ, Guo QH, Zhao SH, Zhang QG, Li D
188 - 198 The effect of recycling culture medium after harvesting of Chlorella vulgaris biomass by flocculating bacteria on microalgal growth and the functionary mechanism
Li Y, Zhang ZY, Duan YX, Wang HL
199 - 212 Improved test to determine design parameters for optimization of free surface flow constructed wetlands
Guo CQ, Cui YL, Shi YZ, Luo YF, Liu FP, Wan D, Ma Z
213 - 221 Zirconium based metal-organic framework in-situ assisted hydrothermal pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of Platanus X acerifolia exfoliating bark for bioethanol production
Ahmed IN, Yang XL, Dubale AA, Shao R, Guan RF, Meng XM, Xie MH
222 - 228 Biodiesel production through algal cultivation in urban wastewater using algal floway
Marella TK, Datta A, Patil MD, Dixit S, Tiwari A
229 - 238 Succession of organics metabolic function of bacterial community in response to addition of earthworm casts and zeolite in maize straw composting
Zhou GX, Qiu XW, Chen L, Zhang CZ, Ma DH, Zhang JB
239 - 246 Highly synergistic effects on ammonium removal by the co-system of Pseudomonas stutzeri XL-2 and modified walnut shell biochar
Yu Y, An Q, Zhou Y, Deng SM, Miao Y, Zhao B, Yang L
247 - 254 Development of sugarcane resource for efficient fermentation of exopolysaccharide by using a novel strain of Kosakonia cowanii LT-1
Wang LY, Wu LT, Chen QY, Li S, Zhu YB, Wu JN, Chu JL, Wu SS
255 - 259 Single-step pyrolysis of phosphoric acid-activated chitin for efficient adsorption of cephalexin antibiotic
Khanday WA, Ahmed MJ, Okoye PU, Hummadi EH, Hameed BH
260 - 268 Mechanism of biomass activation and ammonia modification for nitrogen-doped porous carbon materials
Li KX, Chen W, Yang HP, Chen YQ, Xia SW, Xia MW, Tu X, Chen HP
269 - 276 Thermophilic anaerobic digestion of model organic wastes: Evaluation of biomethane production and multiple kinetic models analysis
Nguyen DD, Jeon BH, Jeung JH, Rene ER, Banu JR, Ravindran B, Vu CM, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Chang SW
277 - 286 Aqueous two-phase extraction of R-Phycoerythrin from marine macro-algae, Gelidium pusillum
Mittal R, Sharma R, Raghavarao KSMS
287 - 294 Salt inhibition on partial nitritation performance of ammonium-rich saline wastewater in the zeolite biological aerated filter
Chen XZ, Wang XJ, Chen XK, Zhong Z, Chen ZG, Chen J, Jiang YZ
295 - 302 Seasonal variations of performance and operation in field-scale storing multipond constructed wetlands for nonpoint source pollution mitigation in a plateau lake basin
Li D, Zheng BH, Chu ZS, Liu Y, Huang MS
303 - 312 Effect of hydrothermal pretreatment severity on lignin inhibition in enzymatic hydrolysis
Kellock M, Maaheimo H, Marjamaa K, Rahikainen J, Zhang H, Holopainen-Mantila U, Ralph J, Tamminen T, Felby C, Kruus K
313 - 324 Kinetics, thermodynamics, gas evolution and empirical optimization of (co-) combustion performances of spent mushroom substrate and textile dyeing sludge
Huang JL, Liu JY, Kuo JH, Xie WM, Zhang XC, Chang K, Buyukada M, Evrendilek F
325 - 336 Potential of mixed-culture microalgae enriched from aerobic and anaerobic sludges for nutrient removal and biomass production from anaerobic effluents
Yu H, Kim J, Lee C
337 - 344 Enhanced nitrogen removal of low C/N wastewater in constructed wetlands with co-immobilizing solid carbon source and denitrifying bacteria
Yu GL, Peng HY, Fu YJ, Yan XJ, Du CY, Chen H
345 - 351 Effects of liquid digestate pretreatment on biogas production for anaerobic digestion of wheat straw
Liu T, Zhou XQ, Li ZF, Wang XM, Sun JC
352 - 359 High-solids hydrolysis of corn stover to achieve high sugar yield and concentration through high xylan recovery from magnesium oxide-ethanol pretreatment
Li J, Zhang M, Wang DH
360 - 370 Acidogenic phosphorus recovery from the wastewater sludge of the membrane bioreactor systems with different iron-dosing modes
Li RH, Wang WJ, Li B, Zhang JY, Liu J, Zhang GJ, Guo XC, Zhang XH, Li XY
371 - 377 Integrated gasification and catalytic reforming syngas production from corn straw with mitigated greenhouse gas emission potential
Hu JJ, Li D, Lee DJ, Zhang QG, Wang W, Zhao SH, Zhang ZP, He C
378 - 386 Membrane assisted continuous production of solvents with integrated solvent removal using liquid-liquid extraction
Survase SA, Zebroski R, Bayuadri C, Wang ZY, Adamos E, Nagy G, Pylkkanen V
387 - 395 Selective anaerobic fermentation of syngas into either C-2-C-6 organic acids or ethanol and higher alcohols
Fernandez-Naveira A, Veiga MC, Kennes C
396 - 403 Liquor re-use strategy in lignocellulosic biomass fractionation with ethanolwater mixtures
Vergara P, Garcia-Ochoa F, Ladero M, Gutierrez S, Villar JC
404 - 411 Evaluation of photosynthetic light integration by microalgae in a pilot-scale raceway reactor
Barcelo-Villalobos M, Fernandez-del Olmo P, Guzman JL, Fernandez-Sevilla JM, Fernandez FGA
412 - 420 Experiment and expectation: Co-combustion behavior of anthracite and biomass char
Tong W, Liu QC, Ran GJ, Liu L, Ren S, Chen L, Jiang LJ
421 - 429 Adsorption capacity of phenanthrene and pyrene to engineered carbon-based adsorbents produced from sewage sludge or sewage sludge-biomass mixture in various gaseous conditions
Godlewska P, Siatecka A, Konczak M, Oleszczuk P
430 - 440 Fructose as an additional co-metabolite promotes refractory dye degradation: Performance and mechanism
Zhang QY, Xie XH, Liu YB, Zheng XL, Wang YQ, Cong JH, Yu CZ, Liu N, Liu JS, Sand W
441 - 446 Enhanced simultaneous organics and nutrients removal in tidal flow constructed wetland using activated alumina as substrate treating domestic wastewater
Tan X, Yang YL, Liu YW, Li X, Fan XY, Zhou ZW, Liu CJ, Yin WC
447 - 458 A perspective on galactose-based fermentative hydrogen production from macroalgal biomass: Trends and opportunities
Kim SH, Mudhoo A, Pugazhendhi A, Saratale RG, Surroop D, Jeetah P, Park JH, Saratale GD, Kumar G
459 - 477 Protein extraction from agri-food residues for integration in biorefinery: Potential techniques and current status
Contreras MD, Lama-Munoz A, Gutierrez-Perez JM, Espinola F, Moya M, Castro E
478 - 488 Thermophiles and the applications of their enzymes as new biocatalysts
Atalah J, Caceres-Moreno P, Espina G, Blamey JM
489 - 492 Tetrahydro-2-furanmethanol pretreatment of eucalyptus to enhance cellulose enzymatic hydrolysis and to produce high-quality lignin
Xu YH, Zhou Q, Li MF, Bian J, Peng F
493 - 496 Biodiesel production from Calophyllum inophyllum oil using zinc doped calcium oxide (Plaster of Paris) nanocatalyst
Naveenkumar R, Baskar G
497 - 501 Stability and performance of algal-bacterial granular sludge in shaking photo-sequencing batch reactors with special focus on phosphorus accumulation
Zhao ZW, Liu S, Yang XJ, Lei ZF, Shimizu K, Zhang ZY, Lee DJ, Adachi Y
502 - 504 Enhancement of fermentative H-2 production with peanut shell as supplementary substrate: Effects of acidification and buffer effect
Qi N, Zhao X, Liang CH, Hu XM, Ye SC, Zhang Z, Li XJ
505 - 510 Cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris in sludge extracts: Nutrient removal and algal utilization
Wang L, Addy M, Lu Q, Cobb K, Chen P, Chen XR, Liu YH, Wang HL, Ruan R
511 - 514 Light emitting diodes applied in Synechococcus nidulans cultures: Effect on growth, pigments production and lipid profiles
Duarte JH, de Souza CO, Druzian JI, Costa JAV