Bioresource Technology

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1 - 9 Characterization of bubble column photobioreactors for shear-sensitive microalgae culture
Lopez-Rosales L, Sanchez-Miron A, Contreras-Gomez A, Garcia-Camacho F, Battaglia F, Zhao L, Molina-Grima E
10 - 18 Ultrasound combined with dilute acid pretreatment of grass for improvement of fermentative hydrogen production
Yang G, Wang JL
19 - 26 Recycling solvent system in phosphoric acid plus hydrogen peroxide pretreatment towards a more sustainable lignocellulose biorefinery for bioethanol
Yao FP, Tian D, Shen F, Hu JG, Zeng YM, Yang G, Zhang YZ, Deng SH, Zhang J
27 - 34 Bioprocessing and technoeconomic feasibility analysis of simultaneous production of D-psicose and ethanol using engineered yeast strain KAM-2GD
Juneja A, Zhang GC, Jin YS, Singh V
35 - 43 A novel one-step method for oil-rich biomass production and harvesting by co-cultivating microalgae with filamentous fungi in molasses wastewater
Yang LM, Li HK, Wang Q
44 - 52 Identification of the pollutants' removal and mechanism by microalgae in saline wastewater
Vo HNP, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Liu YW, Chang SW, Nguyen DD, Nguyen PD, Bui XT, Ren JW
53 - 60 Inert chemical looping conversion of biochar with iron ore as oxygen carrier: Products conversion kinetics and structural evolution
Hu Q, Mao QT, Ren XX, Yang HP, Chen HP
61 - 69 Effects of compost characteristics on nutrient retention and simultaneous pollutant immobilization and degradation during co-composting process
Fan HY, Liao J, Abass OK, Liu L, Huang X, Wei LL, Li J, Xie W, Liu CX
70 - 77 Ammonia stress on a resilient mesophilic anaerobic inoculum: Methane production, microbial community, and putative metabolic pathways
Buhlmann CH, Mickan BS, Jenkins SN, Tait S, Kahandawala TKA, Bahri PA
78 - 85 Mild reaction conditions induce high sugar yields during the pretreatment of Agave tequilana bagasse with 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate
Perez-Pimienta JA, Icaza-Herrera JPA, Mendoza-Perez JA, Gonzalez-Alvarez V, Mendez-Acosta HO, Arreola-Vargas J
86 - 93 Nitritation-anammox process - A realizable and satisfactory way to remove nitrogen from high saline wastewater
Ge CH, Dong Y, Li HM, Li QX, Ni SQ, Gao BY, Xu SP, Qiao ZM, Ding SW
94 - 100 Performance and microbial community of an expanded granular sludge bed reactor in the treatment of cephalosporin wastewater
Li ZH, Hu YY, Liu CY, Shen J, Wu J, Li HZ, Wang KJ, Zuo JN
101 - 108 Optimization of a nitrite-dependent anaerobic methane oxidation (n-damo) process by enhancing methane availability
Hu Z, Ru DY, Wang YA, Zhang J, Jiang LP, Xu XY, Nie LC
109 - 122 Microalgae biomass from swine wastewater and its conversion to bioenergy
Cheng DL, Ngo HH, Guo WS, Chang SW, Nguyen DD, Kumar SM
123 - 129 Effects of liquefaction parameters of cellulose in supercritical solvents of methanol, ethanol and acetone on products yield and compositions
Wang X, Xie XA, Sun J, Liao WT
130 - 137 Online photoionization mass spectrometric evaluation of catalytic co-pyrolysis of cellulose and polyethylene over HZSM-5
Zhou ZY, Chen XM, Wang YZ, Liu CJ, Ma H, Zhou CQ, Qi F, Yang JZ
138 - 144 Integration of membrane filtration in two-stage anaerobic digestion system: Specific methane yield potentials of hydrolysate and permeate
Ravi PP, Merkle W, Tuczinski M, Saravia F, Horn H, Lemmer A
145 - 152 Light regime and growth phase affect the microalgal production of protein quantity and quality with Dunaliella salina
Sui YX, Muys M, Vermeir P, D'Adamo S, Vlaeminck SE
153 - 162 Improved performance of simultaneous nitrification and denitrification via nitrite in an oxygen-limited SBR by alternating the DO
Yan LL, Liu S, Liu QP, Zhang MY, Liu Y, Wen Y, Chen ZL, Zhang Y, Yang QQ
163 - 171 Free ammonia aids ultrasound pretreatment to enhance short-chain fatty acids production from waste activated sludge
Wang DB, Huang YX, Xu QX, Liu XR, Yang Q, Li XM
172 - 182 Mechanism of process imbalance of long-term anaerobic digestion of food waste and role of trace elements in maintaining anaerobic process stability
Zhang WL, Chen B, Li AM, Zhang L, Li RD, Yang TH, Xing WL
183 - 191 Effects of adding EDTA and Fe2+ on the performance of reactor and microbial community structure in two simulated phases of anaerobic digestion
Cai YF, Hu K, Zheng ZH, Zhang Y, Guo SY, Zhao XL, Cui ZJ, Wang XF
192 - 199 Long-term operation of electroactive biofilms for enhanced ciprofloxacin removal capacity and anti-shock capabilities
Yan WF, Wang SH, Ding R, Tian XC, Bai R, Gang HY, Yan WD, Xiao Y, Zhao F
200 - 206 Impact of metal nanoparticles on biogas production from poultry litter
Hassanein A, Lansing S, Tikekar R
207 - 215 Sewage biogas efficient purification by means of lignocellulosic waste-based activated carbons
Santos-Clotas E, Cabrera-Codony A, Ruiz B, Fuente E, Martin MJ
216 - 224 A strategy of high-efficient nitrogen removal by an ammonia-oxidizing bacterium consortium
Yang XL, Liu LH, Wang SB
225 - 231 Effects of a pulsed electric field on nitrogen removal through the ANAMMOX process at room temperature
Zhang C, Li L, Hu XM, Wang F, Qian GS, Qi N, Zhang C
232 - 238 Assessing arsenic redox state evolution in solution and solid phase during As (III) sorption onto chemically-treated sewage sludge digestate biochars
Wongrod S, Simon S, van Hullebusch ED, Lens PNL, Guibaud G
239 - 246 Effect of pretreatment on chemical characteristic and thermal degradation behavior of corn stalk digestate: Comparison of dry and wet torrefaction
Zhang DL, Wang F, Zhang AD, Yi WM, Li ZH, Shen XL
247 - 257 High variability in nutritional value and safety of commercially available Chlorella and Spirulina biomass indicates the need for smart production strategies
Muys M, Sui YX, Schwaiger B, Lesueur C, Vandenheuvel D, Vermeir P, Vlaeminck SE
258 - 265 Effects of different types of biochar on the anaerobic digestion of chicken manure
Pan JT, Ma JY, Liu XX, Zhai LM, Ouyang XH, Liu HB
266 - 271 Disruption of lignocellulosic biomass along the length of the screws with different screw elements in a twin-screw extruder
Gu BJ, Dhumal GS, Wolcott MP, Ganjyal GM
272 - 279 Functional and compositional characteristics of nitrifiers reveal the failure of achieving mainstream nitritation under limited oxygen or ammonia conditions
Liu WR, Chen WJ, Yang DH, Shen YL
280 - 287 Dynamics of microbial community and fermentation quality during ensiling of sterile and nonsterile alfalfa with or without Lactobacillus plantarum inoculant
Yang LL, Yuan XJ, Li JF, Dong ZH, Shao T
288 - 296 Synergistic effect of alkaline pretreatment and magnetite nanoparticle application on biogas production from rice straw
Khalid MJ, Zeshan, Waqas A, Nawaz I
297 - 306 Highly efficient nitrate removal in a heterotrophic denitrification system amended with redox-active biochar: A molecular and electrochemical mechanism
Wu ZS, Xu F, Yang C, Su XX, Guo FC, Xu QY, Peng GL, He Q, Chen Y
307 - 313 Effect of nitrogen deficiency on the stability of aerobic granular sludge
Yin YJ, Sun J, Liu FY, Wang L
314 - 320 Effects of nanoscale zero valent iron (nZVI) concentration on the biochemical conversion of gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) into methane (CH4)
Dong D, Aleta P, Zhao X, Choi OK, Kim S, Lee JW
321 - 327 Effect of severity factor on the hydrothermal pretreatment of sugarcane straw
Batista G, Souza RBA, Pratto B, dos Santos-Rocha MSR, Cruz AJG
328 - 337 A novel method for real-time estimation of insoluble solids and glucose concentrations during enzymatic hydrolysis of biomass
Kadhum HJ, Mahapatra DM, Murthy GS
338 - 344 Constructing super large scale cellulosic ethanol plant by decentralizing dry acid pretreatment technology into biomass collection depots
Liu G, Bao J
345 - 351 Stepwise enzymatic hydrolysis of alkaline oxidation treated sugarcane bagasse for the co-production of functional xylo-oligosaccharides and fermentable sugars
Li HL, Chen XD, Xiong L, Luo MT, Chen XF, Wang C, Huang C, Chen XD
352 - 359 Enhancing the performance and stability of the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge by zero valent iron nanoparticles dosage
Lizama AC, Figueiras CC, Pedreguera AZ, Espinoza JER
360 - 367 The polyaminocarboxylated modified hydrochar for efficient capturing methylene blue and Cu(II) from water
Li B, Lv JQ, Guo JZ, Fu SY, Guo M, Yang P
368 - 374 Characterization of solvent-fractionated lignins from woody biomass treated via supercritical water oxidation
Seo JH, Jeong H, Lee HW, Choi CS, Bae JH, Lee SM, Kim YS
375 - 385 Microbial profiling during anaerobic digestion of cheese whey in reactors operated at different conditions
Treu L, Tsapekos P, Peprah M, Campanaro S, Giacomini A, Corich V, Kougias PG, Angelidaki I
386 - 393 Hydrochars from industrial macroalgae "Gelidium Sesquipedale" biomass wastes
Mendez A, Gasco G, Ruiz B, Fuente E
394 - 401 Seaweeds as bioresources for vermicompost production using the earthworm, Perionyx excavatus (Perrier)
Ananthavalli R, Ramadas V, Paul JAJ, Selvi BK, Karmegam N
402 - 409 Enzymatic hydrolysis of brewer's spent grain to obtain fermentable sugars
Paz A, Outeirino D, Guerra NP, Dominguez JM
410 - 415 Clostridium strain selection for co-culture with Bacillus subtilis for butanol production from agave hydrolysates
Oliva-Rodriguez AG, Quintero J, Medina-Morales MA, Morales-Martinez TK, Rodriguez-De la Garza JA, Moreno-Davila M, Aroca G, Gonzalez LJR
416 - 420 Enhancing lutein productivity of Chlamydomonas sp. via high-intensity light exposure with corresponding carotenogenic genes expression profiles
Ma RJ, Zhao XR, Xie YP, Ho SH, Chen JF
421 - 424 Gemini surfactant: A novel flotation collector for harvesting of microalgae by froth flotation
Huang ZQ, Cheng C, Liu ZW, Luo WH, Zhong H, He GC, Liang CL, Li LQ, Deng LQ, Fu W
425 - 429 Improving hydrogen production of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii by reducing chlorophyll content via atmospheric and room temperature plasma
Ban SD, Lin WT, Luo ZW, Luo JF
430 - 433 Efficient and economic process for the production of bacterial cellulose from isolated strain of Acetobacter pasteurianus of RSV-4 bacterium
Kumar V, Sharma DK, Bansal V, Mehta D, Sangwan RS, Yadav SK