Bioresource Technology

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ISSN: 0960-8524 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Measurement and prediction of mass transfer coefficients for syngas constituents in a hollow fiber reactor
Orgill JJ, Abboud MC, Atiyeh HK, Devarapalli M, Sun X, Lewis RS
8 - 17 Microbial community succession and pollutants removal of a novel carriers enhanced duckweed treatment system for rural wastewater in Dianchi Lake basin
Chen GK, Huang J, Fang Y, Zhao YG, Tian XP, Jin YL, Zhao H
18 - 27 A systematic comparison of the potential of microalgae-bacteria and purple phototrophic bacteria consortia for the treatment of piggery wastewater
Garcia D, de Godos I, Dominguez C, Turiel S, Bolado S, Munoz R
28 - 34 Developing microporous fibrous-diaphragm aerator to decrease bubble generation diameter for improving microalgal growth with CO2 fixation in a raceway pond
Cheng J, Song YM, Guo WB, Miao Y, Chen ST, Zhou JH
35 - 41 Long-term semi-continuous cultivation of a halo-tolerant Tetraselmis sp. using recycled growth media
Das P, Thaher M, AbdulQuadir M, Khan S, Chaudhary A, Al-Jabri H
42 - 50 Simultaneous cellulase production using domestic wastewater and bioprocess effluent treatment - A biorefinery approach
Libardi N, Soccol CR, de Carvalho JC, Vandenberghe LPD
51 - 59 Sludge anaerobic digestion with high concentrations of tetracyclines and sulfonamides: Dynamics of microbial communities and change of antibiotic resistance genes
Bai Y, Xu R, Wang QP, Zhang YR, Yang ZH
60 - 64 Transformation of corncob into furfural by a bifunctional solid acid catalyst
Zhang LX, Tian L, Sun RJ, Liu C, Kou QQ, Zuo HW
65 - 73 Feasibility of dry anaerobic digestion of beer lees for methane production and biochar enhanced performance at mesophilic and thermophilic temperature
Sun CY, Liu F, Song ZW, Wang J, Li YF, Pan Y, Sheng T, Li LX
74 - 80 Enhancing biohydrogen production from Agave tequilana bagasse: Detoxified vs. Undetoxified acid hydrolysates
Valdez-Guzman BE, Rios-Del Toro EE, Cardenas-Lopez RL, Mendez-Acosta HO, Gonzalez-Alvarez V, Arreola-Vargas J
81 - 90 Influence of amoxicillin after pre-treatment on the extracellular polymeric substances and microbial community of anaerobic granular sludge
Su CY, Zheng P, Lin XM, Chen WY, Li XJ, Chen QY, Wu SM, Chen ML
91 - 96 Performance of ammonium chloride dosage on hydrogen sulfide in-situ prevention during waste activated sludge anaerobic digestion
Han Y, Qu QL, Li J, Zhuo Y, Zhong C, Peng DC
97 - 102 Hydrogen enrichment as a bioaugmentation tool to alleviate ammonia inhibition on anaerobic digestion of phenol-containing wastewater
Wu BT, He CH, Yuan SJ, Hu ZH, Wang W
103 - 109 Use of static magnetic fields to increase CO2 biofixation by the microalga Chlorella fusca
Deamici KM, Santos LO, Costa JAV
110 - 118 Exploration of two-stage cultivation strategies using nitrogen starvation to maximize the lipid productivity in Chlorella sp. HS2
Nayak M, Suh WI, Chang YK, Lee B
119 - 126 Extraction and characterization of stratified extracellular polymeric substances in Geobacter biofilms
Yang GQ, Lin J, Zeng EY, Zhuang L
127 - 132 Cr(VI) removal from aqueous solution using biochar modified with Mg/Al-layered double hydroxide intercalated with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
Huang DL, Liu CH, Zhang C, Deng R, Wang RZ, Xue WJ, Luo H, Zeng GM, Zhang Q, Guo XY
133 - 139 Biodegradable branched cationic starch with high C/N ratio for Chlorella vulgaris cells concentration: Regulating microalgae flocculation performance by pH
Huang Y, Wei CY, Liao Q, Xia A, Zhu X, Zhu XQ
140 - 145 Two-stage autohydrolysis and mechanical treatment to maximize sugar recovery from sweet sorghum bagasse
Koo B, Park J, Gonzalez R, Jameel H, Park S
146 - 153 Modified expression of multi-cellulases in a filamentous fungus Aspergillus oryzae
Wakai S, Nakashima N, Ogino C, Tsutsumi H, Hata Y, Kondo A
154 - 160 Molecular modification of a halohydrin dehalogenase for kinetic regulation to synthesize optically pure (S)-epichlorohydrin
Zhang XJ, Deng HZ, Liu N, Gong YC, Liu ZQ, Zheng YG
161 - 169 Two-stage alkali-oxygen pretreatment capable of improving biomass saccharification for bioethanol production and enabling lignin valorization via adsorbents for heavy metal ions under the biorefinery concept
Song K, Chu QL, Hu JG, Bu Q, Li FQ, Chen XY, Shi AP
170 - 176 Microwave-assisted Organosolv pretreatment of a sawmill mixed feedstock for bioethanol production in a wood biorefinery
Alio MA, Tugui OC, Vial C, Pons A
177 - 182 Light induces carotenoids accumulation in a heterotrophic docosahexaenoic acid producing microalga, Crypthecodinium sp. SUN
Sun DZ, Zhang Z, Zhang Y, Cheng KW, Chen F
183 - 189 Characteristics of nitrogen and phosphorus adsorption by Mg-loaded biochar from different feedstocks
Jiang YH, Li AY, Deng H, Ye CH, Wu YQ, Linmu YD, Hang HL
190 - 198 Start-up and performance of partial nitritation process using short-term starvation
Ye LH, Li D, Zhang J, Zeng HP
199 - 203 Kinetics simulation of Cu and Cd removal and the microbial community adaptation in a periphytic biofilm reactor
Tang CL, Sun PF, Yang JL, Huang YP, Wu YH
204 - 210 Anaerobic digestion performance of concentrated municipal sewage by forward osmosis membrane: Focus on the impact of salt and ammonia nitrogen
Gao Y, Fang Z, Liang P, Zhang XY, Qiu Y, Kimura K, Huang X
211 - 218 Study on the adsorption performance and competitive mechanism for heavy metal contaminants removal using novel multi-pore activated carbons derived from recyclable long-root Eichhornia crassipes
Cao FJ, Lian C, Yu JG, Yang HJ, Lin S
219 - 225 Novel insights into membrane fouling caused by gel layer in a membrane bioreactor: Effects of hydrogen bonding
Chen YF, Teng JH, Shen LG, Yu GY, Li RJ, Xu YC, Wang FY, Liao BQ, Lin HJ
226 - 235 Treatment of the liquid phase of digestate from a biogas plant for water reuse
Swiatczak P, Cydzik-Kwiatkowska A, Zielinska M
236 - 243 Bacterial community shift and antibiotics resistant genes analysis in response to biodegradation of oxytetracycline in dual graphene modified bioelectrode microbial fuel cell
Chen JF, Yang YW, Liu YY, Tang MZ, Wang RJ, Tian YP, Jia CX
244 - 252 Structural and functional characterization of thermostable biocatalysts for the synthesis of 6-aminopurine nucleoside-5 '-monophospate analogues
Del Arco J, Perez E, Naitow H, Matsuura Y, Kunishima N, Fernandez-Lucas J
253 - 259 ADM1 based mathematical model of trace element complexation in anaerobic digestion processes
Maharaj BC, Mattei MR, Frunzo L, van Hullebusch ED, Esposito G
260 - 268 Rapid of cultivation dissimilatory perchlorate reducing granular sludge and characterization of the granulation process
Yin PN, Guo JB, Xiao SM, Chen Z, Song YY, Ren XN
269 - 275 Sustainable enzymatic approaches in a fungal lipid biorefinery based in sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate as carbon source
Carvalho AKF, Bento HBS, Reis CER, De Castro HF
276 - 280 Sequential flowing membrane-less microbial fuel cell using bioanode and biocathode as sensing elements for toxicity monitoring
Zhao T, Xie BZ, Yi Y, Liu H
281 - 287 Co-composting of the biogas residues and spent mushroom substrate: Physicochemical properties and maturity assessment
Meng XY, Liu B, Zhang H, Wu JW, Yuan XF, Cui ZJ
288 - 299 Effect of ammonium, electron donor and sulphate transient feeding conditions on sulphidogenesis in sequencing batch bioreactors
Reyes-Alvarado LC, Habouzit F, Rene ER, Santa-Catalina G, Escudie R, Bernet N, Lens PNL
300 - 309 Enhancement of bioethanol production from Moso bamboo pretreated with biodiesel crude glycerol: Substrate digestibility, cellulase absorption and fermentability
Ji L, Lei FH, Zhang WW, Song XL, Jiang JX, Wang K
310 - 317 Efficient and controllable alcoholysis of Kraft lignin catalyzed by porous zeolite-supported nickel-copper catalyst
Kong LP, Liu CZ, Gao J, Wang YY, Dai LY
318 - 324 Nanoferrosonication: A novel strategy for intensifying the methanogenic process in sewage sludge
Lizama AC, Figueiras CC, Gaviria LA, Pedreguera AZ, Espinoza JER
325 - 334 Co-production of biohydrogen and biomethane from food waste and paper waste via recirculated two-phase anaerobic digestion process: Bioenergy yields and metabolic distribution
Qin Y, Li L, Wu J, Xiao BY, Hojo T, Kubota K, Cheng J, Li YY
335 - 342 Deciphering the Fenton-reaction-aid lignocellulose degradation pattern by Phanerochaete chrysosporium with ferroferric oxide nanomaterials: Enzyme secretion, straw humification and structural alteration
Huang DL, Li T, Xe P, Zeng GM, Chen M, Lai C, Cheng M, Guo XY, Chen S, Li ZH
343 - 348 Lignin monomer in steam explosion assist chemical treated cotton stalk affects sugar release
Wang Y, Gong XW, Hu XN, Zhou N
349 - 360 Fermentative H-2 production from food waste: Parametric analysis of factor effects
Akhlaghi M, Boni MR, Polettini A, Pomi R, Rossi A, De Gioannis G, Muntoni A, Spiga D
361 - 368 Co-digestion of Laminaria digitata with cattle manure: A unimodel simulation study of both batch and continuous experiments
Sun H, Kovalovszki A, Tsapekos P, Alvarado-Morales M, Rudatis A, Wu SB, Dong RJ, Kougias PG, Angelidaki I