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1 - 8 Effect of torrefaction on rice straw physicochemical characteristics and particulate matter emission behavior during combustion
Kai XP, Meng YX, Yang TH, Li BS, Xing WL
9 - 16 Potential of acid-tolerant microalgae, Desmodesmus sp. MAS1 and Heterochlorella sp. MAS3, in heavy metal removal and biodiesel production at acidic pH
Abinandan S, Subashchandrabose SR, Panneerselvan L, Venkateswarlu K, Megharaj M
17 - 25 Enhancing lutein production with mixotrophic cultivation of Chlorella sorokiniana MB-1-M12 using different bioprocess operation strategies
Chen JH, Chen CY, Hasunuma T, Kondo A, Chang CH, Ng IS, Chang JS
26 - 33 Investigation of the relevance between biomass pyrolysis polygeneration and washing pretreatment under different severities: Water, dilute acid solution and aqueous phase bio-oil
Cen KH, Zhang J, Ma ZQ, Chen DY, Zhou JB, Ma HH
34 - 42 System performance and microbial community in ethanol-fed anaerobic reactors acclimated with different organic carbon to sulfate ratios
Zeng DF, Yin QD, Du Q, Wu GX
43 - 50 Synergistic effects of surfactant-assisted biodegradation of wheat straw and production of polysaccharides by Inonotus obliquus under submerged fermentation
Xu XQ, Wu P, Wang TZ, Yan LL, Lin MM, Chen C
51 - 56 Molecular characterization and kinetics of isoprene degrading bacteria
Singh A, Srivastava N, Dubey SK
57 - 65 Semi-hydrolysate of paper pulp without pretreatment enables a consolidated fermentation system with in situ product recovery for the production of butanol
Zhao T, Yasuda K, Tashiro Y, Darmayanti RF, Sakai K, Sonomoto K
66 - 72 Catalytic pyrolysis of lignin in a cascade dual-catalyst system of modified red mud and HZSM-5 for aromatic hydrocarbon production
Wang SQ, Li ZH, Bai XY, Yi WM, Fu P
73 - 81 Novel thermostable enzymes from Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius W-2 for high-efficient nitroalkane removal under aerobic and anaerobic conditions
Sun LB, Huang D, Zhu L, Zhang BL, Peng CC, Ma T, Deng X, Wu JL, Wang W
82 - 91 Miscanthus straw as substrate for biosuccinic acid production: Focusing on pretreatment and downstream processing
Dabkowska K, Alvarado-Morales M, Kuglarz M, Angelidaki I
92 - 98 Synergistic hydrothermal liquefaction of wheat stalk with homogeneous and heterogeneous catalyst at low temperature
Chen YX, Cao XD, Zhu S, Tian FS, Xu YY, Zhu CS, Dong L
99 - 107 Biodegradability enhancement of hydrolyzed polyacrylamide wastewater by a combined Fenton-SBR treatment process
Zhang L, Su F, Wang N, Liu S, Yang M, Wang YZ, Huo DQ, Zhao TT
108 - 115 Synergistic effect of activated carbon and encapsulated trace element additive on methane production from anaerobic digestion of food wastes - Enhanced operation stability and balanced trace nutrition
Zhang L, Loh KC
116 - 123 Enhancement of light aromatics from catalytic fast pyrolysis of cellulose over bifunctional hierarchical HZSM-5 modified by hydrogen fluoride and nickel/hydrogen fluoride
Wang JX, Cao JP, Zhao XY, Liu SN, Ren XY, Zhao M, Cui X, Chen Q, Wei XY
124 - 129 A novel nanocomposite of Liquidambar styraciflua fruit biochar-crosslinked-nanosilica for uranyl removal from water
Mahmoud ME, Khalifa MA, El Wakeel YM, Header MS, El-Sharkawy RM, Kumar S, Abdel-Fattah TM
130 - 137 Valorization of egg shell as a detoxifying and buffering agent for efficient polymalic acid production by Aureobasidium pullulans NRRL Y-2311-1 from barley straw hydrolysate
Yegin S, Saha BC, Kennedy GJ, Leathers TD
138 - 144 Acidic cultivation of Haematococcus pluvialis for improved astaxanthin production in the presence of a lethal fungus
Hwang SW, Choi HI, Sim SJ
145 - 149 Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of oil palm front for the production of 2,3-butanediol
Hazeena SH, Salini CN, Sindhu R, Pandey A, Binod P
150 - 158 Catalytic, thermodynamic and structural properties of an immobilized and highly thermostable alkaline protease from a haloalkaliphilic actinobacteria, Nocardiopsis alba TATA-5
Thakrar FJ, Singh SP
159 - 164 High-performance porous biochar from the pyrolysis of natural and renewable seaweed (Gelidiella acerosa) and its application for the adsorption of methylene blue
Ahmed MJ, Okoye PU, Hummadi EH, Hameed BH
165 - 174 Tracing membrane biofouling to the microbial community structure and its metabolic products: An investigation on the three-stage MBR combined with worm reactor process
Liu J, Liang XW, Yang CX, Yu SP, Guo H
175 - 179 Non-airtight fermentation of sugar beet pulp with anaerobically digested dairy manure to provide acid-rich hydrolysate for mixotrophic microalgae cultivation
Wang L, Chen LD, Wu S, Ye JF
180 - 186 Garden and food waste co-fermentation for biohydrogen and biomethane production in a two-step hyperthermophilic-mesophilic process
Abreu AA, Tavares F, Alves MM, Cavaleiro AJ, Pereira MA
187 - 194 Ethanol/1,4-dioxane/formic acid as synergistic solvents for the conversion of lignin into high-value added phenolic monomers
Wu Z, Zhao XX, Zhang J, Li X, Zhang Y, Wang F
195 - 204 Effects of carbon source on the formation, stability, bioactivity and biodiversity of the aerobic granule sludge
Rollemberg SLD, de Oliveira LQ, Barros ARM, Melo VMM, Firmino PIM, dos Santos AB
205 - 213 Microalgae nourished by mariculture wastewater aids aquaculture self-reliance with desirable biochemical composition
Zhang LJ, Pei HY, Yang ZG, Wang XD, Chen SQ, Li YZ, Xie Z
214 - 222 Effect of temperature on heavy metal(loid) deportment during pyrolysis of Avicennia marina biomass obtained from phytoremediation
He J, Strezov V, Kan T, Weldekidan H, Asumadu-Sarkodie S, Kumar R
223 - 230 Anaerobic bioaugmentation hydrolysis of selected nitrogen heterocyclic compound in coal gasification wastewater
Shi JX, Han YX, Xu CY, Han HJ
231 - 241 Concomitant production of fatty acid methyl ester (biodiesel) and exopolysaccharides using efficient harvesting technology in flat panel photobioreactor with special sparging system via Scenedesmus abundans
Mahesh R, Naira VR, Maiti SK
242 - 247 Hydrothermal synthesis of magnetic nanocomposite from biowaste matrix by a green and one-step route: Characterization and pollutant removal ability
Saygili H
248 - 254 Influence of physicochemical properties of metal modified ZSM-5 catalyst on benzene, toluene and xylene production from biomass catalytic pyrolysis
Che QF, Yang MJ, Wang XH, Yang Q, Williams LR, Yang HP, Zou J, Zeng K, Zhu YJ, Chen YQ, Chen HP
255 - 265 Thermosynechococcus as a thermophilic photosynthetic microbial cell factory for CO2 utilisation
Liang YM, Tang J, Luo YF, Kaczmarek MB, Li XK, Daroch M
266 - 271 Phosphorus release and recovery from Fe-enhanced primary sedimentation sludge via alkaline fermentation
Chen Y, Lin H, Shen N, Yan W, Wang JA, Wang GX
272 - 278 A rapid inoculation method for microalgae biofilm cultivation based on microalgae-microalgae co-flocculation and zeta-potential adjustment
Zheng YP, Huang Y, Xia A, Qian F, Wei CY
279 - 286 Behavior of two-chamber microbial electrochemical systems started-up with different ion-exchange membrane separators
Kook L, Desmond-Le Quemener E, Bakonyi P, Zitka J, Trably E, Toth G, Pavlovec L, Pientka Z, Bernet N, Belafi-Bako K, Nemestothy N
287 - 295 Thermal decomposition of castor oil, corn starch, soy protein, lignin, xylan, and cellulose during fast pyrolysis
Qiao YY, Wang B, Ji YY, Xu FF, Zong PJ, Zhang JH, Tian YY
296 - 302 Continuous enzymatic synthesis of lactulose in packed-bed reactor with immobilized Aspergillus oryzae beta-galactosidase
Guerrero C, Valdivia F, Ubilla C, Ramirez N, Gomez M, Aburto C, Vera C, Illanes A
303 - 310 Factors affecting the induction of UV protectant and lipid productivity in Lyngbya for sequential biorefinery product recovery
Chandra R, Das P, Vishal G, Nagra S
311 - 317 Hydrothermal liquefaction of cellulose in ammonia/water
Xu ZX, Cheng JH, He ZX, Wang Q, Shao YW, Hu X
318 - 328 Microwave-assisted pretreatment of maize distillery stillage with the use of dilute sulfuric acid in the production of cellulosic ethanol
Mikulski D, Klosowski G, Menka A, Koim-Puchowska B
329 - 345 Biological systems for treatment and valorization of wastewater generated from hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass and systems thinking: A review
Gu YX, Zhang XS, Deal B, Han LJ
346 - 359 Algal biorefinery: A sustainable approach to valorize algal-based biomass towards multiple product recovery
Chandra R, Iqbal HMN, Vishal G, Lee HS, Nagra S
360 - 371 Industrially produced pullulanases with thermostability: Discovery, engineering, and heterologous expression
Wang XY, Nie Y, Xu Y
372 - 382 Thermozymes: Adaptive strategies and tools for their biotechnological applications
Kumar S, Dangi AK, Shukla P, Baishya D, Khare SK
383 - 399 Bio-conversion of photosynthetic bacteria from non-toxic wastewater to realize wastewater treatment and bioresource recovery: A review
Lu HF, Zhang GM, Zheng ZQ, Meng F, Du TS, He SC
400 - 407 Thermostable phytase in feed and fuel industries
Vasudevan UM, Jaiswal AK, Krishna S, Pandey A
408 - 423 Feruloyl esterases: Biocatalysts to overcome biomass recalcitrance and for the production of bioactive compounds
Oliveira DM, Mota TR, Oliva B, Segato F, Marchiosi R, Ferrarese O, Faulds CB, dos Santos WD
424 - 434 A perspective on biotechnological applications of thermophilic microalgae and cyanobacteria
Patel A, Matsakas L, Rova U, Christakopoulos P
435 - 439 Stable partial nitrification of domestic sewage achieved through activated sludge on exposure to nitrite
Cui HH, Zhang L, Zhang Q, Li XY, Peng YZ
440 - 443 Alkaline post-incubation improves cellulose hydrolysis after gamma-valerolactone/water pretreatment
Jia LL, Qin YJ, Wen PY, Zhang T, Zhang JH
444 - 449 Long-term effect of pH on denitrification: High pH benefits achieving partial-denitrification
Qian WT, Ma B, Li XY, Zhang Q, Peng YZ
450 - 455 Efficient biogas production from cattle manure in a plug flow reactor: A large scale long term study
Dong LL, Cao GL, Guo XZ, Liu TS, Wu JW, Ren NQ
456 - 459 Separation of cesium from wastewater with copper hexacyanoferrate film in an electrochemical system driven by microbial fuel cells
Tao QQ, Zhang X, Prabaharan K, Dai Y
460 - 463 Hybrid dilute sulfuric acid and aqueous ammonia pretreatment for improving butanol production from corn stover with reduced wastewater generation
Xiao M, Wang L, Wu YD, Cheng C, Chen LJ, Chen HZ, Xue C
464 - 467 Formate-assisted analytical pyrolysis of kraft lignin to phenols
Wang WL, Wang M, Huang JL, Zhao XJ, Su YH, Wang YQ, Li XP
468 - 472 Rapid start-up and stable maintenance of domestic wastewater nitritation through short-term hydroxylamine addition
Li J, Zhang Q, Li XY, Peng YZ
473 - 476 Construction of CLEAs-lipase on magnetic graphene oxide nanocomposite: An efficient nanobiocatalyst for biodiesel production
Badoei-dalfard A, Karami Z, Malekabadi S
477 - 480 Short term atmospheric pressure cold plasma treatment: A novel strategy for enhancing the substrate utilization in a thermophile, Geobacillus sp. strain WSUCF1
Rathinam NK, Gorky, Bibra M, Rajan M, Salem D, Sani RK
481 - 485 Enhancing blackwater methane production by enriching hydrogenotrophic methanogens through hydrogen supplementation
Xu R, Xu SN, Florentino AP, Zhang L, Yang ZH, Liu Y
486 - 489 One-pot furfural production using choline chloride-dicarboxylic acid based deep eutectic solvents under mild conditions
Lee CBTL, Wu TY, Ting CH, Tan JK, Siow LF, Cheng CK, Jahim JM, Mohammad AW